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Romance studies at Aunt Ava's beach retreat.

.. CUM for me my wet little slave slut!" He beamed as he pounded her CUNT... "Baby I can feel it! You're my CUMMIN CUNT! So FUCKING TIGHT! SO FUCKING WET! THAT'S IT BABY MAKE LOVE TO MY COCK! CUM AROUND YOUR MASTER'S HARD FUCKING COCKI! OH YES, BABY AGAIN, YES! TAKE MY COCK BABY! TAKE IT TAMARA! FEEL YOUR REWARD! CUM! He roared as he continued to bang her excited sensitive pussy.

Tamara was cumming now and he continued the onslaught, continued fucking her!

Tamara withered beneath him... Her cunt visibly sucking her Master's cock... Her pussy was ejaculating, squirting her cum against his pubic bone soaking both of them as she thrashed obscenely on his cock... She was in the throes of a multiple orgasm the likes she had never known... She screamed and came again around his mighty cock...her pussy grabbing his cock and sucking him deeper...sucking at the base of his throbbing tool She looked into his eyes and screamed OH! MASTER! FUCK ME... YOU'RE FUCKING ME SO GOOD! OH! YES MASTER! OH! FUCK YES! KNOCK ME UP MASTER! I WANT YOUR CHILD! FUCK ME MASTER! OH FUCK YEAH! BANG ME MASTER! BANG YOUR CUNT! I'M CUMMMMIINNNG MASTER! OH YOUR COCK IS SO GOOD MASTER! I LOVE IT MASTER! I LOVE YOU!

The Master held his fuck pole deep inside her as she thrashed on his cock, as she calmed down he began to pommel her again, ready to drive her through the mattress! His hips a blur his cock swelling as his balls drew tight, he pounded her cunt until she screamed in ecstasy. Her eyes were as wide as an owls her back arched her whole body contracted around his cock and she squirted her joy into her Master's loins and he filled her with his seed...

Their bodies shook together, both convulsing uncontrollably, her cunt contracting around his throbbing, swelling spewing prick... With each contraction her love juice squirted against his pubic bone. He leaned forward, his lips descending upon hers, his hands caressing her scalp as his tongue entered her hot waiting wanting mouth, she had never felt so loved... She would do anything to please her Master, he possessed her now, his cock deep in his cunt...

The kiss kept building in heat and passion, his hands became busy kneading and squeezing her tits, pinching her hard sensitive nipples, one of his hands moved to her ass, his cock still jammed into her wet sticky swollen cunt. He began to finger her puckered asshole, lubricating it with the copious fluids they were producing.

He reached to the side of the bed and produced two nipple clamps. Seeing them she squirmed and lifted her chest to him, offering her breast to him. He slowly withdrew his huge hard cock from her hot cunt as he applied the clamps to her nipples.

She moaned in pain/pleasure as he tightened the clamps and the head of his huge fuck pole pressed against her nether hole. She couldn't believe his cock was still rock hard, his bulbous head stretching her anal ring. She screamed as it stretched her and he tightened the nipple clamps, she raised her ass to meet his thrust, the cream from her pussy lubricating his shaft as the head popped in.

Her body again spasmed against his thrust and his huge pole began to disappear into her dark cavern... He was again filling her, possessing another part of her... He had fucked her before but never like this!

Before, he had used her... fucked her for his own pleasure... This was total complete possession and she willingly gave herself to his pleasure.

He leaned back with half of his raging cock still glistening between her ass and his balls. He produced another clip, and she tried to raise her pussy to him. With two fingers on either side of her clit hood he pressed back further revealing her elongated engorged clit as it protruded through her ring. He applied the clip and rammed his cock the rest of the way into her hot tight ass...

She squirted all over his fingers as he tightened the clip! She gasped for breath as pleasure overtook the pain and he began thrusting his huge cock in and out of her ass! He reached down and released her ankles freeing her lower body.

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