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The adventure continues.

That was some form of compliment to me, kind of like "I enjoyed Chris's cock last time, I am glad you found him" or something. This was going to be so fucking great again. This time, I planned to watch Chris fuck my wife in our bed. Last time it was down in the basement bar.

It started innocently enough this time. We laughed; we talked shit about work and life and the summer, and the whole time we had Rhonda between us. It was exhilarating to see her make eye contact with him, to watch her touch his arm when they spoke, to see him brush up against her and touch her. I liked watching her flirt with him and respond to him. I was holding her right hand. It felt like electricity when he held her left hand and I saw him play with her wedding ring, twisting it back and forth a little bit. Here is my loyal, loving, dedicated wife, being seduced by a stud and I get to enjoy it all. She was warm, and grabbed his hand and my hand.

It didn't take long for Chris to kiss her neck. That was my cue to kiss her neck as well. It drove her insane. Her arms melted away and all of her inhibitions were gone. Chris slowly put his hand up her tight, sexy top and I could see her rock hard nipples jutting out. It was so hot to watch him play with her, exciting her so easily. I pulled on her hand and said to both of them, "Follow me." I led them up the stairs to our bedroom.

As soon as we all got in the room I turned on some low lighting and put on some music. Chris was giving Rhonda all of his attention. I saw him peel her shirt off in one smooth motion, and then strongly lay her down on the bed, where he started mouth kissing her passionately. She looked over at me and gave me that same knowing, loving, appreciative look. She wore it well. I went right to her feet and started massaging them, because I wanted to enjoy the show that Chris was putting on. As Chris continued to kiss her, they giggled and he was playing with the hair on the back of neck area. Her nipples were as hard as stones and I could smell the sex in the room. Chris was already out of his shirt.

He kneeled up for a minute and unhooked his pants. My wife sat up and instinctively took his cock out and put her lips around it. I have been talking dirty to my wife for years, and she has started to fully understand what makes me tick. She started making the sounds of enjoyment, worshipping his cock and making sure I knew she was into it. She made sure to make eye contact with me while his big hard cock was in her mouth. I was playing with her pussy from under her skirt. Her panties were soaking wet and she strained toward my fingers as I teased her. I kept licking my fingers, savoring the taste of her wet pussy.

I stood up and got naked, then in one move I pushed my cock up next to her mouth and pushed my wet cock head against her lips, while she still had his shaft in her mouth. She started taking turns sucking my cock and Chris's cock. I was smiling, and for the first time of the night I really looked at Chris. He gave me an approving look, such as to say he was enjoying her and that he appreciated me for making it possible. This was good.

Chris reached over and started fingering Rhonda. As he did this, her mouth tightened around my cock and I felt her reaction. It was almost too much. I pushed back because I was not about to let her drink my cum - it was going into her fuck hole to be mixed with Chris's seed. Chris was toying with her. She was like jelly, consumed with lust and straining to have hands or tongues or cocks touch her pussy. Chris laid on his back and pulled her on top of him so he could have her pussy in his face. He started licking her, and I started fingering her while I was kissing her on the back of her shoulders and near her neck. She was now railing against my finger and his mouth. She needed to be fucked now.

I did not hesitate.

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