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That's all; just a sexual incident.

"Ah...Brenda...we..." her mother, whose face was beet-red, stammered. "We...the storm..."

"I think the two of you should go upstairs, take off those wet clothes, and take a warm bath," Brenda said, adopting a surprisingly maternal tone. She also had a twinkle in her eye. "We sure don't want you catching cold, do we?"

" guess we...we don't," her mother replied. "Come on, Jason, let's go upstairs and do what Brenda says. She's right, we don't want to catch cold, do we?"

" guess not," Jason replied. "I wonder if Brenda would mind if her mother and I took a shower together?" he mused as he followed Sylvia's mother up the stairs. "Want to take a shower together?" he asked when they reached the top of the stairs.

Karen looked as if she was going to say they shouldn't, then she stopped and looked thoughtful. After a few seconds, she smiled. "Why not?" she said. "Brenda knows about us anyhow, doesn't she?"

"Yeah, she sure does," Jason replied, grinning. He was glad now that he'd told Brenda what was going on.

"Well, come on, young man," Karen said, taking his hand and starting for the bathroom. "We better get ourselves cleaned up and warmed up."

When they got in the bathroom, both of them stripped their dripping clothes off, then they stepped into the shower, under the steamy spray. Jason took a washcloth from a hanger on the wall, lathered it thoroughly, and began washing Karen.

She giggled with delight as he swept the lathery cloth over her body. "This was a good idea. It is warming me up," she gurgled, sounding delighted. "It feels wonderful!"

"How do you mean that?" Jason asked her, grinning. Being in the shower with her was warming him up, too, in more ways than one.

When he began to lather her breasts, Karen's giggles turned into soft moans of delight. Her nipples grew rigid, and were sticking out through the foamy suds deposited on her breasts by the washcloth. Jason made sure each of her breasts, and nipples, was thoroughly washed. When, judging from the wild look in her eyes, he'd washed her breasts enough, he washed the rest of her lovely body. Eventually, he slid the cloth down over her belly and between her legs.

"Oh, darling!!!" she cooed as she parted her legs to make access easier for his hand.

Jason gave the area between her legs an even more thorough "washing" than he'd given her breasts and, before long, she was trembling violently and clutching his arm for support. Her legs were wobbly and she was breathing hard, making her chest rise and fall rapidly.

"If...if keep doing that," she panted, "You're going to make me have orgasm!"

"I wouldn't mind if you had one," Jason commented and continued the caresses he knew were driving her wild.

"Mmmm!" Karen murmured. Her hips began to rock in reaction to the caresses of his hand. "Yes, darling, wash me more! Oh, God, wash me more!" she murmured.

Jason did just that, and, before long, she clutched his arm fiercely, closed her eyes, and emitted an urgent series of whimpers while her body quivered as if she was having a seizure. When her orgasm finally ended, she looked up at Jason. "What about you, my darling?" she murmured. "That was wonderful, but don't you...?"

"I sure do," he replied.

Karen smiled at him and said, "Well, then..." She turned her back to him, bent forward, and placed her hands on the tile shower stall wall. Jason took his erection in his hand and slid it between her finely formed buttocks, into her lathery cavern.

"Oh, darling!" she gasped, "Yes, darling, oh, yes!"

While the hot water continued to pelt down on them, Jason grasped her lean hips and began thrusting into her powerfully. She braced herself against the wall and drove back at him.

"This!" she groaned, "Oh! Don't stop, my darling! Oh, God! Please don't stop!"

There was no way Jason could have stopped.

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