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My wanton, Chinese lover is demanding.

She nodded and bit her lower lips. She was close to coming.

"I wonder what it would feel like if that shirt wasn't there?" Calvin asked in a soft whisper.

Terry's only answer was a deep drawn out groan as her hips flexed back and forth rapidly. She was coming long and hard. Somewhere far in the back of her mind a little voice marveled at the fact that she was coming from having her nipples played with. That wasn't supposed to happen, was it?


Terry slowly spiraled back up into the light of day from deep in a rosy cloud of endorphins and hormones. She opened her eyes to find herself sprawled on the couch with Calvin standing over her. She smiled shyly for a second, sighed deeply, and then grinned.

When Calvin grinned back, she said softly, "I think I went boom big time."

"No, shit," Calvin shot back with a laugh. "I almost had to pick up you up off the floor. As it was, I had to carry you over here."

Terry sighed deeply again and brought her hands up to the front of her shirt. She brushed her fingers over her still hard nipples and shivered. "Damn!" she whispered, "What a rush."

Calvin shook his head. "I wonder what's going to happen the first time someone gets a hold of your clit, if you come that hard from just having your nipples played with."

Terry shivered hard. She'd had the same thought earlier and now another thought was chasing it around in her mind. It was a crazy thought but one that excited her to no end. Without letting herself think about it, she asked her brother, "Want to find out?"

Calvin's mouth dropped open for a second and then he looked down at her with a frown on his face. "You're my sister."

Terry giggled and whispered, "I didn't ask you to fuck me, for God's sake. I just wanted to know if you wanted to rub my clit like you did my nipples." Calvin's shock and response had hit a note of power somewhere deep inside Terry. She suddenly realized that as a woman she did have power over men.

Calvin looked shocked again. Her reply was not what he expected in any way, shape, or form. His blushing, shy little sister had changed in the last five minutes into a woman. A woman who knew her place in the scheme of things, a woman who had realized her power.

"Uh, I don't think that would be a good idea," Calvin said as he turned and headed for the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Terry asked sharply. "I offer you a chance to play with my pussy and you run off? I guess I had you pegged wrong. I thought you were a real ladies man."

Calvin paused at the bottom of the stairs and grinned back at her. "That won't work on me. I know that game well. I use it myself when I have to."

Terry sat up on the couch and smiled sweetly. "How about the, I'll tell mom you touched my breasts game? Do you know that one?"

"You wouldn't dare," Calvin said quickly.

Terry shrugged her shoulders. "I probably wouldn't," she said thoughtfully.

"Do you have any idea how much shit that would start?"

With a nod, Terry stood up and walked over to where her brother was. Her hand quivered as she reached out and wrapped her fingers around Calvin's dick. It was thick and very warm even through his shorts.

She shivered hard and whispered, "Now you could tell mom I grabbed your dick." She felt her brother's hips twitch as she squeezed his hard manhood. It was as solid as stone.

When she loosened her grip and moved her hand and the shorts up and down along his shaft, Calvin grabbed her hand. "That's really not a good idea," he whispered with tension in his voice.

Terry giggled as visions of the wet spot in Gary's pants crossed her mind. "Uh, yeah, I wouldn't want to cause another accident," she whispered with a grin.

"I was thinking more about you getting thrown to the floor and fucked," Calvin said with a grin of his own as he expected his kid sister to jerk her hand away. To his surprise, she did not. She actually ran her hand up and down again.
"The only problem with that is my virginity. I had planned on keeping it until I was married."

Calvin stopped her hand again and growle

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