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Tom finds out how Addie and Carla got together as lovers.


It took only a few minutes for Miss Victoria to unzip the duffel bag, extract the small camcorder and the tripod, and set everything up in a spot a slight bit away from where Sherrie was standing as the photographer catching in still pictures the poses into which the nude male had been directed. Pushing the button that turned the camcorder on, Miss Victoria opened the small, fold-out LCD screen, and satisfied herself that she was framing an area of the living room that was free of furniture-a spot in front of the small fireplace. Noticing the location, Sherrie's inquiring look indicated her puzzlement.
Smiling conspiratorially at Sherrie, the woman stepped out from behind the tripod, walked to where Trent was seated, and pulled him up from his position by taking his hand and indicating he was to follow her. She guided him to the spot in front of the fireplace, turned him toward the camcorder, and said, "You know the position in which I like to watch you masturbate for me while you look at me playing with my pussy?" she asked him.

Sherrie's head was spinning. Miss Victoria has these men stroke themselves to an erection for her while she masturbates as she watches? Oh, damn! Could I EVER have enough self-assuredness to do that? thought Sherrie. Could I ever ditch all my self-consciousness and just focus on the pure sexual pleasure of seeing a naked man stroke his cock for me?

Trent dropped to his knees, his feet out behind him and almost touching the little area in front of the fireplace where a few tiles of cream-colored slate intruded out into the carpet. Then he eased himself back on his haunches, opening his knees wide as he did so.

"Mmmmmm, yes, that's it," purred Miss Victoria.

He straightened his torso and placed his hands on his thighs. His ball sac hung down between them, almost grazing the carpet, and his heavy cock lolled forward, tilting downward, almost resting against the looped pile of Sherrie's carpeting.

Sherrie noticed a small droplet of pre-cum oozing from the velvety head of his circumcised cock.

Miss Victoria stepped forward quickly, reached down to pinch off the droplet between thumb and forefinger, and sucked first her thumb, then her finger, savoring the taste of the man who was about to masturbate for them.

"That's nice, Trent," she said, walking back to stand behind the tripod and check the framing of the shot on the camcorder's screen. "Let me turn this make sure everything is ready, and then the lady and I will take our seats to enjoy your show." She motioned to Sherrie to join her on the sofa.

The scenario was too outrageous to believe, and Sherrie wondered if she had somehow slipped into an alternate reality or a dream state where this over-the-top eroticism was somehow a normal and expected thing. Her pussy was gushing in anticipation of what was about to happen, and she knew her panties would soon be soaked.

Good thing she would quickly be out of them, strapped into her dildo, and sliding the shaft into Trent's taut butt.

Trent remained in place, on magnificent display. The position showed off his strong shoulders, sexy chest and abs, and his beautiful cock.

"While you masturbate for us, Trent, tell us why you so much enjoy having a woman fuck you in the asshole with a strapon dildo," Miss Victoria directed.

This was WAY different from the first tutoring session! The few words that Andrew had spoken, things like, "Please," "Don't stop!" and desperate entreaties to take off the cock ring Miss Victoria had fastened him into to help prevent his orgasm until Sherrie was pounding into his asshole with her strapon dildo, were brief expressions of lust, not sexy descriptions or lengthy monologues (and Sherrie would never forget the sounds he made which, while not words, needed no translation).

But now, as he played with himself in front of them, stroking his cock for their visual pleasure, Trent was going to talk about why he liked having a woman fuck him in the ass with her strapon.

The camcorder.

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