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A store manager gives in to his desires to dominate.


"Shouldn't the department secretary have e-mailed you about it earlier to save you the trip?"

I chuckled. "That is usually how it works, but not this time apparently." I had slight suspicions even as she came up to me from what had probably been a long class session, but when her I-want-milk look fully emerged while she nodded, I took her hand. "But I guess this worked out well, because you look like you could use some milk."

"You totally read my mind!" she replied, gratitude evident in her voice as I led her into the women's restroom.

We squeezed into a stall and figured out quickly (though a bit clumsily) that the best arrangement would be for her to sit on the closed toilet while I stood between her knees. I promptly began to unbutton my flannel shirt, and as soon as it was open enough, Dani brushed the loosened fabric away from my right breast and brought her lips to its crest. She wrapped her arms around my waist and instantly began sucking on my thick nipple while also kneading my tanned areola with her mouth. My let-down was immediate, and she swiftly established a steady flow. I absent-mindedly stroked her hair and moaned as she gulped down swallow after swallow of my breastmilk, taking pleasure as always in knowing that my body was providing her with a snack that was clearly quite satisfying, judging by the sounds of contentment and relief she made as she drank uninhibitedly. When the time came to switch to the other breast, she barely even had to open her eyes. She found the other nipple almost instinctively, and she resumed her voracious suckling within seconds. In about ten or 15 minutes, she had suckled me dry, and we both burst out laughing when she actually burped a few seconds after finally detaching herself from my now empty bosom. "What can I say?" Dani managed to say. "I just love breastmilk!"

With final exams looming large, breastmilk seemed to take on a particular role for GLK sisters as either a quick source of fuel before studying or a relaxation aid soon after, and not infrequently, it was both. At least in the latter capacity, it tended to be just as effective for the feeder as it was for the suckler. I think Melanie and Vicky were the clearest example of this. One time, Melanie was cramming for the most intimidating exam of the semester. She sat on the couch in the study where I'd seen her feed Vicky for the first time flipping back and forth in her notes, covering various portions as she silently tested her memory, and emitting a soft grunt when it was found wanting. Meanwhile, Vicky was apparently blessed to have either easy classes or unusually efficient and effortless study skills, because I don't know how else she would've had the time to basically be Melanie's errand girl during those couple of nearly day-long cramming session. After our devoted sorority president had polished off the umpteenth cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning, Vicky finally decided her bestie needed a breather.

"Okay, Mel," I heard her say with an amused giggle as I was just finishing up a relatively gentler study session of my own, "I think it's time for a break. Give your brain time to process all the stuff you've been force-feeding it. Memorizing is like eating. If you go too fast for too long, it'll probably just come back up, metaphorically speaking."

Clearly a bit frazzled, Melanie blurted, "Of all the metaphors to use! I just got a handle on the neurology unit, and the gastrology unit is probably my weakest area! Don't confuse me now!"

Vicky chuckled at that. "C'mon, Mel. Even C-average high-school drop-outs know that brains don't literally puke. I think you're safe. You need to take a break to really absorb this stuff so you can regurgitate it all tomorrow." I couldn't help but laugh myself at her deliberate choice of words, especially given the playful smirk that accompanied it.

"Okay, screw you! You did it on purpose that time!" Melanie accused, despite a tired smile showing that she was somewhat calmed by the welcome bit of friendly banter.

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