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Lucy Pinder takes a double anal in the latest challenge.

David likes a bit of slap and tickle and the former is something I needed to adapt to when he first had me bend over his knee, when I thought he simply wanted to explore me that way as often he did and it was beautiful being simply all ass for him.

But I did not expect a sound spanking, he said he wanted to surprise me and I ended up with a red and sore butt.

David apologised profusely afterward saying he could not resist the temptation, that it was something he always wanted to do with me and he hoped that would be okay, that he does not mean to hurt me but simply discover the passion which can be derived from spanking such and he would lavish me afterwards intended as reward.

The stinging lasted for a good hour but he kept to his promise and really lavished me afterwards with lots of wonderful massage and oral comfort which showed me the way to how passion can make hurt beautiful and gratifying and I was soon being as much in spanking mode as he wanted of me He adored me in skin tight brush jeans, spent ages gearing me up over his knee, with a pillow between to ensure my comfort Then he nudged and spread my cheeks by pulling up my belt as tight could be and rubbing hi fingers into my crack before the start of that spanking which really did feel wonderful as I discovered the secret of the blend between hurt and passion.

He said that we will progress as I become initiated because he would like to paddle and cane me too, but all-in good time.

I did come to terms with that. I love David you see, so what initially seemed abhorrent to me changed into something beautiful and my whole body feels his use of me for hours afterwards and that is special.

In fact I have come to look forward to his kinky ways enjoying what he says is quality ass. I simply love to dress up for him how he may like me on a particular time when we make love. He loves to spank me in silk, which sometimes is simply a dress or a trouser suit which he says, he loves to feel me through the silkiness.

I just settle myself over his lap and pout up my butt for him to enjoy as he desires, my head hanging down and my hands touching the floor as I await each and every contact, if it is by hand just the silence but if with the cane I hear the swish first and then the contact which makes my body jerk. After two or three contacts he strokes me there and applies some cream which stops the bruising and I love the feel of that, it is so very soothing after the beating.

The horse whip is nice too, he knows just how to leash it against my butt. It seems to be prominent of late before we start anything else, it certainly gets him going in the most delightful way, leaning across his lap and can feel the stiffness of his cock prizing under his trousers and I look forward to freeing it afterwards so that I may give it a real good jerking and deep sucking, I do enjoy that. As my ass still tingles and is quite numb the taste of good hard cock is a treat .

I love it when he stands up for me, I have to kneel and be his servant else he says he will whip me more. He leans back to present his tackle protruding proudly upwards and outwards so, with his gorgeous thighs slightly parted, I may enjoy every crook and cranny of that delightful combination of cock and balls. I love to handle them and roll them in my hand as I take his cock with the other, stretching it fully back to sniff in the scent of his red plum and tease his p-hole with the tip of my tongue before I fully take it into my throat and enjoy it to the full. It is so nice and David loves the deep throat technique I have discovered he loves best. His cock is quite big and had a wide girth which makes it a real challenge to suck when it stretches my mouth to the limit. But he says he will really give it to me when am done sucking and he does, He has me on all fours and fucks me doggy fashion at first and then sideways usually on the bed so he can get a good movement and a good deep penetration.

It feels good and I love the feeling

I adore the way he sometimes awakens me and I feel the familiar s

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