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A straight guy gets forcefully fucked in the ass & loves it.

As I slowly I squatted down, I could see and feel every inch, every bump, every ridge, and every throbbing vein of his big tool as it slid up inside me. I stopped again when I could feel my pussy rub against his groin. Again I savored that exquisite feeling, this time the feeling of complete fullness. I moaned when Tommy flexed his hips, grinding his crotch against my pussy. I held myself still, savoring that delight before slowly starting to stand. I squatted back down and then up again, over and over, sliding up and down on Tommy's big fat pole. He wrapped his hands around my hips, guiding and helping me as I moved up and down.

I looked up in the mirror watched as Tommy's cock I also noticed that he was watching too.

"Oh my god that looks so fucking hot, your big beautiful cock sliding in and out of my pussy," I groaned as I looked up in the mirror at our conjoined organs and then into Tommy's face.

"Fuck yeah, it looks hot, cause it is hot, fucking hot. Your pussy's fucking amazing," Tommy groaned in response.

We had started slowly but soon I began squatting up and down, faster and faster. I was enjoying fucking myself on Tommy's cock, of being in control of the pace and intensity of our fuck but like a typical man, Tommy had other ideas. He slid his hands up around my breasts and pulled me down, back against his body. He quickly rolled the two of us over so I was on the bottom. I landed on my knees with the upper part of my body flat on the bed. Tommy ended up on his knees, between my legs with his cock still buried in my pussy. Now he took control and started fucking, actually power fucking me. Not that I really mind, I do love strong powerful confident men. He drove his cock into me from behind at a frantic almost brutal pace and I fucked my ass back at him with an equal intensity. Soon both of us were panting and groaning, racing toward powerful climaxes.
Tommy came first. He shoved his cock deep into my pussy and held himself still. I felt the warm spurt of his seed flood my pussy. That set me off. I dropped my head into the mattress, closed my eyes and cried out loud as my body began to shiver and shake. Additional warm spurts of Tommy's cum filled and then overflowed my pussy. As he finished cumming, Tommy collapsed on top of me, trapping me under his powerful body. I glanced back over my shoulder at the mirror and wasn't surprised to see a small stream of our combined cum leaking out of my pussy and down my thighs. I was surprised when I glanced over at the bedroom door and saw a woman and two men standing in the shadows.

I was surprised but not panicked. I've had plenty of lovers introduce extra, surprise partners into a sexual encounter... and I've always enjoyed it. Tommy rolled onto his side pulling me with him so we faced the door. He slid his free hand up my body and caressed my tits and large nipples.

"Hello Princess, well what do you think?" He asked.

Only the woman stepped up out of the shadows and approached the bed. The men stayed behind. She was young, in her late twenties and very beautiful. She was tall and thin with long blond hair that was pulled back in a French braid. She was wearing a tight, open bust, black leather corset that expose a lovely set of small but firm perky breasts. She also had on a black lace garter belt with black stockings and a pair of Stuart Weitzman, five inch, black, stiletto heel, platform sandals with ankle straps. I know because I have a pair exactly like that and they looked as good on me as they did on her. The black outfit was a stark contrast to her pale white skin.

"You were right Tommy, she is beautiful and it appears she's a very accomplished lover," The woman said when she reached the side of the bed.

"Yeah, she is an amazing fuck. I think she'll be a big hit tomorrow night," Tommy replied.

This must be Princess Madeline, the host of the swinger party Tommy was planning to take me to tomorrow night.

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