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Norm searches for Tilly.

He waited for a reaction and deep in la-la land, there wasn't one.

Paul's index finger carefully reached down and spread oil into her lush forest, painting Denise's delicate nether lips which caused a miniscule stir. As his finger smoothed along smooth petals, Denise sighed and he watched in wonderment as her legs opened wider.

Holding his breath Paul patiently waited a few seconds then poured more of the liquid into his hand and continued to anoint her sex. Paul's fingers now began to massage her soft vulva. Denise's right knee imperceptibly twitched and she mumbled something quite incoherent. He smiled as his fingers easily cupped her mons, a perfect fit.

With the greatest of care, Paul's oiled digits pressed between her lips and used a slow, masturbating motion against her clitoris. He felt it start to grow and he felt the power: the power to make her hard even when asleep. She was at his mercy and Paul watched, blood coursing into her stiffening clit, she grew, his fingers relentlessly controlling.

Denise's head lolled to the side and he purposely moved his hand away. Her glistening vagina pulsed through the thick mane of reddish pubic hair and Paul selfishly wondered what she could be dreaming.

It was a maze...a freaking labyrinth...this one story motel that seemed to stretch on and on. And how the hell did I get up here in New Hampshire? I just wanted to go to the beach and now I'm searching...where is he? He flirted with me, back by the pool, coal black eyes, tight Speed-o, beautiful ass and he winked at me. Daring wonder I'm roaming around these halls horny and looking for his room.

Staring at Denise's sex, Paul was amazed at its artistic, feminine shape. He drizzled more of the oil into his hand, Denise's real estate had puffed out. He loved playing with her, secretly wishing he had a pussy of his own, new anatomy that he could explore and play with for hours, eliciting such pleasure. Paul's fingers found a rhythm, stroking the bulbous pearl, gliding and smearing the lubricant. Denise's hips uncontrollably lurched upwards into the slickness and he moved his hand away, again.

Christ...I'm buck naked. What if someone sees me? Do I really care? 234...236...238...I can't seem to remember the number on that red plastic key he flashed. Hold on. Wasn't he with a girl? They looked like they were married it is. 238, yeah. Knock, knock. He's naked. His kisses are wet and wanton. I can smell his masculinity. We're on the bed and my cunt is practically dripping. His name is Edward and he looks at me asking, "Aren't you afraid...that your husband will catch us? He's not in this dream Denise...c' your legs...please?"

Paul gently pulled her pubes, knowing his Denise likes that type of attention, his own heart beating quicker, his own arousal seeping pre-cum. He spills two more droplets on the sensitive hood, adding to the already very shiny clit. Paul's thumb and index finger encircle Denise's feminine shaft. Lustfully he ogles her swollen pearl, like a marble Greek goddess. Paul's wet tongue lewdly taps along the digit, tasting her tangerine womanhood. Asleep and visibly aroused, Denise moans aloud and Paul purposely, maddeningly moved his hand and lips away.

Can't remember being this horny. God I need to fuck, need release. Edward's a great kisser, his tongue is deep and he's whispering in my ear. "You make me so hot. Why can't you be single?" I'm pushing my cunt near his crotch. Why the hell can't I find his cock? It's so close...please?

He stared. Denise's ass was moving, as if she were fucking someone or trying to. She was close, he knew that. Her inner lips were dark red, almost magenta. Carefully now, Paul positioned himself between her legs. His left hand neatly fitting under her cushioned ass. Two fingers entering her moistened quim easily. The fingers of his right hand caressed her pussy, hot to the touch.

"I'm not going to let go this time.

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