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The evening brings about even more excitement.

When Kyle peeled of her tank-top, Alice was a bit shocked even though she had gotten a peek down the younger woman's blouse before. Kyle's breasts - in fact her chest - was much like a man's with the bulging pectorals and the nipples not much larger than a male's - and her stomach was tight and rippled.

"I'm hairy too," Kyle was saying while she peeled her shorts over the over-sized thighs, exposing herself completely to the older woman as she climbed onto the bed.

In the brief glance Alice got she saw that while Kyle had a lot of hair around the opening of her sex and the hair spread out wide and high, the hair grew much thinner out there on the sides.

"Shaved for a body-building competition a while back," Kyle said when she saw Alice's expression while climbing onto Alice and straddling her thighs, their pussies grinding together while Kyle reached down and resumed kneading Alice's breasts which remained formidable despite her being on her back. "Miss being really hairy. Feel nice?"

Alice nodded as she felt their pussies rubbing into each other, and above her Kyle's skin was already glistening with perspiration as she gently rocked on Alice's mound, little droplets of her sweat dropping down onto Alice and making her pliant tit-flesh slippery in Kyle's grasp.

"You do it Alice - play with your breasts for me," Kyle asked as she slid down off of the older woman, and after seeing Alice take her doughy jugs in her hands she worked down between Alice's legs, parting the lightly freckled thighs as she slid between them.

"Omigod, your pussy is gorgeous," Kyle sighed as her fingers raked through the large triangle of burnt orange hair, a bush that wasn't as thick as it once was but was still a very wide V of soft fur.

"Oh my!" Alice gasped as she felt Kyle easily lift her buttocks up while burying her face between her parted thighs, and as the mannish girl tongued her with a talented tongue the older woman writhed on the bed while clutching her own breasts savagely.

Alice came fast and hard, her lithe frame nearly sliding off the bed as first one orgasm and then another raged through her body while she gasped to catch her breath.

"You okay?"

Kyle had come up from between Alice's legs and was hovering over her with concern.

"Yes - just - omigod," Alice wheezed as she looked up at her young friend, her face and upper torso reddened and glistening with sweat. "Omigod that was..."

"Good I hope," Kyle smiled before leaning down and kissing Alice's forehead while easing down next to her. "I think you needed that."

"I never... " Alice panted before Kyle put a finger gently over her lips and told her to catch her breath.

"You cum so good," Kyle said with a grin as she watched the fleshy globes heave on the older woman's chest, and while resting on her side traced the perimeter of Alice's drink coaster sized aureola with her finger. "Am I your first woman?"

"No," Alice said. "In college. A roommate. Been a while."

"Was she like me?"

"In a way. Why?"

"I dunno. Just got the feeling that I might have brought back a memory or something."

"Can't explain. It's not like I was expecting this."

"I know. I liked seducing you."

"More like bowled me over," Alice laughed as she turned to face Kyle. "But now it's my turn."

"You don't have to," Kyle said when Alice put her freckled hand on Kyle's shoulder.

"Won't be able to if you don't let me," Alice said when Kyle didn't budge when Alice tried to ease her onto her back.

"Okay," Kyle said as she let Alice put her onto the sheets.

"Been a while," Alice said as she knelt next to Kyle and looked down at the Amazon-like torso. "If I do something wrong..."

"No such thing," Kyle assured Alice who had a trembling hand on the washboard stomach of the bodybuilder. "Don't hold back - no judgments here."
Alice nodded and let her hand slide up to Kyle's chest to massage the massive rock-hard pectoral while avoiding the boyish nipple, and when she looked up for approval Kyle nodded and smiled.

"They aren't much," Kyle said, referring to her virtu

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