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My mom was still looking at the same styles on the table. She had a similar bra in her hand just a different color.

"Mom, I'm going to try a couple things on, be right back." I called to her.

She just nodded and kept sifting through the lingerie.

As soon as I got into the fitting room I hung up the items on one hook and put my purse down on the bench. My top was off quickly and my jeans were down soon after. I looked at myself in the mirror admiring my breasts and my abs. I was still a looker I thought, and hopefully I would be for many years to come if my mother was any example. I reached behind me and unhooked my bra before slipping my shoulders from the straps and allowing the bra to fall to the bench. I looking down at my girls and found my pink nipples were hard. I was more than slightly aroused. I could feel moisture having built between my pussy lips, too. I slipped off my thong and used it to wipe down there before grabbing the lace g-string to slide it up my legs. As I got them to my hips I heard the door to the fitting room next to mine open and close. Someone hung up hangers on their hook. I smiled knowing it was my mother in trying on some similar lingerie. I looked back at myself in the mirror to see how the g-string looked on my. The thin piece of fabric just barely covered my pubic mound and the strings went out and around my hips before sinking between my smooth ass cheeks. I couldn't help but wink at my hot self before I grabbed the garter belt and slipped it up my legs and over my hips, too. I wasn't planning on taking the stockings out of the packaging and putting them on. That was too much work just for the fitting room. I then grabbed the bra and put my arms through the straps before sliding them up to my shoulders and settling my breasts into the cups. I then reached behind me and hooked the clasp together. I adjusted my breasts in the cups and made sure my nipples were poking out of the little openings of the cups. Just then I heard a knock on the door.

"Is everything okay in there? Do you need help with anything?" I heard Mary's distinctive voice.

"No, I mean yes, I'm okay. I'll be right out," I said to her as I slipped my feet back into my heels before opening the door and walking out.

Mary's eyes widened as I walked by her to the several mirrors at the end of the walkway and was able to see myself from several revealing angles. The outfit looked so great on me and I felt even sexier in it than when I first put it on. I could feel still more moisture building between my lips again and I even caught a whiff of my own natural aroma.

"That outfit looks very nice on you. The g-string looks especially sexy," Mary said with a much more breathy tone than before. I turned around to face her. She was standing over by the other fitting room where my mom was and she asked, "How does everything feel?"

"The bra and g-string fit well," I said, and if it was me being that more turned on or not, I saw just how attractive this woman really was as she stared hard at me. She had short brown hair that came down just past her ears. She was probably about 5'6" and very petite in size. I did notice the swell of her small breasts through her dark color blouse. Her skirt stopped just above her knees and her legs were encased in black stockings.

I felt my nipples get harder than they already were as she started to walk toward me.

"Let's see if this bra is really the right size for you," with that said her hands came up to the cups. Her warm palms moved over and under my breasts until suddenly I felt her fingertips slip into the slits in the cups. Her fingers were smooth and felt electric against my nipples. She then moved her fingers deeper into the cups until she maneuvered each nipple to extend out through the small openings. "There, I think that should make it feel much more comfortable."

I couldn't believe she had just done that.

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