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"What are you-his secretary?!" Jenni Lane barks. I gasp. She apologizes. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be...so mean." It seems she wants to say more, but I didn't dare press on such a heated matter. She continues, "You're actually quite pretty."

I blush. Never before has such a beautiful woman complimented me. I beam a smile and nod my thanks and point towards a small beverage refrigerator behind my desk. "Fancy a drink?"
"Gin and tonic," Jenni Lane says without hesitation.

I couldn't help but giggle. And Jenni does the same. God, she's even more beautiful when she smiles. I bend down retrieve a bottle of sparkling water-the closest thing to tonic-and hand it to her. "Looks like we're fresh out of Gin, but this is the best I've got."

"Did my husband say how long he'd be?" Jenni Lane asks while unscrewing the fizzy water.

"Umm, well-"

"Think I'd have time for a smoke?"

"May I join you?" I quickly ask, happy to change the subject and eager to have another cigarette. I nod towards the tall French doors leading out to the balcony.

We go outside and light one up. I have to bum another cigarette, but vow to pick up a pack on my way home. Jenni Lane takes a big drag and exhales fully through her nose.

"Not many people know I smoke," Jenni says, admiring the lipstick-stained filter between her fingertips. "My husband started smoking because of me. I think it's sexy as fuck."

I cough a cloud of smoke. Holy shit-wasn't expecting her to say the F word! I thought I was the only one who cussed like a sailor!

Jenni Lane continued: "I think you're sexy as fuck too."

Did...she just say what I think she just said? I nervously giggle and brush it off as a joke.

But she was serious.

Jenni Lane takes a step closer to me. The small of my back brushes against the balcony railing, a cool reprieve from my heated insides. I cock my head to the left and glimpse a fifteen-story fall-but it wasn't the height making my legs tremble. Jenni takes another step closer. I can feel her breath on my lips. Her scent in my nose. Her eyes lock onto mine, two beauties of blue surrounded by dark brown mascara, unblinking, twinkling, gazing at me.

A finger begins to tickle my forearm. I audibly gulp as it runs the length of my arm in a zigzag formation. Jenni Lane reaches for my face and gently brushes the back of her hand against my cheek. A gasp escapes my gaping mouth, followed by a swell of saliva and a forceful swallow.

Her delicate fingers trace the outline of my lips, cataloguing every curve, arch, and crevasse. I close my eyes as she begins to leans in, placing a tender kiss on my pout. She instantly backs off, but I instinctively pull her back, savoring the cherry flavor of her lips against my own.

Our gentle kiss preluded an onslaught of raw desire. I shoved my tongue through pursed lips, tasting her mouth with the tip of my taste buds. I twirled my tongue around her own, suddenly surprised to feel the cool metal from a hard piercing. Jenni Lane's tongue laps back and forth, making slippery semicircles along my length while sucking up whatever breath I had left. She grabbed the back of my head to force herself deeper, clinking teeth and swapping saliva and kissing passionately for what seemed like hours.

Pulling away after a realistic minute or so, Jenni bites her bottom lip and says through a smirk:

"Can you keep a secret?"

I open my eyes, inches from her own, and silently tell her that I could. Her eyes scan my lips before she reveals, "I'm not wearing panties."

No fucking way!

With my back pressed firmly against the railing, I slide down just far enough so I can look up; beneath the hem of her short dress is the perfect view of her exposed pink pussy. Dripping wet, freshly shaven, and quivering with desire, Jenni Lane is utterly soaked and begging for more. She lowers one hand between her thighs and presses two fingers against her swollen nub. I watch in awe as her manicured fingertips begin to rub rapidly up and down and up and down, squishy sounds swishing atop soft, methodic moans.

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