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Two students' punishment for sexual misconduct.

"What dressed like this?" she replied.

"Well, flashing my dad turned you on and besides you lost the bet," I commented.

"You're a really bastard," she replied, "You are determined to make the most out this aren't you."

"Absolutely, It took two months of hard work to win the bet and it will cost you only one weekend."

"OK, let's go then as I have no choice." I drove because firstly I wanted to keep sober so I could enjoy proceedings and not have brewers droop later and secondly as Jackie doesn't drink much a few drinks in her present sexy mood might lead to some fun. The pub was fairly busy when we entered. Jackie was certainly noticed and I noticed a few nudges and whispered comments going on. Jackie looked around nervously and seemed to relax when she saw that nobody we knew was in. I ordered a pint and a large white wine for Jackie which we then took out into the garden.

It was a lovely warm evening and we sat quietly chatting and drinking. We had almost finished our drinks when my best mate Paul wandered into the garden.

"Over here, Paul," I shouted. He smiled and made his way over. I had been friends with Paul since we cycled to school some twenty plus years ago. He had also been the best man at our wedding. He had also been one of Jackie's best friends especially when I was away at university. I knew that nothing had ever happened between them, but also knew Paul had always fancied her and probably would have made a move but for his friendship and respect for me.

"You don't often come down the General," Jackie queried.

"No but the Red Lion is closed for refurbishment," Paul answered. This was true but the real reason he was here was that I had secretly arranged it. He had recently split from his long term relationship and needed some cheering up. I thought that the chance to see Jackie dressed as she was would do the trick. I also hoped that with her in the mood she was and slightly drunk I could instigate a threesome. I had not informed Paul as to this part of my plan.

"I will fill the glasses," I told Jackie. And took her glass and set off to the bar leaving them chatting. I returned with a second large wine for her but coke for me.

"cheers" I said handing her the glass.

"Thanks love," Jackie responded. "Paul was just telling me that Grace, (his ex) has forced him to sell her his half of the flat."

"Where are you going to live?" I asked.

"I am back with my parents till I can rent somewhere," Paul informed us. Jackie then popped of to the loo.

"Wow, mate I have never seen Jackie dressed like this," Paul stated once she was out of ear shot. "She certainly has got a bra on."

"Or knickers," I added.

"You're kidding! She normally a bit of a prude." He responded not believing his ears. I then explained the bet to him, even the bit about the blowjob. "You lucky bastard," he responded then shut up as he noticed Jackie approaching.

"It's getting a bit chilly out here. Let's go inside," Jackie suggested. We happily complied, taking our drinks with us. Inside the Pub had got very busy being a warm summers evening. The only seat available was a bar stool that we let Jackie sit on. The wine had had the desired effect; she was relaxed and had forgotten about her knickerless state and short skirt. Paul and I got a lovely flash of her pussy as she struggled to sit on the high level stool. We chat on for a while as we all finished our drinks. Gradually as time passed I noticed that Jackie's legs were parting and I could yet again see her pubes and obviously moist vaginal lips. I was not the only one to notice, because of her high bar stool a group of teenage lads sitting at a table in front of us had a prime view up her skirt. I looked at Jackie and realised that although she was slightly merry she was obviously aware that the lads had a clear view of her pussy and she was definitely turned on by her 'accidental' exposure.

"Paul we are just going to pick up a Chinese tonight why don't you join us?" I asked.


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