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He gets fucked with the Dick Rambone.

"What a mess!" Toni said as she pulled him up and into the shower. "Let's clean up and go see the sights of Vegas."

Watching Toni wash her breasts and then direct the spray from the shower directly on her pussy brought Rick's flaccid cock back to life. When she finished her bath, she soaped up her hands and washed his balls, his pubic hair, and, giving a few more strokes than necessary, thoroughly scrubbed his erection.

Without giving him the relief he desired, Toni dashed from the shower, dried herself, and waited impatiently as Rick pulled on jeans and a sweatshirt.

As the newlyweds strolled up and down the Strip, Toni realized that, for the first time in her life, she was feeling "horny." Sitting at a sidewalk table for lunch, they could see across the wide boulevard a "gentlemen's" club named "Crazy Girls." The marquee advertised "Half Price Table Dances" before five o'clock. On a whim, Toni grabbed Rick's hand, grinned mischievously, and led him across the street and into Crazy Girls.

On the center stage amid the flashing strobe lights a rather large dancer humped the pole and then got on her knees doggy-style and rubbed her crotch which was barely covered by a green thong. The dancer's boobs were huge, obviously augmented, and so firm that they scarcely jiggled at all when she danced. Toni observed the growing bulge in Rick's pants and was acutely aware of her own moist genitals.

"Rick," she whispered into his ear, "go find a girl to do a table dance for us." Before Rick could get up, a rather tall brunette with long hair and averaged sized tits approached their table.

"I'm Dominique. May I join you?"

"Of course," Toni quickly replied. "We want a table dance."

As Dominique began her sensual movements, Toni gazed first at the dancer and then at Rick, whose boner was obviously straining to burst out of his jeans. Toni put her hand on Rick's thigh and motioned for Dominique to move closer. Dominique straddled Rick's thigh and pressed her crotch against his erect cock. As her hips moved rhythmically, Rick pressed upward as he groaned, "Stop! I can't hold it back!"

Toni pushed her hand between Dominique's pussy and Rick's thigh, squeezed his cock and whispered in his ear, "Let it flow for me. Cum, baby, cum."

Rick's resistance ended with a flood of cum oozing through his pants leg, showing in an ever increasing circle of dampness. When the first spasms hit, Rick embraced Dominique, pulled her close, and took her left tit into his lips, sucking noisily. As best sue could, Toni embraced both of them, kissing first Rick and then Dominique. They quickly settled with Dominique, tipping generously, and departed Crazy Girls with Rick holding his jacket to cover the wet spot. Driving back to the hotel, Toni felt an unfamiliar wetness and congestion in her crotch. She contracted her genital muscles like she was holding back pee and found that the congestion became tighter. She needed release but wasn't sure how to get it.

Back at their room, Toni locked herself in her bathroom, undressed, and felt her swollen bottom. For the first time ever, she noticed a small protrusion just above her urethra. She touched it and gasped at the sensitivity. She proceeded carefully to probe and caress her new found pleasure spot. Her fingers massaged it into an even greater state of congestion. Soon, she was breathing as hard as if she had been running. She collapsed onto the floor as her body contracted and then jerked uncontrollably. Toni was both frightened and relieved as her body calmed and breathing slowed.

Rick knocked on the bathroom door. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm ok. I'll be out in a minute."

Toni wrapped herself in the white terrycloth robe provided by the hotel and cautiously entered the bedroom.

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