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Alan finds himself drawn to Maggie's panties.

A beautiful Polynesian woman lay there with her pussy glistening in the fire light and her clit protruding from beneath her pussy lips. Linda asked her name and she said it was Mai.

"Mai I want you on your hands and knees facing away from me."

Mai did as she was told and her shapely heart-shaped ass was up and her knees held apart wide. Her beautiful long black waist length hair spilled over her shoulder and onto the floor. Mai's full breast swung slightly as her large one inch nipples brushed the fur rug.

Janet began licking that beautiful glistening pussy from the back. She stuck her tongue out as far as she could and she tongue-fucked Mai's juicy hole. Mai moaned and hissed "Yesss! That feels so good Mistress!"

Janet eased a lubed thumb into Mai's ass and this caused her to buck back onto to her tongue forcing it deeper. Janet slurped and sucked the juice out of Mai's pussy when she came. Loved the taste of her and made a mental note to come back to her later.

Janet saw a hot Italian looking guy and caramel brown Latin guy next in the line. She had a wicked thought and laughed to herself. "You two get into a sixty-nine with each other. I want to watch you studs suck each other off."

The two men got into position and started licking and sucking one another's cocks. The Latin guy named Rico deep-throated Jake's 8" cock. He squeezed the shaft tight and worked on the head of Jake's cock drawing out the pre-cum from his piss hole with his tongue. Jake, who was on the bottom, opened his mouth wide for Rico very thick 6" cock. The girth of him was three fingers wide and Jake open as wide as he could trying to get all of him into his mouth. He kneaded Rico's ass trying to force more of him down his throat. Their action and moans were driving Janet crazy with lust.

"Stop both of you and get on your hands and knees!"

They did so with their cocks throbbing and in need of release. Janet came behind them and with lube on both her hands she eased one, two, and then three fingers into their greedy assholes. They moaned and wiggled for more of her probing.

"Rico I want to see that thick ass cock of yours in Jake's ass. And you over there what's your name?"

"Kathy Mistress."

" Kathy get under Jake and suck his cock while he's being fucked. When he cums in your mouth I want you to feed it back to Rico!"

Tears stung Jake's eyes at the thickness of Rico's cock entering his ass. However, his mind eased with the delicious sucking taking place around his cock. He could feel Rico adding more lube into his gaping asshole before sliding back into Jake's fantastically tight ass.

When Janet saw Jake's gaping asshole she wanted to be able to do the same. So, she put on harness and a thick 7" dildo that was almost as wide as Rico's cock and positioned herself behind him. Rico paused mid-stroke as he felt Janet's hand on the back of his neck and the tip of her dildo penetrating his asshole.

"That feels so good Mistress. Please Mistress fuck me hard!"

Janet placed her legs outside of Rico's legs and over his thighs. She had her hands on the middle of his back to steady her and started pumping his asshole for all she was worth. They found a rhythm together her fucking his ass and him fucking Jake's. Jake's cock was going deep into Kathy's throat and he felt himself on the verge of cumming.

Kathy could sense his readiness and she eased away from his so that only the tip of his cock could enter her mouth shallowly. Jake screamed out, "Shit! Oh yes! Oh shit! I'm cumming!"

He began to overflow Kathy's waiting mouth and cum spilled down the sides of mouth and around her neck. She immediately got up and kissed Rico spilling Jake's cum into his mouth just as he spilled forth into the depths of Jake's ass. Jake could feel five hot shots splash his insides as he hung his head and tried to catch his breath. Rico rested his head between Jake's shoulder blades as he felt Janet's cock exit his ass.

Janet was feeling punch drunk.

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