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A hot evening with my sister and her husband.

Fran stood in front of the mirror in a pair of very shear bikini panties with lacy trim. They were not completely transparent but upon inspection anyone could determine that Fran's pubic area was shaved. The panties hid just enough to make Fran appear more sensual than if she had been totally naked. While Jane helped Fran get into the sun dress, she told her that at the party she would be expected to serve drinks so the members would get to know her. Fran thought that the request was not unreasonable.

By the time the women had finished getting ready it was dark and almost time to leave. Jane suggested another glass of wine and told Fran that she would probably not get the opportunity to have one at the party. Fran agreed and Jane prepared a glass for her and one for Fran with a another dose of the drug. They toasted Fran's success, drank their wine, and proceeded to Jane's SUV. On the way to the party, some fifteen minutes from Fran's house, Jane reminded her that she was to do whatever she was asked to and not question anyone. She went on to tell her that the members evaluated candidates at each event and those that did not perform to expectations were not asked to continue, guaranteeing they would never become a member in good standing. With the drug now surging in her veins, Fran assured Jane she would do whatever was asked of her and almost begged her to make sure that she was asked to continue and eventually made a member.

Jane wanted to encourage Fran and get her excited at the same time so she decided to tell her a story about her service. The club had only been in existence for a few years and there was a much smaller membership she explained. Jane said that during her first "interview" she had been asked to address the "founding" members. She was ushered into a conference room with six women sitting at the table. She was instructed to undress to her bra and panties. As she undressed, she had to describe elements of her sex life and what she would add if able. By the time she reached her bra and panties she was describing in detail her first lesbian experiences. She was then instructed to crawl under the table and "service" the women. Getting on her hands and knees, she crawled under the table and proceeded to lick and suck each woman while they discussed club business. Once each member had been satisfied, she was instructed to stand on the table. Of course she complied. Once on the table, she was told to play with herself and describe her feelings while following their instructions. Jane told Fran that she played with herself for over thirty minutes while the women asked her the most intimate questions about her body and her desires. Finally, they had her remove her underwear and fondle herself to orgasm. Jane told Fran that during the ordeal, she was scared and apprehensive. Looking back on it, she said it was a thrilling experience that opened doors to her desires. Fran was enthralled by the story. It both relaxed her and made her excited as she pictured her friend on her knees under a table eating pussy. Jane could tell the story had its desired effect as Fran began to squirm in the passenger seat, now wet from her flowing pussy.


Part 2

Serving at the Party

Jane and Fran arrived at the party location, a big house in an older suburb.

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