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Dave and Juliette continue in the shower.

her body started to move, seeking some release from the sensations, the pressure He was creating. He groaned loudly as her butt rubbed against His fullness. There was always pain with pleasure when He chose to play with her. He felt the need to be with her, as sure as He felt the sway of her hips rubbing against Him.

Needing control, He pulled His hands away from her body and stepped away. He watched as she tried to gain her balance. her body was lost in heat and lust, desire coursing through her. she had been leaning her body against His, and now, He had moved away. her eyes opened, and her head swiveled. she meant to look at Him. He could not lose His control so soon to her. "STOP! Do not move," He commanded, loud enough for His words to echo off the walls.

she stopped standing still. her body was aching in every possible way, wanting to have Him, needing His touch. she willed her body into submission. Allowing her mind to remember that He was in control, she lowered her head and did not move. He looked at her, loving her desire to please Him. He knew the fullness of His heart, seeing her submit even as she longed for His touch, her release. He was pleased with her. More softly than before, He commanded, "To the bed, My dear one. I want you stripped and on the bed on hands and knees, Now!"

He watched with an amused grin as she scurried over to the bed. her body moving in an erotic dance as He watched her pull the gown over her head. she was absolutely beautiful. He knew she struggled with thoughts of ugliness, but He found her more beautiful than words from His mouth could ever say. It was not just her body, her heart, but it was her submission, a gift to Him. He cherished her, cherished her gift from the bottom of His heart.

His attention refocused from His thoughts onto her as she struggled to hurriedly pull off the gown. her arms were stuck, and she was making noises of frustration. He silently watched, knowing she was trying to follow the Now of His command. He laughed softly to himself when He heard a tearing sound. He hoped the tear was not bad, but could not keep the swelling of His heart at her desire to do His bidding so willingly. She jumped out of the pool of clothing at her feet and climbed up onto the bed.

He watched her hips sway back and forth as she crawled around on top of the black down comforter. she faced the head of the bed, as she knew she should. she balanced her body on her hands and knees, her head bowed. He watched her hair cascade down around her face somewhat saddened that it hid her cherished beauty from His view. He walked over to the closet and pulled out His box, smiling in anticipation.

As the fantasy unraveled in her mind, she felt her body respond to the call. her hands wrapped their fingers around her breasts, and she began massaging her breasts. her nipples were hard. she pulled on them, pinching them slightly. she moaned out loud, the sound filling the room around her. she wanted to be with Him, to feel His hands pulling on her body, touching and caressing. she wanted.......

her body quivered in anticipation as she heard the closet doors squeak on their hinges. she was willing and ready for Him. she wanted to peek so that she would know what to expect, but she knew that part of the fun was the surprise. she waited, feeling His body heat near her as He placed the box on the table beside the bed. she felt her moisture bead and slip down the inside of her thigh. she was already so wet for Him. she felt her hair being pulled back and waited.

He slipped the leather blindfold over her eyes and pulled her hair back into a twisting band.

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