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A concert turns out to be just the Prelude...

I kept working my way to the crack, and then away again. Finally the panties were down to her thighs, and I had a decision to make. Given everything else I've done in the last few days, I decided to go for it, and I moved my mouth into the crack of her ass, and planted a kiss on her rectum. She moaned and said what a dirty girl I was, and wiggled her ass in my face. I went to work licking and then sticking my tongue up inside her anus.

After a few minutes of that, I came around to the front of her and started running my lips through her pubic hair. She moaned, and sat back on her desk and spread her thighs. I took my time, teasing her as I licked, kissed and nibbled all around her sex, making her writhe and moan. Finally she just grabbed my head and pulled it into her crotch. I spent the next several minutes working her up to a whopper of an orgasm. My tongue was exhausted, but I felt a perverse pride in my accomplishment.

Elaine then stood up, and took charge again. She had me help her get dressed, although with no kissing this time. She reached down, picked up my bra, and sat down at her desk, putting my bra in a drawer. She told me that she liked that, and that if I wanted to stay working at this firm, that I should set up a daily appointment with her to service her. She said I was a great little pussy-girl, and that I would be licking her every day. I wanted to sink into the floor and die. My goal was to be a partner in the firm, and she was suggesting that I would basically be her call girl. I was terrified for my future.

I stood there a second, letting that soak in, and she snapped at me to get out. I started to get dressed, but she made it clear I needed to get out right away. I had my skirt on, and my blouse on but not buttoned by the time I got out the door. Thank God no one was in the hallway when I got out there. I managed to get a couple buttons done, and then raced to the conference room. Partially to get dressed, and partially so no one else saw me cry. I had convinced myself that if I did what Elaine wanted that she'd be happy and not be mean to me. When it became clear that she was going to use me just as a sex toy, I was completely crushed. I decided that all I could do was try to do as good a job on the presentation as possible, and hope for the best.

I was just about to fix my blouse when Justine came in, with a smirk on her face. She asked me mockingly if I'd been having fun. I just lost it. I yelled at her, asking how she could do that. She said she wouldn't ruin my career, and then she gave those photos to Elaine. I was really getting heated up when Justine reached out with both hands, opened my blouse, and grabbed both of my nipples. Needless to say, my tirade stopped instantly when I started to see stars from the pain. She twisted and crushed my nipples, making me gasp in agony. Once I stopped talking and froze in place she lightened up. A little. She hissed at me that I'd better not forget my place, and that she could ruin a lot more that just my little lawyer career. She told me that I'd better learn some humility, and to start I could get my clothes off. I started to say no, but a sharp pain in my nipples made me think better of it. I quickly shed the blouse and the skirt.

Like Elaine, she let me keep my hose and shoes on, but it's not like that hid anything.

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