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The story of Javon and Elise.

me, Captain?"

"Uh ... well, I ..." I stammered.

"Speak up, Captain. Don't be bashful. If it is, I'm flattered."

"Well ... yes, ma'am."

"Good! I like still being able to do that to a man. So," with two quick moves of her hands, both pieces of her bikini floated to the deck and she rubbed her now naked body against me. "I think we need to do something about your condition, don't you, Captain?"

I groaned. I could just see my charter fee going out the window when we got back to shore and she complained that I had forced myself on her or something. Even the threat of a formal complaint and I would have to forego my fee. But the head on my shoulders was not in control.

I unfastened my shorts and pushed them to the deck, kicking them out of the way. My straining penis slapped her butt and she laughed, squirming, feeling it settle between her legs as it pushed down. She leaned forward, pressing her boobs against the wheel, offering her bottom to full advantage in the confined space.

I carefully worked my tool back and forth in the spreading moisture and my inflated arrow found the opening to her soft pussy, slipping inside. She was rather tight for a married woman and it took me several thrusts to get my whole rod buried inside her. It was a fantastic feeling.

She leaned back, pressed into my form from knees to shoulders and said, "Oh, my, Captain! That feels so good!"

"Yes, ma'am, it does."

"And please don't call me ma'am or Mrs. I like to be called Ellie."

"Yes, ma'am ... uh, Ellie. And I'm Tom."

"Good. And Tom?"

"Uh, huh?"

"Please fuck me long and slow. Make it last."

I bent over and kissed her neck just below her right ear. She leaned her head to the left, offering that pretty tan neck for my use and I took advantage of it while starting a slow pumping motion of her pussy. The confined space kept me to short strokes and constantly reminded me to go slow.

Several minutes of magnificence sliding in and out of her velvet receptacle had passed when she looked over her shoulder and said, "Tom, I think you should reengage the autopilot."

I felt like an idiot but reached over and flipped the switch allowing the computer to take over again. Then I slid both hands up her sides, over her stomach and cupped her generous breasts, finding her nipples hard and proud. For several minutes, I kept up my slow short strokes while my hands kneaded her tits, pulling on her nipples, all to the soft moans of a lustful woman.

I slid my right hand down over her stomach and into the valley between her legs. My middle finger found the top of her crease and eased inside, teasing her clitoris and a few moments later, she hissed through clenched teeth, "oh ... oh ... oh ... oh ... oh, yes, Tommy! I'm cumming!"

I held her closely until the waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Then carefully I backed out of her, turned her around and straddling the captain's chair lifted her back onto my spear. I planted my lips on hers and was delighted when her tongue charged into my mouth. Holding on to her magnificent ass, I lifted her and let her fall back onto my pole over and over until at last we both came just a few seconds apart.

Afterward she clung to me for a long time before she finally pushed back enough to look in my eyes. She was smiling as she said, "Captain, I think I just got more than I bargained for today. That was incredible."

"Yes, it was, Ellie. Thank you."

"I think I should be thanking you."

"Well, how about we just say it took both of us to make some fantastic feelings today and I'm glad I met you."

She nodded and planted another big kiss on my mouth.

She put a hand between her legs and brought it up, wet from our combined juices oozing out of her. "I'd better get a towel," she said.

Ellie hurried downstairs and was back in a few minutes with a towel in hand to wipe the cum from my chair. She was still naked and there were streaks of cum running down the inside of her legs.

When she noticed me staring she said, "I like the feel of it, honey.

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