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Sailing away from the sunset & toward a new uncertain start.

Monday, at Cathy's house

The sun was shining in Rob's face, as it promised to be nice weather, although cold. Cathy still slept beside him, and he decided not to wake her up. Rob took a shower and quickly dressed himself in the clothes Cathy wanted him to wear while he was at her house. He wore the same lingerie and French maid's dress he had worn the prior evening, he would wash it tomorrow, he thought.

He went downstairs and made them breakfast, by making tea, toast and sandwiches. When walking upstairs with his tray he heard Cathy rummaging around and when he entered the bedroom, she was still dressed in her nightgown.

"That is a pleasant surprise, Rob," she said. Rob kissed her and they ate their breakfast on the bed. Cathy observed him and said: "I like it that you wore this outfit. I thought I had to get used to it, but somehow it suits you. Almost totally natural, as if you wear this uniform each day. Yes, I like it, definitely."

Rob just smiled and said "Thank you Mistress, but only while I play a game. I consider this more or less a game."

Cathy looked up at him, this answer she didn't expect. Then it struck her: Rob had not surrendered, he was acting. This brought her to a quandary, should she ask for his obedience, as she knew he would refuse; or just pretend she didn't notice his obstruction? Cathy choose for the latter to avoid problems, for only the end result would count.

"Rob, you are to remove our breakfast and clear the bedroom. I will shower and get ready. When you are finished, go out and take your dogs for a walk; it's obvious that you won't wear your uniform when outside and don't be in a rush. We won't be hurrying this morning. When you come home join me in that room with the electrical devices where I will give you a test, it will take about 45 minutes. I will show you a movie, or better said, a whole lot of movies, and I will record your reactions and afterwards I will analyze them. When you are done with the test, you will make us lunch, then you will wear your uniform again. After the lunch we go outside again with the dogs, and believe me, you will need fresh air after the movie. While we walk we will discuss the results and discoveries of your sexual personality, because that is why we are doing the test in the first place."

Rob did as he was asked, quickly did the bedroom by fixing the sheets and blankets, removed their breakfast and then brought it to the kitchen and washed the dishes. Walking upstairs again he heard Cathy in the shower, she took her time he thought and he removed the French maid's dress and put on his male clothes over his lingerie and went downstairs again. Inca and Nicky were waiting for him impatiently and they made haste to reach the nearby forest. There he could finally relax a bit and think things over. So far he didn't know what to expect. He threw sticks and let the dogs run after them, and it cleared his mind by doing so. An hour later, he decided to go back and let come what had to come. Once inside the house he did not enter Cathy's examining room, where she had a phone-call. He let her know that he was back by knocking on the door and she yelled at him to go to the other room.

He then forced himself to go to the room with the chair and cables and stuff. He looked around and saw different devices that normally would appear in a real hospital. He must ask Cathy how she got all this pretty expensive equipment. It looked new, he was wondering, was it Helena perhaps? He took off his male clothes and shoes and now only wore his lingerie.

He heard Cathy coming, she must be wearing high heels now, he heard her pointed-heels clicking.

When she entered the room, his mouth almost drooled a the vision of a dominatrix Queen. She was dressed in white, a plain white see-through blouse, a white leather skirt, black nylons and white high heels.

She looked at Rob and then pointed at his feet: "Next time I want you to wear high heels.

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