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An inventor, a wife, a trans-husband move in together.


After just another minute of my rubbing, slowly, but firmly, I leaned down to her head and said "I want you to reach back and pull your cheeks apart for me."

Lauren did what I asked without hesitation or pushback.

Her tiny rosebud was there for me to explore and after rubbing all around it, and even reaching below her to gently tease her bald pussy, just to let her know I hadn't forgotten about it, I carefully and slowly penetrated her ass with my middle finger.

I heard her inhale and felt her clench for just a second but I put my left hand on her lower back and said in a calm voice "breathe and relax" and she did.

Being persistent, it took just a minute and some patience before I was able to get my finger in past my knuckle and then all the way in.

Lauren was grunting and tensing a bit, and her bowels were trying to push my finger out of her most private place, but she didn't really resist.

In fact, she aiding and abetting me by holding her ass open for my finger to invade her.

It was soon time for a second finger and I knew this one would be a bit more difficult as it was going to stretch her a bit more.

I didn't announce what I was doing but I did reach under her with my left hand and found a bare pussy waiting to be rubbed.

Lauren made it easier for me by getting up on her knees, spreading those thighs, lifting that fantastic ass up, her head still down on the massage table.

My date, a power seeking NYC hot shot hotel broker was in the most submissive position a man could get a woman in minus ropes and handcuffs.

Lauren was at my mercy.

Once I found her moist cunt, my left hand started to masturbate her with probing fingers and my right finger started to finger fuck her asshole.

I no time I could smell her the aroma of a very aroused pussy and I could feel the squishy sound of a pussy in heat as my fingers played.

Lauren started to move on my fingers, in search of another orgasm.

"Jack, don't stop ... don't stop ... please ..."

In the midst of her buildup I slowly inserted into her rosebud a second finger and she didn't say a word.

Not a gasp, not a "No" not a "Pull it out it hurts."

She was getting close to cumming on my left hand so I slowed down a bit, not stopping, just teasing her a bit, playing hide and seek with my fingers on and then off of her pussy which caused her to gasp out at "You bastard Jack ... let me come ... I need to come ... please Jack ..."

It was funny how -- she went from anger to begging in about 1.9 seconds!

The second the fingers on my left hand re-engaged her clit, she bucked on that hand with a "YYYYEEESSS" and I slipped three fingers into her asshole and began to vigorously fuck her bowels.

This time she noticed the stretching and the fullness in her ass which came out as a gasp but she said nothing because she was so interested in her own orgasm.

Nothing else really mattered.

With three fingers plowing her ass and my unrelenting teasing of her erect clit and her wet pussy lips, she was started to hump as if her orgasm was just a few short seconds away.

With my left hand, I pushed into her cunt with my middle finger hooking in search of her gspot.

Lauren spread her legs even wider to help me and while my thumb played with her clit, my middle finger found her soft pad and began playing the one note on the piano that was guaranteed to be number one in the jukebox.

Lauren first moaned then screamed as her body stiffened and then shook at the powerful tremors pulsating through her body as her climax hit.

It was all I could do to hang on as she bucked and gyrated on my fingers; she shaking went on for longer than any other woman I had been with, which was saying a lot.

Her pussy throbbed in pleasure and her rosebud pulsated as my finger fucking continued.

When her shaking had almost stopped I pulled my fingers out of her and she collapsed on the massage table.

Wanting to get in on the action, I quickly lubed up my very hard cock, climbed up on the table and prepared to

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