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A special delivery.

Then he shampooed his hair, used his body wash, and even soaped behind his ears.

Feeling clean and refreshed, he glanced down and noticed his erection. His penis rose, dripping with water, curving towards his body. Briana and Samantha had made him a little horny. He began to jack off, slowly at first.

God, Bri, you're so hot . . . He remembered all those times she had visited their house, all the signals he had thought she was sending him. She wanted to fuck him, he knew it. He had been really turned on when she'd pretended to suck his dick in the living room. And I want you to, Bri. More than you know.

Her body was beautiful. She had perfect tits and a nice ass, and she was very pretty. Her tan was gorgeous. Those freckles were cute, too. He wondered if she had any on her tits, or down by her pussy.

As he kept jacking off, he started imagining Briana naked. He imagined her on her knees in front of him, sucking his dick as she fingered her pussy with her other hand. He imagined lying next to her, kissing her neck and fingering her tight pussy as she moaned and squirted all over his fingers. He imagined bending her over the bed and spanking that wonderfully tanned ass and he pounded into her from behind, gripped tight on her hips. And he imagined her on her knees, looking up at him with a worried but cute expression as he came all over her.

Aidan groaned softly. He was about to cum when the bathroom door suddenly opened. He froze. Who was it? Because of the opaque glass on the shower door he could only see a silhouette, the outline of a woman with brown hair.

The figure stripped down, removing a white t-shirt, then unfastened a bra and bent down to remove her lower clothing before moving to the shower door and sliding it open. Aidan's jaw dropped.

It was Briana. Talk about a welcome surprise. "What the hell are you doing?" Aidan asked, keeping his voice low.

"Mr. Smith, I need to talk to you," she said. "I've been fantasizing about you for almost three years now, since I was a freshman in high school. You're the hottest guy I've ever met. I love your perfect ass and your big muscles, and I've been imagining how good you are in bed. You're so perfect, Mr. Smith, and I've wanted to fuck you since forever." She put her hands together in a praying gesture, and her voice took on a wheedling tone. "Please have sex with me, Mr. Smith. Please fuck me nice and hard. Enjoy my young body."

Aidan had only been half-listening to Briana's words; his attention had been mainly focused on her naked body. God, she was perfection. Her curves were amazing, her breasts flawless, slightly pear-shaped, with small areolas. Her nipples were hard, too. His gaze traveled south, along her smooth navel, to her pussy. Her outer lips were the same color as her skin, and covered by a faint layer of auburn hair. What did he have to lose? He'd already banged his own daughter, for Christ's sake. And he had just been jerking off to Briana in his head.

"Well, Bri," Aidan said, "why don't you get in here so we can have some fun?" He stared down pointedly at his eight-inch erection. Briana lightly touched herself, aroused at seeing Aidan naked before her. She stepped in and slid the door shut.

She licked her lips seductively. "I'm all yours, Mr. Smith," she said, wrapping her arms around his neck and leaning in towards him, pressing her forehead against his. "Do whatever you want to me."

"You're a very dirty girl," Aidan chuckled. "We'll have to clean you off first." Briana gasped as he slipped his hand between her legs while also working over her tits.

Pretty soon she was covered in suds, and she took the soap from him to lather him up as well. The feeling of Briana's velvet-like hands on Aidan's skin only aroused him further. She leaned forward, kissing him passionately as she rubbed his back and rear end with the soap. His hard cock was sandwiched between them both, throbbing for release.

Briana started lathering his erect cock, carefully jerkin

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