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In which Lokesh's Uncle Hires Laxmi for Mission Impossible.

"This corner here needs rearranged."

Kaylee and I looked at the disorganized heap of tools, beams, and buckets that took up nearly three-quarters of a good sized stall. It was clearly going to take some work to move them-without killing each other in the process.

"The beams go upstairs," John said, pointing to the loft. "The tools go onto the bench over there. And the buckets over by the door."

He pointed in the appropriate direction for each category and Kaylee and I took mental notes.

"You expect me to get a beam upstairs?" I asked skeptically.

"Nope. Just lift it and I'll do the rest. You'll see."

I look at him dubiously. "Let's start with that. I want to see this."

Unfortunately, the beams were behind some other stuff and Kaylee and I spent the first few minutes getting to one, much to John's delight. Finally, when I was ready to attempt to grapple a beam, John moved over to the ladder leading up to the loft.

It ended up requiring both Kaylee and me to carry the beam to John, Kaylee on one end and me on the other. We held it in front of us and the tension of the beam on our t-shirts caused the shirts to stretch down and across our breasts. As was the norm, neither of us wore a bra, thinking we were on vacation and not a work assignment. From his perch halfway up the ladder, John got quite a view.

"Now, lift it up and don't let go until I say so," he said.

Kaylee and I counted to three and raised the beam as far as we could. John grabbed it somewhere near the middle, rested one end on the ladder, and shouted: "Got it!"

We let go and both of us took a step or two backward, fully expecting the log to come crashing down. Instead, John moved his grip and flung the beam into the loft. It was actually quite impressive.

He looked down at us. "Well, where's the next one?"

Kaylee and I turned simultaneously and repeated the process-three more times. By the time the last one was sitting in the loft, we were hot, out of breath, and sore. John jumped off the ladder and stood in front of us, gazing at our filthy t-shirts.

"NOW you look like you belong on a ranch," he said.

"This is an off-day?" Kaylee panted while inspecting her dirty hands.

"Odd jobs," John said. "Not even work. You aren't done you know."

It took another half hour or so to clear out the stall. As Kaylee and I were putting away the last of the buckets, John was sneaking up behind us with a hose. Just as we turned around, we were met with a spray of cold water.

We screamed, put up our hands in protection, and turned our backs to him. The bath continued, refreshing on one hand and troublesome for our clothes on the other. The spraying down might have only lasted a few seconds, but the effect was clear. We were much cooler, and much wetter.

When the screams, and water, stopped, John said, "The horses love that. What's your problem?"

Kaylee and I turned to face him, not aware at first of the wet t-shirt effect already in play. His eyes, and the cold shirts against our breasts, made us aware of our conditions. Kaylee immediately crossed her arms in front of herself. I took another approach.

I ran towards him in an effort to get the hose. He jerked it out of my reach and we bumped together. I didn't give up, grabbing the hose well below the spray nozzle and yanking it as hard as I could. Perhaps he let me win, but soon I had the water spraying directly at his jeans. I got him good both front and back before letting the nozzle go and dropping the hose.

Kaylee was laughing from her safe vantage point, while I gasped for air, my nipples pressing against the soaked shirt each time I took a breath.

"That's a good look for you," John said with amusement.

I stepped forward, until I was close enough to touch him. I put my hand on his dripping wet crotch. "You don't look too bad yourself."

Kaylee wasn't laughing now. John's expression was one of curiosity.

"How do you explain THIS to Melody?" I asked.

"She's in town shopping. Goes every Saturday. She won't be back for hours," he answered.

I felt his cock hardening.

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