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Barbara and Chris wanted to open their own swinger club!

It was spotless and smelled a million times better than it did before. I locked the door, slid the key under the door, went back to my place, and called to see if I could get a tanning appointment. They said they had an opening in a half hour if I wanted it. I agreed. I hopped in the shower to get the smell of cleaning supplies off me. I threw on some work out clothes and left for my tanning appointment. I tanned and then worked out. I got home, lied down on the couch, and relaxed until 8pm, when I started to get ready for Ron's arrival. I put on a tight spaghetti strapped dress that barely covered my ass. I sat their patiently waiting for 10 pm to come around.

Ron knocked on my door and I sprung up, walked to the door, and adjusted my dress. He walks in, sits down on the couch, and asked if he wanted a drink.

"Yea, give me a drink." Ron ordered

I got Ron a beer and took my place next to him. "My lil white slut looks good tonight." He said

I blushed and said "thank you."

"You did a good job on my apartment. Was that white trash whore still their when you arrived." Ron mentioned

"Yes, she was " I said

"Fucking whore ruined my whole freaking night. One of my buddies picked her up and brought her to the party and all the girls I invited to the party saw her and her antics and just up and left. But, this one girl ive been fucking stayed behind and joined in on the action. I go and get some more beer and when I get back this fucking ho was eating that trailer park slut pussy out. I got one of my boys to get her out of there and I grabbed her shit and told her to get the fuck out. I went to sleep and let my boys do whatever they wanted to the whore. I had these white and Hispanic girls begging for a taste of black cock and this one girl ruins my perfect evening. Dumb muthafuckers." Ron said angrily

"Im sorry you had a bad night. What can I do to make it up to you. I missed you last night" I said softly.

"In time baby girl. I will give you all you need. I smile and say that I cant wait. So Tara, what are you?" Ron says

"Im your black cock slut, Ron." I say proudly

"Good girl" he says

Ron stands up and walks into my bedroom. I hear him moving my bed and wonder what he was doing.

"Hey, slut get your ass in here." Ron orders

I hurry in to the bedroom and notice my bed is moved toward the center of the room.

"Lay on the bed babygirl facing this way on your stomach. Move up so your head is just off the bed." Ron commands I did what he asked He then grabbed my arms and tied them to the bedposts.

I laid their helpless to do anything. Ron undressed and moved his limp cock toward my face and began to slap it across my cheek.

"I'm going to take all my frustrations out on your ass tonight you lil white slut. Do you have a problem with that?" Ron says with an evil smirk on his face

"No, I don't, " I replied

He pulled up my dress exposing my pussy and ass. He positions himself behind me and starts to smack my ass with his cock.

I moan and get ready for the pounding of my life. I feel his cock press against my pussy lips.

"Damn, slut you're already soaked. You need my cock don't you." Ron says sarcastically

"I need your black cock in all my holes. Fuck me like the whore that I am." I reply.

I feel his cock moving across the crack of my ass and over my pussy lips. "I don't know where to start my lil black cock slut. I could pound that wet pussy and give it what it needs or I could take that big ass of yours." Ron ponders

I just moan out, " fuck me with your black cock, I don't care what hole."

"I know where I wanna start." He says He grabs my hair and shoves his cock in my mouth.

He begins to fuck my face as only he can do. I was drooling all over the floor.

"Look at all the drool in the floor, you lil slut. You're like a crack whore. You can never get enough. " comments Ron

He continues to fuck my face and then blows his load of cum over my face.

"White sluts like you look better covered in black man's cum.

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