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Which leads to photo session of a mature couple having sex.

It was not easy to move on foot on front of the other.

As we went down the stairs Sara whispered that she thought I looked as though I was about to cum.

The shower head was on the wall outside of the pool changing room. It was only about three feet from the pool's edge. The entire area was visible from the kitchen and hallway above. I glanced up and saw Myrna and Maggie looking down at us. Sara turned on the water and fetched a washcloth and soap from inside the changing room. She then removed her shirt and sports bra without saying a word. She was absolutely magnificent in her beauty. She had trained hard to join the Highway Patrol and the muscle tone of her upper torso was proof of that. Her tits were round and firm, probably a bit smaller given her muscle tone. She sat on a ledge and removed her sneaks and then slid her jeans down to her ankles. She had trimmed the pubic hair above her vagina, and her smooth labia were beautiful to look at. The muscles in her legs were well defined from weight training. This woman was an absolute goddess.

"Like what you see, little fellow?" she said as she spoke to my erection.

"My friend and constant companion very much likes the beautiful woman before him, at least that's what I told him to think." was my witty response.

"Let's get everyone squeaky clean." Sara said as she guided me to the running water.

She started with my face and hair massaging with fingers that sent comforting pleasures through my scalp and skin, down through my body. She stepped behind me and proceeded with my neck and chest. I started to drift off in waves of pleasure as her hands caressed me. The soap provided a smooth, slick surface furthering my pleasure and pushing me deeper into a trance. All focus moved to my genitals when she began to stroke my throbbing hard-on. As poised as I was near release, in a moment I shot a stream of milky ejaculate a couple of feet across the blue marbled tile toward the pool. Every muscle was tense in anticipation of the magic moment and the sudden explosion caused all to retreat toward full relaxation. Twice more my little buddy sent a stream of cum across the floor. My legs felt rubbery, and I wanted to collapse. When I tilted my head back in the throes of my massive orgasm, I again caught sight of Myrna and Maggie gazing down on us from the kitchen above. Myrna had lost the bikini bottom and her right index finger was in full engagement with her clit. As my cock lost all rigidity and shrank back to its normal two inch flaccid position, I went to my knees. Placing my hands down to an all-fours position, Sara completed cleaning the remainder of my body. Her breasts were so firm and tight, they barely swayed along my back as she scrubbed my backside and legs. She moved around to my head and straddled me so her pussy pressed the back of my head so I could feel her labia spreading apart. As much as I loved my Sue, I wanted very much to be inside the pussy pressing against my head. Sara wanted the same, except she had another of my body parts in mind.

"Let's race, freestyle" she challenged, feeling more dominant. "Who is your Mama now, Joe?"

"You are at this moment, Sara, absolutely!" I answered.

I rose to my feet and walked over to the pool, stepping down into the warm water.

"Start swimming, when you're ready, I'll catch up." Sara quipped.

"What if I win?" I asked.

"You won't. But, if I have misjudged your capabilities, I will let you fill one of my holes with your warm and sticky sperm juice. Maybe I'll even get pregnant with your baby." Sara replied, feeling pretty sure of herself.

"And if you win?"

"You shall get your tummy filled with my pussy juice. And you must give me a true teeth rattling orgasm, quite simple, really." Sara stated calmly as we stood there staring at each other's nakedness.

I turned and took off toward the far end of the pool; about twenty five yards in length.

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