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Birthday party prep; Tina gets her gangbang.

"I will admit that it is not something you see everyday," Rose commented. "So are you going to be okay?"

"I would be better if you would come to bed," he said.

"The idea was to keep you safe, not to entertain you," Rose said sternly but without any trace of anger.

"There I will watch contractor porn till I fall asleep," Roger said.

"I usually watch some wilderness docudrama till I all asleep," she said leaving the room. "By the way I lock my door and sleep with a 10mm pistol."

"I usually sleep in a Kevlar vest, just so you know," he said with a smile.

It was 6:30am when he heard dishes rattling in the galley kitchen. He stumbled out of bed, took his clean underwear into the bath, and then stepped into the shower stall. He stood under the stream of hot water for only a couple of minutes before he turned off the water. He wore the jeans from the day before, but with a clean black tee shirt. He would be tempted to wear his gang vest, if he had it with him. Instead he wore the light weight jacket that marked him as a cop. It was an old style cotton bush jacket. the kind with lots of pockets.

"So are you going to run in that," Rose asked.

"I didn't bring my running suit and shoes, so I'm going to walk two blocks to work," Roger said.

"If you want I can scramble you an egg," Rose suggested.

"No thanks, I have to have a cop breakfast," Roger explained.

"What's that?" Rose asked.

"A bagel and bad coffee at my desk," Roger said.

"Okay, come by after work and I'll give you a ride home. I can explain the workings of your new security system," Rose suggested.

"That's fine," Roger said turning toward the door.

Once he arrived at work, he found the bagel on his desk just as he expected. He took his coffee cup from the drawer, then to the break room to rinse it before filling it with bad coffee.

Hilary enter their office space with a file in her hand. "I got the employment records for Ellie Smith. I looked them over. Now I want your opinion," Hilary said.

"Sure why not," Roger agreed. After Hillary handed him the file he began reading it. According to the file Ellie was twenty five years old. Her previous work experience was clerk in a convenience store. She did it at night while she went to the criminal justice course at the community college.

Her college scores had been excellent. She was most likely on the fast track to being a detective herself. "She sure looks good on paper," Roger said.

"I thought so as well, but something bothered you about her story. Have you decided what it was?" Hillary asked.

"If you wanted to kill a cop why one bullet through a car door. I can see emptying a clip at her then running away, but why only one. Was she a random target of opportunity or a set up just for her?" Roger asked.

"The shooter couldn't have known she would be the one answering the call," Hillary said.

"Come on he knows what sector she is patrolling and what shift she is on," Roger said.

"Okay so there are three cars patrolling that area," Hillary said.

"Scanner and he knows here call sign. If someone else gets the call, he disappears without shooting or leaving a trace. If she gets it he fires the one shot in her door to frighten her," Roger said. "If it wasn't her it was a friend or relative who doesn't want her to be a cop."

"We need to look at her mother, father, sister, brother, or boyfriend," Hillary said.

"And her, nobody heard the shots so we can't tell if it was just the one shot or if she returned fire after the door hit," Roger said.

"Even if she did return fire, she couldn't have had a good site picture. Shooting into the dark was a bad idea," Hillary said. "If it was someone trying to scare her, it would account for the fact that they shot an empty car." Hillary said.

"Yes but did they target her or just a random cop shooting. We really need to know that. Let the detectives work on the random theory, we can work on the Ellie angle." Roger suggested.

"Okay what is left of today and tomorrow then we walk away," Hillary said.

"Fair enough," Roger said.

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