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Nicole gradually warms up to Phillip.

In all that time I had never had cause to worry about or question Andrew's total fidelity to me. I had been the dominate one; the top to his bottom; the one fully equipped to keep him satisfied.

As we sat at the caf__, I watched Andrew ogling all of the luscious young men strolling about, some going to or returning from their boats in the harbor, some well-toned students from the adjacent U.S. Naval Academy, resplendent in their jogging gear. There had been a time, not very long ago, when Andrew would only have eyes for me when we sat here. My sudden, but apparently total and permanent impotence had changed all of that, no matter what assurances he gave me.

"Andrew, we need to talk about this," I murmured to him, not wanting to share this conversation with all the others in the caf__

"Stop worrying, Kevin," Andrew said with an unconvincing breezy tone. "We're both growing older. Some things just aren't that important any more. There's nothing to discuss. Everything is just fine."

I was not fooled. All the time he was saying this, he was looking over my shoulder, eyeing the hunk of a young waiter scurrying back and forth, trying to stay ahead of the needs of the crowded caf__.

No, it would not be all right. I could not lose Andrew. Not after all of the time and effort I had invested in this relationship. But had I already lost Andrew?

It was a week later, and we had played our usual round of golf at the Annapolis Golf Club and returned to the Cathedral Street row house a bit after noon. I showered while Andrew fixed us something to eat, and after we'd eaten on the porch overlooking our postage stamp-sized back garden, I sent him upstairs for his shower and then made a phone call.

When Andrew emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, there were two of us waiting for him.

"What . . .?" Andrew exclaimed in surprise.

"This is Jamie, Andrew. Until recently he was a student at the Naval Academy. But he had to leave there on short notice, and I wanted you to meet him."

Andrew couldn't keep the lust out of his eyes. Jamie was a magnificent young man, already handsome before he had reached the academy, but having benefited from three hard years of body conditioning as a Naval Academy cadet.

"Come over here and sit with me, Andrew, and we'll let Jamie introduce himself to us."

Andrew came over to the foot of the bed, where I was sitting, wrapped in a terrycloth robe. He was still glassy-eyed and confused and not understanding what was happening. I scooted back on the bed and spread my legs and pulled Andrew down into a sitting position between them. Then, I opened my robe and shrugged it off. I was naked underneath. I wrapped my arms around Andrew and pulled his towel off his body and threw it to one side.

Then Jamie stood in front of Andrew and slowly stripped, while I stroked Andrew's cock with one hand and roamed his chest and belly with the other. The young blond man had a beautiful, cut body, trim and lithe, but with well-defined hard-bodied muscles. Andrew drew in his breath when he saw what the young man was packing between his legs. Jamie was as thick and long as I was, but his master cock was engorged and stood out from his body with a slight upward curve, something my cock could no longer manage.

"Do you like him, Andrew?" I whispered to my partner of fifteen years. "He had to leave the academy suddenly for playing too intimately with some of the other young men. I hired him to take care of our needs in our advancing years. All of our needs. He lives here now."

Andrew sighed in response and I could feel him trembling in my embrace. He lifted his mouth to mine and we kissed deeply and Jamie knelt between Andrew's legs and his soft mouth replaced my hand on Andrew's cock.

Andrew's kisses became more passioned and insistent as Jamie cupped Andrew's buttocks in his hands and pumped his cock with his mouth.

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