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Shocked and mortified beyond all freaking belief, I spun around, staring wide-eyed at an equally startled-looking Hellboy. "What?!"

"Uh ..." For a second, all Hellboy could do was stare at me, confused. He scratched the back of his head, sweeping back a few strands of his silky black hair. "I uh ... I was gonna just say ... Jeez, what was all that about?"

"Uh ..." Humiliated, I dropped my eyes to the ground, too embarrassed to hold his gaze. I swallowed hard, my mouth oddly dry. "Uh ... N-n-nothing. Nothing, nothing."

My face was about as red as Hellboy's skin, and I knew he could see it.

H.B. furrowed his brow. Out of the corner of his eye I could see him smirking.

He leaned closer to me, reaching out with his stony right hand. "All I was gonna say, Ka, was that your shirt was falling apart in back ..."

His warm fingers just barely brushed across the skin of my back--he wasn't trying anything, he was just pulling a loose patch away.

All the same, the moment his fingers touched my skin, a volt of hot arousal shrieked through my spine, racing down between my legs. I felt my pulse there, thumping, pounding. My body ached.

Feeling his fingers, feeling the waves of excitement and anticipation throbbing between my thighs, I both felt and heard a gasp catch in my throat. Unable to stop it, my eyes slid closed and my head leaned back, my spine arching like a bow.

Hellboy's hand stopped on my back. It was oddly tense. He didn't speak, and the woods seemed strangely silent.

I drew in a ragged breath, slowly opening my eyes and seeing a deepening blue sky above me. Running a tongue over my dry, hot lips, I lowered my head, feeling embarrassment mounting in me, feeling Hellboy's eyes on me, burning through me.

I didn't know what to say, but I couldn't just pretend nothing happened.

A tremor sped through me as I forced myself to turn and face Hellboy. What was I going to say?!

"Red, I ..."

I couldn't read the look on his face as he stared at me, leaning so close towards me, the sides of our bodies brushing every time we moved.

"Hellboy ... I'm--I'm sorry, I ..."

I suddenly noticed that his mouth was partially open, and he was breathing in quick, deep breaths. His eyes were fixed on mine. He was so close I could feel the warmth from his body.

'I want him to kiss me,' I thought, my eyes straying down to his lips, further down along his throat, his chest, his ...


There was no mistaking the swelling between his legs--there was barely enough fabric left on his pants to contain him.

I could make him do that?

The thought that I caused such heat in Hellboy nearly made me swoon.

That's why he was staring at me like that; he wasn't confused or alarmed or suspicious.

That was lust in his eyes.

My heart rocketed a few hundred beats faster, and another raspy, moaning gasp escaped me as Hellboy pulled himself closer, so our bodies were pressing up against each other's, so close I could feel his hardening erection pressing against my stomach.

A growl rumbled deep in Hellboy's chest. "What if I did this?" he whispered, lightly drawing the fingers of one hand over my arm as he dipped his head and licked the length of my throat.

My body bucked at the sensation, and I whimpered an approval. I squeezed my eyes shut, gasping for breath as I felt Hellboy's hands and fingers and lips and tongue explore my neck and arms and face.

I heard Hellboy growl softly again, and felt his warmth breath over my lips. I shuddered and moaned softly as he kissed me gently, delicate kisses at first. His hot tongue carefully slipped between my lips, lapping at my mouth. I ran my own tongue over his, sucking at it, drinking up his taste. Hellboy moaned in my mouth, his left hand sliding along the length of my body, creeping between us to tear my ruined shirt away.

My nipples were in painful hard points now, and Hellboy grunted, loving their feeling against his own bare chest.

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