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A young person is made slave to a master in the 60s.

Raymond had once commented unfavourably upon her extravagant pubic hair. Alex had kept herself smooth and hairless for him ever since.

He slipped his fingers between her labia, using her moistness to ease his caresses. Alex's eyes were tightly closed, and light perspiration beaded her forehead. Her breath came in shallow, uneven bursts. Raymond pressed the two halves of her sex apart, watching her flower open in delicious anticipation. He couldn't stop wondering how Louise would look, smell, taste.

With one finger, Raymond massaged the narrow bridge of flesh between her sex and her anus. Another finger sought out the hard swelling of her clitoris. He circled the tiny bud without touching it, stimulating only by association.

Alex sighed as Raymond slid a finger inside her anus. She was incredibly sensitive there. He smiled, recalling the first time he had taken her that way. Cherry time. On occasion, she begged him to take her that way. But Raymond wasn't in a back door mood. A finger would have to suffice.

Alex's hands reached for his head, pulling him towards her. Sex was the only time he ever submitted to control. He teased her smooth mound and her swollen lips with his mouth. He ignored her body's desperate posturing. He liked women to wait, and Alex knew from experience not to deny him his wants.

Raymond's tongue grazed the hood of her clitoris. Alex sighed again, raising herself towards him. Raymond pressed her back, slowly drawing his tongue the full length of her sex. He paused at the entrance, then slowly pressed his tongue inside. Alex gasped, widening her thighs to allow him greater access.

Raymond tasted the soft walls, savouring the bittersweet nectar that threatened to overwhelm him. He closed his eyes and Alex became Louise. God, how he hungered to see Louise's face, to hear her cries. With one finger still deep in Alex's ass, he slid a second inside her vagina.

Louise will enjoy this. I know she will.


She'll have no choice.

Alex's increasingly prolonged groans rewarded his technical competence. He smiled briefly, before renewing the attack upon her senses, running his tongue around and around her clitoris. Alex's fingers pulled back against her mound, exposing herself further. Raymond's tongue fluttered mercilessly, while his fingers stirred within her.

Alex's thighs twitched convulsively, her control seemingly evaporating with each caress of his fingers, with every stroke of his tongue. "Faster," she gasped. "Go . . . faster." Her head rolled languidly, and a long stream of whispered obscenities escaped her lips. Her hips bucked, so much that Raymond had to grip them tightly to keep from losing his reins. Intense spasms coursed through Alex's body, and then she suddenly froze, limbs locked in rapture. Raymond eased himself back. His jaw ached. He reached for a silk handkerchief to wipe his chin and his fingers.

Alex remained strewn across the desk. She moaned, one hand trailing lazily over her mound, the other busy with the buttons on her blouse. Her hand slipped inside the taut cotton, tracing endless patterns across the lacy bra.

Now she was ready for him. Raymond undressed, his eyes prowling over her supine form. He enjoyed her brazen sexuality; it kept him attentive, kept him returning.

Could Louise be as carnal?

Not to begin with. It would take patience and skill to nurture such a relaxed attitude in someone mired in marriage for so long. But he possessed time and ability. He knew that Louise would initially resist him, and that pleased him. He wanted her to prolong her seduction. Slow corruption was where the true pleasure lay.

Raymond stepped between Alex's prone thighs. His cock jutted eagerly from beneath his flat belly. He looked at Alex's face, searching for the need in her eyes. Without it, there was no point in continuing. Her gaze was focused upon his loins, but eventually she lifted her eyes to meet his.

"Fill me with that," she said.

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