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An attention whore sub entertains Sir's guests.

In a way though, this was a first time. Like this. She lay back on her bed with her legs still bent over the edge. And waited.

The first thing she felt was his hands working their way under her robe beginning to caress the outside of her thighs. He continued this for several minutes, gently and slowly stroking her outer legs. And she did begin to relax. She then felt his lips softly touching the inside of her right knee, then slowly kissing his way up her inner thigh. When he reached her panty covered mound he lightly brushed over it with his lips, eliciting a slight moan, before kissing her left inner thigh to her knee. He then proceeded to softly lick his way back up her thigh. Reaching her panties this time he nuzzled the area with mouth and nose, her hips slightly thrusting in response, before licking down her right thigh. She was starting to become very wet. Inside.

One more time Jeremy licked his way up her thigh, now more strongly and broadly with his tongue. When it reached her center, its own wetness struggled to meet hers the cloth of her covering. Get them off, she screamed in her mind as her hips began to gyrate more. As if he had actually heard her plea his hands reached up and pulled her panties down and off, his tongue then returning immediately to her lower lips. It pressed through, found her clitoris, and gently began licking. Her moans became groans, her back arched, and as his tongue became more insistent, she came heavily.

Responding to her cry of joy, Jeremy's tongue began thrusting in and out more forcefully, inspiring further spasms of pleasure for Meryn. Wave upon wave of her orgasm continued for over a minute, his tongue working furiously throughout, before it began to subside, and then slowly, peacefully, came to an end.

As she settled back into a very satisfied rest, she became aware that while Jeremy's attentions had diminished, they had not ceased. His tongue had continued to gently lap inside her outer lips producing a very strange sensation. This was a new experience for her. While she had had oral sex before, it was usually as a part of a sixty-nine, and it had always ended when her partner had cum. She had never had it continue beyond her own orgasm. As his tongue began to probe into the depths of her inner recesses, she felt herself begin to respond again. It was a much different feeling from earlier, deeper and more sensual. An almost guttural sound escaped from her throat as her pelvis once again started to sway, a warmth and vibration beginning to suffuse her entire body. She then felt his tongue recede to attend her clitoris once again, but he replaced it below with a different invasion of her sanctum. Thinner and less intrusive than a penis, but clearly more personal, his finger explored her entire vault, circling her cervix, pushing and pulling into all of her walls. And her vaginal muscles rushed to respond, as if to try to catch and embrace and hold it within. But as it continued it's elusive, delicious movements, her hips began to more vigorously rock. Just when she thought that she stand no more, a second finger joined the first, spreading and thrusting and filling her entire being.

She exploded. Her back arched, her fists began pounding the sides of her bed, and in a distance she heard screams that could only be her own, as fingers continued to thrust back and forth within. And she came, and she came, and she came some more. For over a minute and well into two. And she began to hear a hoarse voice between the screams, first saying, "Oh my God, oh my God." followed by "Don't stop. Please don't stop", then finally, after over two minutes of unfathomable ecstacy, a labored surrender, "Enough ... Please ... Enough." And her pleas were heard, as fingers and tongue were gently withdrawn, and she collapsed back into an unreachable haze.

With her heart pounding and her breathing labored, Meryn tried to comprehend what had just occurred.

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