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She's going to give him what he doesn't know he wants.

I told Barbara to have a seat on the stool as I started snapping some pictures. I spent about 15 minutes taking various poses when I asked Barbara, " What did you have in mind with your comments earlier." "Are you interested in more erotic modeling?"

Sure, why not," she replied. "Okay, then," I said, "pull those bikini bottoms aside. Let me see your pussy." Without hesitating Barbara took one finger and pulled the flimsy bikini bottoms aside exposing her cunt for me to see. I snapped a couple more shots. " How about your top." Barbara had it off in seconds. What a body on this young girl. I asked Barbara if I could start my video camera to save some time shooting pictures. " Go right ahead," she replied. " I said anything goes."

I started the video and went to Barbara asking her to remove her bikini bottom completely. Now, with Barbara completely naked, I spread her legs wide exposing her young cunt for the camera.

" Play with yourself," I ordered." I will if that's what you want, but I'd much rather you play with me." Well, that was her final invitation for me. Barbara obviously was looking for some action.

I gently stroked one finger across her slit. As I did, she leaned forward to kiss me burying her tongue in my mouth. I kept fingering her cunt until it was nice and moist, but I didn't insert it into her. Barbara was becoming aroused from the kissing and fingering. We moved over to the couch where I removed my clothes as Barbara stroked herself. When I finished undressing I went back to Barbara's now wet slit and continued my massage of her clit. Barbara was beginning to moan as she was really getting turned on.

I spread her legs wide, grabbed my now hard cock and lightly stroked it up her slit and back down. Then again I massaged her clit up and down with my cockhead. I continued sliding my cock around her juicy slit. Barbara was enjoying this. "oooooooh!" "ooooooooh!" "That feels good," she moaned. I stood up to wipe my cock across her lips leaving them glistening with her cunt juice. Then I returned to her wet slit to continue with her clit massage. As I slid my cock up and down her slit, Barbara tried to push forward to get my cock inside her. " Put it in me," she said in kind of a begging voice. " Put your cock in me." "Not yet," I replied with a grin.

I went back up to her mouth, smearing my cock across her face and lips again. Each time I neared Barbara's lips her mouth opened trying to suck me, but to no avail. I was going to make this horny little slut beg. Again I went down to her cunt sliding my hard cock down her slit and back up. I gradually slid my cock down her slit and kept going this time to her asshole. I paused for a moment right on her bottom hole. I pushed my cock up and down her ass crack and stopped again on her puckered little asshole. Then I rubbed the head of my cock around her anal hole. "How about in here," I urged. "Yes, please. Put it in any hole, she answered. "No, maybe not," I said and returned to her juicy slit again smearing my cock up and down her soaked pussy.

oooooooh! baby! please put it in! pleeeeeeease...! pleeeeeease fuck me! Barbara was almost in tears as she quietly cried her plea. "Don't do this to me, baby!" "Please put your cock in me!"

I pushed the head of my cock just in Barbara's cunt and stopped.

"That's it! That's it!" she cried out.

I pulled out and laid my cock across her clit. I thought she would break down and cry as my cock left her hot wet hole. " Put it back in, please! Baby, Please"

I slipped my shaft back in and gave her about two inches this time. "All the way, baby. "All the way," she kept pleading.

I pulled out again. I looked into Barbara's eyes. She was on the verge of tears. She was reaching for my cock, trying to shove me back in her dripping wet cunt. Again, I gave her two inches. " Please, baby." "Please, baby." I started pushing slowly. 3 inches, 4 inches. Barbara let out a deep low moan,

"ooooooooooooooooh" "oooooooooooooooooooooooooh" "deeeeeper" "give me moooore"

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