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An evening out and a new friend.

They are perfect, filling your hands with just a little leftover with none going to waste! You lavish attention on both of my nipples and then kiss your way up my chest and neck and finally back to my mouth. As we are kissing, you reach back around and grab my ass pulling me to you so that I can feel how hard you've gotten. I moan having a good idea of what's waiting me inside those pants. I pull your shirt over your head and slide my hands down your chest and to the button on your pants...wanting to see for myself what I'm in for. I unbutton your pants and slowly unzip them looking in your eyes the whole time. I reach down and pull out your hard dick eyes get a bit big at what I see. You had told me, but I didn't honestly believe you and fortunately for me I was oh so wrong. My mouth begins to water and I drop to my knees, I want that erect cock in my mouth now. I wrap my lips around it and slowly slide my mouth down and then back up - I'm just teasing your right now. Your certain there's no way I can take it all but I look up at you from my knees and slide my mouth all...the...way...down.

You are very surprised...In a very good way. I continue looking up at you and sucking your hard cock and rubbing your balls at the same time. You get so turned on that you yank me to my feet and turn me around and push me onto the bed climbing up between my legs. You bury your fact in my hot wet pussy and I grab the sheets at the wonderful attack you are performing. You continue until I'm begging you to please fuck me...I desperately want to feel your dick deep inside me. You sit up and put my legs on your shoulder and slam your rock hard cock in me as deeply as you can. You give me a few seconds to adjust and to enjoy the feel of the hot tightness wrapped around you. You being punishing my pussy slamming it in and out over and over until I'm screaming and you feel my pussy tighten around you. You drive into me again and again prolonging the orgasm and then you explode deep inside me so hard I can feel you filling me with your hot cum. You collapse on top of me and I wrap myself around you. We kiss and nuzzle each other as our heartbeats return to normal. I look at you and tell you THAT was definitely worth the wait!

We lay there and stroke one another, not saying a word. The only sounds are our contented moaning and breathing becoming lighter. Your hands caress my chest as I run my fingers over your back, shoulders, and thru your hair. We could do this for hours unending. We chat, giggle, talk about how wonderful it was and what we enjoyed. But all this touching has awoken something in us both.

We can't get enough of one another.

Your hands explore more and more again.

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