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Wife suspected of infidelity is taken before a jury.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it." he said, giving the bar a wipe with a towel he kept tucked in his apron.

I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out a smoke and while I fumbled for my lighter my face light up from a light offered to me by the bartender.

"Thanks..." I said taking a drag on my smoke.

I sipped my ale and enjoyed my smoke while watching him behind the bar and some of the other patrons in the large mirror on the wall. I noticed that there were no women. The place was obviously a hang out for men. There was even a few dancing, I mean really dancing close and cuddling.

I finished my beer and no sooner placed my glass down when another was placed in front of me.

"Second verse same as the first...it's on the house....enjoy." the generous bartender smiled.

"Well I hope the house is fairly large, cuz a guy sure could get used to this kind of treatment!" I said gratefully.

"Cheers!" I said, taking a sip and getting up to use the Men's room.

The bartender pointed towards the hallway and I laughed. "I remember exactly where it is." I turned and told him.

He laughed and I could feel him watching me as I walked away.

I chose a different stall and I took my pants right off this time. I sat there for a moment looking at all the graffiti. There was quite a few pictures of cocks, big and small. There was what looked like dried cum all over the back of the cubicle door. I started stroking my cock slowly while I read more of the poetry and stuff.

Squeezing my balls and jerking my cock felt so good, when suddenly the door opened and my heart stopped. The excitement of being caught in the act a second time was overwhelming. Then the stall next to mine opened and the door closed. I could hear the sound of another man pulling down his pants and then almost immediately began grunting and groaning out loud. I sat quietly listening to him with my cock held firmly in my hand. I glanced down to see what his feet were doing and found that he was kneeling down and holding the biggest cock I have ever seen, and he was poking it under the wall and in my direction.

My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing as I knelt down and kissed his cockhead. I was quickly rewarded with a loud moan. I trailed my tongue all around the swollen bulbous head, savouring his precum. I licked as far along the length of his shaft as I could, reaching out and flicking his balls with the tip of my tongue. I nibbled and licked my way back and then took his big fat head into my mouth. I sucked as hard as I could and then took him all the way into my mouth. He tasted so good and the excitement of sucking a man off, right here in an establishments washroom was driving me out of my mind.

I can't explain the feeling, but any man who's sucked another man's cock will know exactly what I talking about. I could feel his cockhead pulsating and throbbing as it banged and bumped against the back of my throat every so often. He pulled it out and then slid it back down my throat, I sucked his hot prick hard and squeezed his balls with my hands.

He exploded suddenly and with such a generous load I almost choked. But holding my hands to my mouth I managed to keep all of his sweet hot sperm in my mouth until I was able to swallow it all. I sucked him until he quivered with every suck of his cock. I sucked his balls dry.

I was horny and my cock was stiff as a board. I assumed the same position, offering my hard cock under the stall. I was ready to have my cock sucked and wanted to shoot my cum down the strangers throat in return.

What happened next though was quite unexpected. The man in the next stall proceeded to sit down on top of my cock. It felt so horny and so nasty. I kept perfectly still while he reached down and spread his ass open and then guided my stiff cock between his cheeks. In one quick downward push he managed to get the head of my cock inside his warm tight asshole. I returned by thrusting my cock up and forward.

"Oh yeah fuck my ass.

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