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A bad marriage doesn't mean the end of the world

.. enjoying the contrast of soft flesh and hard nipples. I reached down into your blouse and groped them ... then I twisted the nipples a few times ... you moaned appreciatively. I decided to undo your blouse ... to make it easier for others to see and touch your tits. Then I arranged your tits so that the nipples were clearly on view ... and I took several pics from different angles for us to enjoy later. Then I went back around and took some pics of your legs and stockings ... getting closer and lower as I did so. The last pic was looking up your skirt ... every young man's erotic dream ... your cunt was clearly in view. Then I adjusted your skirt ... hitching it up even further until your cunt and ass were completely exposed. To all intents and purposes, you were naked ... the clothes just made you look even more slutty.

I keep hearing people walking by ... I could see some people on the path ... but they weren't even looking our way. I could hear some more people approaching ... a couple ... calling their dog ... if they come just a few yards this way, they will see us ... but they again pass by unaware of your erotic exhibition.

I told you that I wanted to show you off ... you were my slut for me to use ... and for others to play with if that was my desire. I reminded you that we still hadn't kissed yet today ... but that I would reward you with a real kiss if you behaved like a true slut ... with me or with other men of my choosing.

I decided that I would play with your cunt whilst I was waiting for some guys to come along. You knew that you had to keep it wet at all times when I was with you ... but it was much wetter than that ... you were clearly enjoying the blindfold and restraints ... particularly when you were standing like that! I started to finger you ... you immediately reacted by pushing backwards ... I told you to stay still ... and you were not allowed to cum until you had a cock inside you ... I didn't mention that it probably wouldn't be my cock ... you would know that soon enough. I kept fingering you for a few minutes ... your juices were really flowing ... and then I heard voices of two men in the distance. You were making quite a lot of noise by now ... moaning as my fingers worked on your dripping wet cunt ... that was when I saw the two men coming along the path ... they heard your moans ... and called over to ask if everything was OK. I waved them over ...

"Come and look ... I'm finger-fucking my slut ... but she needs some cock now ... she likes being fucked by strangers ... you can try her yourselves if you want to".

I still had my fingers in your cunt when I said that ... I could feel a flood of excitement go through your body ... and your cunt went tighter too.

They came around to your side of the tree ... obviously surprised to see you tied and blindfolded there ... your blouse undone ... your tits hanging out ... nipples hard and erect ... your skirt hitched up ... and my fingers working on your clit and your cunt ... your cunt juices were starting to run down your legs. They looked startled at first ... then they started to watch you ... it was clear from your moans that you were enjoying it all. I invited them to help you ...

"Why don't one of you feel her tits? I'm sure my slut would like that! And the other one can finger her dripping cunt!"

They stepped forward hesitantly ... but they didn't hesitate for long ... one slipping both his hands inside your bra ... taking one tit into each one ... he didn't need much encouragement! He stared feeling the flesh and quickly went to playing with your hard nipples.

The other one slipped his middle finger into your dripping wet cunt ... then put another in too ... and started finger-fucking you again ... taking over from me. I could see that he was getting aroused too ... and you were making even more noises. But I knew you wouldn't dare cum... you had to wait for a cock ... so I invited him to fuck you ...

"I think she's had enough of your fingers .

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