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Amelia and Garrison fool around while camping.

" I needed to extract myself from the situation, I definitely didn't want to force myself on her.

"Yeah, I'm pretty tired too... been a long day... long week actually," she hesitated while staring intently in my eyes. "One more kiss... One last time and then we hit the hay," Then she rose upon her knees and pushed me back into the sofa, while pressing herself into me and began kissing me before pulling back to stare in my eyes again.

Ash was splayed across my chest with her legs straddling mine, her breasts heaving up and down as she breathlessly spoke, "Tonight.. for old times... Tomorrow... for reality," another kiss, more intense, "back to normal, OK?"

I wrapped my hands around her upper back and held her to me, while lightly caressing her. The motion eventually caused her flimsy silk gown to rise exposing her abdomen. My hands felt the bare skin and naturally worked their way down until they felt the globes of her soft tush. Feeling her silky panties, I slid my hands under the elastic grabbing the bare mounds of womanly flesh. She looked back at my hands caressing her tender rear under the fabric, "Jimm -eee," she shook a finger in my face, "Just kisses."

I brought my lips below her chin and began dragging kisses down her neck and then back up her chin and to her ear as she tilted her chin back exposing her throat to my foreboding tongue.

"Oh god Jimmy, you drive me cray-zee!"

I moved my mouth to her ear, as my hands caressed the delightful fleshy globes of her fine derriere, feeling her entire body meld into my own, "Ahhh... this is too good. I am so in love with you."

We continued kissing, as I felt her push against me, "Ok. Ok. Don't say that... That's enough... We better stop. Jimmy, we need to stop."

She brought her face back away from me so we could look into each other's eyes. She was now laying full on top of me, her legs open on either side of my hips. I whispered, "Ash, It's true.

She closed her eyes bringing her lips to mine, and as she did I felt the mound of her puss press down hard against my crotch. And the moment she rose up I felt my rock hard phallus escape the flyhole of my lounge pants and press into flesh of Ash's soft belly.

Oh god, the sensation was electric.

Quickly she reached down and jostled the steel rod back into its confines.

She cooed, "Mmmmm, we better stop," but her actions said something different.

"One more time. One last time," I whispered. And she lowered herself too me once again.

This time, I pulled her to me so that her breasts were pressed firmly against me. I needed this. I had no guarantees that I would ever feel this again. The woman I longed so deeply for.

Ash's gown had now formed a tent as its material gathered with the t-shirt I was wearing. Under the materials lay the soft supple skin of her thighs against my torso. Pulling the silky garment up and reaching beneath the panties, I once again fondled her bare bottom. Her hips rolled against me, lifting and lowering her panty covered puss so that it repeatedly bumped my steely rod. She made no mention of my hands on her bare bottom and I began to trace a line along the crack of her ass and up under her nightgown, softly rubbing her bare back, drawing the nightgown higher and higher as I did so.

My hands roamed freely pushing the robe off of her shoulders exposing the spaghetti straps that lie below. I caressed the bare skin from her upper back to the swell of the globes of her fine derriere. The serpent, with a mind of its own once again pushed out of its confines as she involuntarily slid along its length, while caressing its girth. She felt so light and lithe straddling me. God she felt so good. I did not want anything to stop this. I could feel the heat of her pouty nether lips melded against the crown of my desirous manhood. I knew we belonged together.


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