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I know you'll feel younger and better about yourself."

"I don't know Ty. Those outfits were so short and revealing. Where would I go dressed like that? It's just not practical."

Ty leaned forward and gave my hand a tender loving kiss, "Sydney listen to you. Why are you so concerned about practicality? Tell me what is so practical about you and I?"

My heart raced as my eyes met Ty's, "Ty I can't help the way I feel towards you. You came into my life and made me feel alive again. I know its wrong and I know that its not very practical but the fact is that I want and need you to be a part of my life."

Ty replied, "Exactly Sydney. I want to be part of your life but our life will not be very practical. We will have to be very careful about where we go and what we do. I don't see us walking hand in hand through our neighborhood. I don't want us to be captives inside your house. I want to take you places and have fun. We need to have two separate lives if we are going to make this work."

Ty was right. There was no way that we could lead a normal life. I had been silly to think that we could have a normal relationship. There was nothing normal about our relationship. I was deep in thought when I heard Ty's voice.

"Sydney are you okay?" he asked. I smiled and squeezed his hand, "Yes Ty. I'm fine. I was just thinking how someone so young could be so smart."

Ty leaned forward and gave me a long reassuring kiss. His hands tenderly holding my face as we kissed. The kiss sent shivers racing through my body. His lips and touch were so intoxicating. At the moment I didn't care that we were in a restaurant or who might see us. All I cared about was how he made me feel.

Ty broke off our kiss and whispered, "Sydney remember the other night when I said that if you trusted me I will take you to new pleasures you never knew existed?"

"Yes Ty and you have." I said.

"Well Sydney then you need to trust me when I say that you need to dress differently. You need to look and feel sexy. You need to take pride in that gorgeous body. Besides it's not like you're going to dress like that for school. Although if you did I bet you would quickly become the most popular teacher at school," he laughed.

I grinned and said, "You're right Ty. I've been set in my ways for so long. I think its time that I venture out with something different. Lets go back to that store and see what we can come up with."

Ty just smiled.

When we got back to the store the young sales lady met us again, "Back so quickly? Please let me know if I can be of help" and smiled. We spent some time looking at various skirts and blouses. Finally Ty gave me a white silk blouse and a short black skirt.

I asked the young sales clerk, "Where can I try this on?" She pointed me toward the back and said, "The changing rooms are on the right. Since it is so slow right now you can take as many outfits with you to try on. I'll be up front if you need anything."

As I headed into the changing area Ty whispered in my ear, "Try the skirt on without any underwear." His words sent a warm tingly feeling through me.

I went into the room while Ty waited for me just outside the door. The door was such that Ty could see my face and feet as I changed. I had never tried on clothes without underwear and as much as I tried to deny it, the thought was exciting to me.

My hands were shaking as I put on the blouse. I looked at myself in the mirror, and saw my nipples poking through the sheer fabric. I stepped out of my skirt and pulled my underwear off noticing a damp spot. I grabbed the short skirt and pulled it on over my hips.

I looked at myself again and gasped. The skirt was so short I could practically see my crotch. I turned around and looked at my ass in the mirror. My legs looked great I thought. I bent a forward slightly and gasped again as I could see my cheeks and the puffy moist lips of my pussy exposed between my thighs.

"Hey what are you doing in there? Come on out and let me see how you look." Ty asked from outside the door.

I came out to se

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