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Will this wedding survive the honeymoon?

Look for any employee that seems out of place like they are older than they seem they should be; any anomalies like that should raise a red flag." Derrick instructed her.

Mary nodded, "staring to reanalyze records now." A few minutes later Mary replied, "I am detecting two such red flags as you put it Sire. The first is a very old man whose records indicate that he has been with the company for well over 20 years. The times that are in his records do not coincide with the information that is available. The other appears to be a young man but the pictures of him indicate a much older man."

Derrick looked over the records still not able to tell if either might be Thomas. It was obvious that Thomas had damn near perfected his camouflage since he got out. "Alright Mary see if you can get a location on either of them, we need to find Thomas as soon as we can. I have a feeling that we aren't the only ones who is looking for him right now."

"Searching now, I have the first man on a return trip to the company from a near deep space run. The other appears to be not far from where you originally were found by Shelby." Mary informed Derrick.

"Bring up all information you have on the second man," Derrick told Mary. Looking over the records carefully yes, he could see that something wasn't quite right; the records didn't match up to what the readings were telling him. It had to be Thomas! Unless you looked very close, there really wasn't any way to actually tell the difference in the records or that they might have been altered.

"Shelby, scan the area where we first met. See if you can still detect the ship like mine that we saved back then." Derrick ordered of Shelby.

"Yes Derrick, scanning the area now, detecting a signal half a parsec away from the last position (a parsec is 19 trillion miles so half = 9.5 trillion miles) it appears as if the ship is still salvaging. You must have great patience Derrick this is a very slow job that you had." Shelby stated.

"It wasn't the patience; it was a chance to be alone it helped with the PTSD greatly." Derrick informed her.

"I see; do you wish to communicate to this individual? I have the coordinates locked in we could be there in a matter of seconds." Shelby said.

Derrick was nodding they could yes, but he had to make sure it was Thomas before they flew off to the other side of the galaxy. "Open a channel to the ship I have to make sure, no sense going if it isn't him after all."

"Channel open Derrick," Shelby reported.

"To the salvage ship, aren't you the one I saved from the pirates all those months ago?" Derrick asked.

There was a momentary pause then a voice Derrick was sure he recognized came back over the loud speakers. "Well hello pardner! Ya never did let me thank you fer savin' my bacon back then! Got a question who in the heck are ya?"

Derrick smiled a moment now to find if this was Thomas or not, "I thought you'd have recognized my voice by now Tom T." The more the man talked the more Derrick was sure it was Thomas. Looking over at Shelby she nodded then the engines whined.

"Recognize your voice now how in the ... holy crap what in the hell is that!!??" Derrick had to smile as they pulled next to the salvage craft. "Hey whoever you are, alert the Rangers I need help! The biggest damn ship I've ever seen just appeared out of nowhere!" The panicked voice of the man replied.

"It's ok that's just us Tom T.," Derrick told the man.

"You!!? Huh!? Where in the hell did you get a war ship like that? That appears to be ... Tom T? Alright who in the hell is this?" Came the man's voice.

"Uh huh I thought it was you Tom T. You always did hide real damn well. What say you come on board and we can talk?" Derrick told the man.

"Look buddy I don't know you from Adam ok? Give me some time and..." the man was saying.

Derrick nodded to Shelby and the man was standing in front of Derrick and Hartwell who to this moment had been tryi

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