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ear you!"

"Yes!" she raised her voice, "Oh god! Yes! Fuck me!"

"Yea that's right," he groaned. "Let it all out! Let joy be unconfined!"

"It feels so good!" she yelled hard. "Fuck me Jared! Fuck me more! Take me hard! Don't stop! Please, don't stop!" She closed her eyes, feeling she would come soon. And it was going to be good!

"Oh yes! Aah!" she screamed, and then her orgasm engulfed her, leaving her making incomprehensible sounds as it took her wave after wave, while still being drilled hard.

Time seemed meaningless in her moment of bliss, so it seemed only seconds later when she felt her lover slow down his thrusts, letting out deep groans of satisfaction, spilling his cum deep inside her. When he was finished he gave her one more smack, digging his fingers in the flesh of her butt cheek while he pulled out.

She let herself fall down in his bed, savouring the blissful sensation. Jared was great. She hadn't had sex like this in so many years she had forgotten what it was like to lose control. She had loved every second of it, even though his rudeness and the crude language were slightly off-putting. She wasn't really used to getting spanked so hard either, it was arousing during sex, but right now it just hurt, and her butt cheeks probably looked red by now.

She felt Jared move on top of her, making her turn and look up at him. She looked and smiled at her new exciting lover, and sighed with delight when he licked her nipple. He briefly sucked it, and then let go to look at her. He had a bit of a stern look on his handsome face.

"You're not tired, are you? I'm far from done with you."

Daphne pushed the doubts out of her mind. She made him like this. She had wanted it like this.... Well, sort of, anyway. Maybe there were some flaws in his design but she could probably fix that later. Though slightly tired indeed she was still so horny, and Jared was the first character who really delivered. She decided to test him further to determine what part of his personality should be modified.

"I'm not tired." she answered, wrapping her arms around him to kiss him. "I want more, ...more of you."

"Good." Jared wildly kissed her, fencing with her tongue and sucking hard on her lower lip.

When he let go he crawled up beside her, his half limp cock in his hand. Then he grabbed a hold of her head, pulling it closer to his crouch. She complied and took his cock in her mouth, slowly sucking it.

"Yea, that's a good girl," he commented, playing with her hair while observing her.

Because she wasn't in a very good position to give a decent blowjob, Daphne turned around on knees and elbows, suddenly noticing she was still wearing her shoes. When she took his cock deep in her mouth she could feel Jared's hand on her back go down to her ass. She braced for impact, but he just grabbed her flesh, squeezing while she continued bobbing her head, feeling how rapidly he grew all hard again.

She could feel the cum starting to leak out a bit from her pussy, but tried to ignore the icky feeling and concentrated on pleasing him, looking forward to how he would fuck her next. She barely noticed he removed his hand. She did notice when two wet fingers started circling her asshole, and whimpered when one got pushed in.

She let go of his cock when the finger started to move inside her ass. He soon added the second finger, causing her a little discomfort. It had been decades since Daphne had her ass filled with more than just one of her own fingers. She had never dared to ask any of her virtual boyfriends, and they weren't programmed to do anything non-standard.

"What a tight little hole I found here," Jared commented, moving his fingers, causing her to moan softly. It still felt weird, but it also started to feel good. "Do you like getting it in your ass?" he asked. "Answer me!" He slapped her painful butt with his free hand.

"Yes," Daphne brought out.

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