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Weatherman's dark secret is revealed.

love for good?"

"No, you dolt, the amazon bitch must remain a virgin to deal with alien life forms, supervillains, and natural disasters. She doesn't deserve it, anyway. No, you are going to find someone else to fall in love -- really in love -- with Col. Trevor. A sexy tennis star, a CNNfn correspondent babe, an MTV hostess, whom, I don't really care. Just make sure the woman gets the hots for Trevor. He's kind of handsome for a mortal and deserves a frisky woman to make up for the frustration he's gone through all these years panting for the amazon. If you have any trouble finding a woman who really likes to fuck, ask Janey or Lucinda or Bronwen; they claim to know plenty. Once some hot sexy woman is in love with Col. Trevor, he'll forget about the Amazon bitch and, voila, everybody's happy."

"Great idea, Mom. I'll put an old arrow through his heart."

"They don't call me the Goddess of 'Luv' for nothing, Jr." she smirked. "Just make sure the woman falls in lust with him, too. -- totally, passionately. I don't want Col. Trevor back here next week because SHE won't put out for him."

"Don't worry, Mom. I'll get them with my trick shot, one arrow through both hearts. It'll be a piece of cake"

"Yeah, wedding cake!" Aphrodite sighed, suddenly sentimental, Although strictly speaking, weddings were more Hera's department..


Flying as fast as his chubby little wings would carry him, Eros was able to arrive in Washington early Monday afternoon. Big Mistake! Though invisible, he apparently showed up on the radar at Andrews and caused them to scramble to intercept the unidentified aircraft. Then, after dodging ATA missiles, as he approached the Pentagon he could hardly get through the constant stream of flights coming into or going out of Reagan National.

It was Thursday morning before Eros could find Col. Steve Trevor in the labyrinthine corridors of the Pentagon. Eros was growing discouraged; he hadn't even started on finding a woman for him. Then he got lucky. (Not that way, you perverts. Eros is totally faithful to his Psyche.) Thank Zeus, there was a woman in the very same office with Col. Trevor. Hmm. Not a bad looker, though she sure didn't know how to dress. "Zeus in Olympus!" Eros muttered to himself when he checked the woman's measurements. "Why look further? Stevie boy will fall out of his tree when he sees her naked." This meant Eros didn't need to find someone else, engineer a chance encounter, etc. He'd be back in Hellas and in Psyche's sweet snatch in time for TGIF. Zeus, he was horny!

Aiming carefully, Eros loosed his arrow and watched it fly, unerringly piercing first the heart of Steve Trevor and then, that of the woman, Diana Something-or-Other. The little god grinned and hovered around to admire the effects of his marksmanship.


Steve looked up from his work. An amazing thought had just occurred to him. That mousy Diana Prince with a little makeover could be HOT! Why had he never thought of her that way before. The bun? Pull the clip and her hair would fall to her shoulders. Those awful glasses? He had seen a Linda Carter ad for laser surgery that would correct that. 'Totally fuckable. I could have some fun with that sexy broad,' Steve thought, totally forgetting his lifelong obsession with Wonder Woman.

'I'll get her to wear those tight, hot minis with 4" heels with an ankle tie and take her clubbing to Los Amigos del Disco. Hell, with that black hair she could pass for a Latina. When I twirl her around and everybody sees she isn't wearing panties, all the men will be soooo envious,' he smirked. 'And we can go to all the hockey games and have pizza and beer at the Calvert Grill.'

'Then in few months when she finds she's going to have a baby -- heh -heh -- I'll pop the question.

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