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Pinned under mud, injured guy asked pretty medic for a kiss.

The club portion is down one flight. When we decided to build the club we had the place specially soundproofed so sounds from each floor doesn't bleed into one another. I'm sure it's SRO downstairs since it is a full moon and everyone is waiting for the ghosts to arrive." Spenc smirked and winked at me.

I couldn't help but smile. The waiter left my mind and I concentrated on Spenc. He really was quite a sexy man. He was different since we entered the house. More relaxed with his guard down. I looked around the room and saw that everyone looked so at ease and I hoped with time I too could shed some of the formality I had about myself and relax and accept whatever was coming by way.

Spenc had this strange way of knowing what I was thinking because a moment later I felt his hand rest against my thigh. Four hours ago I would have probably run from the room screaming but looking at Spenc I could see that this was right where I wanted to be. I moved my leg slightly towards him and smiled.

"I would like to take you upstairs and have some very private time with you." He whispered leaning into me.

"I would like that also." I said. His hand squeezed my thigh before he stood up and took my hand. Somehow I knew that all eyes in the room were on us...and it didn't bother me one bit.

Spenc lived on the top floor of the house which he kept locked off from the club. He had converted it from a four bedroom one bathroom top floor to a one bedroom penthouse complete with a full kitchen and dining area.

"I don't cook very often, but when I do I wanted my own space." He told me. He was leaning against the counter watching me move around the apartment. "Relax Mac. I'm not going to pounce on you. If you want to be with me it will happen. If you don't then we can just talk. You know that I want you but only if you want to take that first step. I don't want you to feel any pressure."


"Why what?"

"Why is having me so important. There were a load of men sitting at the bar tonight staring at you..."

"No, they were staring at you...and all of them were thinking the same thing...what a lucky SOB I am..." He walked up to me and stood right in front of me. "You can't see it Mac but you are an extremely desirable man...and sexy as shit!"

He ran the back of his hand gently over my cheek. Involuntarily I closed my eyes savoring the first feel of a man's touch. His simple erotic touch resonated in every part of my body. My heart started beating harder, my nipples contracted then went erect at the same time and between my legs I felt myself stiffening.

"I'm going to kiss you" he whispered stepping closer to me. Hesitantly he touched his lips to mine. I breathed in his essence as I opened my mouth, and for the first time felt a man's tongue against mine. My body sagged into his arms as I pressed myself against him. Desires I had never felt before erupted within me and I couldn't seem to be able to get enough of his hungry mouth.

"Bedroom?" Spenc whispered coming up for air. I went back into the kiss nodding my head yes but not wanting to lose a moment of this intimacy we were sharing. "I have to feel your naked body against mine" he was pleading trying again to move us from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Reluctantly I pulled away from him. His lips were wet and swollen and I just wanted to kiss them more.

The warm and humid Louisiana whether allowed for a more relaxed dress code. It had taken the full four months that I had been living to adopt the code but when I set out on my outing that morning I had finally dressed more casually than I was used to with only a button down shirt and slacks forgoing the normal tie, jacket and hat making it easy for me to divest myself of my clothes when we reached the bedroom.

"Bathroom?" I asked reluctantly but needing.

Spenc pointed to the doorway off the bedroom.

"Leave the door open, I love the sound of a man pissing.

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