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Making Madison a whore.

I was frugal and tried to make my drinks last. So I was easily persuaded to accept any drink handed my way. The Cougar brought me one, a whisky sour, my fave! Contrary to her stern demeaner this day she was extra friendly and offered me more than one drink. We were both having a chat about office logistics when a wave of heat swept across me. Then I felt incredibly dizzy. I stood and stumbled, barely able to even form words. I was dazed and blind to what was happening. Cougar grabbed my arm, assisting me in standing and told the rest of the staff I had gotten too drunk, she was going to drive me home.

I remember barely being able to make it to her car. She helped me slump into her passenger seat. Then pulled the seatbelt tight across my chest, and clicking in place. She reclined the seat a bit to alleviate my wooziness. Then I felt the car jostling along, knew we were on our way. At one point she asked how I was doing, laying a hand on my thigh and waiting for a reply. I just groaned. I felt warm all over, was barely able to raise my arm to pull on my collar to let a little cool air get under my shirt. She patted my thigh pretty close to my hip, her palm pressing down on my cock. I hung to the left and almost always wore boxers so it kind of went wherever it liked. Maybe she never realized what she was touching, but she left her hand on me as a comfort, luckily I was not in a horny mood or I would definitely have gotten hard the mere touch of it.

She pulled shortly after leaving the BBQ. I was unclear of the time, could have been 2 mins, could have been a half hour. I was still conscious but feeling an extreme lack of muscle control. I was unfamiliar with the surroundings. I was thinking I was brought home but there was nothing around me but trees, and a large cabin. I couldn't hear anything but nature sounds. She had carted me outside the city limits to her summer cabin.

I tried to ask where I was, but she shushed me with her elderly but well-manicured hand, finger silencing me. Telling me to rest my voice and my body, I needed to get my strength up. She helped me hobble in the front door, a dimly lit cabin was illuminated only by the sun beams entering the skylights. I fell to the nearest couch, just wanting to fall asleep, I was so tired. I blacked out.

Later I became aroused at the sound of chatter around me. Many women clicking and chatting in hushed voices, and a lot of giggling. I tried opening my eyes but the low light was even too much for me to handle. I tried to rub my head but I couldn't move my hand, hands...neither of them, I craned my neck but I couldn't move my head either. I was bound to a coffee table, hands tied to each leg of the table, feet to the other two legs, my waist was secured with a leather strap, as were my thighs, even my head was trapped in place. I heard a familiar soothing voice. "Easy young man, don't strain too hard. You're in good hands, all of ours..."

The Cougar was speaking, stroking my face with her hands lovingly. Sorry, I had to take such extreme measures, I have been tortured all these months. First hating you for swooping in to steal my job, then I caught a glimpse of u changing after the softball tournament. After seeing that magnificent cock of yours I just HAD to get a taste. And when I told my girlfriends about it, they were just as eager to get a little for themselves. The snap I took on my phone that day was NOT enough. I had to see that bulge up close. Now that I've seen it up close, I just have to have u at any cost. You wont be able to get free, I have locked you down. Your cock is mine, and mine to do with as I wish, fortunately I have some seriously deviant friends, they all have plans for you. And don't worry, I will keep you clean and nourished, I have all that figured out.

Now to begin.

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