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Savage has to make a decision.

Plus I remember the last time us three watched football together."

We all laughed at the last part. I went upstairs to change into my new bikini, Rick hadn't even seen it yet. I chose red cuz its his favorite color, aren't I sweet? I grabbed my baby oil I had brought and went back down to ask for a towel.

I strode into the livingroom, my attire drawing their attention away from the game. I asked Jared if he could get me a beach towel if possible.

He said, "Sure Rachel, back in a minute."

Rick eyed me up & down and said, "Damn babe, you look so fucking hot in red. Is that new?"

I nodded yes and asked if he liked it.

He said, "Hell yeah I like it."

I spun around to give him the full view as Jared entered the room and whistled at me," I like it too Rach, very sexy babe."

He threw me the towel and said I could go down to the pool from the deck just behind us. Rick said they would join me a little later and I went outside.

I did about four laps up and back (I was on the swim team in school), then exited the pool and went to the lounger where I had placed my towel & bottle of baby oil. I quickly toweled off, noticing how clingy my suit was went wet. I grabbed the bottle and oiled myself up. I reclined on my back for a while, then rolled onto my belly. I undid the tie behind my back and let the sides fall beside me.

I took a glance up at the house and could see the guys standing at the glass doors looking down at me. I just turned my head the other way and smiled. It was getting to be quite hot and I could feel the sweat bead up & run down my back. About 15 minutes later I heard the guys come outside & make their way down the wooden deck stairs.

I raised my head and said, "Hi guys. Finally get bored of the game?"

They each took a seat on either side of me, beers in hand. "Yeah, we decided to come out here and keep you company babe, and get a closer view too," Rick said.

I asked for a volunteer to oil the spots I couldn't reach on my back. Jared piped up that he would and Rick told him to go for it. Jared stood over me and let the oil drip out onto my back. He began to slowly rub it in to my warm flesh. It felt so good. I so love back massages. Then he ran the bottle up one leg and down the other. He started rubbing the calf of my left leg and worked his way up my thigh to the bottom of my skimpy suit. He did the same for my right leg stopping at the insides of my thighs right next to my now tingling pussy.

Then he asked "That good enough Rachel?" and I hummed an uh huh in response.

He then took his seat, hoisting his beer as he did. I looked his way and could see his hard-on straining against his trunks. After a minute or two Rick asked Jared if he was ready to hit the water since it was so fucking hot out here. Jared agreed, stood up in front of my face, and pulled his trunks off, giving me a good view of his semi hard cock and his muscular ass as he dove in the pool. I heard a second splash as Rick dove in also. I looked and saw his trunks lying beside his chair too.

I forgot to mention that the pool was surrounded by a 12 foot high wooden fence. Only someone inside the house could see into the pool area providing us some privacy. I took this opportunity to sit up and undo the tie around my neck and removed my top, placing it on the table next to me. This brought some hooting from the guys and I told them to grow up and act like they had seen tits before.

So I decided to have some fun and was going to fuck with them.

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