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A young woman finds her boss as a knight.

She wishes for a fan or a handkerchief to drop. The idea of her purse crashing to the floor, large enough to store small appliances and heavy enough to cause bursitis, makes her smile.

He turns to face her and she's staring in blue eyes now, not just wondering what it would be like. It's better.

He says "What?"

She says "What what?"

"Your smile. What are you smiling about?"

She laughs "Oh, I'm just wishing I had a fan or a handkerchief I could drop. But I only have my purse. And that's just not quite the same thing."

He smiles and lifts an eyebrow and regards her purse that really qualifies as luggage "Especially if it landed on my toe."

She shakes her head solemnly "No, I wouldn't want to hurt you."

He sighs "That's a shame. Maybe we can work up to that." He turns back to look at the titles. "What are you looking for?"

She says "I thought it was a book, then I saw you and got distracted. I'm not sure any of this is...really for me."

He nods and considers "Well, if I'm the only useful thing in this section, let's put me to work."

He reaches out and grabs a book on the shelf. Flips a few pages and then closes that book. "Young lady, you are not allowed to read that one. I'm not allowed to read that one." He shudders and puts it back and she giggles.

She nods solemnly "Yes, please. I need guidance."

He reaches out for another title. "I'm glad you asked, miss. Let me help you with your selection."

He opens a book and there's a woman in bondage, ropes criss crossing her body. He says "What do you think?"

She tilts an eyebrow. "I think OW. And really not in a fun way. In a 'Please let me out of this, this is cutting off my circulation, I'm going to get gangrene.' Sort of way."

He lifts his head and smiles and it's one of those smiles that makes her think "Uh oh" and "YAY" at the same time. "Uhay" is the theoretical expletive. Two impulses crashing into each other. A big explosion and shock waves.

He steps behind her and gently removes her purse from her shoulder and puts his arms around her, drawing her back against his body. He's hard and she can feel it. Vertigo.

He leans down and whispers in her ear. "Just think about it if I were there. If I'm not there what do you see?"

She enjoys leaning back on him and says in a critical tone "That there's some guy standing just out of reach that really isn't a match for this beautiful woman. That he has to tie her up because otherwise she wouldn't sit still for him. That he's probably physically pretty but a train wreck once he opens his mouth. He's probably one drop from drooling. He's repulsive."

He shakes his head and his hair brushes the side of her neck and that makes her heart pound. "Fair enough. Now put me in the picture, just out of reach. Now what do you see."

She heaves a deep sigh "Can we loosen her feet, just a little bit? I mean, I'm losing feeling in my toes. Maybe that's something else. But please, just the feet. That looks wrong."

He nods "Okay. Her feet are free. I'm massaging the warmth back into them and I'm sucking on her toes."

She takes a deep breath. "Okay, now I'm jealous."

He chuckles and leans forward "You're a fast learner. If I were there, wouldn't it be nice? Particularly if that helpless woman were you?"

"Yes, but this beautiful woman got tied up because it's a photo shoot."

"I'd tie you up because you begged me to."

Her eyes close and she's lost in possibility. All the ways she could be brought to begging for this. And she would, she had no doubt.

He says softly "That's all you have to do, honey. Just...put me there." Her eyes close and she leans back against him. His voice is soft, but his arms get a little tighter around her and her body gives way to his strength. "Just put me to use. Think of all the ways I could make your life better. All the little ways I could bring pleasure to your moments. All the times I'll be thinking of you and your smile. When something doesn't please you, just slide me into your life."

"I'll use you shamelessly."

"I thought maybe you might.

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