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Wife gets her pipes cleaned while hubby's away.

Hello, Tammi," Jack said in an amenable voice, "how are you feelin after your day of lying in the sand and resting and relaxing on my beach, eh?"

"What do you want, Jack?" she asked evenly.

"Just your promise to become totally cooperative and obedient to my every whim and request," he said smiling.

"What choice do I have, you bastard," she said heatedly, "you've got me over a barrel with my daughters in it. What else can I do?"

"You misunderstand me, Tammi," he responded as if he was talking to a child, "I want and demand your WILLING cooperation. I don't want to fuck you I want you to aggressively seek to fuck me. In fact, I want you to fuck, suck, eat, lick, me or anyone else I specify with your full amount of gusto and energy. In addition, I want you to smile, converse pleasantly, and entertain charmingly all of my social friends who will not know you are my little fuck toy."

"That I can't promise you, Jack, but I'll try, as long as you keep my daughters safe." she said quietly beginning to weep once again.

"That's why we are here on the lovely sunny beach, my Dear," he said smiling. "He held out his right hand and the pretty teenaged girl who had brought the chair placed a two inch wide leather strap with a wooden handle attached to it in his hand. "He added in a confident tone of voice, "When you feel that you can make such a promise to me, just tell me you love me."

With a suddenness that she did not expect, the strap crashed down across her badly sunburned stomach at her navel. The scream she exuded drowned out even the roaring surf out past her feet. The second blow landed a neat one inch above the first. The third blow an inch above the second and a scant inch below the juncture of her lower breast and her chest. The fourth blow crashed into her abdomen an inch below the first and two more followed making a path of wide angry fiery red stripes on top of her mildly red sunburned skin. He held the strap out to the slave who exchanged it for another rum and coke.

"Think carefully about whether you can make a sincere promise to love me, Tammi," that cool calculating voice was terrifying to Tammi now.

Her agonized screams were still erupting from her already raw throat as the fire of the wide red welts interacted with the more subtle anguish of the badly sunburned flesh upon which the welts gleam and angry red.

"In a few minutes Tammi's screams lowered to hysterical crying and eventually to continual sobbing. She looked through her tears at Jack and said, "I love you, Jack. I will love you for as long as you don't hurt me like that again."

"I don't detect the depth of sincerity I really need from you, Tammi. You see, I will continue to hurt you even if you become totally compliant with my wishes. That is part of the deal. I think the lesson is not over," he gave her a leering sneer and held his hand out again. A four foot long thin whippy cane was placed across his palm by the same slave girl. Her stomach was covered with welts from the strap.

She looked down her body past her breasts and suddenly realized what was about to happen. She redoubled her screams before the first sssssh reached her ears. The cane landed on the top of her right breast and inch from the junction of the breast and her upper chest. Sssssh, the pain exploded halfway to the top of her right breast, and sssssh, just above the nipple of her right breast. Then the dreaded sound again; sssssh on the top of her left breast near her chest, sssssh the middle of the top of her left breast, and sssssh just above the nipple of her left breast.

Tammi screamed in mortal agony but managed to form the words through her screams, "I love you Jack! I'll do anything you say to and with anyone you want! I'll love you forever!"

Jack smiled and said, "I'm sorry, Tammi, but the lesson cannot be interrupted in the middle. You can beg me later."

Sssssh, the cane landed six times on the lower half of Tammi's tortured tits and then one mind bending blow that caught both nipples.

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