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Giddy-Up! Don't keep your Mistress waiting.

The tub is a whirlpool and as I stand here feeling the results of my dancing all through my legs, I enjoy the fact that I will have it all to myself. It sits next to a window and as I soak and look at the stars, I find myself thinking of Dale.

I fell asleep in the tub. I wake up freezing and as I step out and wrap the thick bath sheet around me, I realize that this is the first time I actually needed something out of my bags. Everything I need is right here, except for my Carol's Daughter Body Souffl__'. As I am smoothing the cream on, looking in the mirror, I enjoy my own looks. I'm not ugly, not exotic or supermodel material either, but nice. The cream has my skin feeling like butter and glowing. I put on yellow lace boy cuts with the matching camisole and admire the feel of the lace on my skin. I feel better than I have felt in months-I needed this trip for so many reasons.

I go downstairs looking for something hot to drink. I decide on some hot chocolate, since the smell from my cream is so strong. I overfill my cup with whipped crPme, grab my journal and lay on the fur rug in front of the fireplace. The feel of the fur on my skin and the ambiance of my environment immediately put me back to rest. Aside for a few licks of the whipped crPme, I didn't even sip my hot chocolate.

I'm not going to respond with another note, I'll introduce myself. That's the least I can do, hell, she made my shit hard and more importantly, and I can't get the dancing visual out of my mind.

I yell hello from the kitchen and get no response. Her car is here though, so I know she is somewhere close. I could see the lights and her silhouette as she bathed. The fire is lit but low, so I grab a couple of logs and go to put them in the fireplace. I almost step on her. All I can do is kneel down slowly and place the logs at my side. She is lying on a fur rug and as I run my hand across the fabric, my hand is inches from her skin, which is glowing under the light of the fire. I want so much to touch her. To feel her softness. She has on what looks like a pair of shorts with a matching top, but both pieces are lace. She is on her stomach and the shorts cut right above the curve of her ass. I am weak! The fire, the colors, and the scent of her...I am not just aroused, I am at peace. Right here, I am floating. I desire to taste the thick of her thighs and the valley on the back of her knees. I should go- I know it, but I can't move. So I sit here on the floor, leaned up against the couch, tasting her scent, watching her breaths until the unattended fire goes out...

I know immediately that he has been here when I wake up. I can smell him, the fire has been catered to and I didn't have this blanket on me. I can still feel his body heat. I wonder if I snored-I laugh at my stupid thoughts. He saw me! Now what! I smile as my mind starts playing different scenarios to me. It's 6:30 in the morning, the sun is on its way up and he has got to be hungry...I got this! Everything you could possibly think of is here in this house. I batter up some chicken wings, and slice some potatoes. I dice up some peppers and onions and mushrooms. This is a gourmet kitchen and I am playing the part of a gourmet chef. I don't even know this man, don't know what he may like or dislike. But he has to eat, right? I'm hungry!

I pack everything up in a Rubbermaid container, and drive down the road to his cabin.

Now what the hell am I supposed to do-I'm here in front of his house, which by the way may not be as massive as the one I am staying in, it is still just as gorgeous. I'm here now-I'm a bad bitch this weekend aren't I. I walk in, I tapped lightly, but he didn't answer, so I tried the knob. I came in the back door so I put the container on the counter. I walk into the living room and on down the hall when I don't see him. He is laid across a king sized bed. I am scared to go closer-it is only now that I think that I am violating his space, that although my intentions are sincere, he may not appreciate them.

I reach the foot of the b

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