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Her plan backfired.

He broke the kiss, looking at the golden eyes with his wide grey ones. He wasn't sure if he was more surprised by the forward actions of the man touching him or by the fact that he was hard and extremely aroused. While he knew his face was displaying surprise and confusion, the only emotion being shown to him by the stranger was passion.

Azrael felt his right hand released and then a hand gripping the back of his neck and pulling him into a passionate kiss, his crotch was freed from the grasp for a moment as the hand undid the button at his waist and moved within his pants to once again touch his cock.

Azrael let out a little moan as the stranger grabbed ahold of him and began rubbing along his shaft. His boxers gave little resistance to the man's attacks and he could feel his new companion become even more eager as Azrael's own moans of pleasure urged him to continue. He felt the hand behind his neck move down his back to just above his ass.

Azrael gave out an embarrassing little "gah!" as he felt the stranger maneuver himself to cause Azrael to fall backwards, only the man's strong arm around his waist kept Azrael from landing hard. Instead, Azrael found himself sitting comfortably on the soft grass that had been warmed by the sun all day. His pants and boxers became situated so that his dick was free from the constricting fabric.

Azrael looked up into the beautiful face, as the stranger knelt on both knees in front of him, just in time to glimpse the flash of a smile as the man leaned forward and claimed his entire length into his hot mouth. Shivers of pleasure coursed through Azrael as he gasped then moaned as he leaned back, his arms supporting his weight, and he tried to spread his legs wider to allow his partner better access.

The shaggy blonde head began to move up and down, forcing Azrael to toss his head back and buck his hips forward slightly. The man paused to catch his breath and Azrael looked back down to watch. Azrael saw precum leak from his tip and witnessed his companion carefully lick the stream back up to the head and then once again swallow his length.

Azrael squeezed his eyes shut tight; holding the image in his mind for just a bit longer. Azrael knew he wouldn't last much longer as he placed his left hand on top of the bobbing blonde locks. He thrust forward one last time, and with a shudder of ecstasy, his seed spilled into the hot mouth that proceeded to swallow eagerly. Rope after rope of cum shot down the stranger's throat as every muscle in Azrael's body tensed in orgasm. The fact that his cock wasn't released from its wet prison only turned him on more and as the cum stopped and his body relaxed. Azrael was still hard and wanting more.

What Azrael had thought was an angel at first he now believed to be an incubus. The waves of sexuality the stranger exuded as he stood to strip his solitary piece of clothing was enough to drive Azrael to the brink of madness; willing to trade his soul to this creature in exchange for more pleasure.

For a brief moment, as Azrael sat there gazing at the sculpted body he wondered if that rather large cock, now in his full view, was planning on entering his extremely virgin ass. Fear gripped him as he knew that it would hurt to have something that big in his tight hole but that he would also be powerless to deny this creature whatever part of his body that the incubus wanted.

To Azrael surprise and utter amazement, instead of lifting his legs to position that intimidating organ at his entrance his new companion positioned a foot on either side of his hips and slowly lowered himself to look him in the face, their hard cocks were mere inches away from rubbing together as Azrael's assailant ran his strong right hand through his short black hair.

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