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Daddy and daughter have sex.

Besides, if they ran into any of the men who'd attended the previous night's show, he didn't want them to think that his wife was some sort of whore for hire. She was his whore, and his alone.

Thirty minutes later they pulled up at a convenience store. Jack cast a critical eye over his wife. Following his orders, she'd made herself up for a night on the town, with lipstick, makeup, perfume and everything. She wore her long hair up on her head, and had a thin gold chain around her neck. The black minidress revealed a nice amount of cleavage. And when he flipped the short hem up, he saw that her slit was well trimmed and ready for action. She wore no stockings, but her high heels helped to accentuate her slim, long legs. Despite the fact that she now sat in a public parking lot with her pussy in full view, she appeared to be totally unconcerned. That would change soon enough.

"Tonight I'm going to have you do some things you'd never dream of doing. And unlike last night, when you had the wine to help loosen your inhibitions, you're going to have to do this all on your own. But no matter how scared you are, you will do it. Because I'm telling you to. In fact, I'm going to be taking pictures of you doing it. So you better learn to enjoy it, and quick. Basically, I'm going to be sharing your beauty with the rest of the world. You're going to be a flasher, an exhibitionist. You're going to give the rest of the world a look at all the private bits that you so easily showed to your favorite church fuck. You'll do it all without argument or complaint, because I say so, and because those 40 spanks I still owe you could easily double to 80, or more. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," she answered thinly. From the whiteness of her fingers as she gripped the steering wheel, Jack could see that his wife did indeed have problems with this idea. But he wouldn't get any trouble from her. But this next part . . .

"Oh. And just so you know. I didn't let you sleep in this morning. You overslept. You forgot to be my little oral alarm clock. So I was late to work. And since I'm going to have to pay for that, so are you. So tonight, in between your many appearances before your adoring public, you're going to show me that you still know how to suck. You'll do me whenever I say, in public or not. Now, is that understood?"

This time she could only nod her head, the shocked look of disbelief warring with her belief that he really wouldn't do that. Would he?

"Your first assignment is here," he said, returning his attention to the convenience store. "You'll go to the chip aisle. When you get there, bend over and get some chips from the bottom shelf, making sure that your dress hikes up high enough so everyone can see your pussy. When we're done with that, go to the soda cooler and do the same thing. When you get to the counter, take this $10 bill out of your purse and let it accidentally fall to the floor. When you bend over to pick it up, make sure the guy behind the counter gets a good look at your tits." He reached over and undid the neck strap on her dress. "There. That'll make sure the top isn't too confining."

"Are you, um, you're coming with me?" she asked, the fear noticeable in her voice.

"I'll be right behind you, taking pictures all the way."

Jack watched as she automatically adjusted the hem of her dress before going into the store, then caught herself and grinned sheepishly at him.

Inside the store Kelli nervously moved through the aisles.

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