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A hike into the canyon is rewarded.

" He laughed to one of the other workers.

Astrid looked at the other cattle and preened as best she could. Despite her long stint in the diary and perhaps because of it she was the most sought after. Her pride quickly faded as a rough hand smacked her hanging tits, in an all too practiced manner. Her milker wrung them from base to nipple squeezing their nectar in a large metal bucket. Her liquid sang against its sides. Astrid wept as the video cameras broadcast the event to the audience purchasing her product.

She could feel her pussy drip and the small contractions begin. Astrid knew that since she was not being bred today a camera would be place behind her so everyone that wished could see her surrender. As he stood up with the bucket he showed her milk to the cameras. He attached the milking machine's heavy cups to her nipples and flipped the switch. The suction was set intentionally high and its relentless draw made her bellow with agony. As she noticed the bidding rack up furiously on the tote board she started to cum. A spray of her mist fogged the camera, which ignited more bidding. As her water splashed down her legs, she lost control of her body completely knowing the level of the audience's desire.

The machine whirled to a stop but the milking cups still latched on to her nipples.

Her lust still not slaked she ground her teeth against the bit gag. She watched heavy cocked men breeding some of the other women being milked. Occasionally, cows had to be bred to maintain milk. Sometimes it was an extra for the audience or a reward for the cow. She would have touched herself; however, the shackles on her belt restraint would not allow it. "Lucky." she thought turning away from the action.

"Jealous?" Her milker smiled down at her. He stepped in behind her and Astrid raised her ass as much as she could to present herself. "It is not your turn to be bred yet. Plus you have done nothing that deserves reward lately." His voice deepened, "However, I will fuck your ass if that will calm you down."

That was the problem with being at the top - nowhere to go but down - the Farm pushed you harder and harder until you failed. That was their standard operating procedure. Then there was punishment, neglect, or exile - none desirable or survivable for any of the creatures there.

Astrid tried not to worry about that and wiggled her ass trying indicating her submission. It would not feel as good her pussy but she needed some relief, any relief. To her horror she heard the milking machine started. The setting had been lowered but the suction immediately began to tear at her already swollen and ragged nipples. She sobbed at her predicament and the sheer joy of her agony. Large hands spread her plump ass and a thick cock head took position at her puckered opening. It was greased and from the consistency it felt like the same lubrication they used for the cups on her udders.

With a sudden push he broke her open and was in her two or three inches. Her ass burned. He was bigger than Astrid thought. Not as big as the breeding bulls, however, this was her ass not her pussy. She tried to force him out of her - but it was far too late. All her thrashing did was to shake the machine adding extra weight to the hoses and cups which only increased the pain and her helplessness. That and it seemed to infuriate the farmer.

"So, you think you can go somewhere?" He reached over her back grabbing the gate and with no mercy he drove his dick down to its root into her open hole. Pull most of the way out he then drove in again relentlessly.

"Oh, he is good." Astrid thought as she started to cum. It was not long before he shot his load deep into her ass. As he pulled out she could feel his cum creeping out of her gaping asshole down toward her sex.

"This one is done.

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