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Julie & Sarah's hot morning extended when Nick comes.

She screamed in terror, expecting the worst, but our warden had a peculiar style...he bent quickly forward in his chair, and buried his face in her underwear, nuzzling, kissing, and nipping at her pussy through the material. She struggled to move her hips away, but was held so firmly by the guard that all she managed to do was push into the warden's face, and he loved that! After a few minutes, her struggles were noticeably diminishing, and her mouth opened in an "O". Our warden was very good at what he loved, and we all sighed an inward sigh in remembrance, and felt our pussies grow warm as we watched her struggling to not to give in, but failing to resist the warm and pulsing sensations he was giving her. He moved his head back a few inches, and was rewarded by her hips thrusting toward him, begging for more. Her own eyes widened in horror at this, but her body was not obeying her. He rewarded her with about thirty seconds more, then abruptly stopped and leaned back in his chair. He motioned to the guard, who promptly returned the woman back to her seat. She was red-faced with humiliation and desire, and couldn't look at any of us.

We all took a deep breath, and returned to eating our oatmeal. Fifteen minutes later, a bell rang. We all rose, took our oatmeal bowls up to the dishwashing window, each woman that knew holding her breath as she set her bowl on the counter. The woman in front of me was one of the chosen ones that day, the dishwasher motioned for her to come around to the side door. She paled, but hurried around and into the dishwashing area. I put my bowl down quickly, and thankfully moved away from the window. Not me, today.

Actually, I had forgotten what day it was. Hard to keep track in the prison. I realized as I walked out of the dining area that women were being sorted into two groups, one to the right, and one to the left. This could only mean one thing, and it was my turn to be in the right group. This particular event took place only once monthly, and I had been in the left group last month, so it had been two months since I had the right group experience. I shuddered, as I knew the intensity and humiliation that was coming. There were three new girls in the group, including the black haired one from the breakfast experience. They huddled together as we were moved down the hallway and into a very large room. There were no windows in the room, only large ceiling fans, whirling softly, and forty padded tables. A very large, I should say huge, monitor was hanging on the wall. Each woman was told to stand by a table, then told to strip our tunics off and drop them on the floor. Next we had to get up and lie on the table. The soldiers came to each one of us, and strapped us down with the straps pulled up from underneath the table. The new women screamed as their hands were pulled apart, then their legs, as wide as they could go, and strapped down. Straps tightly fastened our hips, and also our necks, so we could not move, even an inch. We were close enough to easily see the women on either side of us, and we could look between our feet and see the woman at the next table in front of us, as the heads of our tables were raised slightly. I could look further away, and see the tables at the front of the row, even though it was some distance away. I had two of the new girls next to me, one on each side. They were now quiet, as we all were, though they kept looking over at me, their eyes pleading with me to tell them what was happening...but naturally I said nothing.

We were at the end of our row, so that meant seven others ahead of us, as each row was ten tables. The monitor blinked, then became a bright screen. Many of the soldiers were seated in chairs now, in one corner, as well as the warden, and any other dignitaries he invited. It was always crowded, no empty seats. Probably a hundred men all told.

Twelve soldiers approached, three to each first table.

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