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Ancient magical artifact used in chain of seductions.

But it was a scream of both pain and pleasure and it only made her orgasm more intense and perfect.

"Oh my god..." Bunty moaned one last time as I released her extremely sensitive, flushed nipple from his teeth. As I supported her I felt her as she enjoyed the last lingering tingles and spasms from her orgasm. That was something else she said, never have I experienced anything like that.

I lowered my right hand slipping it under the waistband of her panties, past her pubic hair until I had found her hard clit and started gently rubbing it. Bunty's breathing increased again as did her vaginal secretions ran on to my fingers.

Lowering my left hand I entered her panties from behind, I slid my middle finger down her ass crack until I felt her tight sphincter. As her legs started to tremble and she was getting to a point of no return, I put the tip of my index finger on her rosebud and applied a gentle pressure and my finger penetrated her sphincter up to my first knuckle and fingered her forbidden hole. It was the first time anyone had entered Bunty's anus, as so always had a phobia of letting anyone or anything into it. For now it was my finger soon her sphincter it would be stretched around my cock.

I looked up at Bunty who seemed in a trance; it was now time to go further down knelt in front of her mound, her wispy pubic hair could be seen under her skimpy panties, I pushed my nose against the cotton fabric so as to breath in her sexual musk, I could smell the armour from her juices. Bunty placed her hands on the waist band of her panties and pushed them down until they fell free past her thighs onto ankle's then stepped out of them.

Her breathing was increasing with excitement, as she knew in a few moments my massive cock would be forcing her hole to stretch in diameter to accommodate me inside her.

Bunty lay on the kitchen floor her breath taken away momentarily due to the cold tiles with her knees raised and her legs apart. Kneeling between her legs I rubbed the foreskin of my cock up and down a few time, pre-cum leaked out and helped lubricate me. I leant forward rubbing my lubricated cock past her labia lips and pressed against her hole. I could see it wasn't as tight as the first time she had accommodated me a few week before. I thrust down hard into her, until I bottomed out against her cervix. For the next 30 minutes it was a series of gentle love making thrust punctuated with shear animal lust and thrust. Bunty knew how to bring my orgasm on she had just come down from her third and her vaginal love juices were now flowing freely from her hole. She placed her hands above her head so her wedding ring was in full view, light the blue touch paper and stand back as they say. Seeing her wedding reminded me that this was another mans wife who had my cock in her, she was read for my seed. I felt the head a my cock expand then the feeling a thick cum shooting out of it's eye covering her cervix with my seed. If we were lucky my seed would find her eggs today

Bunty was still breathing hard and fast her body covered in sweat as I slipped off her, grabbing her hips I flipped her onto her belly. Turning her head asked was now going to take her doggy fashion, she always felt she was being used as a fucking hole when taken from behind, nothing personal or affectation.

As I smiled back at her, no I said something different as I pulled her cheeks apart her, Bunty's sphincter ring was cover with both her vaginal juice and my cum.

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