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Mom has three tasks for her son.

Her breathing was fast and shallow; her body covered in sweat, she knew she needed one last touch to push her over the edge. And Maria gave it to her. Withdrawing her fingers from the poor woman's pussy, she curled them into a fist and pushed it into Lara's gaping cunt, opening it even wider, filling it even more, stretching it until it can stretch no more. She looked down at her slave's lips wrapped around her wrist and knew that the woman was no hers, hers to play with, hers to punish, hers to do anything she wanted with.

Lara screamed as her orgasm hit her, the feel of her Mistresses' whole fist inside her enough to tip her over the edge. The heat in her pussy was intense, the pain was so painful, so good; the walls of her cunt tightened around the invading her hand, squeezing it, holding on to it; the fingers in her arse continued to plunge in and out as they too felt the strength of the waves washing over the defeated woman. It seemed to last for ever but Lara had lost all sense of time and passed out from the overload of pleasure and pain.

She didn't know how long it was before she opened her eyes again. All she knew was that she could feel herself being stretched once more as her Mistresses' hand was removed from her ravaged pussy. She looked round to see Maria licking her fingers clean, the fingers from both hands and Lara shuddered in pain and embarrassment all over again. As she watched, her Mistress began to straighten her own skirt and prepare to leave. Lara couldn't believe that she was going to abandon her in this position but that's exactly what it looked like she was going to do.

"Please, Mistress; please don't leave me like this. Please untie me," she begged.

"Don't worry, my little slut. I'll send the maid up here shortly. I'm sure she would love to see the gaping hole that was once your pussy. At least then she'll know how you managed to stain the bed covers so much. She can untie you; unless she wants to use you herself, that is. By the way, don't bother looking for your knickers. I'm keeping them as a souvenir. I'll expect another call from you when you've recovered."

Lara watched in disbelief as the other woman walked out. She buried her head in the pillows once more, trying to hide herself from the shame she felt, from the embarrassment that was still to come when the maid arrived and from the pain that was coursing through her body from her arse hole and her pussy. It was only then that she realised she had not heard Maria close the door and, looking round in fright, she saw a wide open door and the elderly couple from earlier staring at her bound, naked, punished body.

She had never been more humiliated.

Part 2

Lara was so scared. As she approached the building at the address Maria had given her, she wondered again what she was letting herself in for. Her pussy still tingled from the fisting she had received last week and she had tried so hard not to call her Mistress but, as each day passed and the longing in her pussy intensified, she knew she was going to end up calling. When she did eventually call she had been told, no, ordered to present herself at this address today at four o'clock, and not to dare be late. It was one minute after four now but she didn't think that would matter.

She knocked on the large door to the most elegant house she had ever seen. It was massive and the drive out of the city gave her time to realise that there weren't going to be any close neighbours. I suppose, in the countryside, no-one can hear you scream she smiled to herself. It was a nervous smile, though, and her nervousness ran all the way to her pussy, causing it to tingle in anticipation.

The door was opened by Maria but a very differently dressed Maria from the last time she had seen her.

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