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Sexual adventures of a prep school teacher.

She gasped, her knees giving out beneath her. She pressed her hips against him to steady herself. His thumb moved down, then up, as it entered her. He pressed in and she gasped, breaking her kiss, arching her head into the wall. He slid his thumb down and up at the edge of her pussy.

She put her arms around his neck and lifted herself. He slipped his arm under her butt, supporting her. She lifted one, then the other leg, locking them around his legs. As she tried to lift herself higher, her weight invited him to lay her down. He pressed her against the wall and carefully sank to the floor. He could smell her sweet pussy as her hot wet crotch pressed against the bulge in his pants.

He eased her to the floor, on her back, her legs clasped around his hips. Her dress had crept up above her waist and her breasts were exploding over the top of her bra, bulging with each breath she took.

He kissed her lips, then moved down to her neck. He continued going down, giving the top of each swollen breast a lick with his tongue and a nip with his teeth. He didn't stop but kept going down. As he passed her belly button, he stuck his tongue in and licked, putting his hands at her sides and tickling. He looked up and they both smiled.

He slid his hands down to her knees where he gently pressed and she responded by letting her legs fall open. He leaned his face into her crotch and smelled her anticipation. She felt the hair on his head climb the inside of her thighs. She jerked as he bumped then rubbed the tip of his nose against her clit. She moaned and let her head fall back, hitting the floor with a thunk, a groan of pleasure and pain coming from deep in her throat.

He kissed her sweet pussy lips then nipped and tugged at her clitoris. She jerked with every sensation, grabbing then pressing his head into her. He rolled his tongue around and around her pleasure button. She buried her fingers in his hair, then clenched them into fists. This was the first time she had ever had a man between her legs. The intensity of his touch made her hips buck. Then her back arched and she cried out with an orgasm. Her spasms washed his face with more of her fluids. As she continued to shake from her contractions, he softened his tongue's attack until he was barely touching her and she relaxed.

When he felt her breathing slow down, he climbed back up her body and kissed her. She did not hesitate and welcomed his lips, tongue, and the taste of her juices into her open mouth. They lay there, embracing, feeling her satisfaction until he lifted his face off hers.

Her eyes seemed softened, her whole face relaxed, glowing, beautiful. She looked at him and knew he still had tension, needed her. She knew she needed to give herself to her lover. She smiled as she thought of him as her lover. He smiled back, then felt her hands drift down to his waist and give a little tug.

His heart began to beat faster as he propped himself up and she nervously undid his belt, then the button of his pants. He lifted himself, making it easier for her. She found the tab of his zipper and slowly pulled down. The sound sent a pulse through her thighs and washed her body anew with anticipation. She had read about this moment in so many books, and now it was really going to happen, happen to her. She felt her pussy as her juices dripped down towards her asshole.

Impatient, excited, and scared, she pushed his pants down over his thighs, lifting his underwear carefully over his engorged penis, leaving him naked from waist to knees.

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