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A poet searches for a woman who is not entirely human...

They were wet with her juices, as well as his own. He kissed the petals of her vagina softly, and they quivered at his touch. He kissed her other ass cheek, a little closer to her crack this time. He spread her ass wider and kissed her just inside the crack. Desire surged through Stacey's body as she realised that he was focusing on her ass. She suddenly felt a strong urge to have him in there.

He could see her tight little asshole in the flickering light. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked up the skin between her pussy and her ass. Her entire body tingled with pleasure as she felt his tongue reach the crack of her bum. When his tongue reached the entrance to Stacey's anus, he gently circled it around the rim. He continued licking further up the crack before pulling back. Squeezing her cheeks, he kissed each one again.

Looking at her asshole, he stuck his tongue out, again circling it. Her heart was pounding in anticipation, and she was breathing laboriously. Danny slipped his tongue just inside her ass, running it around the tight hole. He forced it in further, burying his nose in Stacey's crack as his tongue shot far into her anus.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed. She was really enjoying this, and she found herself wanting him in her ass more and more. He circled his tongue around the inside of her asshole again before slowly pulling it out. He kissed it affectionately before releasing her ass cheeks and kneeling behind her. Stacey knew that she wouldn't have to ask. She knew he was going to take her in the ass without any prodding from her. They wanted the same thing. It had always been that way between them, and she honestly believed it always would be that way between them. She felt his fat pole rubbing against her pussy, and she readied herself to have him inside her again.

He slipped inside her wetness easily, pressing his groin against her beautiful ass in one stroke.

"Ohhhhh God, Danny!" She moaned, eyes closed. She was smiling. Sex was always amazing, but sex with a man she loved so deeply was explosive! He watched the pink lips of her cunt pull outwards as he eased his dick out of her. He was completely coated with both her juices, as well as his own which he had given to her several times that night. He felt it would be enough lubrication.

He placed the mushroom head of his penis against the tight little entrance to Stacey's asshole. She was gasping for breath, trying to relax her body as she felt pressure on her opening. Nothing happened. Danny changed the angle and pushed again, this time continuing the pressure. He watched as the thick head of his cock forced its way just inside her anus.

"Ohhh God!" Stacey moaned, arching her head back. Her ass was gripping the tip of his manhood tightly. He took in the whole scene, eyes trailing up her body from the bottoms of her feet on either side of him, up her smooth legs to her beautiful ass. He focused on where her tiny asshole made the head of his penis disappear. He squeezed himself a little further inside her, having to really push.

"Ohhhh..." she sighed as she felt him slowly inch inside her. He was halfway into her anus now, and she had a death grip on his organ. Danny grabbed the soft sides of her ass, holding her tightly as he pulled out of her to the tip. He gently eased half his dick back inside her, causing her to gasp. He began to slowly fuck her up the ass using half of his cock. She purred softly before him, loving how it was starting to feel. Her eyes were closed and her head rested on her arms, raising her ass up in the air at him.

Danny was in awe, still not believing that he was watching his cock slide partway in and out of Stacey's asshole. He chanced entering her a little further, pushing his hard-on most of the way inside her bum.

"Ohhhh..." she whimpered, softly. It hurt a little as she felt him go deeper into her ass. Unable to help himself, Danny slid his entire cock up Stacey's anus, holding his groin against her ass for a moment as he cherished the feeling.

"Ohh God!" She groaned, "You're so big!" He slowly sli

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