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Then I start fucking Keri. No buildup, no slowly deepening penetration. Just drawing back until only the tip is inside, then slamming forwards and burying my dick in the dirty-blonde's tight pussy. Then repeat. The table is heavy wood and metal so it doesn't move much, and with my hands around her waist I can pound Keri's pussy deep and hard. Keri's ass jiggles and her hair bounces. With a mental command she turns her head to the side so I can watch her expression. Eyes wincing, jaw clenched, cheek pressed against the shiny wooden surface. Less than ten minutes after meeting this hot blonde she is bent over and taking my dick deep inside her - such is the life of a mind controller.

I order Keri to raise herself to a standing position. I lose the view of her ass but gain two handfuls of firm breasts as I reach my hands to her front and under her dress. I also have her turn her head and lock lips with mine, which is a little awkward in this position but fun nonetheless. As Keri's tongue explores my mouth my fingers twist and pinch her nipples through her bra, just so I can feel those little spikes of pain from her mind on top of the growing ache caused by my continued fucking of her pussy.

I'd like to say I fucked Keri like this for hours, but in truth I lasted maybe five minutes of this vigorous pace before feeling my orgasm approach rapidly. I don't want to cum inside her pussy though - she won't get pregnant but that's not the concern here. Her dress has a zip at the back - I unzip it and quickly step away. Keri is almost as surprised at my withdrawal from her pussy as she was by the initial entrance; she's even more surprised when her arms reach to slip her dress off her shoulders and onto the ground. Her bra joins her dress on the floor of the conference room, as do her stockings and panties, and as she turns to face me I can see I made the right choice picking Keri for this evening's catharsis. Her body is fit and toned, long legs topped by a shapely ass. A flat stomach leads up to swelling breasts that are larger than her business attire suggested, at least Cs if not Ds; her nipples are a little red from my earlier rough treatment.

I could spend some time exploring her body but I'm not in the mood to take things slow. Instead Keri kneels in front of me, puts her hands behind her back, tilts her head up and opens her mouth. Without ceremony I step forwards and feed my dick to Keri, who dutifully takes about half of it inside her mouth before closing her lips tight around the shaft. I hold her head with my hands to keep her in place and with a mental command I suppress her gag reflex and relax her throat before pushing the rest of my dick into her. Keri's eyes bulge as she feels her air being cut off by my dick traveling down her throat, but she is unable to do move or struggle. I shift one hand to the back of her head while bearing down with my hips, forcing as much of my dick into her as possible. This also frees up my other hand, which I use to grope and pinch her breasts. After a few seconds of this (any more and Keri would start to pass out) I lift my dick out of her throat. Keri immediately takes a deep breath through her nose (her lips are still wrapped tightly around my dick). I let her take a few more breaths, then start fucking her mouth in earnest.

For the next couple of minutes the room is filled with the quiet wet sounds of my dick violating Keri's mouth.

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