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Joining the pack.

She squirmed and pushed herself against his fingers. Uncle Jack pulled her side-ways over to the counter. Holly heard a rustle of clothing and a zip being pulled, lifting her up slightly, Uncle Jack pulled up the back of Holly's silky short robe and guided his cock into her moist entry.

Plunging into his niece's wet tight pussy, he whispered again, "Shhh baby, remember this is our special secret." Holly moaned softly between tightly shut lips.

Uncle Jack thrust his cock into his lovely niece. All that could be heard were the slick, sounds of his cock, moving inside her wet hot opening, the quickened breaths and the slight creaking of the wooden floor, as Uncle Jack buried his shaft in Holly's tight pussy.

The silk of her robe was making her slide forward on the counter. Uncle Jack held Holly by the waist and hips as he quickly thrust in long. strokes He whispered to Holly again, "Oh baby, your cunt is so wet and hot and tight. Baby I love fucking your cunt." Holly groaned, urgent with need but also frantic that they might be discovered, she whispered. "Oh, Uncle Jack, it feels like forever since you were last inside me. Fuck me, fuck me, Uncle Jack, your cock is so hard it feels so good inside me, ohhhhh, ohhhhh."

Holly came quickly with her Uncle's cock inside her, as the muscles in her passage tightened and pulsed around her Uncle's cock, he gave a few last strong thrusts that pounded into Holly's pussy and he came.

Uncle Jack pulled back as he withdrew his penis and turning her around he gave his niece a hug and kissed her. He re-arranged his clothes pulling up his zip.

"Holly we'll have more time together later baby. Come through and I'll introduce you."

Holly poured herself a glass of orange juice and followed her Uncle into the living room. Standing at the far side of the room, looking out of the window, was a slim tall woman with short blonde hair; she turned and gave them both a pleasant smile. She looked to be in her middle thirties.

"Holly, this is Robin. Robin this is my niece Holly. Holly has just come up from her momma's ranch. She's going to be working the horses and doing some restaurant work when we don't have any trail riding."

Robin grinned, "Hi Holly, nice to meet you. Your Uncle Jack didn't say he had such a pretty young niece. I look forward to getting to know you. I just arrived and had a walk around. I hope you like it here as much as I do. "

Hastily Holly re-arranged the top of her robe, conscious of her flushed face and the wet juices and her Uncle's seed running down the inside of her thighs. She looked at Robin. Could Robin smell sex on her? She hoped not.

After a lenghty pause Holly stammered, "Oh, oh, that's nice", she felt clumsy and distracted. Holly cast a glance at her Uncle; he looked un-rumpled, quite casual in fact. Holly didn't think anyone would suspect what had just happened in the kitchen.

Robin continued the conversation, impervious to the stilted response from Holly, "I'm the masseuse and do the spa treatments for our guests. It's my job to massage out the sore spots. Most of the guests like to see me after a long trail ride."

"Have you ever had a massage Holly? I've been told I have magic fingers." Robin waved her hands and looked at Holly with lingering eyes.

"No I've never had a massage before."

Robin smiled. "Well anytime I'm not busy with the guests, I'd be happy to give you one."

Uncle Jack spoke. "I've re-furbished the solarium and treatment room over the winter. I'm sure you'll like it Robin but my apologies for now. I have to go and send an e-mail about a late delivery and go over to one of the chalets. Sorry to leave you ladies."

Robin sat down on the sofa. Holly was perched on a chair across from Robin drinking the orange juice, she had brought through from the kitchen. Holly was unaware that her robe has parted and she was showing a puffy pink aerola and rosy nipple.

Robin's eyes lingered on Holly's pert little breast the open silky gown. Her eyes drifted down to the V of Holly's thighs.

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