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He could not get inside of me easily because he was so incredibly thick. I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast but my hole had to adjust to his size. But once my hole had opened wide enough to receive him, he felt beyond extraordinary. I did not know a man's penis could feel so spectacular inside me. My vagina was stretched wide I could not move because Daddy held my thighs open pinned to the sofa. He did not want me to move my pelvis but instead to move my vaginal muscles. I was not good at contracting my muscles because it was my first attempt to do so. Daddy told me later not to worry. With practice I would get the hang of milking him in my canal. When he said that I realized that he did not intend our encounter to be a one and done event.

According to Daddy the women he had relations with had to learn over time how to handle his size. He told me lay back and enjoy it. That's exactly what I did. I lay with my thighs spread wide apart to accommodate Daddy phallus. Magnificent is the only descriptive word I can use to give an idea of the way he made me feel. He held my thighs pinned down so that I could not move using a rocking method to give me the best fuck I ever had.

I didn't have to do much of the work to get the most remarkable orgasm. Both of us enjoyed our sex so much that it's hard to explain the pleasure we felt. I didn't need more than one session to be wonderfully satisfied. We were able to shower together in the basement before going up to bed. I wanted him to sleep in my bed with me but I did not want to be disrespectful to Mom or Aunt Dorothy. We said good night.

I had a restful sleep staying in bed until after noon. When I opened my eyes Daddy was standing naked at the foot of my bed. Needless to say I was surprised, worried that Mom or my aunt might come by my room. It was Friday morning so Mom and her sister were spending the day baking pies for holiday meals at the homeless shelter. They were scheduled to be there until after 7:00 p.m. We had enough time to enjoy plenty of good fucking.

It was easy to use the excuse that drinking too much made Daddy and I get together the first time. Keeping in mind that Daddy told me Mom had decided that she'd had enough sex for a lifetime and didn't want any more really solidified my opinion that I wasn't hurting Mom since she didn't want Daddy herself. We told ourselves that Mom's lack of desire created an opportunity we both had always wanted anyway. The first 4 or 5 times that we were together Daddy had to go slowly to let my opening adjust to his thickness. But by our 8th time together we could go fast and deep. I had been thrilled by our first experience together but when he was able to add speed, to his forceful thrusts the result was phenomenal. If it sounds like I'm singing Daddy's praises that's because I am. Why would Mom give up such good sex? I'll never understand it. Daddy is passionate, patient and such a tender lover when we move together we're like a well-timed rhythmic duet.

All my gifts were wrapped and under the tree. I was on vacation so I spent most of my time relaxing. For the next three days, I spent family time with Mom, Aunt Dorothy and Daddy. We have a very small family. Daddy is an only child. Mom, Aunt Dorothy and her daughter, my cousin, Stacey are the only family I have besides Daddy. Each day, Dad and I went running in the morning, played pinochle, watched sports on television and prepared for Christmas day. Daddy's quartet was performing at the nursing home on Christmas Eve. Mom and Aunt Dorothy had volunteered to be servers at the holiday dinner at the homeless shelter. On the day before Christmas Eve I seasoned and put the turkey in the oven on a low temperature to roast slowly. All during the day the delicious aroma of the turkey wafted through the air. Everyone was in a festive mood.

I went downstairs to the basement to watch television.

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