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A girl gets kinky with some cold, traditional ice cream.

For the next half hour I am going to enjoy watching your face as I do things to you.

The first order of business is to expose those delicious tits. I look directly into your eyes as I undo the buttons one by one.


God, I am so turned on. I can't wait for you to get your hands on my bare tits; I can't stop trembling. I'm whimpering too. I want you to go faster but I'm quiet, letting you do all the leading and commanding.

Why am I so aroused by submitting to you? There seems to be some primordial instinct deep in me that makes me want to succumb to your power. The harder you are on me the more I want you inside me filling me with your essence. But I can' think about that right now....


I jerk the sides of your blouse open. Your black bra barely covers your nipples, but it does a great job of displaying your ample flesh in a most provocative way. I decide to leave your bra on for the time being, but I tease your flesh with my fingers and pinch your nipples through the fabric. You squirm and lick your lips.

"Now you can put your hands down. I want you to lean forward on your elbows so that your face is close to mine."

You are glad to bring your arms down and feel the blood flowing back to your hands. I grab your hair again and slap your cheeks as before, shocking you and making you gasp.

"You are too short," I say. "I want you leaning further across the counter."

"I'm sorry sir," you whimper. "If you would give me something to stand on, I could lean further."

"Good idea," I say. "I like you thinking of things to please me."

I get a small step-stool out of cabinet and help you stand on it and bend over. It takes only a little pull on your skirt to bring it up around your waist, baring your panty-covered ass. The stool turns out to be the perfect height. Standing on it in your high heels and leaning forward, your pretty ass is now the highest point on your body, perfect for what I have in mind. And your face is almost to the edge of the counter on the other side. I go around the counter and pull up a low bar stool to sit with my face only inches from yours.

Now is the crucial point. Unnoticed by you, I have retrieved a braided leather strap from under the counter. I watch your eyes as I raise my hand displaying the little whip to you.


Oh my god! What are you going to do with that? I've never been whipped before. You spanked me a little the last time, but with your hand, not a whip. This will be a completely new experience for me, one that I have fantasized about but never expected to happen. I hope I can take it and please you.

I suck in a big breath and clinch my ass muscles. You watch and wait, swinging the wicked-looking whip from side to side in front of my face. The anticipation is exquisite, making my pussy slick on the counter top. You know it and prolong the moment.

"Please don't hurt me," I say.

Your respond forcefully. "Be quiet. I will do what I want."


I know that I am going to have to hold you down once I start with the whip, so I seize the knot in your hair once again.

"Look at my eyes," I command, just before my arm comes over in a wide arc, bringing the hard leather down on your raised ass. You barely have time to react before I do it again. And then again.

I have hit you pretty hard, and you react strongly. You start to sob and twist your hips and your head. I pull on your hair forcing your cheek against the counter so that I can lick your tears. A few more smacks with whip and you are actively crying. I can see that your panties are torn, exposing bare flesh for me to aim at.

"Give me your tongue," I order, and when you are slow to respond, I bring the whip down hard on a bare patch of skin on your left ass cheek. This brings your tongue out fast, and I take into my mouth, licking and nibbling on it. Your body shudders and you push your tongue deep into my mouth. My teeth come down on it, imprisoning you.

Now that I am controlling your head with your tongue, I can let go of your hair.

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