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Sonia Ch. 05.

After the official portrait was taken, with the American Flag behind her, I said "Can you take one more?" I brought in a Canadian Flag, and put it down next to the American Flag.

"Oh, dual citizen?" asked Connie the photographer.

"Natural born American, raised in Canada." Cindy said. "And yes, I have dual citizenship." Connie took the photographs, and promised to send one to me.

And whether by accident or not, the dual-flag photo just happened to become the photo displayed as part of the Command Group structure in the front lobby...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2:30pm, Wednesday, May 2d. It is considered to be "the most dangerous assignment in the TCPD." I was putting up the brackets for the Police Boxing Matches, Freestyle Division.

The gym doors were closed, and Officers were lining up in the back hallway of Police Headquarters, ready and eager to get inside and see the brackets. Captain Thompson helped me put up the sheets of paper and lock them behind the plexiglass of the wall display case. "Are we going to get run over, sir?" he asked me as we moved the stepladder to the side and went towards the far side of the gym.

"No, not with Commander Ross pulling rank and telling everyone to stay behind her." I said. "I hope, anyway. Okay, Parker and McGhillie! Open 'er up!" The Detectives pushed on the handles of the doors to the gym, pushing them open towards the hallway. With Cindy in front, my Detectives were not run over, but they still hustled to get out of the way.

Cindy did walk fast as Officers poured into the gym behind her... but where was Teresa? I wondered. She was not right in front, as I'd expected her to be.

Cindy quickly saw that she was the No. 2 seed overall, and got out of the way, coming towards me and Thompson. It now became something of a frenzy, as people had to find their names amongst the 122 Officers that had signed up.

Some minutes later, I saw out of the corner of my eye a movement at the gym doors. Teresa was sauntering in, as if she did not have a care in the world. She walked towards the mob, and I heard her say "Ahem!"

The sea of mostly blue parted, and she walked up to the front to find herself the No. 1 seed as the Defending Champion. The frenzy began again once she moved aside.

"Damn, that was badass!" I exclaimed as she came up to us. "I need to learn how to pull rank like that and get away with it."

"One of the perks, sir." Teresa said. "Isn't that right, Captain Thompson?" Damien grinned and nodded.

"Happy with that bracket, Captain Croyle?" I asked.

"Yes sir!" Teresa said with enthusiasm. "They are set up just right... just right." She glanced sideways at Commander Ross as she said it.

"There can be no doubt." replied Cindy.

Not everyone was as happy. Joanne Warner had trouble finding her name... because I had put her fourth instead of third, which was awarded to Jerome Davis. As she came out of the mass of humanity, she looked over at me with a glare that would kill mere mortals without crowbars. Jerome, by way of contrast, was happy. And Theo Washington was not upset with his sixth seed spot, one behind Lieutenant Rudistan. Hugh Hewitt and Roy McGhillie rounded out the top eight.

Part 13 - News Not Fit To Print

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!" shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette from in front of City Hall at 7:00am, Thursday, May 3d. "Fox Two News has learned that Independent State Counsel Robert Mullen has issued his first subpoenas relating to his investigation of criminal wrongdoing by Governor Val Jared!"

Bettina was smiling brightly as she continued: "Fox Two News has confirmed that SBI-OER Lieutenant Norm Chow has been instructed to answer questions by the State Independent Counsel, and all of his documents related to the Rodman-Braselton sexual harassment case have been subpoenaed.

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