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Tickle and orgasm torture by a mysterious older man.

Rick and I were in the middle of having sex about 10p.m. on the Thursday evening when my mobile rang. I knew that it could only be John and was rather disconcerted because I had religiously rung him earlier in the evening every day, to guard against just this eventuality. We were in the cow girl position with Rick reaching up to tweak my nipples and I was reluctant to stop completely so I froze and hissed, "Stay perfectly still while I talk to my husband, don't even move a muscle."

When I put the phone to my ear, John was already talking. "I've finished the Bowyer thing today so if you like I can fly down and join you first thing tomorrow morning."

This was the last thing I wanted. Friday would be my last day with Rick and I had deliberately ensured that all my work was done so that we were free to enjoy a long idyllic day together. Thinking quickly I said, "It's a nice thought love but there isn't really much point. I've got a load of work on tomorrow and I've even got an appointment which will take up most of the evening and after all that all I will want to do is creep straight into bed. Even if you are down here, I doubt if I will have much opportunity to see you."

My husband accepted my excuse very easily, in fact his voice sounded almost relieved. We started a bit of general conversation about the exhibition but in the middle of this Rick did one of his practiced dick tricks that I mentioned earlier, sending a myriad of butterfly sensations radiating all over my bodyand causing me to give an involuntary gasp of pleasure. "What happened just then?" John wanted to know.

Again putting my wits to good use, I explained, "I was making myself more comfortable and almost dropped the phone." This prompted my husband to tell me that there was no point getting comfortable because he hadn't much more to say, so it was easy to bring the conversation to a close with the obligatory exchange of 'I love you."

The moment that I had pressed the off button, I admonished my lover, "You bastard, why did you want to do that?" but with the smile on my face undoubtedly lessening the force of the rebuke.

"I don't really know, it just happened but to be honest I felt a bit embarrassed lying here with my cock up inside you while you were talking to your husband."

I gave him a complicit grin and said, "I can understand that but wasn't it just a little bit naughty as well?" It was soon obvious that my seducer also appreciated the kinky element because the intervention added a lot of new intensity to our passion. Later thinking back over the evening, it struck me that for a very recent beginner at the cheating game, I had very quickly become an accomplished cuckoldress.

That Friday morning we actually had sex before going down for breakfast but retuned afterwards for another prolonged session. Hunger forced us to break for lunch and then we actually set out on a planned sightseeing trip but quickly abandoned that in favour of the preferable pleasures of the bedroom. We took dinner in the hotel restaurant followed by a couple of drinks in the bar and then went back to the temple of pleasure which Rick's bed had become. During that almost continuous final session, almost in a ritual way, we worked through all the different positions and activities we had done during our magical five days. A little after 4 o'clock in the morning, with energies seriously depleted, we kissed and said our final goodbyes before, playing safe, I left to spend the remainder of the night in my own bed.

John arrived the next morning with the rest of the firm's sales employees and we were immediately embroiled in dealing with the usual large first day exhibition crowds.

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