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Secrets, Exploration and Preparation for her Upgrade.

"Aedan? What on earth was that about?"

My brother walked over and settled beside me with a sigh. "I'm going to guess that Prince didn't want anyone touching his human." Prince woofed happily, giving me what looked like a grin. Aedan face-palmed. "And it would seem he's a misogynist - he didn't do it to me and Zev."

"Hey!" Alistair protested indignantly, and Prince gave him a look that said 'you know you deserve it'. I couldn't help but laugh, earning myself a glare from Alistair. I schooled my expression as Aedan called Prince over. He slid his huge head into Aedan's lap, almost purring. Aedan cupped his face and lifted to make eye contact.

"Bad dog, Prince. You hurt Sierra badly today." Prince whined and tried to look away, but Aedan maintained the position. "Sierra can take care of herself. You don't need to protect her from friends. Only from darkspawn and bandits. Alistair is a friend."

Prince rolled his eyes over to look at Alistair, crouched nearby, and sneezed in his general direction, before looking back at Aedan with disgust. He whined again.

"Friend." Aedan said it firmly, right in Prince's face, and the furry monster finally made a noise that sounded vaguely like acceptance. "Now you better think of some way to make it up to Sierra and Alistair. You owe them both an apology. And if you do something like that again, I'll chain you to a tree in camp from now on."

The fact that he was talking to his dog like normal parents might to a six-year-old was too funny, and I had to laugh. Aedan finally released Prince, and he came over and tentatively licked my fingers. I scratched his ears and he chuffed happily. Turning to Alistair, he looked back once at Aedan, like he was checking to see if Aedan was joking, and when he got nothing but a glare in return, he stepped up to Alistair, lowered his head in an oddly submissive pose, and whined. Always a softy, Alistair snorted but then reached out to stroke the soft fur on Prince's head. Satisfied that he'd been forgiven, the mabari wandered back over to the fire and laid down.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Spidey Senses

Leli and Zev had finished with our tent, and I stood up, taking Alistair's hand. As I stood, Aedan pointed down towards the river.

"Get cleaned up again, both of you. You look like you've been rolling around in a battlefield."

I looked up at Alistair and realised his face and neck were covered in dried blood; reaching up, I recalled that so was I. My hair was crusted with it, and I was suddenly thoroughly disgusted. His expression mirrored my feelings, and after grabbing soap we headed down to the stream hand-in-hand, barely able to see in the last light of dusk. I knelt on the bank, carefully using a cloth to wash my face and neck. Alistair just waded right in, fully clothed, to my amusement. When he assured me I'd gotten the blood off my face, I cast about awkwardly trying to figure out how to wash my hair without climbing in entirely.

"Let me."

"Huh?" I'm always so eloquent.

"Roll onto your back, and I'll wash it."

"I'll fall in!"

"Not with me right behind you. I won't let you fall, Sierra."

I trusted Alistair, but was still a little nervous. I reluctantly turned, sitting with my back to the stream, and he waded up behind me. He put his steady hands on my shoulders and eased me back; I gasped as the cold water crept down my neck as my hair submerged. His fingers were strong, his hands warm, and he leaned over me, concentrating intensely, as he carefully lathered my long thick hair. His fingers massaged my scalp, and I moaned, the sensuousness contrasting strangely with the cold.

He smiled softly at me. "You are so beautiful, Sierra."

"Flattery will get you everywhere." I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the intimacy.

I was surprised when, a moment later, I felt his lips press gently against mine.

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