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A daring escape! But first, revenge.

"Well it's kinda short notice and...well, my parents might not think going to a drive-in would...well..."

"You mean your sorority sisters would freak-out and put you down for being with a white guy at a drive in...right?"

"Yeah. I would really put me in a bind if anyone found out."

"I can appreciate that honey (and as I said that she really melted and squeezed my knee in a way that caused an immediate boner)...but why don't we play it cool and go straight from here. After all...its getting dark already. And by the time we get to the drive-in it'll be dark and no one will be the wiser then instead of watching the movie you and I can be on a first date that's not a date and in a place where we can talk and get to know one another better."

She got real quiet and started thinking. BAD SIGN...thinking that is. So I took her hand, stood up and put my arm around her and said..."let's go baby. Its our special time and moment to stop talking and for you to put your mouth where your heart is and tell me you'll take a chance and go out with me tonight."

She let me pull her close as I put my arm around her slender waist and just a bit lower on her wide hip and let me lead her to my car and drive her to the movie.

On the way she sat close to the window on her side of the car so I said, "Jada...I need your sweet sexy body a bit closer."

It was the perfect ice-breaker and she gave a throaty laugh and said, "I thought you'd never ask" she slide close where upon I put my arm around her shoulder and felt her warm body against mine. She lifted her right hand to take mine on her bare shoulder and I noticed her palm was sweaty as she pressed it to mine and gave it a squeeze as we rode in silence to the drive-in and enjoyed the moment we were getting first physically close. It was going well as she began snuggling with her head on my shoulder and my white hand on her black skin...just an amazing and so sexy feeling.

I paid the fee, killed my headlights and drove around the lane to find a parking place in the jam packed drive-in. I drove all the way back to 'fuck-alley' and began to back into an open space in a far darkened corner."

Jada stiffened, dropped my hand and shifted back at the passenger window saying, "Brad...this is not a good idea. Whatever are you thinking parking here?"

"Jesus think I don't know what some people call this area? But its not why I'm parking here. I just wanted to protect you, keep things safe for you and yet be in a place where we can talk and get to know each other ok?"

She didn't say a word as I nested my car into the dark and I tuned the radio to the movie broadcast but turned it down to a low whisper. It was then I noticed a smile on her face as she said, "I appreciate your concern for me. I just hope no one will see us here and get the wrong idea, after all...we've only known each other for a little over an hour and here I am you know what they call this place, with the first white guy I've ever gone out with."

"You mean 'screw-alley'...and we both broke out in laughter when she buried her face in her hands and said, "you mean fuck-alley."

"Yeah and dis white-cracker is done parked in dis here dark corner of 'fuck-alley' so's I can try an get my little ol' big white hand into yo' panties and pry 'em off dat beautiful black ass of yours."

What a beautiful laugh she had at those words. Then she got real quiet and said, "you really think I have a beautiful ass?"

"From the moment I first saw your sexy butt, I wanted to feel it in my hands. I only wish you had some attraction to me as much as I have to you."

"Oh my, Brad. Guess you didn't notice how I've been staring at your...well the way...shit Brad I've had a hard time keeping from staring at your package that's poking out in your pants ever since we've been together."

"Well come over here baby so we can each taste a sample of the eye-candy we've been admiring from a distance."

Jada slide over and melted i

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