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Matt helps Julez escape. Julez vows to get justice.

It doesn't and she lets out a small moan.

Sue bent down and kissed Fi's forehead very gently, hoping to help ease away some of her desire, but it only made things worse. Fi reached up and grabbed Sue for a long, wet, passionate kiss.

As Gunter walked back over to the table towards the two, he stopped briefly to watch the way Fi moved her body, arching her back and moaning for something she just can't have right now. He bends over quietly and places the rope carefully at Sue's feet.

"Stand up," Gunter says calmly, as he gently takes Sue's arm for her balance.

Sue stood up and wiped the remains of moisture from the kiss delicately off of her bottom lip with her index finger. She reached down with her free hand to cup Fi's cheek sweetly as they stare at each other once more before Fi cannot see her from where she's laying. Neither of the women quite know what's going through Gunter's mind or what's going to happen next.

Once more Fi feels Gunter's hand on her. His hand feels charged with electricity and she can feel the passion welling up in him. His touch felt just a little more firm and greedy, rubbing slowly up her arm first, then crossing her shoulder and back down over her breast. He pinches Fi's nipple slightly and Fi let a small moan escape from her. Gunter keeps his eyes on Fi, looking down at her with a look of amazement and wonder.

"Thank you for this wonderful birthday present, Fiona," Gunter says in a deep whisper, "but I want your lust," he finishes, almost sounding like he's explaining a sort of disappointment. He takes Fi's arm and props her to sitting.

"Off." Gunter orders quietly.

Fi scoots herself around to the edge of the table and slinks off as sexy as she can manage. She's glad the table is supporting some of her weight still because standing in front of Gunter makes her swoon. Fi looked up at Gunter and gave him a little pout. She reaches out her arms to wrap around Gunter but he catches her shoulders, as if stopping her. As his fingers tenderly brush down her arms, Fi tucks in her elbows so her forearms hide her naked breasts from Gunter in a demure sort of way. Fi smiles and looks into Gunter's dark eyes. They penetrate right into her as goosebumps raise all over her body and she let's out another moan. His hands are now around both of Fi's wrists and with that, he leads her to where Sue was sitting.

"Sit." Gunter orders quietly.

Fi flopped herself in the head chair. It's still warm from when Sue was sitting in it.

Gunter leaned down to pick up the rope he had laid on the floor. "You seem very, very greedy tonight, Fiona," Gunter says lowly. Fi looks down at the length of rope in his hand. "Tell me exactly," he continues, playing with the rope with his fingers so that Fi can see, "what is it that you are wanting so badly for right this moment?"

"You," Fi said hoarsely, then clearing her throat, continued. "I want you, Gunter. It's been so long!"

Gunter smiled wickedly at Fi and gave her a wink. "Oh, you'll have me, Fiona, but not yet."

Slowly, Gunter starts to wrap the rope around Fi's right ankle, then her left. Weaving the rope around and around, then slowly around her torso, being careful not to capture her small breasts. He ties a knot firmly behind the chair. Fi can move her forearms up and down, but that's about it, she finds as she tests out Gunter's ropes.

Gunter stands back and smiles broadly at his handiwork. He reached out and slipped two fingers in between the rope and Fi's upper arm and gives the rope a slight tug. "Is it too tight?" He asks.

Fi shook her head, "No."

Gunter got down on his knees and reached out to gently take Fi's chin in his hand.

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