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A night off work turns out to be a wonderful blind date.

Again I lift you and push down and again my cock is buried inside.

This time I lift you completely and my cock slips out with a smack against my belly.


Part of me wants you back on your knees sucking me. Instead, I stand and lift you off the floor. As I rise, my pants slip down around my ankles and my cock stands, glistening in the soft light with the wet from inside you. I am forced to walk with a shuffle but I manage to carry you to the bed.

"Wait for me."


I sit on the edge of the bed to pull off my pants. Your hand reaches around, grabs my cock and you begin to stroke me, pumping your hand up and down the length of my shaft.

"I told you to wait for me."

"I don't want to wait. I want to make you come."

My pants catch on my shoes and I struggle to be free. Your hand on my cock distracts me. You realize that I am trapped and start to laugh.

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No! Yes! God, I don't know! Stop for a minute and let me get my pants off!"

"Then what are you gonna do?"

"I'm going to finish what YOU started!"

"Are you gonna make me come again?"

"You're bad!"

"Yes I am. But you didn't answer my question."

Suddenly I am free from my pants, shoes and socks. I pull off my shirt but again get tangled because I hadn't undone the buttons at the cuffs. As I struggle, I realize that my cock is deep in your mouth and you are stroking me, licking and sucking me.

I just want to give up on freeing myself from my clothes and lie back and let you suck me dry.

My mind is reeling. I want you to continue yet I want to be inside you again. One button comes undone and the other breaks off and finally I am free.

I lie back and take pleasure from you as you continue to suck me. God, I am so close to coming.

"I want to give you pleasure too."

As your hand continues to pump up and down the length of me, your mouth retreats only a few inches from the tip of my cock and you say, "Right now my pleasure is in making you come. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth. I like the feel of it just before you come. It gets hot and throbs. And I love the taste of your cum. I want to watch as your cock pumps out its juice into my hands, over my breasts and tummy and into my mouth."

I pull you away and look into your eyes. Your hand is insistent and continues to stroke me faster, gripping tighter. I am so close to coming.

"No. Stop." Reluctantly I push your hand away. "I want you to come too."

"Let me do what I want." Your hand strokes even faster. You lower your head. In a whisper, "Come for me. Come in my mouth." Your lips encircle my cock and you suck as your hand grips me.

"Faster. Suck me harder."

My cock throbs. I am so close.

You sense that I am about to explode. "Come for me."

I move to sit on the edge of the bed. I want you kneeling like you were a few minutes ago when I sat in the chair. Your hand loses its rhythm for a moment as you pull the teddy off. You kneel between my legs and your hand grips me and picks up the rhythm again.

"Come for me. Give it to me. Fuck my mouth."

My body stiffens. The muscles at the base of my cock, contract. The first jet of steamy hot cum races through my cock, splashing into your waiting mouth. You suck harder, eagerly as jet after jet bursts forth.

You pull your mouth from me, swallow, and aim my cock at your breasts. "Soak me. I wanna watch you come."

My cock continues to pulse and another hot burst of cum streams through the air splattering your sweet breasts. And again the contractions of my cock propel a creamy gob of cum which splashes your tummy.

"God, you're beautiful to watch. Your cum is so warm on my nipples."

You stroke me faster.

"Do it again."

My contractions grow weaker. But one last burst of liquid from deep inside my balls oozes from me and flows over your fingers and down the length of my dick.

Your tongue licks up the length of my dick slurping down every drop of the gooey liquid.

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