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Young writer meets older woman.

[SlipsInsideHer]: which sounds as though you were.

[LilyAnna]: In a way I liked it, being horny at the office – as long as it didn't affect my work.

[LilyAnna]: Oh my God. I am becoming such a slut. I never used to be like this.

[SlipsInsideHer]: You never dared allow this side of yourself any expression.

[SlipsInsideHer]: It's ok as long as we only play at home, isn't it?

[LilyAnna]: Yeah, but what would people think if they knew?

[SlipsInsideHer]: you worry too much about that

[SlipsInsideHer]: I'll bet your boss was thrilled with your work today

[LilyAnna]: yes, I guess so

[SlipsInsideHer]: so what's the problem with letting your inner slut out at home?

[SlipsInsideHer]: it has to come out somewhere

[LilyAnna]: nothing I guess, I'm just so exhausted

[SlipsInsideHer]: that I can fix, ready?

[LilyAnna]: ok, put me under

[LilyAnna]: I've been looking forward to this all afternoon

[LilyAnna]: maybe we can play later?

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: rustling trees

[SlipsInsideHer]: and your scale, what does it show?

[LilyAnna]: 2

[SlipsInsideHer]: good girl. So quick to fall into my hypnosis now

[SlipsInsideHer]: so irresistible

[SlipsInsideHer]: you love floating in my words, don't you?

[LilyAnna]: ys

[SlipsInsideHer]: good girl. But you worry too?

[LilyAnna]: abt what im becoming.

[SlipsInsideHer]: about becoming like the office girl?

[LilyAnna]: about needing fuckc myself

[SlipsInsideHer]: I understand, it is natural to resent this newly discovered part of you

[SlipsInsideHer]: you want things as they were, don't you?

[LilyAnna]: not sur

[SlipsInsideHer]: If your bimbo side could be buried once again, no more fingering, no more sweet cums?

[LilyAnna]: but luv my cumms

[SlipsInsideHer]: and you luv fingering yourself too?

[LilyAnna]: yss

[SlipsInsideHer]: So while your bimbo slut pushes herself into your life, it is natural to resent her

[SlipsInsideHer]: but she gives you such pleasure too, doesn't she?

[LilyAnna]: y

[SlipsInsideHer]: Now lets try a visualisation, see if it helps

[SlipsInsideHer]: Don't type anything. Lift your hands and grasp your breasts. Lean forward in your chair. I want you to imagine that you are at the office, and these hands belong to one of your colleagues. He is behind you and has reached around to get both his hands full. You are standing still, you can feel his presence behind you, feel the warmth of his hands against your tender flesh. You do not really like this colleague, he is too sure of himself. Yet you feel yourself leaning forward, compliant, pushing your breasts into his hands. You are not turning, you do not say anything. You wonder why you are just standing there letting him cup your breasts, why you help him by pushing yourself forward, offering him your tits. You know that is how he thinks of them, yet you have lost control. You love the fact your breasts are appealing to him, you love the attention, you feel your pussy tingling in anticipation. You love the not knowing what he will do next, and you relax in his control, but your heart is racing {w+}. Pull on your nipples and imagine him pressing your buttons {w+}. You are feeling turned on by the public display, you wish it were somewhere private, you wish you weren't letting others see this side of you, you wish you didn't like this, you wish you were strong enough to turn around and slap him. Yet you do desire this, you want to watch helplessly as he turns you on, manipulates you, you do not want to lose that throb in your groin his agile fingers are creating {w+}.

Push you ass into the back of the chair and lean forward more as your fingers sq

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