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I worked some saliva between my thumb, forefinger and pointer. I pushed the fingers into my little hole. Oooh, still very tight! It was exhilarating to know that they had cleaned out my ass completely and sanitized it. If Mr. Hammond wanted to ream me in my in the ass and then have me suck him off, Kaitlin told me I was to comply without hesitation. Would I be ready for that? I pushed two fingers into myself. Fuck, that feels nice. Some milky precum had pooled in my foreskin at the top of my cock and was dripping down the side. I dipped the dildo's cockhead into it, then stuck it back in my mouth. It was salty, tangy, and delightful.

Suddenly I heard the latch begin to turn. Mr. Hammond! I sprung up, dashed the dildo into the bag, yanked up my panties, dried off my finger on my thighs and bounded out the bedroom.

There he was, Mr. Hammond, right in the doorway. He had loosened his tie and in his hand was a bottle of wine in his hand.

"You must be Claire," he said staring at my with his intensely blue eyes and added with an amused grin, "Looks like someone couldn't wait to get started." I followed his line of sight down to my groin. My erection couldn't have been more obvious, protruding obscenely underneath my dress.

"Mr. Hammond! I... I'm. I'm sorry.." I tried pushing it down clumsily, unable to believe I'd already ruined it!

He laughed heartily. "Please, call me Jake. I appreciate that you couldn't wait. It's... enticing. Here, Claire. Open this up in the kitchen for us." He extended the wine bottle to me. I took it sheepishly and walked into the kitchen. I noticed he stayed a few paces behind, checking me out.

But in the kitchen, he was all over me after handing me the wine key. He pulled me close, standing behind me with his hands on my hips. I was already worked up and could hardly focus on the wine. I could smell his sensual musk, could feel his power and warmth behind me. Is that something against my butt? I couldn't be sure. I was trembling.

"So, Claire, how do you like your new clothes? I picked them out myself. I think you look absolutely stunning. But what do you think, Claire?" I could feel his warm sensual breath on my neck. He started kissing me there.

"Thank you! They're beautiful. And Comfortable. Liberating!" I started giggling nervously and was still fumbling with the bottle. I knew he was had power over me-he basically owned me completely. Mr. Hammond-Jake stepped away, came back with some glasses, relieved me of the bottle and poured us two heavy glasses pinot noir.

He spun me around by the shoulder, handed me a glass and offered a toast. "To my new gorgeous friend, Claire! May she always be sweet, receptive and willing." He gave me a knowing smile and moved his eyes slowly down the length of my body.

I can't believe how fast this was happening, I thought and took a huge sip from my glass. But he is likeable and good-looking.
"Tell me something, Claire," he said slowly, "Have you ever been to the French restaurant on 8th? They always fantastic reds. I couldn't pick up the one I tried there but I hoped this was ok. What do you think?

"No, I've never been. And yes, this one's great! Light, not to acidic. I like it!" I was nervous but Jake was easy to get along with and though I was filled with anticipation, he kept talking to make me feel at ease, telling me about something silly someone had done at work.

He stood close to me and soothed me with his voice but I was burning up. I couldn't think straight! I was giggling and fumbling over my words every time he asked me a question and soon enough he had his left hand on my ass and his right hand just below my breast.

He looked me straight in the eye. "I can tell you're nervous, Claire, but I am going to take care of you as much as you take care of me. Understand?" the hand on my breast started moving down, to my thigh, then inward. I could feel myself breaking. I nodded my head rapidly.

"Have you ever had any experiences with a man?" his

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