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Dark Elf Farm's latest slave Benny, is cheeky and defiant...

My hands were fastened behind my back and my ankles were tied together.

The cramping in my shoulders began almost immediately. I thought fondly of how he would rub them later, kissing me lovingly, but never apologizing. His hand dug into the top of my shoulder, one of his fingertips straying close enough to my neck to put just a little pressure on my throat. Once he had me steadied, the spanking began.

He usually starts off slowly, barely hitting me, giving me time to work into the rhythm, but not tonight. The first crack of his hand on my bottom made me shriek and I was glad to have his hand bracing me. Several blows landed quickly thereafter, and the soft slapping sound of his hand against my panties was easily muted by my startled cries. I writhed in the ropes which held me fast, but though the chair squeaked in protest, I managed no actual movement.

I gasped in short whimpering breaths when he finally stopped, the pain in my joints suddenly flaring up as I released muscles I didn't even know I had tensed.

"You need to shut the hell up..." he muttered as he stomped away. A moment later, his fingers were roughly pinching the back of my jaw, forcing my mouth open. I felt a wad of rough dry cloth against my tongue and lips, and heard the cloth rubbing against itself as he tied it tightly around the back of my neck. Gagged, bound, and blind, I started to loose the familiar sense of comfort and excitement. Fear filled my heart and I had to fight back true panic.

"I think you don't appreciate the danger you are always in because you don't understand it," he said firmly. "I don't think you know how weak you are, Sara."

With these ominous words he slid my underwear down my thighs. Loud cracking smacks echoed around the kitchen as he spanked me. I could tell he had let go of his restraint, he was angry enough to be unafraid of hurting me. My throat soon became dry and raw as I screamed into my gag. I pulled away from his steadying hand on my shoulder, throwing all my weight against his strength and against the ropes holding me to the chair, but I couldn't do anything to get away.

He continued to spank me until the skin had gone numb and the rhythm of the slaps had become hypnotic. I stopped struggling and slumped quietly against the backrest, each blow of his hand plunging me deeper into my meditative state, only gasping with relief when the punishment finally ended. He began speaking to me, but I couldn't pay attention to what he said. He noticed this, and a quick slap to my cheek immediately grabbed my focus.

"I said, do you want to stand up?" he repeated. I nodded dumbly and murmured through the gag. He slid off the blindfold, ripping out the hair that had been caught in the knot. He then untied the gag and as I began trying to moisten my lips, I tasted the slight tang of blood. I could feel the release of each knot as I came free from the chair. Finally, all that remained bound were my hands. He pulled up my panties carefully, taking pains to adjust them just right. He then stood me up and attached a cold metal chain around my waist, securing it in place with a small keyed lock in the shape of a heart. It rode delicately on my hips and chilled the skin there.

Attaching a leash to the chain, he gave two sharp tugs and I started moving forward. He walked in front of me, leading me back to the bedroom. As we passed the full-length mirror on the wall, I caught a glance of my disheveled reflection. My black panties accented the red hand-shaped welts on my ass perfectly. He detached the leash and let it fall to the floor, then, turning to face me, drew out his knife. My eyes went to the blade that I knew was sharpened to a ridiculous edge.

Softly, he said "You know what to say if you get too scared, right baby?"

I nodded and softly replied, "Yes, Sir," without shifting my gaze from the knife.

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