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Man finds his ideal existence--or does he?

Ellie was this close and she could sense her sister's excitement. "Wait, Ellie."

But Ellie didn't want to wait. The tongue took flight heading for the promised land between Ann's slender legs. While not as toned as her sister, Ann's legs tensed and showed enough definition to make Ellie smile as she moved faster. Thighs tensed and tried to close. Ellie was the physically stronger of the two and kept the path open. "Oww! That hurts."

"Close your eyes, Annie Girl. I'm going to enjoy this," said Eleanor, as she placed the tip of her very eager and pointed tongue at the entrance of her sister's love nest. She had expected it to be neatly trimmed in the latest mode. Instead, she found a mass of gray curly pubic hair that tasted as good as it looked. Ellie's mouth watered at the prospect of going deeper.

A strong hand grabbed the back of her head and forced her face forward. "Now that you're down there, make it feel really good, Sis," came the command. One that was not to be disobeyed. The probing tongue slid to the left then angled back to the right making sure that no part of her love tunnel was untouched and thoroughly saturated with Ellie's saliva.

Ann arched her back suddenly, reaching for the roof of the car and the velvet courtesy strap used to get in and out. Right now she was trying to get away from her sister who was trying to get in. As Ellie worked over the moist lips between Ann's legs, she used her own hands to release her breasts from that confining bra.

Blue eyes behind clear contact lenses widened as Ann saw the strength of his sister's back. All of that time in the gym, toning and sweating had paid off. A flick of Ellie's tongue sent shockwaves through the older sister. How was this possible? They were sisters. Yes, there were times when they showered after gym class or lacrosse class that she looked lovingly at Ellie's fine breasts. She did envy those pert nipples that had to be succulent.

Another shockwave. "Oh, my, god!" she screamed. She wasn't there yet, but it was only a matter of time. Ann grabbed a handful of Eleanor's hair and pulled her eager tongue away from her own throbbing pussy. "Your turn, Sis." Those breasts needed nurturing. Ann was on them, compelling Ellie to move back. The nipple was swallowed with much of the breast. A soft, tender sucking sound emanated from within the back seat. Moans were heard on both ends of that. Ellie caressed her sister's white hair with each suck of the nipple.

Nathan's eyes were locked on the screen. He wasn't sure what he expected, but this was beyond whatever that might have been.

From the breast, Ann drove her tongue into Ellie's open mouth. They took turns exploring each other. Ann slid down to a breast, now and then, returning to that inviting mouth as frequently as possible. Her free hand felt for the waistband of her sister's track suit pants. "Where the hell is the snap to this, Eleanor?"

It was always Eleanor when Ann was mad at her. "Let me show you, silly. Lean back." The older sister move slightly back and watched as Ellie grabbed each side of her pants at the hip and with one swift tug jerked them off revealing black silk panties, full cut with a lace waistband. She grabbed Ann's hand and rubbed it against her flat abdomen and pushed the hand downward to the thickness at the V of her legs.

"You're shaved bare?" she gasped. "Ellie, how? Why?"

Aunt Eleanor laughed and pulled the waistband free, down and off. She rubbed them against the side of her face. It always made her feel more feminine. Then she caressed Ann's cheek. A hand took them and rubbed them between her dripping legs. Her head tilted back and she handed the wet panties back to Ellie. "A little gift from me to you, dear sister."

Their lips met and each tongue outlined the others soft lips before disappearing inside.

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