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It stopped and I reached to my coat pocket and turned it off. He was the last person I wanted to be thinking about now. He had started this and now I was determined to enjoy where it took me.

The room filled with light and John stood silhouetted naked in the doorway. Without a word he came to the bed and climbed in beside me. I reached down and found his cock. I could not decide where to kiss him first, luckily, he made the decision for me and found my lips, holding my hand and intertwining our fingers he kissed me passionately. I let out an involuntary moan as I felt my body continue its preparations for lovemaking. Still holding his cock I sat up and went down to him, taking it in my mouth. A small trickle of pre cum liquid oozed out. It tasted so delicious I gently sucked it out of him. Gently I pumped him up and down. I wanted to taste him. I heard him gasp. Losing track of time I continued rolling my mouth and tongue round his cock head until I realised that he was starting to thrust and gasp. I held him in my mouth while I carried on pumping and felt the familiar warm salty liquid fill my mouth. I swallowed and more took its place. I swallowed again. In that minute I thought I could do that all night it felt so wonderful. He stopped his movements and I released him. In the dimly lit room I could see he was looking up at me. Suddenly I just wanted to laugh and laugh. I bent down and hugged him.

He kissed me and broke off to say just "Wow".

I kissed him again. "Now, when you have had a rest you can maybe fuck me slowly" I said hopefully. Right at that moment my vagina was aching. I had been thinking about getting fucked all day and now I had just drained him and my body was reminding me it had not yet been satisfied.

"Are you hungry?" he asked. "It's just that I am starving and ..." I nodded. "OK, shall we nip across the road to Bertorelli's?"

I grimaced. That was one of our favourite restaurants and I didn't relish the idea of Steve walking in on us. I decided I should check the message that he was bound to have left me when he called. I could not believe my luck - he was going for a meal with some people at work and would be home after eleven. "OK then, Bertorelli's it is, but I need to be home by eleven."

It was early so a short meal did not take long. Eight o'clock saw us back in John's hotel room. I undressed and got back into bed.

John was with me instantly and we were kissing passionately. I reached down to his cock and was pleased to find it wonderfully erect. He gently kissed my breasts and I again felt my body readying itself for lovemaking as it had before. I gasped as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I wanted him in me. He reached for something on the bedside cabinet and I realised he was looking for a condom. "No!" I gasped, "I want you", I pulled him towards me and parted my thighs. He touched me and found my wetness was ready for him. He positioned himself between my legs and pushed forward, his cock now fully erect and pressing against my labia. I felt him lunge and he was in me.

Oh it felt wonderful. He was so big and firm, as least as much as the last time, but he fucked me so slowly. Every time he pulled out I wanted to scream at him to put it back in. I raised my knees to get him further into me. He pushed forward again and I felt something press deep inside me. Again and again he pressed and I felt fireworks going off in my head. I think I was screaming my orgasm was so slow and intense. It felt like I was cumming and cumming. Into my head popped a really stupid thought about a pig's orgasm lasting six minutes and that was truly what it felt like. I could tell that he was getting close too and I whispered into his ear "don't pull out!" As he got closer he started to grunt and so I grunted with him, then I felt something change and I felt really warm inside and knew John had climaxed in me. It felt wonderful and made me have a mini climax again as I twitched my vulva to try and pull him and his seeds into me.

Both fully satisfied we lay there

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