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Meredith learns the Business.

My Mom hesitated, looked at me embarrassed, ashamed, and then took the finger in her mouth. She sucked it eagerly trying to get every drop of Carla's juices.

Carla said, "Much better." She then liberally coated all five fingers on her right hand and said, "You'll like this, now get on your knees and say please."

Mom did not even hesitate, clearly losing all inhibitions and whispered submissively "Please."

Carla fed my mother the fingers one at a time. Mom was hooked. After Mom retrieved all of Carla's juices, Carla lifted her skirt, showing my mother her shaved pussy. Mom seemed to be thinking what to do next, but Carla knew the art of seduction. Mom began to lean in, but Carla said, "No, no, no, just look."

Mom settled back, starring at the delicious spread, but obeying. "I just thought you may want to see the source. Like it?" Carla brushed my Mom's nose with her clit.

Mom whispered in hypnotic awe, "It is beautiful."

Carla dropped her skirt, laughed and said, "Don't worry June, play your cards right and you will get the privilege of eating my pussy, like your daughter often does, but you need to earn it." My mother coming back to her senses with the reference to her daughter, looked at me, again embarrassed. "Honey you?"

Carla interrupted, "Yes June, your daughter is a great pussy licker. She has been between my legs many, many times. Just yesterday I fucked her young tight pussy with a thick black strap-on."

My mother looked at me shocked; breaking the tension, I finally spoke, saying, "Mom, we bought you something. Actually it is an outfit; something a little more flattering than the grandma outfit you are currently wearing. Put it on, Mommy."

Mom grabbed the bag, pulled out the outfit and said, "Mandi, I can't. Not here, with the boys outside."

I repeated, "Put it on Mommy."

"My God Mandi, I can't wear this in public; I'll go change and you can check it out in the bathroom."

Carla stepped in, saying, "June now, right here."

Mom glanced to the pool. The boys were in the pool goofing off. She pleaded, "Please, anyone might see."

Carla sternly said, "Now June."

That did it; she would not disobey Carla. It was clear she was nervous, but she slowly got undressed. Both Carla and I watched intently. She looked sexy, vulnerable. Slowly she put on the outfit, she shook her head when she realized there was no underwear. When she was done she looked fucking hot. It made her look 20. Her nipples peeked through the thin fabric.

Mom studied herself, smiled, but still said, "Girls, can I take it off now?"

Carla responded, sliding her hand on her own nylon covered legs, "You look 20 years younger and good enough to eat."

"Carla please," my Mom begged.

Carla grinned and said, "I'm sure your guests could use some cold lemonade."

Mom turned to me and pleaded, "Mandi please stop this. You can't be serious."

"We are completely serious Mommy. Don't worry, the boys will love the drinks. Dad won't be home till 8 and," I paused, "you don't want to disobey Carla do you?"

Mom looked petrified, but she saw no mercy. She kept glancing to the pool. Carla smiled and said "Mandi, your Mommy clearly doesn't want my pussy, why don't you get over hear and suck my cunt."

I immediately went to Mandi and said, "Yes mistress" and dove between her legs.

Carla told me later that my Mom was stunned, but said nothing, as she watched her daughter eat pussy right in front of her. She resigned herself to her fate and filled up four glasses.

Carla then pulled me up and let me watch. All the action around the pool stopped as my mother delivered the lemonade. My Mom said, "You boys looked really hot, here are some refreshments."

As my Mom bent down to deliver the drinks, her naked cunt was in full view. Carla, continuing the humiliation, called "June, the boys can see your cunt."

Mom quickly stood up straight and walked back to the house.

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