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Story of a young man cursed by a witch.

.. Rocking beneath those hands I glance down and see her cheeks blushed with passion, Kelly's mouth agape, held in a silent gasp. Her control over me has her mesmerised. She can mould and fuck the cum out of me in any way she so wishes and she knows it too.

"Ohhhhhhh," she coos.

She gifts my sensitive cleft with an abandoned rub of her sweet nose, polishing the delicate angles of her tip in my juice.

She stops, scoots up my body and lays on me, sandwiches my cock in her cleavage. Rests her cheek on my chest, the top of her head under my chin. My panting slows and her weight settles on me, comforting.

"Your heart is racing," she whispers after a minute. She's right. My ears are throbbing. "You know what I love about you?" Her voice reverberates through her chest into my loins.


"Some guys clam up, try to deny themselves and pretend blowjobs aren't their thing. Not you. You let yourself go. You really let me see how deep I can take you. You're uninhibited and make a racket. I like that."

Her nipples are hard buds against my belly. The firm globes of tit-flesh hug my cock. I offer a slight shrug.

"For me it's even better than fucking your pussy. I've always adored pretty womens' faces, their hair."

I tuck hair behind her ear; tweak the lobe in my fingers. A sigh blows out of her, over my shoulder. A waft of serenity. I feel as though my lower regions are stuffed to the brim with candyfloss. Sweet inflation.

"Do you adore my face, my hair?"


"I washed it this morning," she says, giving the scintillating tresses a leisurely finger-comb.

"It's in great condition, so glossy." I breathe the scent of her hair, timotae shampoo, and my sweaty fingers catch in the clean gold. Her legs bend up and cross at the ankles. I wonder where all this is leading and become absorbed by the sight of her toned calves, curves of muscle accentuated by the miles of cycle riding she loves to do. She cuts a great look in high heels.

She tucks her knees under her, nipples trailing like beads down to the tops of my thighs. Beneath the spill of hair I feel her kiss my nipple, suckle on me. A thrill blooms through my chest. She gently plucks the nub between her teeth. I reciprocate, cupping her tits to roll her pert teats in my palms. I twiddle them between forefinger and thumbs. The feel of her erect nipples enlivens my nerves, is a gentleness that lingers in my hands, tickling me.

A breath quivers from her.

She crawls back, sinks down on her front, face leaning on my thigh, chin nestled in the fold of my groin.

"Today's treat," she says with a girlish grin that wrinkles her nose. Using both hands she gathers her hair as if to tie it back then flops it over her freckled shoulder. Scooping up my erection she oh-so-slowly wraps the silk around and encloses my base in it with her hand. The feathery soft nest gives her grasp a cool slippery texture. I am robbed of breath. Adrenaline so intense surges as I swoon, my back jolts, straining to arch.

"Oh fuck."

I shudder back from the brink to see fresh tears of pre-cum weep from my tip. Still holding me, Kelly laps her free palm a few times. She checks I'm watching with dirty glances while performing languid flat-licks, smearing her hand with saliva. Her moist grip enfolds my knob, leaving just the dewy duct visible. She leans up and flicks her tongue into the ooze, stirring my juice in her fist.

The situation pounds though me and I sit up. Kelly doesn't pause, just continues to thrill my hole, scrunching her hair around my hilt. I tangle my fingers in her hair and pant, squeeze her shoulders and groan, kiss the top of her head and curl my toes.

"Suck me now Kelly. Come on, suck me. Please."

"You taste amazing.

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