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An aggressive girl seduces her nerdy co-worker in the office.

He couldn't stop looking at his charismatic boss' cute little face and body. He adored her and had since he applied for the job when he was 15. He waited a year before she would finally hire him, and when she did he worked as hard as he could for her. She may have been a little chubby but was the most interesting and desirable female he'd ever met, and so he decide that one day he would reverse the roles and make her do what he wanted. "Tonight is going to be it, I can't wait anymore, Im 18 now, there is nothing to hold me back" Just as Dave finished his thought he noticed Amanda staring at his chest, looked down and noticed that his shirt was soaked making every inch of his torso stand out. He proudly stuck out his chest and met Amanda's eyes. She quickly looked away and back at the pan she was drying. She was standing in front the rack of dirty dishes and Dave needed to squeeze behind her to grab a new stack, but this time instead of just reaching his arms behind her he squeezed his whole body between hers and the rack. Amanda felt Dave's breath on her neck and a chill went up and down her spine she wished that he would just keep doing the dishes and stop tempting her. Dave could feel Amanda tense up as he stood in back of her enjoying the feel of her body against his. Her hair still smelled good after all night of working and it made him want her even more. She felt his hands move to her waist and rest there. She was so tired and sore from the long night she relaxed against him, the back of her button up cotton shirt becoming wet from the soaked uniform he wore. Dave wrapped his hand around Amanda's throat, pulled her head back to his and nibbled on her neck just below her ear. She was immediately turned on by the thought of his lips and his fingers traveling over her body. She had fantasized of him, playing the guitar in his room and how she'd love to be his audience, and now he was touching her, making her knees buckle. His free hand unbuttoned the two top buttons of her shirt. He brushed his hand over her cleavage and bit her earlobe, then his fingers traced along the outside of her bra little distance from the areola. He teased her nipple, running his fingers over the top of them as they became stiff. Dave took his hand out of Amanda's top and ran it down to her hip and rested it there. He could hear her breathing heavily and moaning at times.

He moved her head to the side roughly, clenched his fingers into her hip and breathed "Mandy I'm going to make you cum for me" she could only answer with a ragged sigh.

He reached his hand down to her back side traced the line in between her cheeks. From the dimple at the top to the wet spot starting to form between her thighs. He was now playing with a bare nipple with one hand while holding one finger between her covered lips feeling her throb, getting wetter and wetter.

Amanda moaned "Please make me cum Dave"

At the encouragement he began to stroke her clit over the thin material of her khaki pants while tearing at the buttons so that he could explore the inside of her. He shoved his hand into the soft material of her panties and felt just a small tuft of moist pubic hair covering her soft lips. He began to stroke the fur letting his fingers slip little by little between her lips barely touching her clit .

Amanda could feel Dave's hard-on pressing against the top part of her back side, between that and his fingers she began to tense up and whimper.

"Are you gonna come for me Amanda" Dave murmured in her ear.

Amanda came hard and Dave's fingers were soaked.

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