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Woman is suprised and tied up with her own home.

So at the end of this round, you get to decide what you want to do -- stay out of the game, and we'll never see you again. Seems pretty fair to me, considering that we've already spent gold on you, and are probably going to spend a lot more." She was barely listening, focusing all her energy on struggling against his enormous hands and trying to scream around the ball gag.

When he was done, he pushed her away and she rolled off his lap to land, exhausted, on her back in front of the fire. This was agony on her sore bottom, and she made herself roll over one more time so that she could be on her front. The sound of footsteps told her that Jack was coming closer again, and she halfheartedly tried to slither away -- but she was moving way too slow. He pushed her legs apart and knelt down between them, kneading her ass with what seemed like very cold hands.

"See how much you can take without the pain cutting out? They came up with that to deal with taking a sword to the gut or breaking a bone, not everyday discipline." His thumbs dipped lower, brushing against and then sneaking beneath the strap. "And judging by how wet you are, that's a good thing! Hot damn." Lighter footsteps meant Kelevana was coming over to look as well, and if Katrina's face could have gotten any redder, it would have. She had noticed a few times during the day that she'd felt ... well, more than just embarrassed, but she didn't think she'd actually get wet. He quickly unbuckled the back of the strap and peeled it out of her. "Harkash, you got her like this -- want the honors again?"

Harkash sighed. "Sure, why not." She turned her head to see him open the front of his breeches and release a flaccid cock. It was huge, matching his overall frame, and a few strokes were enough to make it even bigger: a thick green pillar jutting out in front of him. Jack flipped her over so he could undo the front buckle of the strap, then flipped her back over and lifted her to her knees.

"Go over to Harkash," Kelevana ordered her, and the collar tugged her insistently in that direction, still on her knees. She whimpered around the gag, but they all ignored it. "Straddle him."

Before she got the chance to try to awkwardly sling her leg over his lap, he'd picked her up by the waist and plunked her down on his thighs, facing away from him. His legs were so big that she was stretched about as wide as she could go and still have any traction: when he took her hair and pulled her backward, she could only get back a few inches. Impatiently, he pushed her torso down so that her chin was on his knees, and she could feel him lining up -- but it was still a shock when he pulled her back, hard, most of his length sliding into her. She froze. God, he was so big. She felt like she was full all the way up to her lungs.

"Come on, then, ride him!" said Jack, and she tried to scrabble her feet into a position where she could move, but she was just so stuffed she could barely think. Instead of waiting, Harkash simply took her by the waist again and started lifting her up and down, far too quickly for her to really get used to his size. After a few good strokes he was bottoming out in her, forcing her pelvis to hit his thighs over and over again. Katrina threw her head back and closed her eyes to try to block out both the pleasant and unpleasant feelings, but couldn't miss Jack's laughing or Kelevana's broad smile. How could they enjoy this, watching her be raped brutally by a monster?

It ended quickly, Harkash suddenly holding her down as his cock twitched inside her and then spurted. He groaned in satisfaction, then let go of her, but didn't take her off his lap. Since there was no way for her to move, she sat there, pink-cheeked and misty-eyed, as he softened inside her and Jack clapped.

"Those were some tits flopping around. Is that how they always look, or did you change them in character creation?" After a moment of hesitation, she shook her head and then nodded.

"Knew it," said Kelevana with some

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