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Farmer Frank doesn't satisfy his wife.

She sauntered into the bedroom and enjoyed seeing his eyes roam over her body, wanting her. She climbed on the bed and knelt up, facing the wall mirror. He knelt up behind her and reached his arms around her. His mouth sought out the side of her neck as his hands ran up and down her sides. She leaned her head back, watching in the mirror, as he kissed and stroked her. She could see him watching too. She knew he liked it, as she could feel him harden behind her.

His hands moved to her breasts. She reached behind and held his hips, pushing into him slightly while he began to gently massage her breasts. She leaned back onto him, all the time watching, as he squeezed tighter. She arched her back and he reached up and pulled down the front of her outfit, exposing her breasts. Her nipples were hard. She reached up and stroked them while his hands slid down her body to her hips, then between her thighs. She played hard with her nipples, feeling herself come.

His hand glided very gently over her moistening panties. She spread her legs further, and enjoyed the exposed inner thighs. So did he, and he pushed into her behind with his hardness. She moaned, and bent forward, twisting slightly so she was almost side on to the mirror. Take me, she said. I want to watch as you take me.

He pushed her down so she was on all fours. She could see his hand as his fingers played with her lips, feeling the wetness and spreading it over them. She pushed into his fingers and gasped as she watched his finger slide into her. Oh yes, she said. More. I want more. He was hard and ready for her, but she reached behind and played with him, all the time watching while he fingered her. She took her hand from him and offered herself.

Take me, she said. I want you inside me now. He placed his penis between her lips and writhed his hips so his penis circled those hot wet lips. She loved watching his hard cock teasing her, making her want more.

She pushed back onto him. He took hold of her hips and entered her slowly and deeply. She watched his cock disappear inside her then emerge as he began to pull out, but not all the way. She could see her own lips moist and open for him. Slowly but firmly he entered her again, and she felt him fill her inside.

He kept up a rhythm of long strong strokes that teased her into orgasm. Faster, she said, and watched as he began to push deeper, harder and faster into her. Oh yes, that's so good, she said. I like it. I like watching you fuck me. Fuck me harder. Now he held her tight and slammed into her again and again, fucking her hard. She dropped her head into the bed so her screams would be muffled, and felt herself tighten around his penis as she came very hard. But they weren't finished. He pulled her back up and turned her slightly so that they were kneeling up again, facing the mirror. He extended his legs beneath him so she could sit on his cock.

She watched in the mirror opposite and saw him entering her and her hand playing with him as he did so. She wanted it hard now, and drove down onto him, playing with her clitoris, her breasts, his cock, anything that heightened this feeling. His hands held her hips firmly and he began to push and pull her onto him, taking up the rhythm. Oh yes, that felt good. And it felt good to see her being entered by him, to watch him sliding in and out of her.

As the pace quickened she watched him slamming into her now, and she played hard with her clitoris. I want your come inside me, she said. I want to feel you come inside me. Oh god, I'm coming so hard, she cried. Her hips and hands were a blur now as the pace became frantic. She was bucking on him, fucking him hard. Oh yeah, that's it. I like it. It's so good, she screamed. She was lost in orgasm, and then felt him begin to control the pace again.

He was moving with powerful thrusts that told her he was near to coming.

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