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Simon & Slamaria decide about their future.

"Lover," Mei added.

She added a finger inside her, a deeply gratifying moan received in exchange.

"Go faster, Mei, please."

"Not yet."

"You're going to kill me like this."

"Not yet, just enjoy this and let me make love to you."

The words felt like a rasp across her heart, opening some wonderful wound. Karla felt this was getting serious, wondering what she had started on Monday.

Mei kept the focus on her fingers as they pushed and pulled. She knew Philip would see this and be stroking his cock watching. She wanted it to be as hot as possible for him.

"Put your knee over the side of the table, no, your other knee. That's right."

Mei had her belly on the end of the massage table, fingers still working Karla's cunt, her mouth now close, the phone in her left hand pointing at that beautiful pink pussy.

"I'm going to make love to your pussy with my mouth and I want you to feel it build inside you."

"Oh God, Mei, I've never been so turned on." She was back up on her elbows now, looking at Mei's mouth, legs dangling off the table, impatient for her to begin.

Her fingers now withdrawn, her free hand hanging from Karla's hipbone, Mei's mouth opened slightly and descended, her tongue sliding out just as it reached Karla's lips.

The inner lips were impossibly soft on Mei's tongue, like thin slices of tepid salmon sashimi. The softness and aroma unlocked a hidden recess in her mind and stirred a hunger she didn't know she had. Mei's tongue resting still on her lips just below her clit caused that 'licking the battery' sensation again and the phone recorded it as a shake in the frame. Mei's brain simply could not deal with the present reality. It quaked and shuddered at the input: the sight of Karla squeezing her nipples, of her flat tummy, soft, light red pubic hair, short cropped and sculpted. The wet smoothness beneath her tongue was too much, too strange and too goddamn good.

After leaving the flat of her tongue still for half a minute, she began to move it in a long, slow stroke from the bottom, along her pink slit, then up to the clit. She paused there, feeling Karla shake slightly, then continued, pushing the delicate layers of flesh that covered her clit aside into the hair that adorned her mound.

"I love your pussy, Karla. I mean, I just love it." Mei presented another long slow lick like a gift to a goddess. Then another one, tasting the tanginess of her, unlike semen but in the same category. Karla's spine shivered and her toes curled with the third long, exquisitely slow, tender lick, pausing again at her clit, giving her tongue a quick left right motion and then over and into her hair again.

Since Mei's tongue made contact, she had been putting her burning excitement into verbal form, humming and moaning, only pausing to speak. It wasn't an effort to sound or act sexy, it was just an expression of her enjoyment and engrossment in what she was doing and how Karla was responding.

After a few more of these, she returned the phone to Karla, who took it and resumed her role as camerawoman. She was grateful for the distraction, lest she come right away.

Mei now returned her fingers and resumed her pace. Her mouth transitioned from slow, long licking to concentrated sucking. She took her labial lips one at a time into her mouth and manipulated them with her lips. It was a bit awkward with her fingers moving in Karla's cunt but she worked around them. She pulled, gently released and then licked up the side to her clit, where she tongued the knot of nerve endings, sending torrents of ecstasy up Karla's spine and splashing into her brain. All the while her fingers maintained the maddeningly slow rhythm and each time she withdrew, she gave her G spot a gentle push.

It was the best thing Karla had felt in her entire life. It made every other head she'd gotten completely insignificant. Another minute of this and her head would explode. But Mei was just giving her enough sensation to drive her insane, just short of enough to make her come.

"Holy shit, Mei, you're driving me cr

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