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Lisa is given an old farm in the middle of nowhere.

It seemed unthinkable that she would start losing like this and not change her strategy. Everything pointed towards her boobs being slowly yet utterly crushed by the blonde's, and for some reason it almost appeared that she was willing to resign herself to that fate.

I sat there, still completely quiet, as I watched the blonde's bronze boobs taking over more of the space between the women. It looked to be a 55/45 split in favor of the new wife, the scenario aided by her body leaning forward slightly into Sonia's retreating body. Both women kept rolling their shoulders slightly, pumping their breasts into one another in the manner they had been doing for quite a while now. Once again they settled into a rhythm until another slight, but noticeable, change occurred.


Sonia's head shot back as she bit her lip and squealed.

"Does that make you hot mamacita? Does it get you off to have my nipples pin your caramel cone toppers against your losing boobs and fuck them? It's too bad neither of us has our milk, I'd love to nipple fuck yours right out of you and make you drink it off of my tits after I finish crushing yours."

Sonia again didn't respond to the verbal assault but redoubled her efforts to fight off the offending pair of tits. I felt a bit of panic rising in my chest as she began making the little yipping sounds she does before she orgasms. Geraldine was fucking her with her tits and her taunts and it was having enough of an effect on my wife that I thought she might blow with the next little boob thrust. I couldn't foresee any way that Sonia would be able to fight back if she came, certain that Gerry would simply overwhelm her at that point and squash her tits completely flat.

I was about to find out if that was true. Sonia stiffened and came with a scream that made all three of us in the room jump.

"There you go honey. Now that we've got your little titty orgasm out of the way, it's time I flatten you and give your mouth the best treat it's ever had."

I couldn't argue with Gerry. She had been slowly advancing the entire time. Sonia's tits were clearly giving way to the trophy wife's epic pair, and now the blonde had fucked an orgasm out of my wife just by pinning her nipple to nipple. I thought it would be no time before Sonia was flat on her back with the brawny, meaty tits of her opponent squeezing the life out of her perfectly tanned pair.

I was in for a surprise though, as was Geraldine, as Sonia's body didn't retreat. Despite the far away look in her eyes after her orgasm, it was as if instinct kept her right there battling the big boobed babe. She had lost a little more leverage, and it looked like her tits had lost a little more ground between them, but she stayed mostly upright with her shoulders rolling her tits into the compact battle ground as if nothing else had happened.


Tits are a funny thing. As straight men we spend our entire lives in pursuit of them and yet we really don't know how they work. With a comical mewling grunt, a still highly aroused Sonia suddenly pushed forward and regained the ground she had lost. Her tits had given up space between the women, but it wasn't quite as bad as it looked when she was being forced backwards. Still intent on the fight, and nothing else, Sonia simply settled into the same rhythm of the fight and resumed grinding away at Gerry's fabulous boobs.

Perfect brown bombers and perfect bronzed bashers fought it out between two amazing women. Again a change occurred in the fight, but this time my wife was the aggressor. She upped the pace of her grinding, moreso than the force, and was rewarded with the surprised squeal of her foe as their bodies moved just enough to give Sonia the leverage advantage.

Gaining this position my wife went to work grinding at her increased pace. It was a sight to behold, as she panted both from the exertion of keeping up the advanced tempo of her attack and tried to shake off the lingering effects of the orgasm she had experienced only minutes before.

For a few minutes it looked like her tits were begin

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