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Harry thinks he knows Bella; think again, Harry.

"When I said I wanted you to come inside me, and then I said I meant inside a condom? I was right the first time."


"I really did want to feel it inside ME. I could see you tensing up, and when you moved your legs up, it gave me a really great sensation, but I wanted to actually feel you coming. More than that. I wanted to feel your cum!"

"Between a rock and a hard place, aren't we? 'Cause you wanna feel it inside you, but you probably don't wanna get pregnant any more than I want you to."

"I know what to do," I told him, and I got on all fours. "There's more than one place for me to feel it."

"Holy shit!" Bill exclaimed. "I've never been with a girl who--I've never even had the nerve to ask!"

"I've never done it either," I told him. "It'll be the first time for both of us." We had a little difficulty, since I was an anal virgin, but he was as gentle as I needed him to be, and his warm cum felt almost as good in my ass as it did the last time I'd let a guy come directly in my pussy. I lay down with my back to him and his arm around me, and we lay there for a while before Bill got up to turn the lights off.

When he came back to bed, he put his arm around me again. "Vicki?"


"All those times I shouted out how much I love you? Well, I wasn't just saying it 'cause we were fucking. I really do love you."

"I love you too, Bill." I could feel his hard dick against my butt, but we went to sleep. I would never sleep alone again.

A couple nights later I dreamed that I was sitting back on the couch while Bill ate my pussy. We were the same age in our dream as in real life, but Dad came home from work just like when we were kids. He was wearing a hat and coat like all the TV dads from the fifties and sixties. He wasn't mad at us, but he thought since I wasn't writhing and screaming Bill's name that Bill wasn't doing a good job. He said, "No, no, Son, you're doing it all wrong!" (Mind you, Dad had never worn a hat unless it was snowing, and he was never so formal as to call Bill "Son.") Now, if any woman but me were having a weird incest dream, her dad would probably tell the brother to step aside and do it himself. But my dad, being really dad-like, knelt on the floor next to Bill and told him, "Go like this, and this, ..." I couldn't see what he was showing Bill, but everything worked when Bill tried it. I spurted a load of cum on Bill's chin like a clown's joke flower. Then Bill wanted to fuck me in the ass, and he was having trouble getting inside me, so Dad got underneath us and guided Bill's dick into me. I don't remember whether my pussy actually turned into a flower when I came, but in the morning I wondered whether that was my brain's way of playing on the phrase "deflowering." I bought some lube on the way home from work the next day.
I'd been living in the guest room since I came to stay with them, but I never slept there again after that night. We left that room as a guest room and never moved the bed out of Bill's room. I moved my clothes into Dad's room, and we made it look like I was the only one who slept there in case a relative visited.

Bill didn't know it, but Mona's father had left him a trust fund when he died, and Dad had managed it ever since Mona went into the coma. When Dad died, the emergency provision kicked in, and Bill was able to take it for himself. It wasn't huge, but it meant that he was able to finish college without working at the same time. That meant a lot more nights where we'd just come home like a normal couple.

When we were taking care of Dad, neither of us felt like we should take a night off to do anything fun.

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