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A different type of encounter.


So it was. Well fuck him she thought.

She settled back in her lounge with her laptop, dressed only in her mesh bra and g--string, left hand wrapped around her glass of Rose and the right around a long black dildo Melanie had given her as an end of duties present. She closed her eyes and let her mind drift back to Frank and Harry, as she manipulated the end of the dildo past the edge of her g-string and started to manipulate it around her clit and into and out of her pussy.

Her pussy became wet and wetter as she vividly recalled how she slowly slid that strawberry flavoured condom down Frank's cock while she looked into his eyes sensing every last tingle and tremble as that condom consumed his large cock. She felt his cock was so large and hard, it was warm and she could feel all his bumps and that head was getting hot. She visualised slowly putting that cock in her mouth, while Harry entered her pussy from behind. The pleasures revisited her and she trembled as her dildo its job in her pussy. The looks on the faces of the guys were so different from her "johns" forced upon her by Will; the penetration was so different because Frank and Harry wanted her to have as much pleasure as themselves. The sex was lovemaking rather than self-satisfaction for the male. By the time that glass had been filled twice, Sarah had two mind-blowing orgasms and a clearer head for what she wanted to do with herself from now onwards. She slept well that night.

This was going to be a regular event in future, so she decided to visit the local sex shop she went to with Chris to get some new gear and maybe a video or two, with possibly that shop assistant giving her a few ideas for the future

Fortunately Sarah was able to manage two things for herself on Wednesday; a meeting with Melanie and a visit to Victoria's Secret shop in Miami central.

The Meeting with Melanie

Lunch was most enjoyable until the real subject of Chris and his behaviour was broached.

Sarah explained what she knew, what she had reasonable belief happened at Mario's when she was asleep and what was likely to have happened when she returned to Houston without Chris.

Melanie was somewhat conciliatory and cautious: Before you say or do something you cannot reverse you need to have proof that you can live with for the rest of your life. Hasten slowly Darling as he will provide you all the information you need one way or another; just be very aware, keep your eyes and ears open and keep records as best you can.

I fear you know exactly where this is going and there is nothing much you can do to stop it.

I am very sad for you after all you went through for him.

Do have a couple of suggestions for you though, if you are interested? These are designed to find out, just as much as they are to annoy.

First: When he is around you wear your skimpiest clothes, sexiest underwear and PJ's, tease him anytime time you can with deep cleavage and bum in his face. In effect drive him mad and a bit of activity that drives up his jealousy would help. But, absolutely no sex. Use whatever excuse you need, including time of the month, too tired or we have to leave now or we will be late.

Second: Watch him as closely as you can without him recognising it, his clothes, his hair styles and cuts, his aftershave, any new stuff he brings home, anything to do with Miami and his new apartment. Use your smartphone and get copies of docs where possible.

By the time he needs to go back to Miami I reckon you will have all the info you need for what may be coming and he will have frustrated balls.

If this works and you still need some good old fashioned loving, you know I can organise that for you anytime you choose.

Sarah just laughed and took in the suggestions. They talked over her ideas and Miami generally and Sarah rushed back to work, giving Melanie a loving meaningful hug and a Merry Xmas.

Sarah did her Xmas shopping and finished off with a serious shop at Victoria's Secret.

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