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Innocence is such a sweet and rare thing.

Both their hearts still fluttered and raced in the familiar kiss. The pink arousal spiked in both their souls which were now surrounded in a golden halo of love.

The kiss went on for an eternity in their minds but quickly escalated into a desperate need. They began to strip each other as fast as possible. The shawl and polo shirt quickly disappeared in a frenzy of rapid jerks as they smacked against the headboard. Their mouths quested to taste the others tonsils like they were teenagers again.

With practiced ease they both disrobed the other without getting in each other's way. In moments Cynthia was arching her back as her husband pulled her panties down her legs, gently kissing her thighs and the inside of her knees as he pulled them off. She squealed in delight. He kicked off his boxers and knelt on the bed above his wife with his cock standing out straight and proud.

Cynthia spread her legs to show off her excited and wet lips to the man she had devoted her life to loving. Her moderate breasts heaved as she panted in excitement. Anthony lifted her left leg to his mouth as he explored her familiar skin with his mouth and hands, teasing her lightly as he knew she loved. She moaned in excitement with a hint of frustration.

"No teasing this time, I need it now," she moaned out.

Anthony grinned in delight and put her leg down and then scooted further up the bed. He spread Cynthia's legs apart and brought his turgid shaft to the outside of her weeping lips. He lightly brushed his penis up and down the outside of her lips to tease and excite her. When his cock tip brushed against her clitoral hood he pushed hard and ran the entire length along its excited little nub. She gasped.

He then backed away and grabbed her other leg and began to tease her instep and calves with soft caresses and softer kisses. He looked up to his wife's eyes and grinned. She stared back with an intense hunger. Her soul spiked to a fluorescent pink and writhed around her husband's soul, desperately seeking the familiar merge it knew was about to occur.

Cynthia had had enough teasing and forced her legs under her and away from her husband's evil touch. She pushed him over on his back and mounted him immediately; moaning in delight as his shaft once again filled her aching hole of need. "Yes!" She growled out.

Quick, rapid thrusting of her hips followed as she tried to grind her favorite penis into a nub. Her breasts and hair bounced with a rapid cadence as she increased the pace of her thrusting up and down. Sweat started to form on her brow and she threw her head back and started to moan louder and louder in ecstasy. Their two souls waltzed together into a rapid merging of colors. Maroon spikes combined with fluorescent pink swirls flared off of their union.

Her shocked husband lay under her in bliss as his wife furiously pounded on his penis. It wasn't long before he began to thrust up into his wife after she lifted for another stroke, trying to meet her sporadic and intense pace. He lifted himself up so he could grab her enticing breasts. Despite the small amount of sag he loved nothing more than staring at his wife's breasts. He took her right one into his mouth and sucked hard while swirling his tongue around the large nipple. With the frenzy his wife was going at this was quite a feat.

Cynthia grabbed the back of his head and forced him even harder into her breast. He sucked like she was still nursing and they both loved every second of it. Their rapid fire thrusting evened out as the initial adrenaline wore off and they started to coast into a normal escalation of pleasure.

Anthony moved away from her breast and started to kiss her neck and the hollow behind her ear just like how she loved.

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