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My neighbor, Denise, visits Catherine and me at Sequoia.

As my hand continued to caress the backs of your thighs and my fingers repeatedly traced over your lips travelling the valley between your ass cheeks you spread your legs wider and wider to allow me access. Each successive pass revealed an increase in your arousal resulting in the hot slickness of juices lubricating your pussy coating your lips. As your arousal deepened the lips of your pussy began to part, revealing the beauty of your inner labia and the depths of your vagina. And each time I would linger a bit longer to coat my fingertips in the hot slippery fluid shining on your lips in the dim light of the night.

I could feel my cock beginning to respond to the flush of heat beneath my hands and the scent of your arousal Soft moans now mixed with the rhythm of your breathing. I felt the coolness of a drop of precum on the skin of my thigh, my own skin flushed hot from my own growing arousal. I could sense the response in your skin as I lightly stroked my fingers over the soft hairs on the skin of your ass and lower back. When I'd stray from your ass and pussy for too long I would feel your hips rolling upward, seeking the touch of my fingers. When I ran my fingertips through the crack of your ass, grazing over the rosebud of your sphincter I could feel you squeezing the muscles as if to capture them and hold them hostage to titillate and tantalize that most secret and sensitive spot.

As I continued to draw lubricating fluid from your pussy to your ass I began to spend longer periods of time tracing my fingers over the ring of your sphincter. With each successive pass your sphincter would twitch, and soon I began to gently add a bit of pressure as I passed my fingers over the portal to your back passage. It didn't take long til I could easily slip the tip of a finger into you to the first joint and feel you working to draw me in further. Finally giving in to the thought that had been in the back of my mind since the first light touch of my hand on your back I rose up over you, straddled your ass, forced your legs closed with my own, and aimed my cock at your tight brown asshole.

The head of my rock hard cock slipped past the ring of your sphincter almost without effort. Holding myself at that depth I lowered myself over your back, supporting myself on elbows and forearms to keep from pressing you too deeply into the bed. I slipped my hands under your sides, working them beneath your chest until I cupped your breasts in my hand. The fabric of your nightgown did little to flatten the hard projections of your nipples and I let them slip between my fingers where I pinched them gently between my knuckles. Then I began to push.

I couldn't believe how hard my cock felt. Or how hot and slick and tight your ass felt. Every fraction of an inch deeper into you was an adventure in sensory stimulation that made my head spin. I continued to push, not working back and forth, but relentlessly pushing ever deeper into you. It felt as if the tunnel of your ass was opening for the head of my cock, leading me onward, begging me not to stop. Finally I felt the flat of my hips meet the curve of your ass and I knew I was as deep as I would get.

I knew you were awake then.

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