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Close encounter with mother's friend.

Now, now, now. I'm cumming! Keep going, keep going!" My tongue and jaw was sore, but she kept furiously humping my face for another couple of minutes. Then she relaxed, and kind of went limp. My brothers and I stopped and stood up.

Her nipples were bright red from being chewed on. Her cunt was wet and shiny. She had her eyes open the whole time; did she enjoy everyone watch her cumming in front of them?

Ma looked at Pa for a moment, then at Sanchez. "We did what you said. Now will you please leave us in peace?"

"Oh, Sara, Sara, Sara," Sanchez said, chuckling. "My boys and me ain't had our turns yet. It'll probably take hours before our horses and us are fully rested. So there's a whole lot more we got planned. Why don't you see if you can stand up; or do you need help?"

Ma rolled over on her hands and knees, then stood up and looked Sanchez in the eyes. "I did it. Now what?" she asked.

"How 'bout you come over to the hitching post in front of the porch? Bend over so your shoulders are on the bar, with your arms stretched out on both sides. Enrique will tie your wrists and elbows to the bar to help you stay in position." Sanchez made the men laugh. Ma walked around and leaned forward as told. Two of the outlaws repositioned Pa so he could see her from the post where he was still tied. I noticed a clear liquid dripping from his hardened dick. Did he really like what was happening, or was it something he couldn't control? My dick was leaking, too. Did I enjoy it, or did it just happen to men when they see naked women?

After she was tied, Sanchez went behind Ma and instructed her to spread her legs wide. Then he reached in to see how wet her cunt was. "Hey, she's drippin' wet! Must be ready for some company to visit her, eh boys?"

We watched as Sanchez pulled his cock out of his pants, and rubbed the tip of it around the opening in Ma's pussy. Then he just shoved it in all the way.

Ma jerked forward, not expecting the quick entry. One of the most incredible sights I'll every see in my lifetime was Ma's big, beautiful titties hanging down nearly to her knees and swaying back and forth while Sanchez pounded her cunt. Apparently it was a crowd pleaser, because everyone else was watching the same thing, many of the outlaws cheering the couple on. The harder Sanchez pumped, the more wildly her tits bounced around.

A quick, small squirt of cum shot out of my dick and landed on the ground just below Ma's head. I couldn't believe it! She saw it fly by, then looked up to see where it came from. My cock was still dripping, so she just smiled and winked at me, as if to say it was OK.

It didn't take long for her to start moaning and moving her hips back and forth with Sanchez. Ma couldn't move her head very high, but she looked around side to side and in front of her on the porch, making sure everyone was going to watch her cum again.

She was looking right at Pa when it hit her again. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. Harder, you fuckin' bastard. Harder, harder, faster," she yelled at Sanchez. I had never heard Ma use cuss words before. But she was breathing real hard, and her titties were flopping like crazy. She let loose with a loud moan, then a yell. "Damn it, yes." Sanchez finished inside her a minute or so later, plunging his dick all the way in to his balls. Ma rode it for all she was worth.

"See, old man. I told you we would make her howl like a coyote!" Sanchez bragged to Pa.

Stuff dripped out of Ma's cunt, then down the inside of her thigh. She calmly looked around from her bent over position, eyeing each of the strangers in front of her. All she said was, "Who's next?"

I thought she just wanted to get everything over and done with. Days later, she told us she loved the feeling of cumming, and wanted more, and more!

Enrique stepped up and stuck his dick in her cunt, and they both started humping in time with each other. At the same time, Sanchez went around in front of Ma, his dick still slimy and dripping.

Sanchez touched his dick to Ma's right cheek.

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