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Adventurous woman experiences her ultimate fantasy.

Wait... she had to figure out what to do before Nathan woke up and saw her. She loved her husband too much to allow him to see this.

"Are you just going to leave me like this?"

The words hit her like a ton of bricks. The stranger's voice was so masculine, so full of strength, something she never noticed in Nathan. She turned her head slowly, her face immediately flushed with embarrassment. The stranger had pulled the blanket down, revealing his gigantic cock and balls completely smothered in cum. It was still hard, bouncing slightly with the planes movements. His cum-laced cock was hypnotic to her, a sight she had longed to see, just not one that belonged to a complete stranger while her newlywed husband sat inches away.

"Lick up my cum you slut."

Again, her face flushed with embarrassment, her eyes still locked on his steel member. All 9 inches of it pulsing with energy, the cum slowly dripping down his length. Again she heard the wonderful masculinity in his voice, his sudden command over her. It felt as if the stranger's cock was manipulating her feelings, everything she had stood for.

"I'm sorry, it was a mistake. I..." Jamie was fumbling her words. She turned back to look at her husband, hoping he might be able to step in and help her. Nathan was snoring like a chainsaw.

"Shut the fuck up and lick up my cum... you little married SLUT."

Jamie turned back around and saw the stranger's cock in all of its cum-covered glory. Her pussy tingled and something inside of her brain snapped.

"Start by cleaning those filthy hands, and then you can service my cock you whore."

As if some invisible force was willing her on, Jamie's hands methodically made their way to her mouth. As they reached her lips, the smell of the stranger's cum sent her over the edge. How desperately she had wanted her first cumshot to be pumped from her hubby's dick, but this was too much for her, she had to have it. She had to taste it.

Starting with her index finger, she licked off the cum from base to tip. The taste was incredible. She couldn't control herself. Quickly she began sucking and licking every crevice she could reach. It made her woozy, drunk of the taste of this stranger's cum she swallowed every morsel. Lastly she sucked the cum off her wedding ring. Completely covered in spunk, she sucked it dry, watching it glisten afterwards. She still loved Nathan and she promised herself she would make it up to him, this stranger's cum was just too much for her to handle.

Hungrily her gaze turned from her hands to the stranger's manhood. It was dripping in deliciousness, a feast of jizz just waiting for her starved mouth. She hopped up on her knees, facing the stranger in her chair.

"That's right bride whore, I want you to suck my cock completely dry. Clean up the mess you've made."

Denying Nathan her mouth's virginity, Jamie lowered her lips onto his steely dick with her skirt-covered ass up in the air, right in Nathan's snoring face. Her pouty lips slipped slowly over his mushroom head, opening wide to fit its entire girth. Swirling her tongue around his engorged member she tasted her prize. Like a lollipop, Jamie sucked and licked this stranger's cock from base to tip, her hand helping to keep the monster steady. Bobbing up and down she watched as the cum pooled up around her hands. There was so much cum she felt full, like drinking a gallon of milk. Jamie made her way down to his balls, licking and sucking as she went. Her soft lips took in each one of his nuts, slowly sucking them clean of their filthiness. It was an incredible feeling, and her sopping wet cunt was evidence of that.

"Mmmmm, so good you slutty bride," moaned the stranger she was sucking off.

She was a bride whore, a married slut, she was all these things and she couldn't stop herself. Inside she still felt confused, and her love for Nathan was very much alive. In the end she promised she would return the favor to Nathan before they landed and would never speak of this again.


For the next hour on the flight Jamie fought her feelings of be

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