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Caught in the woods.

She was immediately rewarded with a clear stream of lubricant excreted from the pulsing weapon.

Encouraged by his response, she took more of him in her mouth while continuing to jack him off with both hands. Her warm moist mouth and accompanying masturbation elicited a low sigh from him. Clearly motivated that she was pleasing him, she redoubled her efforts, taking more into her mouth and jerking at him with renewed energy.

I was sure that her ministrations were being rewarded with copious amounts of fluid from him. The slick sheen and slobber from her blowing him was handing from her hands and drooling from her mouth; hanging from her bottom lip.

She looked so sexy; so slutty. She was a desirable woman in heat.

I thought if this kept up, he would surely nut in her mouth; something she never does for me and just as that thought passed my mind, he stopped her and pushed her away.

Looking up at him in confusion, waiting for her next instructions, he simply said, "Kiss your husband. He deserves some affection for giving you this tonight."

Looking from him to me, she was clearly not getting it. She didn't know why I was suddenly being included, but I knew. He wanted me to have my face rubbed in their passion. He knew a kiss would mean I would be tasting his cock. It was another way to dominate both of us; dominate the white couple kneeling naked before him.

I don't think she figured it out until we were holding each other deep in a French kiss. Suddenly, she was much more passionate; her hold on me tighter, her tongue thrusting deeper into my mouth. She got it and wanted to make sure I got a full taste. If her husband wanted her to fuck a black man, then the least he could do was have a mouth full as well.

Holding the back of my neck, my wife emptied her saliva into my mouth sharing the taste of the black man's cock. Backing away suddenly, trailing a string of cum scented saliva between us, she now had a wild look in her eyes; a look of excitement, fear and wonderment. She was in a new place now, a place of both sexual dominance over her husband and submission to her black lover. She was both powerful and helpless at the same time and the realization had her excited beyond anything she had ever experienced. She would make anything and everything happen tonight.

Still holding the back of my neck, our faces and lips were only inches apart and so was the massive hot black cock. She turned and once again engulfed his fat black cock head in her warm and welcoming mouth. Sucking and slobbering on his meat, only inches from me, I was mesmerized by the sights and sounds; her sucking and her labored breath and his deep steady breaths as he held the top of her head guiding his hardness into her face.

Again and again she turned to me to deeply kiss me, sharing the flavor of her oral sex and each time we came closer together making him become directly between us. Each time the man's black cock became closer to my mouth. Finally her kisses had his cock touching both our lips and looking into her wild eyes, she finally pushed his cock to my lips as well as hers.

Slowly, I opened my mouth as my wife brushed the fat black cockhead across my lips. Slowly she jerked his monster cock into my open mouth giving me my first direct taste of his secretions. Gently pulling on the back of my neck she pulled me forward guiding more of his meat into me. I closed my lips on him and staring at my wife became a cocksucker.

Wild with the excitement of making her husband both a cuckold and a cocksucker, my wife jacked his cock into my mouth. Placing his hands on top of my head, he now turned his attention to the new cocksucker in the room.

Giving up any pretense of resistance, I grabbed his meat with both hands and worked to give the best head I could. Even with both of my hands on his cock and a substantial amount in my mouth and throat, there was still enough cock for Denise to hold onto.

We must have been a sight. A while couple kneeling before this black sex god, sucking and tugging on his monster cock.

Denise k

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