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Boss makes demands on his favorite employee.

Then he'd pull it out slowly and take a minute to examine the pussy-coated berry before popping it in his mouth.

"Ah that's a good pussy."

He said and we all chuckled. Then Harry grabbed a strawberry and he too slid it into Analena's pussy.

"Well I want to make sure this slut doesn't pass out on us because she's hungry."

He took his berry and forced it into Analena's mouth forcing her to eat her own pussy juice in the process. When she had finally swallowed he asked her.

"Did you enjoy that slut?"

When she did not respond put his hand on her pussy and pinched her clit telling her to answer him.

"Yes I enjoyed the berry Sir."

I could see that Analena's pert titties were starting to heave up and down as her breathing intensified. I figured she was getting all hot and ready from the attention our hands were playing as we ate from her. Harry and John were smearing her erect nipples with whipped cream then bending over and sucking it off always suctioning her nipple into their mouths when pulling away, stretching the nipples as far as they could before allowing them to plop back into her tits.

Analena's Story

I lay there on the table covered in gooey foods being pawed at by these strangers while Kevin makes stupid jokes. I am astonished and ashamed at what I have allowed myself to become. If I could I would get up and leave but I can't do that. It's not the just physical restraints but the emotional ones, as I cannot yet give up on Kevin. I remind myself that I begged him to use me and abuse me. I still find the embarrassing moments to be a turn on and even now my pussy, tired from all I have already done, is beginning to leak. I am getting wet as my body has learned to react to this abuse.

One of the guys has taken his cock smeared it with the pudding and pointed it at my mouth. When I didn't quickly open and allow him in Kevin swatted my tits and when I opened my mouth to complain the man slid his cock in before I could protest and I knew I had lost. I accepted his hard cock and for reasons I cannot understand sucked his cock swallowing the pudding from his cock as best as I can. I use my tongue to swirl on the soft underside and allow my teeth to gently scrape his rigid member as he slowly fucks my mouth. At least he is gentle and does not force his cock into my throat. Twice he took his cock out and covered it with pudding before putting it back in my mouth. It's actually a fairly pleasant affair for me and I hardly notice when one of the others slides his hard cock in my pussy.

He is up on the table leaning over me as he fucks me and he bends his head to lick my tits and enjoy either chocolate or vanilla pudding that covers my chest. He nibbles on my nipples pulling them between his teeth as his cock rocks in and out of me. The third guy is just standing there with Kevin and they are talking about me as if I wasn't even here.

"See how well she responds to cock! I have trained her to do this and look at how she doesn't just lay there."

"I see Kevin. I can't wait to get my turn, look at how she is vacuuming up that cock in her mouth. She not just some blow up doll, you have trained her not just to be a punching bag but to be a good fuck. I'm going to cum in my pants if I don't get a turn in one of her fuck holes soon."

Just as the cock in my mouth began to pump its seed into my throat I saw Kevin once again go to the door and I cringed wondering how many men he expected me to satisfy.

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