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I hadn't hit the water before she was making one of her spectacular dives over my head and far out from the stern of the boat. She must have had some great diving lessons to be able to do that.

We swam for ten minutes or so before climbing back up to the boat. She went up the ladder before me and when she got up a few steps, and before she reached the top, I reached up and slid my fingers deep in her pussy. She yelped a little and then laughingly scampered up the rest of the way.

I let her take her shower first and then took mine while she was toweling off. She had poured us each a glass of wine while I was showering and it was ready for me when I was ready to dry off.

We went out to the cockpit and sat in the shade of the bimini and just plain chatted about a million things. After a half-hour of that I got up to get the wine to pour us another when my old friend, my hard on, reappeared. When I came out in the cockpit it was as stiff as a board and she just looked at it. I came over to her side and my cock was only inches from her face and I reached down behind her head and gave it a slight pull saying, "Take it in your mouth honey"

"Tom, I only did that once before and hated it."

"Jay, it'll really make me feel great. How about giving it another try?"

I sat back on my side of the cockpit and she dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me as she took my cock in her hand and guided it towards her mouth. She looked up at me and I was transfixed with seeing my cock lined up in front of her fantastic smile as she opened her mouth. I gave her head a little pull and she had the head of it buried.

"Oh God Jay, yes go all the way."

It didn't take her long before her lovely lips were wrapped around the middle of my cock as it was buried deep in her mouth. There was no question in my mind that that was a deep as she was going to be able to take it and I held her head between both hands and then began a simple fucking of her mouth. She followed on quickly and was soon bobbing up and down on it like she was bobbing for apples. Every now and then she'd raise her face up a little and just look at my face. Damn, this girl can really turn me on.

It didn't take me long before the heat was rising up into my balls and I knew the end was near. It was going to be a huge orgasm even though I just had had one in her pussy an hour or so before.

"Jay, I'm coming." as I shot stream after stream deep down her throat. She was holding my cock with one hand while she was lightly caressing my balls with the other one. She licked up ever drop and sucked me dry.

"Jay, I honestly never did it that far before and I hope it pleased you."

"No, it was terrible. You are going to have to do that to me almost every day until you learn to get it right." I replied with a huge laugh.

Without missing a beat she replied, " Well, this is a two way street." Telling me that it was my turn to do the same for her.

I lifted her to sit on top of the companionway hatch with her legs dangling over the edge and her hands propped behind her holding her body up in a sitting position. I reached up and spread her legs and then began working my face between them until my mouth was just lightly kissing the lips of her pussy. I used my fingers to spread them and then let them dive deep inside of her searching out her clit. It wasn't long before I was massaging it lightly and was able to get it uncovered and that started her moaning. I then pulled my hand out of her replacing it with my tongue. After letting my tongue caress her clit I pulled back and began licking the lips of her pussy while I folded three fingers of my hand into a teepee shape and began hand fucking her while my mouth was working feverishly on her pussy lips. That did it. Her screeching became so loud I really was afraid that if there were any boats anywhere near us they would make a mad dash in our direction to help whoever was in trouble.

Fortunately no other boat was near us and she began throwing her hips and pussy hard at my face.

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