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He was invited to a co-worker's party.

Bianca started sucking on his tongue and making little moaning noises. It was finally happening she was going to have sex with Drew. She slid her hand down his chest to his shorts and wrapped her hand around his shaft. It was at least six inches and felt quite thick. Bianca felt a shiver go through her body, her pussy was tight and six inches was going to hurt a little.

Drew pulled away and started kissing on her neck. "Take off you clothes, baby," he whispered, " I want to look at you before I taste you."

Taste her? That sounded interesting to Bianca.

Bianca stood up and they both started pulling at her top and jeans. In a couple of seconds she was completely naked. Drew glided his hands up and down her body trying to learn all her curves.

"Your skin is so soft Bianca. It feels like silk," Drew said in a mystified tone.

He sucked on her palm-sized titties and gave special attention to her nipples. He got on his knees and kissed her calves all the way up to the top of spine. Drew gradually turned her back to his bed and positioned her on her back with her legs open and her arms over her head.

Bianca felt herself getting wetter and wetter and Drew slowly stripped off his clothes piece by piece. He stared into her eyes letting her know that she was going to get fucked properly tonight.

As he slid his boxers off he saw he eyes widen and heard her gasp when she finally laid eyes on his cock. It was standing straight up and hard as a rock.

"Do you like what you see Bianca? I going to fuck you until you can't take it anymore and then flip you over and fuck you some more."

Bianca moaned from the level of lust flooding her mind and body.

"Drew please don't make me wait." She was aching all over.

Drew grabbed the condom out of his pocket and put it on. He walked over to the bed and climbed on top of Bianca and settled between her legs.

"Whatever I do Bianca, don't move your hands. If you move them I am going to tie them to the bedpost okay?"

She nodded her assent aroused beyond belief because no man had ever threatened to tie her up before. Drew resumed sucking her brown nipples pushing them together and biting occasionally. He rubbed the head of his penis up and down her slit, all the while sucking and loving her flesh. Bianca moaned and cried out but kept her hands above her hand. Drew slowly kissed and licked his way down her belly to her leaking pussy.

"Umm, baby you are soaking wet. Here let me clean you up," he whispered against her skin.

Drew stuck his tongue deep inside Bianca and proceeded to lap her up with it. He grabbed her hips to keep her still, even though she was bucking wildly. Bianca tasted so good. He could eat her all day. He alternated between licking up the juice she gushed and thrusting inside her. Drew hummed inside her body and scraped his tongue over her clitoris determined to make her climax.

"Do you want me to stop Bianca?"

"No, oh god no!!"

Bianca couldn't breathe. Drew was driving her crazy with his tongue and all her thoughts had flown out the window. She reached down and laced her fingers in his hair to hold on for the ride. She didn't recognize those incoherent sounds coming out of her, but Drew did. He waited as she began to tense up, and when he knew she was on the precipice, he gently bit her clitoris.

"Ohhhh ahhh ohhhh ahhh, Drew," she gasped, "Oh my god, ohhh, ohhhhh."

Drew continued to suck up Bianca's juices as she climaxed. It was a gratifying thought to know that he could bring her to climax. He slid up her body and slowly licked her lips and then inserted his tongue into her mouth.

"How do you feel baby?"

"Oh my god Drew! I never knew you were so talented. We should have done this sooner."

"Well we are doing it now, and I am not nearly finished with you." He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "Tell me what position you like to be fucked in?"

"Do you want the truth?" she hesitated.

"Yeah, tell me."

"I like it doggy-style. I also like talking dirty."

Drew chuckled softly, "Who would have kn

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