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Mike shares Ella with his Buddies During the Football Game.

Her pussy is closed tight because her big outer labia sit on a puffy mound and hide the inner labia. Her pussy has to be opened up to really see anything pink. You have to hold her open with your fingers to lick inside her and get to her clit.

I'm the opposite. My inner lips are big, brown and hang down low, like they're made for men to suck up in their mouth or rub between their fingers. All I have to do is pull them apart and you can see right up my hole. When I wear a thong, I can divide my pussy lips if I want and you can see them hanging on each side. Sybil can't do that. But I guess she has more privacy 'cause when she's bottomless you don't see as much of her pretty little pink cunt on display. Hey, but who really needs pubic privacy when you're already showing your crotch?

Five or six people had gathered around while I pulled Sybil's thong down her skinny legs and off her feet and so I had plenty of help putting her on the toilet. She didn't start to pee right away, maybe because there were so many people looking at her, so I ran some warm water in a glass - not too hot so it wouldn't hurt her and not too cold to shock her - and poured it slowly down her belly and between her legs. That got her going fast and we could all hear the start of her tinkle. That seemed to embarrass her and she turned red again, all the way down below to her belly button!

When she stopped peeing, I pushed her legs apart and emptied the rest of the glass into her crotch to rinse her pee-hole and freshen up her pussy. Then we stood her up and Ron patted her dry between her legs with a hand towel, feeling her up while he did it. I think behind the towel he may even have put a finger up her because she made a yelp sound and blushed again.

"You know, girl, you need to lose this bra," I told Sybil when we got her out into the hallway. While I still had help holding her up, I unbuttoned Sybil's blouse the rest of the way and a girl I didn't know who worked with Don held it while I unfastened her bra. We were all laughing and joking and Sybil was standing there, as demure as you can be getting stripped up top while three people hold you up and your pussy is hanging out. I tossed the bra over onto the parson's table, behind some of the framed photos.

Sybil looked delectable, now completely topless with her firm breasts capped with erect nipples, with her miniskirt rucked up around her waist and showing her crotch but not really revealing much pussy 'cause her outer lips stay tightly shut and only gape when she's had something big in her for a long time.

"Ok, we've got to put you back together so you can seduce that guy," I said out loud, not caring if Henk even heard me, and together the four of us held her up, put her blouse back on her bare chest, without buttoning it, and readjusted her miniskirt so the hem came down about three inches below her crotch, making her "decent", sort of, if you don't count that her boobs were hanging out and her skinny legs were bare. Then we helped her back to the sofa and plopped her in the middle of it. Sybil lurched forward and started on the double drink I made for her earlier, but the ice had melted and so it wasn't so strong anymore. I sat down on Sybil's right and put my arm around her shoulders, letting her lean on me. Sybil likes to cuddle, especially when she's drinking.

Don brought his friend Henk over when he saw that Sybil was put back together and placed where she couldn't fall down.

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