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Man finds his ideal existence--or does he?

At the same time she felt herself being filled up by whoever she was on top of. She pressed her tits together even tighter, excited by the penis sliding between her breasts. The orgasm arrived almost unannounced. She suddenly realized she was coming. She moaned almost involuntarily. She did not want to push either of the men over the edge. There was still a lot of sex to be had, and she wanted both of them to service her needs.

She tucked her head down and the next time the dick between her tits thrust up, she took it in her mouth. She wrapped one hand around the hard shaft and slid the other between his legs, lightly stroking him. One hand sliding up his ribs, over his chest and caressing his nipple. She swirled her tongue around the tip of his penis. Then, she pushed him away. Fiona rolled off the man below her, got on her hands and knees, feeling blindly for the dick that had just been inside her. When she found it, she took it in her mouth, and slowly started sucking it. Her other partner moved behind her and pressed his cock against her, just barely parting the lips of her vagina. Fiona thrust back to take him in, but he moved back with her, teasing her. Her attention returned to the dick in her mouth. She pressed her tongue against it. Then, pulled her head back, letting it slide out of her mouth. She leaned down a bit more, closed her mouth and pressed her lips against it. Her left hand wedged itself between his body and his penis, and pressed him firmly against her pursed lips. It was wet and slippery from being in her mouth, so she let her mouth slide along the hard cock until she reached the base. Her tongue peaked between her lips, gently probing his flesh. Fiona slipped her lips long the length of his shaft until she felt the ridge at the end of his penis.

It was then that the other cock pressed into her pussy. He thrust in deep, moving in and out the long, slow strokes. It felt fantastic. She could already feel a second orgasm building. She reached out with her right hand to explore the rest of the man below her. She ran her hand across his abdomen, feeling the ripples of a six pack, the up onto his chest. It was firm, and hairy. She ran her fingers through his chest hair, and located one of his nipples. It was stiff, and she pinched it between her fingers, and was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from her victim. At the same time she resumed sliding her lips up and down his cock.

The man behind her continued his slow, deep thrusts into her. At the end of each stroke, his hips were pressed firmly against her ass. She bowed her back, trying to get him in a little deeper. She wanted to feel all of him. She felt a fingertip lightly touch her clit. Either one of them could reach her with the way they were positioned on the bed. She did not care who it was. She just knew it felt good. It pushed her closer to a second orgasm.


Frank watched as she sucked his cock in long slow strokes. He felt the twinges of an orgasm and backed away from her. He knew finishing in her mouth would feel incredible, but he was not ready for this to end yet. Fiona must have sensed the same thing, because she gently pushed him away.

"Lie down, she said. I want you inside me."

Frank quickly complied, and she wasted no time in straddling him, facing his feet and giving him an excellent view of her ass. She raised herself up, reached down and took his penis in her hand, slowly stroking it. She pointed his penis straight up. She held it there as she lowered herself down, until the head of his cock was between the lips of her pussy. Frank could see his penis starting to penetrate her. She moved up and down, slowly lowering herself onto him. It took almost five minutes before she had taken all of him in. Frank had to close his eyes a few times to keep from getting too excited. Finally, she was all the way down, her behind pressing down on his abs.

Joe was watching them quite intently, enjoying the sho

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