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Hey could work out the rest some other time. Right now he was fucking Kristin, and that was all that mattered.

Jason began fucking her in earnest, and while he thrust and luxuriated in the tightness of her pussy, giving her the full measure of his probing cock, she eventually released her bite and began to moan softly.

"yesssss..." she hissed into his ear. "Feel yourself ready to burst? Mmmm, your juices...let them flow...unleash your great liquid essence...do it...for your mate..."

She had ceased her rapid power fucking, and switched to long, deliberate strokes that took him from tip to root and back again, never letting him escape. Each stroke bathing his aching cock with a fresh flood of warm, waxy caresses from her welcoming cunt...

Wait. Waxy?

Yes, that was what felt weird. For all that she felt heavenly (was that the right word?) riding him...her pussy had a strange, inhuman feel.

He'd noticed it before, but somehow had kept overlooking it. Her flesh, including the muscles inside her pussy, were like malleable wax. It moved like flesh, it almost felt like flesh, but it...wasn't.

In fact, now that he thought about it, it felt like fucking a very animated Fleshlight.

NOT KRISTIN rang out in the back of his mind, and he began to see through her disguise. She still rode his cock, but her form shifted before his eyes. Blonde ponytail, black wavy hair...blue eyes, black with yellow fire...modest breasts, full heavy jugs...trim pale bush, wild dark thatch...Kristin -


Jason had been on the brink before, but this realization had somehow broken the spell, brought him back from the edge. The fucking she was giving him was still the most intense sexual experience to ever land on his cock, but it had lost something. Some urgency, some verve. And he found that he could hold back.

He could resist her. Pearl didn't know it yet, but but the balance had just been tipped in Jason's favor.

He began to fuck her right back. Slowly at first, but as he gained confidence, he gained control. He began to fuck her harder, meeting her thrust for thrust.

"Oooohyesss," Pearl growled, "That's the spirit. Give it to me good, you fucking beast."

"You're nothing compared to the real thing," Jason said through gritted teeth. "You're just a fucking toy."

"That's right," said Pearl. "I'm your fuck-toy. Fuck me as hard as you want. You can't hurt me."

"Oh yeah?" Jason said, and slammed upward into Pearl hard enough to lift her off the bed.

That got Pearl's attention. She sat upright and glared at him, confused. Jason hit her with another thrust, and then again, and again.

"That got your attention, huh?" Jason said. "I know who you are," he continued, "and I know something else, too. You're on the clock."

"Well, well," said Pearl. "The little human thinks he can outlast a demon, does he?"

Jason slammed his cock into her a few more times, to make his point. "Try me," he said grimly.

Pearl looked dumbfounded for a few seconds. Then she shook herself, tossing her hair to one side and causing her cleavage to jiggle provocatively.

"Right, then," Pearl said sternly, "We're doing this."

Pearl gripped Jason's forearms, and held them to the bed above his head. She licked his cheek where she had scratched him earlier, and Jason felt the electric tingle of an open would.

"Do your worst," he said.

"Count on it, human," Pearl replied.

After that, it became a contest of physical endurance. Pearl pulled every trick she could think of to fuck Jason to orgasm.

She caressed his body lightly, and roughly, and violently.

She varied the pace of her fucking, often unexpectedly, hoping to catch Jason off guard.

She spoke to him gently, calling him "honey" and "baby" and "sweetie".

She said filthy things too, urging him to "fill me up with your big fucking load!" and "bust that fat nut inside me!"

She called him pathetic, an animal, a worthless beast.

All the while sliding her smooth, warm, and waxy, but nonetheless fantastic, pussy along Jason's engorged cock.

For Jason's part, he

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