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Meeting a new friend and making memento.

The machine was a wooden frame with padded kneeling platform, and an angled top part, which would force his wife and daughter to lean forward and downward more, thereby exposing more of their backsides to the rotating paddle. Mark had installed 2 sets of the quick clamps on the bench, so that both his wife and daughter could be on the machine bench together. As a final torment, he had installed the control box on the wall next to the light switch. Smiling to himself he wrote a note to both his wife and daughter, and left it on the machine, before he called out that he was going to take a shower, and if they wanted, they could look into the room. He then set the special locks on the door, which would trap anyone in the room unless they knew the keypad number to release them. He then smiled, unlocked the room, and went out to the bathroom, to shower.

Sarah was curious about all the building her father had been doing. When she heard him in the shower, she decided to check out what was so special in the room. She went up and opened the door, and walked inside. She had closed the door, so as to not be caught being a sneak, but she hadn't looked in the room before she closed the door. Turning, she saw the spanking machine from the television add, sitting there. She also saw a shelf with her name on it, along with a school girl uniform, maid dress, bikini, and a drawer with her name on it. She opened the drawer, and found panites with "Spank me", "Brat", and "Naughty Girl" printed on them, with a handprint on each ass cheek. Sarah wasn't sure what to think, but as she looked at the clothes, and the machine, she heard the door close again, and a startled gasp comes from her mom.

Margret had entered the room as well, and was equally surprised to see the machine, the clothes, and her daughter all in the same room. Both women looked a little confused, but then they went for the door at the same time. Michelle pulled on the handle, but the door refused to budge. Sarah saw something on the machine, and pulled a note from the bench, and began reading.

My dear wife and daughter: Before you both stands the implement of my authority over you. I have been waiting far too long to see what sort of wife and daughter I have, and I have to tell you, so far I have been unimpressed with your behavior. This ends today. As you probably have discovered, the room is locked, and there is no way out except thru the door. You also probably have noticed the clothes, and will probably put 2 and 2 together, but in case you can't, here's the deal. You will become a matching pair of girls for me. Whenever I demand a maid, you both will appear in your maid's outfits. If I demand a report card from school, you both will come as schoolgirls. And if it is time to go use the pool in the back yard, it is bikini time for you both. For now, however, I want you both in the school uniforms. Once they are on, both of you should climb onto the bench. It is pretty simple to get into position properly. Just put your knees on the lower part and spread your ankles till they are resting in the clamps. Then bend forward over the top part of the bench, and put your wrists into the other set of cuffs. Once they're in the proper place, the cuffs will close automatically. Then you just have to wait.

Sarah was shocked that her father had written such a note, while Michelle seemed almost resigned to the fact that their bottoms would be spanked sooner or later. Slowly, Michelle decided to set the example for her daughter, and she turned to the small shelf with her name on it, and pulled down the school uniform. She sighed, and began removing her pants and shirt, before slipping off her panties and bra. Sarah just watched as her mother pulled on a pair of panties, before slipping on the blouse and finally squirming into the jumper uniform.

"Sarah dear, you might as well get dressed too.

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