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I take my clothes off as well. Each item hits the floor in a soft thud as my breathing deepens. I long for you to look at me the way you look at her. You could devour her with your eyes. And her gaze? All fire and ice. I would melt before it.

I watch you kiss her deeply and I imagine your tongue pressing between my lips, parting them insistently. My pussy lips ache for you already and the show has just barely begun.

You walk as you kiss her, maneuvering her to the bed and she falls back gracefully onto the mattress. Her body is a landscape of luscious mounds and supple flesh and I wonder what it would be like to taste her. Do you see what you've done to me? I've never thought of a woman that way and yet you tempt me each time you touch her.

You are on her in a flash, kissing her again, before sprinkling her flesh with nips and kisses down her body. I imagine your tongue darting between her legs. The distance provides only the vision of your head between her thighs, but I can see your tongue teasing her clit, flicking it repeatedly and my fingers mimic your actions on my own clit. My moans are her moans as I imagine your tongue parting her lips and seeking out her pleasure.

I will myself to keep my eyes open, to watch as she pinches her nipple with one hand and grabs your hair with the other. My own nipple cries out for attention and I roll it between my fingers before pulling it harder, pinching it as I imagine how your scruff would feel on my thighs.

I slip a finger inside my aching lips, envisioning your tongue. I'll need to slow down if I want to wait for your release. But maybe today I'll treat myself. Maybe today I'll come with each of you, share in each of your pleasure without your knowing.

Her back begins to arch off the bed slowly, floating back down just to arch back up again. She is nearing her orgasm and I can only imagine how skilled your tongue and fingers are. Her body remains arched and her head tilts back, I hear my moan echo in my empty apartment as I quicken my pace. Her thighs squeeze around your head and mine ache to feel you between them.

Her orgasm winds down and her body collapses back on the bed. I wonder what position you'll take her in. Of course, I love the ones where I can see your cock best, watch it plunge into her as I dream of my mouth, pussy, or ass encircling your hardness.

You lay down and she climbs on top of you, swinging a leg over your erection, then impaling herself on it. Her head rolls back as you fill her and I burn with jealousy. I want to gasp as you enter me, I want to hear her gasp as you fuck her. I imagine straddling your face, watching her ride you as your tongue laps at my juices. I'd reach out to her, grab her hair, and thrust my tongue into her mouth, kissing her passionately before turning my attention to her breasts and clit.

Your hands roam over her body as she leans back, her arms behind her, supporting her. You've allowed her to take charge but as I see your movements quicken, I know she is about to lose that control. Your hands grip her hips and you raise your ass from the bed, ramming into her from underneath while you pull her down hard. She bolts upright, obviously surprised and looks down upon you while biting her lip, her eyes supplicative, asking for more. Baby, I wouldn't hesitate to beg for more of you. "Please," I'd moan as you rammed into me harder, getting louder with each thrust. I'd rub my clit, wanting to finish with you.

She braces herself, leaning forward as you continue to thrust hard from beneath her. Her ass wiggles above you as she circles her hips. You pull her down upon you harder, more quickly, and my fingers keep pace, a poor substitute for your cock. I tease my nipples, then return my attention to my clit, knowing you are on the verge of coming inside her. I envy her. She'll lay beside you, dripping with your cum, your arm around her, and I'll be left here in the dark. But for now, I focus on bringing you to life before me, if only in my imagination.

I feel the heat

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