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"I bet I'm just nervous since I haven't seen her in months. My body is just getting ready to see the woman of my dreams. Just calm down and take a deep breath Liz. Take a deep breath. You're are going to get your pussy licked by Ari and you're going to lick hers just like we used too," Liz thought to herself as she finished applying her makeup.

Liz made her way back into the concert only to realize the concert was almost finished. Liz made her way to the access area. Liz walked up to the security guy, hoping she could explain her unique situation.

"Hello, you might not know me," Liz tried saying to the guard before he interrupted her.

"Liz Gillies.

"Miss Gillies, it's good to finally see you in person," the security guard said.

"How do you know who I am? I'm sure we've never met before," Liz replied.

"I know all about you from Miss Grande," the guard said as Liz's ears perked up and her attention was peeked.

"You do?" Liz asked.

"Of course! She talks about you non-stop! We always hear about you, how much she misses you, and how badly she wants to see you again, and what she'd do to you once she sees you," the guard said as the thought of what Ariana might do made Liz wet her panties a bit.

Liz then regained her composure and said, "Interesting. I was kind of hoping to surprise her since I haven't told her I was in town or at the concert tonight. Is there any way you could help me with that?"

"Yeah sure. I'll get you access to her dressing room, you can wait for her in there," the security guard said as he unhooked the rope and lead Liz to Ariana's dressing room. Once they approached Ariana's dressing room, the security guard unlocked the door.

"You can just stay in here until Ariana is done with the meet and greet," the security guard said to Liz as he moved over and allowed the brunette beauty to enter the room.

"Thank you very much," Liz said as she looked around and saw pictures of her and Ariana scattered all over the walls.

"No problem, you two enjoy each other," the guard said as he shut the door and left. Liz quickly got up and looked at all of the pictures of her and Ariana on the wall. She saw photos as early as when they first met each other and photos as late as the last time they saw each other. Liz was looking through the photos when she heard Ariana outside.

"Oh shit! She can't know I'm here yet," Liz thought as she looked for somewhere to hide. Liz quickly looked at the closet and realized that was the only place she could hide. So she got into the closet as Ariana entered the room. Liz's heart pounded out of her chest as she finally saw her lover. Liz wanted to jump her bones right there but she wanted to surprise Ariana not scare her, so she waited while Ariana moved around the dressing room.

Liz stared at Ariana's beauty as she observed what the tiny-framed singer was wearing. Ariana was wearing a little white dress that showed off her long legs and her cute perky ass. The fishnets she was wearing along with her sexy white high heels only boosted the effect.

"Aw man, what a fun show," Ariana said out loud to herself as she took off her makeup. Liz's attention stayed on Ariana as she searched the drawer for something. Liz was in absolute shock when she saw what Ariana had pulled out. Ariana had pulled out a large, 12 inch long black dildo.

"Good thing I brought you along, I need to unwind," Ariana said to her "friend" as she reached for the back of her dress. Liz watched in stunned silence as her lover let her dress drop to the floor, revealing the singer only wearing a pair of tan panties along with the fishnets. Ariana stepped out of her heels and grabbed hem of her panties, slowly and seductively pulling them down her legs as she finally put them on the ground.

Ariana turned around and looked dead at Liz and said, "Liz. I know you're in there you can come out now." Liz was shocked as she stepped out of the closet.

"How did you know I was in there?" Liz asked her naked lover.

"I can smell it whenever you little snatch gets all wet f

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