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It wasn't only that, but it was other missions, too. Defusing difficult situations was Max's specialty, and it wasn't because of his subtlety with his tongue; it was because he had nothing else to live for except for the Corps as far as he was concerned.

"You left out when the soldier has to justify his actions to himself?" Max asked quietly. He wasn't aware of how much time he had been sitting in silence, the thoughts flashing through his head. His internal clock wanted to say it had only been a few seconds. His mind wanted to tell him an eternity had been spent.

"Ethical dilemmas stem from both obligation to duty and reverence for God. All ethics ultimately come from religion for either their justification or their enforcement. Even heeding the authority of a single person or a group of people can be traced in its roots back to the very fundamentals of religion, so in truth, all things concerning a hierarchy are religious in nature," the priest said.

Max understood this extremely well. Power was only gained through control, fear, and the person being controlled allowing for that power to be lorded over them. Religion was fundamentally no different; it was a simple choice of following and believing, or not following at all and having no purpose in anything. Without God, all things are random chance and causality, but with God a plan can be seen, because an innate hierarchy is formed.

"That would mean that God plans for us to fill certain rolls in life," Max said cautiously. "If all society is patterned through fear and acceptance of control and power, and all societies are based from psychology and philosophy, and all philosophy is grounded in religion and all psychology is grounded in man, then there is no escape from the hierarchy, because God is fundamental to it all," Max said and sighed deeply. "Which would mean," Max thought to himself, "that God wanted me to do those things, that God wanted for my family to die, because in the end, there is only God." Max couldn't remember a time when he felt more angry and lonely all at the same time than that one, empty moment.

"God allows for opportunity to happen, and in that opportunity, we are given choice. Do we turn left, or do we turn right? God ultimately has a place for us, my son; and I'm not speaking of the end where he accepts us to him in Heaven. Each of us has a place that we must get to, and sometimes the road is trying. Sometimes the road is wracked with dilemma and conflict. Some give themselves to God and deny all temptation. Some try to live life as best they can and help others become better people. Others simply live life, only to rectify the wrongs they have done later, but all three types of people have one thing in common. That thing is reverence and respect for God and acceptance that they are not perfect, that they have made mistakes, and through God they can have those mistakes forgiven, but still have learned the lessons that those mistakes taught them," the priest said. Max noted that the boredom was gone from his voice, and it was being rapidly replaced by an excitement that a person feels when doing what is right for them.

"What of those who don't forgive themselves?" Max asked, his voice sounding very small to his ears. "What about those who can't?" he asked even quieter.

"God will forgive you is you ask, my son.

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