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A girlfriend's secrets lead him in a new direction.

But it could be given orally. It would take twenty minutes to take effect if it was administered orally. Faster if any alcohol had been taken. It had been a little over half an hour since Alice carried the wine in. It figured he had been drinking pretty steadily ever since. It was damned sure he had drunk enough for it to be effective. For maybe two seconds I worried he might have had an over-dose. Then I shrugged my shoulders. As things stood, I might have trouble not trying to kill him with my bare hands.

I hoped I was right about it taking effect, because I couldn't take any more of this shithead abusing my wife. I pushed open the door and stepped into the room. The bastard's eyes got big, and he pushed himself to his feet. The first effect was bad for Alice, as in standing up he drove his cock further down her throat. He let go of her head and she fell to her side coughing and retching.

The bastard had to be six foot five if he was an inch. He roared real loud and stepped forward to smash me. Unfortunately for him he forgot his pants were around his ankles. He pitched forward, landing on his nose. It was gratifying to see he didn't catch himself with his arms as he fell; they seemed to collapse under his weight as he landed.

I looked down at him and sneered, "Get up, shithead! Mommy' little fat boy afraid to stand up to a man?"

The guy's eyes got even bigger as the blood poured out of his nose. I guess my attitude surprised him just because he was a foot taller and one hundred fifty pounds heavier than I was. Hell, maybe more, maybe he was over 200lbs bigger. He was huge!

He started to struggle to his feet, and I told him if he wanted to take his pants off he should just go ahead and do it. I'd let him. If he didn't want to, I'd take them off for him. He tried to yank them up, but they were so tangled they wouldn't come so he did just what I said. I mean, he pushed and prodded at them until they were off his feet, taking his shoes with them. It seemed like real work for him, so the relaxant must have been working.

As he got to his feet, I slipped one of the brass knucks on my right hand. Then I stepped in close to him and jumped on his toes. I landed on the edge of my heel and he screamed. Damn it that HAD to hurt. Then I put all my meager weight behind my shoulder as I tried to lift him off the ground with my fist. I actually raised him up on his toes. What did the job though was the muscle relaxant. His abdominal muscles had been relaxed also and my fist just sank into his gut. Seemed to me that my arm was more than wrist deep into his belly.

The air whooshed out of him and he sagged backwards, landing on the bed. Then the wine spewed out of him. I didn't wait for him, but stepped forward and began lacing him around the head with my fists. With my hands encased in the heavy gloves, I was trying to place as many punches on his temples as I could. Alternatively I was aiming at his throat. My goal was to make him groggy without breaking my hands on his head.

The asshole was just pawing at me. I guess he thought he was landing blows, but he didn't have the strength of a kitten. I'm sure he had no idea why he couldn't seem to hurt me. Couldn't have ever happened to him before. After maybe ten minutes, he just gave up. He started to cry, falling on the bed and rolling into a ball he tried to cover his head with his arms.

I turned to Alice who was sitting on the floor, staring at me open-mouthed. "See if Shit-For-Brains has any ties in the closet, girl. Bring them to me."

She just looked at me for a moment, until I barked at her, "NOW!" She jumped up and ran to the closet. Grabbing a handful off the rack she hurried them over to me.

Grabbing SFB's far hand I yanked on it, turning him onto his belly. Then I wound a tie around it and tied it on, tight. Jumping on the bed I pulled his other arm back and fastened a tie around it. Then I tied the arms together behind his back.

Stepping back onto the floor I told him to get all the w

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