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As I watched myself in the mirror, I brushed my hair until it felt rather fluffy as it tumbled down my exposed upper back, then added just a subtle hint of rouge to my cheeks. Then, figuring that my big brother would eventually come looking for me once he had completed his assignment, I lit a few candles in my bedroom, turned off the light, and stretched out on my back upon the bed. My legs parted to reveal the crotchless nature of the teddy, my hands resting palms-up on either side of my head in the universal symbol of surrender, I waited, closing my eyes and trying to anticipate my forbidden lover's reaction to seeing me like this.

"For me?"

I slowly opened my eyes and smiled, seeing my big brother standing in the doorway, nude with the exception of his usual black briefs, with his eyes wide and his grinning face practically glowing. "For you, big brother," I replied softly.

Already, I could see a stirring within the briefs my forbidden lover wore as he slowly approached the bed in the dim candlelight. He finally sat on the bed, looking me over once again before bending down to kiss me. While it was a struggle, I kept my arms in their surrender position, only moving my lips to kiss him even though I wanted to pull him on top of me, feel his weight pressing me into the bed.

He at last sat up again, openly admiring me, admiring the see-through teddy, as he stroked my thigh. "When did you buy this?"

"Today," I answered, "after class. I felt it would be a good way to spend part of the first paycheck."

His hand slid up my thigh to the base of my torso, a finger slipping through the thin garment to gently stroke along my moistening folds. "You realize that you may as well be naked right now, don't you?"

"Then you'd better undress me if you really want me to be truly naked for you," I returned with a soft laugh.

He actually thought about that for a few moments, his finger finally penetrating my body. "Not quite yet," he said, perhaps more to himself than to me. He slipped a second finger inside me, then a third finger, then pressed his thumb against my clitoris, then closed his hand as if he was squeezing a rubbery toy ball.

I had to admit, that felt really, really good. I closed my eyes and sighed softly, my lips parted. My hands still had not moved from their surrender position, and I was beginning to wonder if my big brother understood why my hands were by my head.

"If I were to suck on your clit right now, would you mind?" he asked, surprising me with the question. "Of course not!" I replied quickly, my eyes still closed.

"If I were to fuck you with the force of a rapist, would you mind?" "No, I'd love it if you raped me!"

"If I were to grab your tits and squeeze until you were crying in pain and begging me to let you, would you mind?" "Perhaps a little, but that would still be okay."

"If I were to suddenly shred your lingerie from you, would you mind?" "I'd be disappointed, since I'd love to wear this for you again sometime, but I wouldn't mind too much."

"I'd definitely like to see you wearing this again as well," he responded honestly.

Throughout our banter, his fingers had been moving within me, his thumb slipping across my clitoris with a similar rhythm. My body had begun to move in counterpoint, attempting to draw the familiar digits ever deeper inside me, attempting to have him lovingly stroking my very soul. I never needed much encouragement for my womanhood to weep with desire, and such was the case in this situation.

Opening my eyes again, I looked at my big brother's crotch, noting that his sex was indeed ready to violate me. I so wanted to touch it, touch him, cause him to feel the same pleasure which was coursing through my blood and electrifying my nerves because of his illicit touches.

Unfortunately, his hands left my body, and I whimpered softly in protest. However, he worked his sex through the opening in his briefs, then moved between my spread thighs, and it was clear what he planned to do:

He was going to make love to me even while we were both sti

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