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An acquaintance asks me to photograph his girlfriend.

As their tongues entwined their kisses grew more passionate. Frank was kissing Janet's neck, and had one hand inside her shirt, massaging her heaving breast, lightly tweaking her hard nipple. Janet's head was thrown back in passion, slight moans escaping her beautiful lips. She was stroking Frank's chest and arms, loving the waves of pleasure that swept down her neck and ended at her clit. She so badly wanted Frank to put his talented mouth on her clit, but she knew it would happen soon enough.

Frank stepped back and looked at Janet; she was the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Now it was time to undress her so there would be nothing in his way blocking him, delaying him, from pleasing the woman he so loved. He stepped in closer and started to slowly undo the buttons on her shirt, she to did the same to him. They didn't speak a word as they undressed each other, but they never broke eye contact either. They could both see the love they had for one another clearly in each others eyes.

Now completely naked they embraced again, their lips crashing together, their tongues dancing a slow circle in each other's mouths. Janet reached down and started to slowly stroke Frank's dick. She could feel the warmth, the pulsating, and the veins of his engorged member. She so loved the feel of his dick anywhere on or in her body. She loved how hard he was, as young cock is often harder than older ones. But most of all she just loved the way it felt inside of her. She started to slide her fingers a little quicker up and down, making sure to pay extra special attention to his hard, purple helmet. It was then that she felt the gooey sticky pre-cum. She spread it on his cock, using it as a natural lube.

Frank started to thrust his dick in and out of Janet's hand, the feeling was intense and quickly he realized he was about to cum. He took Janet's hand and held it up before their eyes; they could see the pre-cum running down her fingers. Gently Frank placed a finger on Janet's chin and opened her mouth. Then guessing at his next move, Janet seductively placed her fingers in her mouth and sucked the pre-cum off. She flashed a wicked grin at Frank, and then dropped to her knees, knowing that a man of his age and virility would easily recover from an orgasm and be ready for more.

With a closed mouth she lightly began kissing the head of his dick, paying close attention to the ultra-sensitive underside of his manhood. She could hear his slight moans and sounds of approval escape his lips. As she kissed his penis she slowly and teasingly picked up the pace. She was now licking and sucking his shaft while her hands were hard at work. One hand was gently massaging his balls, while the other was rubbing the head of his member in rhythm with the tongue bath his shaft was receiving. Then without warning she stopped for a moment and plunged full force into a hard suction blowjob. Frank gripped the sides of her head knowing he was in for a hell of a ride. As Janet's lips rocked hard back and forth along his shaft, her tongue was lashing out on the head of his dick, every so often her tongue would dart and lick the inside of the hole in which he would eventually cum out of. And cum he did.

Frank could feel his cum rising from his balls, it felt like a volcano was about to erupt. He gripped the sides of Janet's head, his cock pumping wildly into her mouth. He knew there was no stopping this orgasm and he had no intension of it, but he knew he had to step back and remove his dick from her mouth. As Frank stepped back, his dick made a "pop" sound as it left his loves mouth and the first jet of the ropey jizz flew from his dick and splattered on Janet's boobs. However, Janet had no intension of removing his dick from her mouth and she quickly moved forward and feverishly started sucking on his cum emptying cock. This time though, she held onto his ass cheeks to make sure he didn't escape until she was damn well ready for him to do so.


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