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A pirates way....

"Still got some cuffs in that back room there, Tiny?" Mike questioned.

"Yep, sure do Boss...never know when they might come in handy" Tiny replied with a grin.

"You're a regular fuckin' boy scout aren't ya...always prepared. I knew there was a reason why you were my right hand man" Mike chuckled.

Tiny just grinned and walked back to where he had come from in the back to retrieve the cuffs and a few more things he thought the Boss may want or need; he always anticipated the Boss' needs.

By this time the girl was shivering with her fear, her dark eyes wide, tears steadily streaming; she knew what was going to happen and knew there was no turning back.

"How ya want her secured, Boss...arms out to the side or stretched completely out above her head?" Tiny inquired.

"Why don't we get them to the sides for now...if she starts fighting again then we will stretch the lil bitch out" Mike replied...giving her a stern look that warned no argument.

"We are going to secure your wrists in these cuffs to the pool table...you can either make it easy and cooperate or fight us; the end result will be the same. So what's it gonna be, little girl?" Mike asked her, his eyes boring into hers.

"Please don't do this...I'm begging you, Mike...Daddy....Ma...Mas...Master" she pleaded.

"This ain't the time for begging...I'll have you doing that soon enough. I asked you a question and expect an answer. NOW!" he snarled.

"I didn't agree to this...I only agreed to the bet...this is not right....please don't do this...please, Sir" she again implored.

"Guess it is gonna be the difficult way, eh Tiny?" Mike stated. "Gets those cuffs on her" he commanded.

Tiny was snapping a cuff down on one of her wrists even before the Boss had finished his sentence and then attached one end to a conveniently placed eye bolt in the table.

"Nooooooo!" she screamed as the cuff bit down against her wrist.

Tiny was already at the other side and grabbing her wrist from the Boss when she started fighting, trying to get away; Tiny looked at the Boss and smirked as he snapped the second cuff down to the eye bolt on the other side.

"They just don't get it do they, Boss?" Tiny chuckled.

Mike pulled her down the table so her ass was just slightly hanging off the ledge; her legs were still splayed wide with him in between them, "nope, they sure don't, Tiny" he replied as his hand came down hard against her bare cunt, making a sharp crack in the silence of the room. A shrill scream pierced the room immediately after the crack of his hand on her cunt.

"Keep your legs exactly how they are now...splayed wide and your heels up on the ledge, otherwise I will bind your legs too, got it cunt?" he snarled at her.

She could only nod, tears were streaming down her face, her cunt felt like it was on fire.

Mike looked at the clock on the opposite wall, noting it was 1:45 in the morning. Turning to Tiny, he stated "clear out the bar and lock up and then come back in here when everyone is gone."

Tiny nodded and disappeared thru the secret door.

Mike grabbed the nearest bar stool and settled into it, gulping down the rest of the whiskey left in his glass and then lighting a cigarette...his eyes never leaving her.

The minutes seemed to tick away and still he did nothing except smoke his cigarette...blowing thin streams of smoke into the dim light, his eyes boring into her. She didn't speak or make a sound, she instinctually knew not too.

A noise in the back of the room shifted his focus from her to the hidden door, a slow smile breaking his stern face as he saw Tiny duck back into the room with two bottles in his hand.

"Always anticipating, aren't ya man" Mike declared eyeing the bottles of whiskey and tequila.

Tiny just grinned and shrugged his wide shoulders in response. "Figured it was gonna be a long night and thought you might need some refreshments, Boss" Tiny added.

"Always thinking ahead" Mike chuckled.


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