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The offer was taken by all parties.

She motioned to Heather, who was at the elevator, to come back. "Heather. Cynthia has decided to play with us. Cynthia, get into the back seat. Heather, get in beside her. I'll go around and get in the other side." They sandwiched the girl between them.

Cynthia was shaking, probably with fear, but she was resolute. She would do whatever it took to keep her job. At least with women she didn't have to worry about getting pregnant.

"Pull your skirt up, honey. I've been trying to do that since we started out, but you kept pulling it back down. I want to see your thighs, sweet thing." After some delay, the girl lifted her bottom off the seat and pulled her skirt up. "Further. I want to see your pussy, too," demanded Paula. Cynthia pulled her skirt up, so that her panties were visible. Paula slid her hand up Cynthia's legs, feeling her soft, inner thighs; she caressed Cynthia's pubes through her panties. She pushed the front seats as far forward as they would go and knelt on the floor in front of Cynthia.

In the meantime, Heather unbuttoned Cynthia's blouse. "Undo your bra, honey." Again with some reticence, Cynthia leaned forward, reached behind her back and unhooked her bra; Heather pulled the cups up releasing the girl's breasts. Her breasts were not large but they were high and firm. Heather squeezed them, feeling their weight and shape.

"Honey, spread your legs," suggested Paula, but Cynthia didn't move. "Move your knees apart," demanded Paula, and the girl moved them a few inches.

"Please don't," pleaded Cynthia, but Paula pushed Cynthia's legs apart and slid her face up along the girl's thighs. She fought back an urge to bite the soft flesh; she buried her face against the girl's panty-clad pussy and breathed in deeply. Her libido soared, and she pushed her tongue against the cotton panty crotch; she could feel herself getting wetter. She began licking the girl's pussy through her panties and found the material getting very wet. "Cynthia, this must feel very good to you. Your juices are flowing."

Cynthia found it hard to talk, but she managed to squeak, "Oh, that happens when I get scared or nervous; right now, I'm both. Are you going to stop now? Haven't you had enough?" asked Cynthia.

"Sweet baby, we haven't gotten started yet. This is going to take hours. You get to keep your job and make a commission on a forty five thousand dollar sale. You have to earn that from us as well as from your job. Just think 'all evening and probably most of the night'. We have to be satisfied, too," Paula emphasized.

Paula probed through Cynthia's panties with her tongue, until she found the girl's clit. She concentrated on that little nub until the girl wailed through her orgasm. Heather had been sucking a very hard nipple, but when Cynthia orgasmed, the nipple got harder and more erect. Heather bit down, but the girl didn't complain. In fact, she put her arm around Heather's neck and tried to push her breast farther into Heather's mouth. Cynthia was moaning loudly, so Heather stopped chewing on her nipple and kissed Cynthia to keep her quiet. Dawn's parking space was in a very secluded part of the parking garage, but still close enough that anyone in the garage might be able to hear Cynthia's "little death" knell.

As Heather pressed her lips to Cynthia's, she could feel the girl's resistance. Heather nibbled softly with her lips at the girl's bow-shaped mouth as Cynthia kept her lips pressed tightly shut, pulling her head back slightly each time Heather advanced. Meanwhile, Paula's fingers continued to explore her now-soaked panties. She slipped one long digit inside of her ultra moist cleft and moved it in and out slowly. Cynthia moaned softly against Heather's mouth, parting her lips slightly. Heather used her tongue to part the girl's lips even further as Paula continued to rub and prod, her thumb grazing the girl's clit and two fingers now sliding in and out of her perpetually moist pussy.

The girl was moaning in earnest now and returning Heather's kisses with her soft, pouting mouth.

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