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A recent grad finds a different sort of job.

I went into the kitchen and got a soda and something to eat. As I sat at the table eating and drinking awhile later my mother came out and smiled as she sat next to me. She took my hand and patted it. T

hen she said: "Your brother has a nice cock Mary. And you were right he does recover very quickly. In fact in less than 30 minutes I made him cum twice. I think you and I are going to enjoy him, that is after you get birth control. You know it will take a week or so for you to be fully protected. So in the meantime I'm going to make sure he is drained and sexually satisfied. I talked to him and he wants to have sex with me and you."

I didn't know what to say so she went on. " We can have some very nice times together Mary , but you can't say anything to anyone about this. I told him that I would be happy to teach you both about sex. I will show you positions and how to get the most out of them. I will show him how to please you much better than he is doing now sweetie. I know you saw me sucking him, I saw you in the doorway, So what do you think?"

Again I didn't know what to say. " She looked at me and continued: "And I don't know if you ever gave this a try but you and I can enjoy each other too. I mean women can go much longer than a man, and even if Bobby is young, he will tire out and drain himself. So we can have our time together too without him if you want."

She ran her hand over my shoulder now as she stood up and walked behind me. Standing there she rubbed my neck and shoulders and bend down and kissed my neck. It gave me chills.

She whispered that she loved both of us and she felt we could be a lot closer if I wanted to be.

Then she ran her hands down my front and cupped my breasts. As she licked my neck and kissed my cheek she said: "You have wonderful breasts Mary. They're so big and firm and full just like Bobby told me they were. He loves your tits baby! And I can see why."

I didn't move but I didn't stop her. I closed my eyes and let my hands fall on my lap. Mom gently stroked and rubbed my breasts as my nipples grew. She played with the nipples pinching them on the outside of my tee shirt. With no bra on and just a tee shirt, I soon felt like my nipples would explode they became so hard and long.

"Mummm", mom whispered in my ear. "Your breast are very special Mary. Do you like how it feels when mom touches you like this?"

She asked me as she kept touching and pinching my nipples. "Yes", was all I could say.

I was astonished that my own mother was stimulating me, But I was also wet between my legs! "Let me lift this tee shirt up over your head now baby." She said as she did it.

Now nude from my shorts up my mom sat down on the chair facing me and lifted my breasts in her hands. They spilled over the sides of her hands and she told me I had really nice big tits. "NO shit!" I felt like saying,

She looked at them and examined them like they were the fist ones she had ever seen. She loved them gently stoking each one and then using two hands to hold tone of them she lifted it towards her mouth.

I didn't say or say anything. I let he enjoy my breasts because I was enjoying her touch, more than I liked to admit.

Then she moved closer and took my right breast and began to suck on my nipple. She held my tit and I held her head with my hands and just say: "Suck mom suck it please."

That's when I found out I could orgasm from just having my tits and nipples played with. When I moaned she pulled me to her and I moved and sat on her lap. She stroked my breasts and sucked on them and played with my nipples.

I felt wetter and put both my hand between my legs. I squeezed my thighs against my hands, hard! I sort of rocked on them squeezing and release, squeeze and release, squeeze and release.

And, when mom pushed her hand down between my thighs and rubbed my pussy fast, I began to cum!! "OH GOD mom!! I'm cumming I'm cumming! OH GOD OH GOD!" I cried out as she worked on me.

When I finished she kissed me and held me and rocked me like she did wh

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