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Laura meets Nadine and tells all.

"What's that?"

"I said that smells good!" Kim repeated to him.

"That's right, puppy- ruff ruff!" Marcus confidently replied back to her. He crossed his mental fingers and prayed for the upcoming success.

Kim cocked her head and stared at him blankly for a few moments before remembering that she had worn her collar to bed. Her fingers found it on her neck after she ran them up her stomach and chest. The comforting suede responded to her touch.

Marcus Continued to look down at her. His hand gripped the plate on his lap and his other hand gave Kim a quick but slightly concerning pat on the head. His brain was melting waiting for Kim to give him some sort of sign on how she was going to deal with all of this.

Finally Kim smiled and rolled over on her back, the covers slightly exposing her supple breasts to Marcus. Her arms and legs hung loosely up above her. She was doing her best to imitate a dog on her back.

Marcus forked a piece of potato and lowered it down into her now open mouth and she took it greedily. She chewed it quickly and swallowed. Her mouth opened wide again and she beckoned for more.

"You're too cute..." Marcus trailed off and continued to feed her more and more off of his plate. He stole bites in between feeding her to fill his stomach up with something.

As Kim was being fed she wondered about all of this. She loved how she got to be taken care of as if she were little. It was like a little escape back to her childhood. With each piece of hash browns she was able to receive love from Marcus that she had longed for so long for. She thought that the sex upgrade was all she had signed up for but the other perks like these were definitely a continual plus.

After they both finished the plate together Marcus started to have a doubt. He sighed and asked her flat out, "You know if you don't want to do this, you don't have to. We can find something else for us to try if this is a bit weird"

Kim frowned. She didn't want to admit to him that she loved the weirdness of it but at the same time she couldn't lie to him.

"Baby, I love it. It's weird- don't get me wrong. But weird isn't that bad when it makes you this happy."

Marcus just looked at her, "this happy?"

"Yes, this makes me happy. I love that you're taking care of me like this. In fact I don't think I've ever felt closer to you."

Marcus ran his hand through her golden brown hair, petting her.

"I don't know how deep this obvious fetish runs within you but as long as you make me feel like this, I have no complaints. It's not that bad being a dog either. You take care of me, feed me, and love me."

"You just have to promise me to tell me if you ever think it's a little too much for you, okay?" Marcus made her promise.

"I promise, baby. Don't worry- I'm on board. I think I could even come to make this one of my own fetishes. I kind of like it," Kim admitted while running her fingers continually along her pink collar.

Marcus although skeptical still, nodded. He would continue with the puppy play and see where it brought them.

"Okay then, so what are the ground rules then?" Kim asked him and sat up onto her butt.

"Well, we should establish a safe word for you. We don't want this to get anywhere that you don't want it to get."

Kim nodded in agreement, "good idea"

"Got any idea of what you'd want your word to be, pup?" Marcus asked her and started to run his hand through her hair.

"How about we establish the safety word as hash browns. I mean I know it's two words but..."

Marcus shook his head quickly, "no- don't worry about it; hash browns it is."

Kim smiled largely and put her hand on his. She was going to be in this. It was more than apparent that this was his biggest fetish. Even though he had hidden it from her for so long she knew there was a reason to the madness. Of course he would be nervous to tell her about it. It wasn't exactly the most normal thing in the world.

However, Marcus appeared to be over thinking things now.

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