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Friend continues lessons.

"My time's my own now, got no plans," I replied.

"Ok, well here's an idea. Why don't you come up to my room and have a coffee while I get changed, then you can show me around. I rarely get to see any of the towns I stay in," Dan suggested.

The only thing I wanted to show him was the one I was sat on, but I nodded and followed him to the elevators and up to the third floor. He let us into his room, took off his jacket and sat on the edge of the bed.

"The coffee making stuff is over there," he pointed, whilst rolling up his shirtsleeves and loosening his tie. I sat on a chair opposite him.

"I don't really want coffee, but thanks," I said.

He smiled at me. "What would you like, Smith?" he asked, his hand resting in the fork of his crotch. He gave it a brief squeeze and I knew in that instant where the afternoon was headed.

I got up from the chair and knelt in front of him, removing my suit jacket as I did so and flinging it away. Dan grabbed my tie, twisted it in his hand and pulled me towards his crotch and soon my nose was pressed up against the front of his tented trousers. I could smell him through the material, a musky mix of fresh sweat and dick. I took off my shoes and socks, whilst Dan ground himself into my face. I wanted him to reveal what he had down there and wanted it in my mouth.

"You want my cock, don't you, son?" he grumbled.

I moaned. "Yes, Dan," kissing the material that it was encased in.

He tightened his grip on my tie, gently choking the air from my throat. "I want you to call me Dad," he instructed.

"Okay, Dad," I said as best I could.

"Good boy." He pulled me up so that I was standing and groped my prick through my trousers, squeezing my balls tight and making me moan. "Feels like you got a boner there, son," he acknowledged. "You like your nuts being handled, don't you, boy?"

I managed a nod, my head thrown back as I was enjoying the sensation of his big manly hands on my clothed dick.

He slapped my sack lightly. "I didn't hear you, son."

"Yes, Dad," I replied.

He removed his tie and shirt, showing a hairy masculine build underneath a wife-beater vest. His aroma was a mix of aftershave and sweat, fresh in his pits and running down his forehead. He flexed his arms and pulled my head into his armpit, telling me to smell and lick him, which I did. I grabbed for his tit through the vest, pinching his nipple. He slapped me gently across the face.

"No touching, son, not until I say so," he reprimanded me.

My response was muffled in his pit. "Yes, Dad. I'm sorry, Dad."

He jerked me to my feet and undid my belt, my trousers falling to the floor. My cock was stiff in my shorts, a wet patch blooming at the front, my pre-cum soaking through. I stepped out of them, standing naked on my bottom half before him.

"Fuck, you've got a big cock, son," he said, then leant forward and took the head of my dick into his mouth, cleaning it of any leaked fluid and flicking the end of his tongue on my helmet, poking it in my piss slit. Then he proceeded to take my entire length in his mouth, until his nose was pressed against my pubic hair. My cock swelled in his mouth, as he took my balls in his hand and tugged. I moaned in pleasure, my legs turning to jelly. I'd never had my balls treated roughly before and I really enjoyed the sensation of pleasure and pain combined. Dan's rhythmic suction of my cock increased, and he was really slamming it down his throat. I don't think I'd ever been sucked so greedily and wantonly before.

"Yes, Dad, that's so good," I murmured in encouragement.

Dan stopped sucking me and pulled me down to kiss him on the lips. He poked the inside of my mouth with his tongue and I could taste my cock juices on him. He pulled down his zipper and pulled out a thick, cut dick that was easily seven inches in length and had a great girth. He wasn't wearing any underwear. It jutted out of his fly and Dan pushed my head towards his lap.

"Suck Dad's dick," he instructed me, and I swallowed it in one fluid motion.

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