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He spanks her but begins to wonder.

I'm looking for someone on the sexually dominant side. If you fall under all these categories then send me a reply! P.S. No one line messages please, I hate them."

She posted the ad and confirmed it in her email.

"Now we wait."

Eliza hopped in the shower to pass time, no point in hovering over her phone after all.

Thirteen minutes later, Eliza was towel drying her hair and shifting through 30 messages, and those were just the ones that made it through her spam filter.

Message after message, she deleted the really bad ones and responded to the ones that passed muster, no one was really jumping out to her despite the fact that some of the pictures the men had sent her did cause a bit of feminine stirring.

'Hey I want to fuck you real hard and good let's do it'

One sentence, looks like someone can't read. Next.

'Call me sweetie, just give me an hour with ur feet and you wont regret it I will show you the pleasures and wonders of getting your feet worshipped.'

Eliza wasn't one to shame anyone for their kinks but...ew.

'Hey, Handsome and very clean white guy serious about meeting. can pick you up as I drive. have my own house to host VERY PRIVATE NO ONE WILL BOTHER US FOR HOURS. Love eating black pussy and ass, want to make you my little love slave'

God, she was gunning to get murdered, wasn't she?

The more Eliza read, the less optimistic she got. This was abysmal, worse than the first time (and the first time, she'd been propositioned by her old high school guidance counsellor). She was beginning to think she'd be doomed to spend tonight alone and needy. She flipped to the next email and was pleasantly surprised with what she read.

'Hey there, I'm Chris. 28 years old, white, 6'2, strong and dominant but respectful. Non-smoker, good hygiene, ready and willing to give you exactly what you need, sweetheart.'

Okay, she had to admit that gave her the littlest bit of excitement.

'7.5" cut, I'm a big guy, do some landscaping in my spare time, bearded, some tattoos. Fun to hang out with and down to earth. I'm sure you're fielding about a million emails but I hope I stand out. Not a psycho, Chris.'

His sign off had her laughing and she typed out a quick response. Hopefully he'd reply back soon. In the mean time she'd get ready to meet up with one of her suitors.


A few emails back and forth and Eliza was in a cab heading to Chris' place. She reread his last email to her on the way.

'It's good we've established our boundaries, I'd hate to have to stop in the middle because I made you uncomfortable. He's a dick for flaking on you like that, but his loss is my gain honestly. Is there anything you like? Kinks you have that you'd like to play around with? I'm partial to being a little rough, biting, spanking that kind of thing ;)'

Eliza squeezed her thighs together at the thought. Drew had been good in bed but he wasn't exactly adventurous. He was hard pressed to manhandle Eliza like she asked and it left her wanting time and time again. Maybe Chris would solve that for her.

"I think this is it. $8.50." The cab driver broke her dirty thoughts and she paid him quickly, avoiding his eyes in the rear-view mirror.

Eliza slid out of the cab, heart thudding a bit despite knowing she wouldn't see Chris until she got up to his apartment. A couple of keys on the building's buzzer and a short elevator ride had Eliza facing exactly that. Apartment 2104.


Chris rubbed his hands together in anticipation for Eliza to arrive. He'd seen her pictures when they'd been exchanging emails and Christ, he couldn't decide if he felt lucky or confused. Eliza had dark brown eyes, a mouth that whispered sin and a pair of tits that promised that Chris would be dreaming about them a month from now. How the hell was she in need of a man? Women that looked like her should have lines of drooling men following her around the city to carry her bags.

Two sharp knocks had Chris jumping up from his couch and stumbling

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