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20 Year old Luke joins his local team.

Michaelby drop those pants, whip out the big cock she knew was hiding underneath and spear her, quickly, and fuck her pussy. Just as Shelby imagined this, the pressure on her clit intensified, and as quietly as she could, panted her release as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her.

"That's what I was waiting for, Shelby, "Dr. Michaelby said in a husky tone. Shelby was too relaxed to question him. She felt him move to her side and adjust the table back to the flat position. He held a blanket over her and asked her to roll onto her back so he could finish the adjustment. She did so, realizing the blanket had been warmed in an oven. She dreamed to herself that she wished the warm blanket was Dr. Trenton Michaelby, laying over her as she relished in the orgasmic afterglow.

Dr. Michaelby finished the treatment by holding her head in his hands and asking her to please stay relaxed. As he spoke, he quickly snapped her neck to one side, then the other. Shelby had a moment of panic, thinking that he would certainly paralyze her. For a second or two, she felt she couldn't move or feel, but the sensation quickly went away as she realized that her muscles were more relaxed than they had been in a long time.

The soothing music ended and Dr. Michaelby spoke quietly, "Shelby, please feel free to stay as long as you need to enjoy the relaxation. When you are ready, please get dressed and speak to the receptionist. With your level of stress and misalignment, I feel you need intensive treatment.

Shelby felt she tighten up, "But Dr. Michaelby, my insurance...."

He answered quickly, "I know several people at your insurance company. I will get something worked out so you can come in 3 times a week for the next month. The insurance adjusters and I have an understanding," he said with just the slightest smile.

Shelby dressed after Dr. Michaelby left. Before she went out to the reception area, she phoned Marisol. "Mari -- honey, you weren't lying."

Four weeks later......

After four weeks, Shelby was feeling great, physically. Emotionally, she was stressed out again. The chiropractor bills started rolling in, even with her insurance she didn't know how she was going to keep paying for the sessions. The situation with her ex wasn't any better and the police told her that they couldn't help her.

Before her session started, she waited for Dr. Michaelby. She wanted to let him know before today's session. She didn't want to stop the wonderful treatments, and he was right, with the release of tension and stress things were getting better. Until yesterday, when the bills started coming due. She giggled to herself, coming, and cumming.

Dr. Michaelby walked in, as sexy as the first time she saw him. Immediately, he saw the strained look on her face and asked her what was wrong. "Dr. Michaelby, um, I'm sorry to bring this up. But I can't afford the copays right now. I am still fighting the bank and my ex. I love what you do to me, uh, for me, but I can't see you anymore until I can pay the co-pays."

"I'm sorry to hear that Shelby. I love making my patients feel better." He sat down in front of her, took her hands and looked her in the eye. In his low, sultry, sex voice, he asked, "How about we work out a deal?"

"What kind of deal?"

"You seem to enjoy the pleasure I give you when I adjust you, am I right or am I mistaken?"

Shelby blushed and whispered, "You are right, more than you know."

"If you gave me a little pleasure in return, I would be willing to write off your copays?"

"What would I have to do?"

Dr. Michaelby smiled, his lips looking more sensuous than before. "Nothing you wouldn't enjoy. I've relaxed your muscle several times, enough to give you relief of pain. I have a few techniques that would relax you completely. And once you're relaxed, I can take my enjoyment. I assure you though, that you would enjoy it completely as well, or I will stop if you just say the word."

"Really?" Shelby questioned, licking her lips nervously.

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