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A visitation begins on the eve of Halloween.

Any activity here, our plan is ended. It's critical we be able to get into the Manor to save Ailene. Are you good?"

"Aye, I'll be up at the crack of dawn to see the changing of the guard. Anything which might endanger the wee lass, I'll pass on to you tomorrow night."

"We'll sweep the woods at ten P.M. Wait until after then to approach the Keep. Be a shame you get spotted by one of Blackthorne's spies and killed outside the Keep before you can pass word."

"I'll be careful, nephew."

Thorburn and Stuart slipped into the trees and disappeared in the dark. Bjark__ settled in, closing his eyes, intending to nap with one ear attuned to the night sounds until it turned light.

As they approached the Keep, Thorburn slowed and warned Stuart to keep an eye open. "As many of his man as we're finding and killing out here every day, Blackthorne would be smart sending new men out every couple hours to replace those who don't make it home. It's what I'd do if I were him and he's proved to be an able opponent."

Sure enough, they did find one sleepily watching the Keep just before they returned. Stuart had learned from the first time and sent an arrow into his back. He died with a quiet gasp and they watched for any other response.

None was forthcoming and Thorburn whispered, "It's night and they likely have fewer watchers out at this hour. Be sharp and we'll go in the postern gate."

They crept slowly to the door. Stuart watched outward while Thorburn knocked softly.

"Who goes there?" The guard said.

"Partridge," Thorburn said.

"Advance and be recognized," the guard said.

"Thorburn and Stuart," Thorburn said, opening the door with a key.

"Laird Cameron, I wasn't told you were out," the guard said, relieved to see it was friends and not foe.

"You weren't intended to know," Thorburn said. "Stuart and I were doing a little night hunting and found another rat watching the Keep."

"Aye, Laird. Welcome back. I'm glad the hunting was good."

Thorburn clapped him on the back. "Keep a sharp eye out."

"Aye, sir. No one will get by me."

"Where's your partner?" Thorburn asked.

"Having a piss, Laird."

"We'll wait here until he returns. I don't like having only one man out here. I'll arrange for the Captain of the Guard to send someone around to give you time to relieve yourself, else just piss on the wall. Two men at all times, okay?"

"As you say, Laird."

"These are dangerous times. Don't want them being more dangerous than they have to be, hey lad?"

The missing man was back in half a minute and Thorburn told him the same.

They went up to guard house and spoke to the Captain before going into the house. "Make sure someone goes round to give our sentries a chance to piss. I want two at each post at all times."

"Aye, Laird. It will be done."

Stuart and Thorburn went into the Keep and up the stairs. Thorburn went into his room and Te__rlag wasn't in there. What happened to her? She should be here. Blackthorne couldn't have arranged to take her, could he. She wasn't due to report for several days. He went to Stuart's room to ask for his assistance in finding her. Instead, he found Stuart staring down at Ailene and Te__rlag, asleep in Ailene's bed.

"I hate to disturb them, Thorburn," Stuart said. "They look so peaceful lying there."

"I'm sure you want to enjoy the company of your wife, don't you?"


"Then let me take her out of here," Thorburn said.

He bent over and picked her up. Te__rlag groggily opened her eyes, saw who was carrying her, then closed them again. "Good, it's you. We were worried about you. I'm glad your safe," she said sleepily.

"Aye, we're safe and sound and it's time to tuck you into bed, lass."

"Thank you."

Thorburn carried her to his room and laid her down.

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