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Accidentally trespassing on a secret fertility rite.


I handed the mike off to Jerry and walked over and took my seat at the bar. Instead of looking in the mirror I swiveled around on my stool so I could check out the crowd. As I looked out over the patrons Melody came up behind me.
"You know she hasn't taken her eyes off of you since you got here. I think there is something there Bobby. It might be to your benefit to give her a chance. After all, you really don't know for sure that she did anything. Hit her with all of it and see where it goes. You don't have anything to lose."

"After what I saw? I don't think so."

"What you saw could have been no more than drunken flirting that got a little out of hand. Maybe it was the first time. Maybe it had never happened before. Maybe she has a legitimate excuse for what happened after she left the Top Hat. You need to put an end to it Bobby. Get the confrontation out of the way and get it settled one way or the other."

I turned and looked at Melody. Breanna and Melody had gone to school together, but even though they hadn't run with the same crowd they still talked from time to time. Melody knew my story. After I walked out on Bree I spent a lot of my evenings at the Strip and one night after a few too many beers Melody had asked me why I was so down and I was just wasted enough to tell her the whole story.

"She got to you?"

"She has talked to me a time or two. Enough to convince me that she does love you. I haven't told her what you told me, but I think it would do the both of you a world of good to sit down and have it out."

I shrugged and turned back to survey the crowd. It was Breanna who was responsible for my being at the bar doing what I was doing. I'd known Joe for over twenty years and one day I was sitting at the bar trying to bury my sorrows with alcohol Joe sat down next to me. He had already heard my sad story so he occasionally sat down with me and tried to pull me out of my funk by getting me to talk about other subjects. After some general talk about my parents who had introduced me to Joe he started talking about finding ways to build up business during the week.

"I do great on Friday and Saturday when the band is here, but things are slower than I like during the week."

The previous weekend I had gone to the Comedy Works to see one of my favorite comics perform and I'd had a good time so I said:

"Why not have an open mike night during the week. Say maybe midweek on a Wednesday. A local talent show. Any one who wants to give it a try can get up and do it. It won't cost you anything since they will be doing it for free. Plus they will tell all their friends and relatives they are going to do it and some of those friends and relatives will come to see and they will buy drinks while they are here. If the idea catches on the word will go out and other drinkers will come in to get the free entertainment with their booze."

And so open mike night at the Landing Strip was born. Joe asked me to run it and I told him that I would, but that my price was going to be high. He asked what it was and I said:

"I drink for free from now on."

He smiled, said "Done!" We shook hands on it and there I was.

Joyce had wound the crowd up and it carried over to Jerry. He didn't have that edge that Joyce had, but he was pretty good. He reached the end of his monolog, thanked the crowd and handed me the mike when I got up on the stage.

"Thanks Jerry. I'm sure that when you complete your education and start taking care of patients that you will keep them in stitches."

I got a loud groan from the crowd at the pun. Last on the schedule is Gene Ellsworth. Gene is a landscaper by day and he hopes to be able to dig up a few laughs here tonight."

That got me another bad pun groan from the crowd and I said, "Cut me a break people. I'm up here doing this for free."

"And we are getting our money's worth" a voice cried out from the back and he got a laugh from the crowd.

"Okay, okay. You get the mike after Gene" and that got me a laugh as I handed off the microphone.

I saw Breanna watch me walk all the way back to

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