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Lexi's life changes completely after but a single spell.

I never expected to have any kind of sex with my mother let alone great sex. When she finished she put her head on my chest and she covered my cock with her hand and said, "It was so good good."

We slept in the same bed and in the middle of night I was awakened by her kisses, She apologized for waking me but she said, "I felt so good feeling you naked against me that I had to kiss you. Oh honey let me make you feel you made me feel."

As she went under the sheet I told her, "Mom believe me, I felt every bit as good as you did." She didn't respond because by then she had my cock in her mouth. I don't know if I had a hard-on before she started but she had a mouthful of it by then.

I took the sheet off to watch as she held my cock with a few fingers on my balls and the others on the base of my cock. She was bobbing on the knob and the top of the shaft when she stopped to ask me, "Does that feel good honey?" I assured her that nothing could feel better than my lovely mother's mouth on me and she went back to my cock with a smile.

Her tit felt good on my thigh and I reached to get my hand on her ass. I slipped a finger between the full globes and I heard her murmur on my shaft. I worked my finger in as she sucked and licked me toward satisfaction. My mother didn't know what to do when I came because as she told me later, no one had come in her mouth before. It was a mess. She swallowed some and the rest got all over everything. She apologized and I laughed telling her it was wonderful. That night was the first of many that would make up quite an eventful and life-changing summer.

We made love as much as we could. She worked full time and Rob and I had part time jobs at the mall. On the weekends we all went to the beach together. After a few weeks Rob asked me what was going on. He said something seemed strange when we all went out. I was dying to tell him anyway and I said, "I had sex with her."

Rob's eyes bugged out and he stood open-mouthed, "Who...not with...?"

"That's right," I said. "We did it...and we do it."

"Get the fuck out of here..." He looked at me and saw that I was serious and then he said, "Oh shit, you really tell me how'd it was it?"

I told him the story and he was hungry for all the details; he wanted to know if her tits were as good as they looked. I told him they were better and he laughed uproariously. After that day I could see him looking at my mother 'differently' and he never passed up an opportunity to compliment her. I didn't mind; I thought it was funny to watch him get hot whenever we were all together. I teased him about it all the time.

Over the next four or five weeks my mom and I really got to know each other sexually. We learned each other's pleasures and we were comfortable asking each for anything. You can imagine what it was like for a guy my age to have pussy available any time of the day or night...and my mom didn't seem to mind.

When the last two weeks of summer approached, mom had a vacation coming and Rob and I decided to quit work so we could have a 'last blast'. We all went to beach every sunny day; we went to the movies and the mall when it wasn't a beach day.

I remember the date, it was August 20th and it was Rob's birthday. We made a party for ourselves and we were drinking and laughing into the night. Mom gave Rob his present and when he opened it he saw a sweater. We were all pretty stoned and I said, "I know what Rob really wants your tits...that's all he ever talks about."

We all laughed and mom said, "Oh stop it..."

I said, "No really mom, he's crazy about you...them..."

Mom said, "Don't tease him...he's not interested in an old lady."

Rob finally said something. "You're not old're...great..."

It got quiet and I went over to mom and started unbuttoning her blouse.

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