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Dinner and a show.

I squeezed my tight package and let it know I'd heard it's request.

"You've thought of it though haven't you?" was his quick come back.

He's on to me now and my cock is aching.

On the smaller side of the "monster cock" scale, my prick was a pleasing tool none the less. the very least, it was also a pleasant suck to those so inclined and delivered a measured and "drinker friendly" load.

Something about this slow reversal...this slow revealing of myself, always made me throbbing hard.

I let the question hang without a response, but left the chat window open. Inviting, wanting him to break me down further, while my hand slipped inside the BVD's to the cock that eagerly awaited it.

"She fuck other men in front of you boy? Suck their big cocks while you watch?"

I gauge these comments have less to do with my "wife" than me and I'm squeezing myself hard.

My cock is now fully engorged and in control.

Visions come to me.....

Thick, muscled thighs of someone knelt in the center of a bed...a tight, muscled frame from which a beautifully hard prick stretches upwards. Firm and thick, it arches up to a deliciously cut head. The smooth slopes of the dick head highlighted by its defined, pronounced edges and the tight slit from which passion flows. The prick pulsates gently to the heartbeat of its owner till finally a mouth lowers over it...lips and cheeks expanding as the meal slides in and out slowly.......

My BVD's are off now.

I sit completely naked and jerking off with eyes closed as these images speak to something inside me.

I probably had it for cock all my life. I know that, but it wasnt until my freshman year of college that the urges came out.

I'd have to fight to control or conceal the swelling of my cock when showering with the other members of the football team.

We were all mature young men, healthy and in prime condition, displaying and massaging our muscled bodies in front of each other.

Strong, weightlifting hands and arms caressing naked and soapy bodies, gingerly handling full cocks and balls full of cum.

It became more than I could bear and they'd peer at my semi-swollen prick and look away, not wanting to say anything to a teammate,

I knew they'd seen me, but oddly I found their glances pleasing and I'd return furtive looks to them in hope of maintaining my excited state.

I wanted to come out but didn't realize it.

I recall the overwhelming sensations of when I'd jerk off during this time. Thinking of those showers, thinking about my teammates. I fantasized about sucking one of them off in the steamy heat. Without rhyme, reason of logic to how it came to be, I was overcome by an irrational and irresistible passion.

I approached....he resisted.

He capitulated....I sucked.

He cried out....I sucked harder.


My prick was on fire like never before.

Nerve endings seemingly activated and firing off for the first, wonderful time gave me sheer joy.

The tingling heat of my hard prick would fuel my hand and I'd pump furiously...thoughts of cock and cum dominating my mind.

I gasped out loud the first time these "gay" thoughts made me spew cum. I was so amazed at the intensity of my reaction that I stopped pumping entirely, although my balls had far more to give. I was transformed by the experience and my cock continued to twitch furiously, straining to give it up.

I ate it.

Almost in a dream state, fingers brought the very first "gay" cum shot of my life to my lips.

I found nothing objectionable about its creamy thickness, wiped my dick head clean and did it alot after that.

If someone had stepped forward and guided me, I'm sure I'd have followed. I'm sure I'd have done his bidding willingly.

The Coach perhaps...calling me into his office to discuss the playbook, but actually wanting to fondle my balls. A massive man, broad and rugged with huge hands. I'd often wondered what hung between his legs and would have complied

with any advance he made, eagerly have devoured


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