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I told Jessie that she might meet some of our friends, hopefully Diane and Richard, who were a lovely couple.

We found three lounge chairs and placed our towels over them and we laid down. I asked Jessie how she was doing and she said everything was fine and she was ok with being nude in front of others.

Lisa wasted no time getting into the pool and talking to the men. I told Jessie that her mom really is an exhibitionist, especially when men are around. Jessie just smiled and said that her mom is a big flirt.

I asked Jessie if she wanted me to show her around and she said yes. I told Lisa that we were going for a walk and for her to behave.

We took our towels and headed off. I took Jessie along the trails and to Lisa's special private spot, the one with the bench.

We sat down and talked. At that point, my cock was starting to get hard. Jessie noticed and I told her that a hard cock is not appropriate at the resort.

I also told her that her mother and I fucked on this bench more than once. Jessie asked if she could sit on my lap. I told her she could. With that, she got up and lowered herself onto my cock and in a second, it was fully inside her young cunt.

I watched as Jessie moved her body up and down my hard shaft. It didn't take long for me to tell her I was cumming. She rode me faster and I finally shot my cum in her cunt.

When she got off of me, my cum was oozing out of her and down her thighs. She kissed me and smiled and said she couldn't wait to tell her mom.

We walked back to the pool and there was Lisa, talking to Diane, our friend.

Lisa introduced Jessie to Diane and I could see Lisa looking at Jessie, noticing my drying cum on her daughter's thighs and giving me a smile.

Lisa told Diane all about Jessie and why she was with us. Diane asked her if she thought Jessie would want to check out the group. Lisa told her that she definitely wanted Jessie to participate. Diane told Lisa that she would set something up for us the next night.

After awhile, we left the pool and headed back to our room. On the way back, Lisa asked Jessie what she thought about the place and everything else.

Jessie said she loved the place, especially her secret place. She told Lisa that she rode my cock until I came in her. Lisa just laughed.

Once inside the room, I locked the screen door but kept the inside door open for anyone to see in.

Lisa told us that Diane was going to arrange a special party for us tomorrow, especially for Jessie.

Lisa told Jessie that her and John went to a few of Diane's special parties and we had a great time and made lots of friends.

She also told Jessie that if she really wanted to be like her mother, she would participate completely at the party. Jessie said she would do anything to please her mom and become like her.

Lisa called Diane and asked her to call Richard to see if he is available now. Within five minutes, Diane called back and said Richard would be right there.

Lisa told Jessie that a good friend of theirs, Richard, was coming over to meet her.

In a short time, Richard knocked on the door. We let him in and introduced him to Jessie. We told him that Diane was making party arrangements to introduce Jessie to everyone.

Richard told Jessie that she was a beautiful young lady and hoped that she would like the party. Jessie thanked him and told him she admired his big cock as it was the biggest she had ever seen.

He smiled and thanked her snd was about to leave. Just then, she asked him to stay. She turned to me and Lisa and asked if it was ok with us if he stayed. We said it was ok with us.

Lisa and I sat on the couch and watched as Richard took Jessie in his arms and started kissing her. We could see his big cock getting harder and bigger.

Richard took Jessie to the bed and laid her down. In an instant, he was laying on top of her, his big cock at her slit. We watched as he slowly inserted his cock into her tight cunt.

It took awhile, but he finally got his big cock deep inside her.

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