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"Sit up love." She said.

Jacob released his mom's tits and sat up on his knees. He watched as she bent her knees back further, her cunt splayed completely open, like a bud in full bloom. Still grasping his penis from the root, she began to slap her son's cock-head against her clit playfully.

Jacob shared a smile with her. Michelle's big beautiful brown eyes stared up at him seductively as she continued to beat his meat against her steaming genitals. She drug the mushroom tip between her fleshy peddles, watching her son's reaction.

Jacob sighed as he felt his sensitive bulb sink into a warm wet pocket. The mouth of Michelle's vagina stretched around it's guest, swallowing just the big purple cap.

Jacob's body quivered as he saw the tip of his cock disappear. It felt like it was being dipped in a pool of warm butter. Reacting, his cock flexed and his bulbous head ballooned with more blood.

Michelle's body reacted too as her birth canal expanded and released it's milky lubricant, preparing itself for intercourse.

"This isn't the first time you've stretched that little opening. You were a big baby, Jacob Little." Michelle smiled.

"It feels so good, mom." Jacob sighed.

"Oh sweetie, you haven't even begun to experience good." She said.

"Can I go just a little deeper?" He asked.

"Be my state champ, then you can go all the way to my womb." Michelle smiled.

She popped his cock from her creamy furrow and sat up. Jacob was still on his knees, straddling his mom's legs. His big boner now pointed directly at her chest.

"Here." She said, hefting her saggy mammaries.

"Put it between them." She whispered.

Jacob moved forward and Michelle sandwiched his cock between her tits so that only his purple plumb stuck out the top. She reached over and took a bottle of lubricant from her sister's nightstand. She squirted some on and they watched it coat his knob and run down between her tits.

Michelle squeezed her tits together and worked them up and down her son's cock. Jacob let out a quivering sigh as his cum-drooling cock slid through the slippery channel.

"Does that feel good.?" Michelle asked in a sweet motherly tone.

"Oh yeah." He muttered.

"You like momma's big soft titties, don't you baby?" She asked.

"Oh, God yeah." Jacob groaned.

"Oh, yeah, that's it. Come on, bounce with me." Michelle said.

Jacob rested his hands on his mom's shoulders for leverage and began a thrusting bounce on the bed. His dick cut through the smothering, greasy tit-flesh, his bulb emerging from the cleavage, big and shiny, before slipping back down into the deep canyon.

His balls boiled as they beat against the butt of his mom's tits. Beside's the cock-sucking he had received earlier it was the most amazing thing he had ever felt.

Michelle worked her tits on him, watching his blood-engorged cock-head peek out from between her breasts. Each time it did, she could see his piss-hole yawning, bubbling pre-cum dribbling from it's mouth.

"That's it, sweetheart, fuck those titties." She said.

"Oh God, mom." Jacob grumbled.

"Jacob, look at me." Michelle said.

Jacob looked down to see his mom staring up at him. The tops of her boobs rippled like jello each time his balls struck them from beneath. Her compressing palms made the ends of her tits swell so that her nipples looked like the devil's headlights.

Yet despite all the sexual eye-candy it was her eyes that got to him the most. Her big, gleaming brown eyes staring back at him with nothing but pure love pouring out of them. Michelle's tongue peeked out the side of her mouth and slithered onto her teeth as her mouth curled into a devilish little smile. That was all it took for young Jacob. Hot boiling cum rocketed up his shaft and fired from his piss-hole. Michelle felt the warmth of the first rope between her tits.

When Jacob's cock-head peeked from her cleavage, it blasted a second rope into the air. Michelle saw the geyser travel up past her face before splashing down onto her tits.

"That's it, baby.

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