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Laura is spanked by her college professor.

It is ramming deep in my throat as I feel the first wave of your seed squirt from your eye down my throat nearly choking me. I quickly swallow and pull my head back a little as surge after surge of delicious hot cum fills my mouth, dribbling from the corners as I don't swallow quickly enough. Strands of it hang from my chin and I use my fingers to scoop them up and suck on the fingers.

You lift me to my feet pulling me close to you. Kissing me. It is only then I notice from the corner of my eye that your friends have been watching looking on expectantly. I stiffen in your arms and start to tremble.

You look at them and say, "piss off! She is my bitch."

I relax in your arms now revelling in their closeness. Feeling protected. Feeling safe. Feeling loved.

When the trembling in my body finally subsides, you lift my chin up... tilting my head...forcing me eyes to look at yours.

"My name is Ian. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck every part of your body. I want to start making love to those sexy toes of yours and work my way up your body until I finally reach those sweet lips. Then I want to work my way down your back to your tight little butt and I wanna fuck your ass as I bend you over so I can pay with those great tits of yours. What do you say my sexy little Tarnee? You wanna come home with me and be my bitch."

My heart is swelling as I realise you want me as badly as I want you. I gulp in air and nod my head yes.

"Say it then Tarnee," you order me. "Tell me what you want."

In a quavering voice, I answer, "I want to be your bitch Ian. I want you to do all those things. I want to do for you what ever you want me to.....whatever you tell me to. I want to come home with you. Yes oh yes... I want to come home with you."

"Come then love." you gently tell me.

And my heart feels like it will burst as you lead me to your Harley. You pass me a spare helmet from your bike. Climbing on, you start the engine thrumming. As I climb behind you, my skirt hitches up around my hips again and my bare fanny sits on the pussy seat behind you. My thong is tucked safely in your pocket as we ride off to the start of my life with you.

The vibration of the big engine under my seat has my box pulsating....... wanting a cock to fill it. We have only travelled about 20 kilometres when I can stand it no longer. My arms are wrapped around your waist and my hands begin to wander, rubbing you dick through you jeans. Feeling it stir... come to life under my fingertips. I press my breasts into your broad hard back. I am crushing my tits against you as I continue to stroke your hardening shaft with my hand. I know if I were to move back and look at the back of your jacket, I will see indentations in it from my stiff nipples.

You flip on your indicator switch and pull into a grassy verge. The road is fairly deserted apart from the odd truck passing by. Switching off the engine, you dismount. We both remove our helmets.

Unzipping your pants and pulling out your stiff member, you say, "you want me to fuck you Tarnee, my love."

"Yessss...... please Ian...... please fuck my cunt. I need your hard bone inside me....filling me.....ramming me."

"Bring your leg over Tarnee. Sit side saddle." you order me.

And I quickly bring it over, spreading my legs wide so you can see how wet my box is. How much I want you. You push me back a little and guide your knob to my slit. Sliding it along my swollen throbbing gash. Pressing it against my sensitive clit making me shiver. You push it through my slippery engorged flaps pausing at the entry to my pulsating pussy. Holding it there as my cunt clenches.... quivers wanting more.

"How much do you want it Tarnee?"

"Oh Ian fuck me please. I want you. I need you. I have to have your cock in me now. Fuck me for God's sake!" I demand.

And you do. Ramming it into my pussy until your head slams the tip of my womb. My pussy clenches. My legs wrap around you, holding you deep inside me.

"Fuck yes Ian.

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