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Gabby gets a new job that's very different.

I pulled the french-fry slowly back out and sensually brought it to my lips and ate it. Looking back into the camera I blew a kiss, then signaled Cory to stop recording.

Cory sat back down as I quickly rearranged my cloths. "I can't believe how turned on that made me," I confided. I took a couple more bites of my food then said, "Let's go. I want to do that again somewhere else."

Back in Cory's car we discussed where else we should go. I thought of a shopping mall, and Cory suggested we could do some flashing just on the street. I wasn't sure I was quite ready for somewhere as completely exposed as a street corner, but before I could voice my objection an idea struck me.

We had been driving for a little while behind a city bus, and I told Cory to get ahead of the bus and drop me off at the next stop, then let the bus pass him and keep his eye on the back window. Cory sped around the bus and we pulled up to the stop well before the bus got there. I opened the door to get out, then remembered something and turned back to Cory. "Quick, give me some money. I need bus fare!" I cried. Cory quickly emptied his pocket and I got out and flagged down the bus. Once inside I made my way to the very back of the bus and stood by the big back window. The bus was mostly empty, with the few other passengers facing forward, ignoring me. In a few minutes I saw Cory's car pull up behind the bus with Cory awkwardly trying to drive while pointing the camera out the windshield. Hoping that Cory was filming I waved to him, then pulled my top up again. I was lifting my top up with both hands, so when the bus suddenly accelerated I lost my balance and fell forward, smooshing my naked tits against the glass. As I tried to get my balance I stumbled again and almost went cart wheeling topless down the isle. Just in time I grabbed a hand hold to steady myself and was able to get my top back down. Looking back I saw Cory laughing his ass off, but fortunately the camera was still on, so it wasn't a total waste.

When I got off the bus at the next stop my furious blushing had faded and I had my composure back when Cory picked me up. "That's enough of that!" I said hotly, "let's go back to my place, I want to change outfits."

When we arrived back at my apartment Cory excused himself to go to the restroom while I went back to my bedroom to change. Idly I wondered if Cory actually had to pee, or if he was jacking off. I wouldn't blame him if he had to jack off - hell, I'd help him if he asked. Opening my closet I pulled out my cheerleader outfit and changed into it - a tiny sweater-vest top and a skirt. To complete the outfit I had two pom-poms. I combed my hair into a pony tail and went back to see how Cory was doing.

"Gimme a C!" I shouted, seeing Cory sitting at the table again.

"Gimme an O!"

"Gimme a R"

"Gimme a Y! Yea Cory!" I cheered, jumping up and down and spinning my pom-poms.

"You were a cheerleader?" asked Cory.

"No, I just bought the uniform." I answered. "I modified it, too, see." I half turned around and flipped up my skirt, showing Cory my bare ass. "There were panties sewn in as a lining, but I cut them out. I didn't think I'd need them."

Cory grinned. "No, you probably won't need them. Where are we going now?"

"Ridgefield High School." I replied.

I knew that Ridgefield only had gym classes in the mornings, so after lunch the sports grounds would be empty. When we arrived at the football field the only people around were a few late students coming back from lunch.

"Did you ever hang around under the bleachers, trying to look up girls' skirts" I asked Cory as we approached the bleachers.

"No, I never did."

"I couldn't really see the point in that," I confessed, "I never thought you'd see much. Go on under there, though...I'll make sure you see something." I promised as I started to climb up the rows of wooden benches.

I climbed about half way and sat down on a bench, spreading my skirt out as I sat so my bare ass was on the wood. "See anything down there?" I called.

Cory's voice came from just

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