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You may not realize it, but there is a hidden question embedded in the one you ask. And, that is: 'What am I?' Practically all of our patrons suffer from one kind of uncertainty. Most have achieved the status in life that from their childhood onward they were led to believe was their destiny. But, now, even though they are all happily married, they find that there is something lacking . Believe it or not, sex with a spirit gives them the answer to that question."

"How's that? I didn't think the lodge held classes or things like that."

"We don't. It is something that comes from deep within them. Jenny, when mankind first climbed down from the trees, certain tasks were naturally assigned to the sexes. Men were the hunters and females bore the children. However, it wasn't very long before both sexes discovered that they had been gifted with a wondrous prize. They could have sex merely for the physical pleasure it gave them without any thought of procreation. The females didn't doubt their role of procreation and pleasure. What we here now call, 'P and P'. Then along came civilization and society and, somehow, that last, 'P' got subordinated to the first one. Society set up a whole set of rules by which men and women were supposed to function. The concept of undesirable sex arose from these rules. I'll bet you have heard your mother say, 'that's nasty' or 'good girls don't do things like that!' or something equivalent. Coming here and having unbridled sex with an unknown, faceless male wipes out all of that prohibition and puts sex -- fucking -- back on a strictly animal basis. Any number of our guests have told me how free they feel after a session with us. Several have even told me of the wild, free sex they have enjoyed with their husbands after leaving here. Sex on park benches, the hoods of their cars and on deserted beaches. As a result of this consequence, we refer to our, 'graduates' as either a, 'vagina' or a, 'cunt'. A vagina has not become a totally liberated female whereas a cunt is wild in her pursuit of sexual pleasure. I hope I don't shame you, but, considering your background, you are definitely a, 'cunt'. That is one of the ugliest terms in the English language, but it describes one set of females to a Tee. The spirit counterpart term is, 'Phallus'. Think over what I have said and we shall talk again, but right now, I see my Maitre D` waving at me so I must see what problem has arisen."

Mrs. B rose and went to where her Maitre D` was standing. They were too far away for me to hear what they were discussing so I concentrated upon finishing my breakfast. Just as I got up to leave the dinning room, Mrs. B came back to the table.

"There is one thing I forgot to tell you. It is so seldom that I brief a Murdock that I didn't think to tell you about one aspect of your heritage. Since you bear the mark of the red hand, you will be able to see the spirits -- so, don't be frightened. Under normal conditions, our other guests can not do this, but since you are a cunt of the Red Hand Lodge, you are capable of seeing the other members of the lodge."

With that she turned and left the dinning room.

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