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Aidan Riodan returns to Leona.

The older woman ran a hand through her short, glossy blonde hair as she flicked through the portfolio the young model had produced. "Although, of course, they are never enough. But now you are here, you've proven my instinct correct."

"I'm flattered," Kelli murmured. It was as if she hadn't spoken.

"You see," Erin DeVere continued, leaning back in her oversized chair, "there are three things I demand in a model. The first is aura. A presence. Sometimes you get an instinct when looking at photographs, but that's all."

Kelli nodded, making sure she didn't interrupt again.

"With you, my instinct was accurate. The way you entered the room. The way you hold yourself. You're confident, yet innocent. I like that. You have that aura. Let me guide you and that sexy naiveté could earn you a fortune, darling."

The older woman stood as she finished the sentence, every movement graceful as she walked across to the slate-grey Olympus couch. When she flopped down, she spread both arms out behind her on the back of the couch, crossing her shapely legs out before her.

"But now we must check the other two qualities," Erin purred. "First, in everything, I expect instant obedience. Should it ever prove otherwise, you and I will be finished. Is that understood?"

Kelli nodded enthusiastically. She'd do anything for a chance to become a supermodel. "Absolutely, Mrs. DeVere."

The woman sat forward, uncrossing then crossing her legs again. This time, the skirt rode up her thighs. Kelli looked. She couldn't help it. By no stretch of the imagination was she bi, but this classy beauty certainly had a hypnotic quality about her.

"That's good! But you still seem very nervous, darling. Can I get you something to calm your nerves? A little snow, perhaps?"

"Nu… no," Kelli quickly responded. She'd never taken drugs and never would. Under any circumstances. "I'm fine, thank you."

Erin DeVere nodded, as if dismissing the thought. "The second quality, of course, is your body. You can't be a model without a good body. And you can't be a supermodel without having a perfect body. Is yours as good as the photographs tell me it is?"

Kelli smiled. This was one area she felt confident in. All the hours spent in the gym had ensured that her stunning body, complimented by a natural deep golden tan, was in perfect condition.

"Stand up and let me see," the American woman directed, pulling her silken, blonde hair onto the top of her head before allowing it to fall again.

Kelli eased to her feet, watching as the Agency Head's blue eyes lingered on her breasts before dropping to her waist and legs. Such scrutiny. Even through her clothes, she knew the woman could see her nipples rise.

Provocatively, she did a little pirouette, comfortable in her body. Then, Erin DeVere went ahead and tested that comfort. "That's not quite what I had in mind, sweetheart," she purred. "Strip!"

The command hit Kelli between the eyes. As she spoke, Erin slowly uncrossed her legs again, as if allowing the heat between her thighs to pervade the room. Her arched eyebrows told the aspiring model she was waiting.

Instant obedience, Kelli thought. That's what this woman had demanded. And here she was on the verge of blowing it at her first opportunity. That wasn't going to happen, she decided, running her fingers through her wavy, blonde locks. She'd show Erin DeVere she had what it takes.

Keeping her sparkling brown eyes firmly fixed on the woman, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to her ankles.

The right strap of her bra demurely fell from her shoulder. She left it there, thrusting her perfect tits in Erin's direction. The glint of her diamond belly button stud shot across the room.

The Agency owner nodded, stroking Kelli's body with her blue eyes, taking in the cleavage spilling over the black bra and the delicious skimpiness of the plunging black thong. When she twirled her fingers, it was to tell Kelli to turn around.

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