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Bikini bottom falls off at boss' party.

Connie pointed out that she was pantie less and braless and took her tits out of her dress for us to see. I commented on her beautiful breasts and Tessa the party animal just went right for them and started playing Connie's tits while sitting next to me. Tessa was soon nearly naked, she flashed her pussy from under her short black skirt, showing off her landing strip. She then took off her black, loose knit top. It was see through anyhow but now her glowing skin and sexy cleavage came into better view.

Then Sean asked, Ana, how about you? I proudly showed off that I was wearing panties, feigning that I didn't know I wasn't supposed to. And Sean reached over to pull them off of me, picking up on the signal that's what I wanted. I made that very easy for him to do and they all ooh-ed and aah-ed over my brand new landing strip. Melania was the only one without any hair below her waist. It's a great look in my opinion and I loved her plump, pink lips.

Ruth came over to me and started to hug and kiss me, I think she was proud of how uninhibited I was. She told me I was a good girl. I loved her personal attention. She made me feel so sweet and special.

Tessa, seeing some foreplay got instantly encouraging and she took off her bra, exposing her perky C-cup tits and pretty nipples. Then I took off my dress and she tried to unhook my bra but couldn't. We all thought that was funny. Sean jokingly said she should have been an expert at that.

Ruth saw we were ready to play and directed us all down into the basement.

For those of us, including myself that hadn't seen the playroom, I quickly took in the atmosphere and felt comfortable right away. There was a black sectional leather couch for all of us to play on there was carpeting on the floor. The ceiling glowed with soft black lights that were kind and comforting. If it wasn't immediate, it was close to that when we all started going at each other. While Sean stripped, and the rest of our clothes came off, Ruth reappeared from a brief absence, wearing a sexy pair of fishnet thigh highs, stiletto heels, a garter belt and silver black panties. She was topless and holding some supplies; about 10 Magnum condoms, a riding crop for Connie and her camera. I soon learned Connie loves to be spanked. Ruth, me, and Tessa took turns smacking Connie's ass with our hands and the crop and her pale skin soon glowed pink. She was open and smiling, on her knees in front of me. Sean was also smacking Melania's ass and someone smacked mine but I'm not sure who did it.

Melania and Sean settled in the corner section of the couch and she started sucking his cock. I went down on my knees in front of Connie and Tessa and they let me lick their pussies. Soon, I simultaneously had my hands and fingers inside both of them. They became instantly wet and I tried my best to stimulate their clits. I withdrew to sit on the couch, next to Melania and Sean. Melania leaned over to kiss me and Sean mounted her from behind.

I felt someone kneel between my legs. It was my generous hostess and I loved how she made me moan from her tongue. I knew she was good at kissing on the mouth but her kissing my pussy blew me away. I hoped I didn't cum in her mouth but I may have lost control when she flicked my clit with her tongue and sucked my lips deep in her mouth. Across the room, Tessa licked Connie's pussy while Connie fingered Ruth, I think.

Positions changed and Ruth stood up. I got down in front of her, eager to please her after she'd made me orgasm. Sean started fucking Connie who was smiling as his cock slammed in and out of her cunt while he spanked her with his bare hands. Tessa wriggled and moaned as Melania ate her out. Everyone's hands and legs extended everywhere and we all touched each other some how until it all started to become a euphoric blur.

Soon, Sean pulled me over to him.

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