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Justin finds out it's difficult being around Chris.

Did he see? Will he be pissed later tonight? He dumped me, right? We were both free to do as we pleased. He probably loves the idea of two girls together. Every guy likes the idea of...lesbians. God, am I a LESBIAN!? I like boys. I've always liked boys. They're rugged. They're manly. Oh, but girls are so sweet. They understand. No, I'm not a lesbian. I was drinking. It was warm. She touched my leg, right? But I...I kissed her. I made the first big move. I'm not in LOVE. This is so wrong. But why did it feel so right. She tastes like sweet cherries. So soft. So...fresh. No. Stop. This isn't how I should be behaving. I'm a good girl. I follow standards. I should never have...experimented...with...

"Holy shit."

"What, babe?" Daniel looked confused.

"What? Oh, it's nothing. Who's place are we going to tonight?"

"Uhhh...mine I guess."

"Alright," she said. I can't believe I don't know her name. It must have come up. Katy realized that because she thought of the girl as a mystery she'd been treating her as an anonymous stranger and hadn't bothered to get a name. If she had heard the girl's name, the information hadn't registered at the time. Does she know my name? Does she think tonight was a mistake? WAS it a mistake?

The thoughts continued until Katy realized that she was in Daniel's room. He had just closed the door and was moving slowly toward the bed.

"I'm sorry about earlier tonight," he began, "I don't know what came over me. Here sit down. Let me make it up to you. You look really hot tonight."

Katy's mind was elsewhere. She went through the motions as usual. She laid back. He took her clothes off and began playing with her supple breasts. She realized how little Daniel really knew about a woman's body and how rough his hands felt. As Katy waited for Daniel to be done, she stared out the window at the stars beyond. The sparkle reminded her of the girl's lips. She pleaded to her, hoping she could hear her beyond the apartment walls. Cause when I'm with him, I am thinking of you. What would you do if you were the one who was spending the night? Oh I wish that I was looking into your eyes. Daniel pulled her in for a kiss and all Katy could taste was the cherry lips of her. Daniel pulled her closer and Katy could hardly bear it. You're the best and yes I do regret. How could I let myself let you go? Oh won't you walk through and bust the door and take me away...No more mistakes, cause in your eyes I'd like to stay.

And on with the humping. Was Daniel always this...erratic? Daniel seemed frantic to get off. Katy did her best to get him off quickly. Maybe then he'd leave her alone for the night. She didn't have to wait long. Some groans and moans later, she faked yet another orgasm as he came. Later, came the snoring. Katy was wide awake. She cleaned herself up then walked home. Normally walking would be an annoyance, but it was a nice summer night. The moon would be full next week and the streetlamps glowed under a starlit sky.

I can't go on like this. Daniel isn't...right. He always introduced me as his 'friend'. I need to stop following for these bad boy types. They're such a challenge. So tired of cleaning up after him. I need to grow up. I think I'm ready to be a woman. She walked on through the night. On a whim she took a detour through a park that was close to her place. She sat on the swings and though of the other girl for the thousandth time that night. You were such a surprise. An unexpected gift. I'm not really used to all that attention. I don't really deserve someone like that, do I? This is just a phase...right? Could I get used to being loved the right way?

Eventually her feet found her front door. The sun was rising. And Katy finally knew what she had to do.


"You're WHAT?!"

"I'm breaking up with you, Daniel.

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