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Mike and his Mom comfort each other with hot sex.

"Boy slut." One mumbled, handfeeding grapes to a manticore ruffling her hair. She was thoroughly naked, save for a steel collar on her neck with the word "Christine". Biting her lips as her manticore owner squeezed her ass, she sighed, and turned her attention to her mistress, kissing her flappy lion ears. "Don't mind him, mistress..."

"I'm not." Her owner, another black-furred Manticore woman, kissed Christine's lips slowly, her tail and hind paws caressing her legs. "When the day's done, let's go eat outside and leave these folks for fun. My cousin makes the best roast in all Reik. You want to wear that red dress for the night?"


The Manticore carried Benny by the armpits on an elaborate bed with gurneys and straps for his limbs on the edges, as well as an IV drip overhead, and a warm pillow for his head. Sighing, the elf maid helped Benny strip naked, taking off his shirt gently as the Manticore grinned, strapping his arms on the edges of the bed and tore off his trousers.

"This doesn't look too assuring." Benny kept a straight face when the fabric ripped apart.

"You talk too much, humie." The Manticore grinned, chuckling as her paws took off his slave shorts, revealing a healthy, large erection sporting proudly, resting on two fat balls between his legs. "Still...THAT part of you seems so eager anyway. Why are you so eagerly coming here, hmm?" She leaned on his ears, whispering. "You like this treatment like cattle, Benny?" She whispered, blowing on his ear. "Hmm?"

She whispered quietly, very quietly, in his ear. "Do you? Agrela, process this slave please."

A nurse manticore nodded seriously and got up, taking out medical instruments with a smile, eyeing Benny's naked body.

Benny just smiled at her. "Do I have a choice?" Now completely naked, bound, and his penis jutting like a spear, terrifying Leliath with its size.

The elf maid gulped, horrified at the fat, big penis throbbing next to her face, instinctively taking a step back in her high heels. "W-why is THIS DISGUSTING THING...so big?" She pointed, stammering. "He was half the size when the filthy human came here anyway!"

"We breed and raise them to be well-endowed, ma fille..." Mantie grinned, weighing his fat balls for her prize. A Manticore nurse approached, wearing white nurse uniform, and draped a measuring tape around Benny's tortured penis.

"Slave Benny, serial number 2563, Aranis Plantation." The nurse noted. "Kidnapped from Brettonian garrison, defiant, angry and bad with housework. Aversion to monster girls indicates a tendency to homosexuality..."

Benny frowned, his face cracking in anger. "Do I look like a faggy Alp to yo-EEK"

He received a powerful paw slap on his cheek. "LANGUAGE!"

"Girth...three inches diameter..." The nurse manticore noted down everything with a pencil. "Length...nine inches..." She spoke breathily, measuring Benny's penis. "Showing growth sixty percent in three months..." She nodded, noting down Benny's penis size and growth pattern. "Showing no abnormalities, Slave #2563 Benny is showing phenomenal penile growth..." She whispered, measuring his testicle size and writing it down as well. "Testicles full with approximately 50cc seed each...Palpitating the shaft shows no unnatural growth, lesions of any kind...Heartbeat..."

Benny flinched when the cool stethescope touched his chest.

"Heartbeat above average, consistent with sexual arousal... Morale and consent irrelevant due to being a slave and a stupid male human." The nurse chuckled.

"He is healthy, fertile and ready. You may proceed with milking, Mantie-Maitresse." The nurse bowed, smiling at another young boy laying on another bed. "I'll be right with you. Let's hope he will survive the process."


The Manticore sat to a chair next to Benny, and with a grunt, opened her bulbous tail and leaned on Benny with a grin.

Benny blinked, a bit worried.

"Wait, wait...Did she say "SURVIVE?"

Mantie ignored him, her slimy tail sliding on his cock head and sliding down.

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