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"Why are we doing this?" he wondered, his head tilting to the side slightly in question.

"Doing what?" I asked, confused, but not so much, at his question.

"Avoiding each other; do you know that I fantasize about fucking you in the rain?"

The question threw me off guard and I didn't know how to answer. He knew how I plunged into depression when the rains came. Why in the world would he want me in that way?

"It's true. Okay? I said it. Hope you're happy. I'm just getting really tired of you being so bitchy when it's like this. I think it's time you and I stopped avoiding each other and you let me give you a reason to smile when it pours down like this."

Before I had any time to protest, Stacy's lips were on top of my own, tugging on my lower lip and sucking it between his soft, pliant, pink ones. As if on automatic, my hands tangled in his short brown hair and I let him take the lead. What was wrong with me? This was my friend. Oh but it was something I had dreamt about for so long. Kissing him this way, loving him like this...oh god my heart was threatening to explode out of my chest. His hands were tangled in my brunette tresses and he was concentrating every effort on making me forget. He was making me forget everything but him!

He broke from the kiss and tugged lightly at the hem of my shirt, urging me to reveal myself to him.

"Let me see you. You have no idea how long I've waited to see you."

His urgency only made me hotter but I hesitated. This was my best friend. How much would this change if I agreed?

I battled with myself for a short while. Would our friendship become strained if I gave into his lust, knowing that I felt the same? Would we be a couple? Or would we slide into that plane where we'd be friends with benefits?

"Oh God! Stacy," I mumbled against his cheek, not wanting to draw away, but wishing that I knew how to gain the strength to move out of his grasp.

"Please? You have no idea, Sylvia. I've fantasized about you for so long! It's been killing me slowly every single night, wondering about you, thinking of you. Jesus, I've stroked myself to a blinding climax most nights wondering what you looked like under here."

He admitted this while still slowly working my shirt up.


For what seemed like hours, but was only minutes, I fought an inner battle with myself. I looked over his body, wet with the rain, muscles straining through the shirt he wore, his cock straining against the rough denim of his jeans, his disheveled look making him look just that much sexier. What did I have to lose really? What the hell? I wanted him. He wanted me. Why not?

He took my hand without waiting for an answer and led me out of the sliding glass doors. I had no patio to really speak of and the cold, hard rain battered me instantly.

"Don't think about that," he urged; "just think about my hands on you. Think about what I'm going to do to you that I've only dreamt about for years."

He slipped his shirt over his head as he said it.

I wish I could say that the rain was distracting me but for the life of me, I couldn't even feel it. All I could feel was the hard chest that was bare to me and the taut nipples that begged for my teeth beneath all the course hair on Stacy's chest. I answered the call without stopping to think twice.

"Oh God," he breathed as I nipped at his erect nipples and sucked them between my lips. "It's really you."

Stacy slipped his thumbs into the elastic waistband of my lounge pants and slid them down my legs. I became self conscience all of the sudden and shuddered when he witnessed my shaved pussy, without underwear to obstruct his view.

"God, you're so lovely," he whispered and dived into my mouth like a horny teenager.

My shirt followed and ended up in the wet pile growing near our feet. He mirrored my actions and bit my nipples lightly. That was it. I couldn't take it any longer.

"God! Just fuck me!" I screeched. "Forget all the foreplay. I just need you inside me. Please?"

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