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A Halloween enounter between two young women.

It doesn't take me long to do so after you ask in such a cute fashion. I pick up my pace and savagely fuck you while the toy spins and throbs inside your pussy. You feel so full and can't hold on any longer. The sense of being doubly stuffed, combined with your clit being pulsed on, pushes you over the edge. I am not far behind you and I grunt as I empty myself into you. Your body is still shaking from your own orgasm but when I finally do, it is like an earthquake went off inside your body. The sensation of climaxing and the knowledge that you have made me cum puts you into a pleasure spiral, making you pass out briefly.

You awake in my arms and take a deep breath before you heave a relaxed sigh. You feel my cum trickling out of you, bit by bit. You turn your head to kiss me softly.

"Thank you Sir, that was amazing," you tell me.

"You are worth it my dear good girl. Your body feels so good to me I never want to stop," I say and you wriggle in my arms, laughing and smiling real big.

"What now Sir?" you ask.

"Now we start some mental training. I want to open up your third eye and really spin your eight chakras. We will need to take some mushrooms for this to work," I tell you.

"Mmm, whatever you want Sir. I'm all yours," you reply.

"Good girl. Now open your mouth and chew these but don't swallow them until I tell you," I say and place a hand full of caps in your mouth. I take a hand full as well and begin to chew them up.

"They don't taste very good," you say with your mouth full.

"Good medicine rarely does my dear," I reply.

We continue to chew them until they are paste like. I swallow mine and instruct you to do the same. I take your hand and lead you to the bathroom for a quick shower. We have time before they fully kick in and we play in the water a bit. Kissing, holding each other close, being intimate and splashing one another. Once we are all clean we step out and get dry. You take a look in the mirror and see your eyes have become dilated. Mine are as well and this is the first sign of the shrooms effects on us both.

We go to the kitchen and I pour us two glasses of oj. The acidity helps increase the effects but the mushrooms will take more time to kick in. I tell you to put on some silky lingerie and you pick out a tight black piece that hugs your curves gracefully. I put on a pair of silk boxers and nothing else. I turn on some music and we dance a bit. Laughing and singing to the songs we like. Getting close and kissing when a slow one comes on. My eyes catch yours and we just stare at each other for a few beats. The energy between us is electrifying.

We go out to the balcony for a breath of fresh air. The night wind has grown chilly and I take a seat in a patio chair. You sit in my lap, facing the night scene before us. The lights from the streetlamps appear to glow and give off more light than they should. You gaze in wild wonder at the stars and we begin to talk about them. Time, distance and space brought them and us together for this night and this moment. We speak about consciousness and what it means to be alive in our era. What it might have meant for humans eons ago. The one thing us and them have in common is the stars in the sky. Always glowing and lighting the way to a new horizon, a new shore and a new dawn.

You feel me stiffen and you grind into me. You have become quite the playful tease since we met a few weeks ago. You are really coming out of your shell, and for the first time beginning to realize what you want. More importantly, you now know how to ask.

"Can we go back inside now Sir? I'm getting cold," you say to the wind but I hear you.

"Then let's go inside and warm each other up," I say with a smile and you rise up off me on unsteady legs. You play it off into a stretch and put your hands above your head, chest out and bend backward. Your flexibility is improving as well and I smile again as we head inside with you holding my hand and leading the way.

We get into bed and grab a blanket for a quick cuddle session.

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