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An unlucky woman is given makeup with bimbofying abilities.

Fingers pinched at her nipples, twisting them roughly and bringing tears to her eyes even as the same sensation sent a shot of lust straight through her pussy. Arching her back on the bed she tried to relieve the pinch as the fingers pulled her nipples upwards, stretching out her breast. Everything about this turned her on, even though fear was pumping through her body it just fed her desire.

A detached part of her mind thought, 'I'm so perverted...'

After all, she was laying here, her body being molested and abused by - she counted three figures in the dark - and she was more turned on that she'd ever been in her life. If they took her gag out she'd be begging for their cocks, encouraging them to abuse her. She felt light-headed and giddy as hands slid up her inner thighs, two fingers parting her sopping pussy lips and pressing in.

"She's tight but she's wet as all fuck," a voice hissed, "You like this don't you, you little slut?"

Teresa's body reacted both to the name and the fingers that pressed upwards inside her as he spoke, a muffled cry emitting from behind the gag. The men all chuckled as her body writhed in front of them, mouths covering her nipples and biting down as a tongue probed around the fingers in her pussy. It was heavenly... obviously they weren't here to hurt her, and she was feeling awfully good... the fear was receding behind a wall of rampant lust. Their mouths sucked on her body, incredible feelings of shocked desire surged through her as their hands and tongues teased her senses.

With the one man's finger moving inside her pussy, and all their oral stimulation, it wasn't very long before Teresa was cumming ecstatically; her body practically levitating with pleasure as she screamed behind the panty-gag. The men laughed triumphantly as she came down from her orgasm, they were stripping off their clothes and she was burning with anticipation. One of them grabbed her and turned her over, startling her and making her kick out. A heavy slap to her ass stopped her struggles as the place where he hit her stung harshly, although it didn't stop her arousal at all.

They tied her hands behind her back, which she found rather exciting as well as scary... she'd thought about bondage before, and had even detailed it in some of her fantasies in her journal, but this was the real thing. Now she was completely vulnerable to whatever they wanted to do to her... They took the panty gag from her mouth and she immediately started begging,

"Please, you don't have to... UMPH!" Another gag was shoved in to replace the panties, it tasted of leather and metal and her jaw felt very stretched. Teresa felt a flash of indignation, she'd just wanted to tell them that they didn't HAVE to restrain her, she'd cooperate - and gladly! But they seemed to get a lot of pleasure out of having her so vulnerable to them, and truth be told she rather liked it too... it was just scary. There was no control left to her at all.

They lifted her up to straddle on of them, he was laying on the bed with his large dick pointing straight up at her ready pussy. She moaned heavily as they lowered her onto him, her tightness stretching deliciously over his meat-stick; he groaned too, in pleasure as her body sucked him inside of her, tight and wet. Holding onto her breasts, he pushed her so that she was mostly sitting up, pinching her nipples and making her whimper as he moved slightly underneath her. Another of the guys got in front of her and started pushing his dick into her mouth and she realized that the gag had a wide round opening so that they could get a blow job from her even while she was gagged!

Of course, with her hands behind her back she had no control over the blow job at all and he was soon pushing his way into her throat as she gagged and panicked, never having deep throated a guy before.

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