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Foursome with friends.


Sona was burning from inside. She felt embarrassed for having made the effort to kiss Ravi. She felt a bit humiliated at first when Ravi pulled back from the kiss but after his clarification, she desired him so much more. Her inner slut was wrecking havoc on her.

Sona: "Thank you Ravi. I love you so very much."

She bit her lower lips as the words came out of her mouth, involuntarily.

Sona: "I meant I love you so very much for respecting my limits and reminding me of the same."
Ravi turned his attention to Shweta. His dick having a damn hard time inside his pants after hearing Sona's liking for him.

Shweta: "Ravi, control yourself. If you go at me, the way you normally do - the whole purpose of you inviting me to teach Sona will be defeated. I think you should first clear her head for the concept of cheating."

Ravi just smiled at the timely intervention of Shweta. He took a few deep breaths to settle down. He turned his attention to Sona.

Ravi: "Sona, what is cheating in your point of view? Think before you answer as our whole night depends on your answer. I ask this question to you as you had mentioned quite clearly that you don't want to cheat on Ravi."

Sona contemplated on the question for some time.

Sona (blushing pretty hard): "I think if I am in relation with any other man than my husband, I would call that cheating."

Ravi smiled hearing her answer. He discussed something with Shweta and looked back towards Sona.

Ravi: "I will keep that in mind. You need to have an open mind to anything and everything that will happen tonight. If at any point, you feel like stopping - all you need to do is tell me. Okay?"

Sona: "Okay."

Ravi: "I would like to know what you want to learn from us."

Sona blushed harder and stayed silent. Ravi understood the Indian lady inside her was stopping her from coming out.

Ravi: "Sona, when you make love - you make love with all your senses."

The firmness in his voice hit Sona at the right places. She could feel that she was in the right hands.

Sona:" What do you mean by senses?"

He laughed hearing her innocent question. She sure was an inquisitive student. He stayed silent for a few minutes, contemplating the best way to make her understand it.

With a naughty smile, he asked Shweta to come close to him.

Ravi: "Whatever you see now - think of it as a romantic movie."

Before Sona could digest the sentence, Ravi started to kiss Shweta, softly.

Ravi: "A kiss can convey ones love, lust and longing. Depends on what one wants to convey."

He looked deep into Shweta's eyes, dove into the battle of lips and tongue. Sona was burning up from inside seeing them going so romantically at each other. Sona's mind churned up a thousand questions but she decided to stay silent as she knew there was no fixed answer to every question. Ravi breathlessly broke his kiss and asked her.

Ravi: "Sona, now tell me everything you observed."

Sona: "I saw the two of you kissing. That is all."

Ravi: "Are you sure?"

Sona looked puzzled. Ravi then explained to her how she could have been more aware. He explained to her that had she been more aware - she would have hear them moan, she would have observed how wild she got and played with his hairs, she would have observed Shweta's wild side coming out as she dug her nail into his hips etc.

Sona for the first time realized what she was missing. Shades of embarrassment started to reflect on her face.

Ravi: "I guess you have not been kissed like this before."

He kept playing with Shweta's body as they both got closer to Sona. The way he played with her body was making her excited and jealous at the same time.

Shweta: "Sona, I repeat - please be open minded to everything that happens today and you will be the one gaining most out of the night today."

Before Sona could answer, she felt Shweta's soft lips on hers.

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