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My wife becomes my toy, my slut, my slave.

" Nicole reminded me of a fantasy she had about us fucking on her balcony. It overlooks a major intersection and, if anyone were to look up, they would catch us in the act. This type of risk taking hallmarks our sexual relationship. Of course, I said, "Let's go make love!"

We got up from the hammock and decided to stay on the right side of the balcony so as not to be too exposed. This put us close to her neighbor, Vicki's balcony. I had turned Nicole around as we approached the balcony so I could kiss her. As I was kissing Nicole, I saw the light to Vicki's bedroom was on. I also noticed the sliding glass door was also open. I smiled and knew this was going to be a revealing evening. Little did I know.

The excitement grew between Nicole and I since we both knew how close we were to being discovered. I turned her to face the street against the balcony rail. She gripped my cock aggressively and pulled me to her slit. As soon as I felt her wetness, I thrust into her and, once again, she felt my long hardness. Nicole tried not to make any noise but with everything that was happening, she couldn't help softly groaning with my every thrust. I pulled back on her long hair and she tried biting her lip but I knew her moans could still he heard if someone was listening. Someone was.

At one point I looked over towards Vicki's Window and noticed her light was off. I kept pumping away at Nicole and, at one point, decided to reach from behind and give her nipples a squeeze. She couldn't help but to groan, "Oh God! Tony!" I smiled when I looked over and saw that now the blue glow of the TV was gone in Vicki's room. At that point, I knew Vicki must be watching so I decided to give her a show. I started by slowing down and pulling out of Nicole until just the head of my cock was in. I'd then shove in my entire length until Nicole could feel my balls against her ass. Nicole lost control and started moaning aloud. I knew I'd have to do something before I lost control too and we were caught by the wrong people. I had to stop so I turned Nicole around, kneeled down in front of her and started devouring her pussy. This was a "softer" way of stimulating her so Nicole was able to quietly come to a strong orgasm. My face was soaked with her juices. She pulled me up to her and kissed me with fierce passion. She reached down and started stroking my cock.

Nicole decided to reciprocate and kneeled down to take my prick between her lips. As she started bobbing up and down my shaft, I heard a slight scraping sound. I looked over towards Vicki's balcony and there she was, slipping out in order to watch us! I guess she thought she wouldn't be seen but my night vision is pretty good and I could see her positioning herself o n the floor of the balcony, sitting on a cushion and spreading her legs. I could tell she was wearing a big T-shirt but as soon as she moved her hand between her legs, it was obvious she wasn't wearing anything else! As Nicole kept up the pace on my cock, I could see Vicki moving her hand up and down her pussy. It was as though she was matching Nicole's rhythm! I felt my cock starting to grow, indicating to Nicole that I was about to burst. I started moaning softly and decided to take a chance. As I was cumming, I moved my eyes in Vicki's direction and tried to look at her straight in the eye. This seemed to surprise and excite her and I could see her bucking against her hand. After Nicole was finished cleaning me with her tongue we went back inside and lay down. Leaving Vicki behind to recover.

I decided to tell Nicole what I'd experienced with Vicki and it made her start squirming. Nicole has shared with me about how she couldn't help but notice Vicki's "thick rich lips" She admitted she was a bit jealous that she didn't know what was going on while we were outside. As I started apologizing for not alerting her, we heard a soft knocking at the front door.

Nicole and I looked at each other and wondered who it could be.

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