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Husband remembers when they started to swing.

Hell, it was my idea. I can't fucking believe this."

"Well, you might try to sound upset, but you don't look very upset about it," Cindy said pointing to my rising cock. She was right.

I missed what Dee had said next, but Mark and Jarrod entered the screen, already naked and partially hard. Mark was behind Dee and placed his cock under her skirt. Mark began to kiss her neck as she reached out and grabbed Jarrod's cock. Jarrod quickly raised her top and began to kiss her already pointy nipples.

"Holy fucking shit," Dee exclaimed. "Two cocks, two mouths, four hands, I think I might've just found heaven boys."

She had become more vocal in her shows. I loved this about her shows. They had made her more vocal for me also.

"I still can't believe she can't tell me about this," I told Cindy. "I'd love to help her explore these fantasies. Hell, I'd help her develop her own website. Have you ever done anything like this?"

"What, fuck two guys, yes. I've been with more than that at one time before."

"No shit, when?"

"I'll tell you about it later," was Cindy's reply. I noticed her hand was now between her legs. I had not even realized my right hand was stroking my cock also.

The two guys had already removed Dee's top and skirt. She was now on her knees, taking turns sucking each cock while she stroked the other one. One of my favorite types of porn on the internet is two guys on one girl and I was now watching my wife do it. I was a little upset that she had chosen to do this fantasy without me, but I was also unbelievably turned on.

After a few minutes, the three of them repositioned. Mark sat on the couch and Dee kneeled between his legs to continue to blow his cock. Meanwhile, Jarrod got onto his back on the floor and licked Dee's pussy.

Tina did a nice job of mixing in close-ups and long shots. Dee was stuffing as much of Mark's cock in her mouth as she could. Meanwhile, by the way she was rotating her hips, I could tell she was enjoying the attention Jarrod was giving her pussy.

As the three on the screen began to change their positioning, Cindy moved to the other end of the loveseat so she had been access to playing with herself. It also gave me a better view of her masturbating to the action on the screen.

"Oh...ffffuuucccckkk your cock feels so good Mark," my wife said onscreen, which brought my attention back to the computer.

She was now on her hands and knees. Mark was fucking her from behind while she sucked on Jarrod's cock. The sight of seeing my wife being treated like a piece of meat by these two young studs cause my cock to throb even more in my hand. Her cries of ecstasy were muffled by the fact that her mouth was full of cock since Jarrod had forced his entire length down her throat.

"Ohhh...I'm gonna cum," she cried out as she removed the cock from her mouth. Her announcement made Mark push harder into her. She quickly grabbed Jarrod back into her mouth. She continued her muffled cries until her hips rotated violently, indicating an orgasm had ravished over her body.

Both guys pulled away as her body went limp. Mark moved over and offered his cock to her mouth, which she just instinctively put in her mouth. Jarrod went off-screen for a second. When her returned, I saw that he had lubed his cock. He sat on the couch and pulled my wife to him. He turned around so she could straddle him in a reverse position. You could tell he was lining her up to enter her ass.

He lowered her onto him, guiding his cock into her ass. She lowered onto him easily and his full length was in her ass. As she slowly rocked her hips with Jarrod in her ass, she eagerly had Mark's cock in her mouth.

"They're gonna dp her soon," Cindy said breaking me out of my trance. "She's going to love it, I can tell."

"What's it feel like," I asked.

"Its like nothing else.

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