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An everyday housewife with a special interest.

Paul took another nervous step back but froze when she reached out to caress the side of his face. She leaned in close to whisper in his ear. "I think there's someone in here who will speak to me."

Suddenly the readout on his arm lit up with flickering symbols, changing so fast they blurred together. Paul could feel a faint tingle of electricity on his cheek where Number Four's hand was resting on his helmet. Her eyes lit up with a web of flickering golden light, as hypnotic as the calm violet had been before.

His helmet split along the center seam and fell to the ground in halves. His chest and crotch panels followed the plastic pieces down to clatter on the metal plates of the ancient station's deck. The rest of his suit locked back together, though. The assist motors in the suit's structure whined, dragging his arms out and his legs straight and locking in place. He suddenly wished the expedition hadn't paid for such an expensive power model when he strained against them and found that he couldn't budge. A moment later he mentally kicked himself for complaining.

Number Four's hand slowly glided down over Paul's cheek, now without the intervening layer of clear helmet visor. "That's better," she purred. "Now you can't bolt and we can take...our...time..." Her fingers traced his jawline in and found a sensitive line trailing down toward his chest. He started to follow her hand down with his eyes but found himself focusing past it on her gorgeous breasts. He could spot the faint seams between her surface panels, but they did nothing to detract from her beauty. Whoever had crafted her body had artfully traced its curves in those thin lines. Her chest, her arms, her flat stomach, her supple legs, every perfect feature was framed.

But her breasts drew him in, shifting as the cable muscles beneath her skin carried her hand slowly lower. Her fingers were lazily drifting over his chest now, drawing whorls and tracing lines without any apparent pattern. Paul could feel his own muscles twitching in response, skin tingling in the wake of her teasing touch. He only realized what the sensation was when her finger slid over his nipple and a sudden needle of tension burst out from it with a sharp electric snap. He cried out momentarily before biting his lip.

Number Four's grin widened slightly and satisfaction flickered through her aggressive expression. "Mmm, so that's how I get you to speak to me." Her fingers slowly walked across his chest toward the other side, tingling with electricity as they traveled. "I knew there had to be some trick to it. I wonder if the other one does...the same... thing!"

Another snap of electricity rang out and another twisting pulse of tension snatched at the muscles around his right nipple. This time Paul kept his mouth clamped shut, muffling his cry into a sort of moan. The sudden sensation in his chest, accompanied by the appreciative growl Number Four answered him with, made his penis strain out against the thin shorts he wore under his suit.

The motion did not go unnoticed. Number Four glanced down to see the bulge. "Looks like this wants out," she said. "I wonder if it has something to say too." She looked back up at Paul, face briefly petulant in mock annoyance. "There are just so many parts of you that want my attention." Her hand started drifting slowly down again, tracing over his stomach. His hardsuit's abdominal plates fell away one by one to allow her access.

The light touch of her fingers never quite stopped moving, but she was clearly in no hurry. Paul's dick pulsed in anticipation, rhythmically pushing the front of his shorts out and then relaxing. Finally Number Four's tingling caress drifted over it. She cupped the cloth-bound shaft in her hand, sliding her palm deliciously down over its length and slowly back up. A shudder danced through Paul's body. Only the still-rigid structure of his frozen suit kept him standing.

"Is that better, cutie?" she purred into his ear.

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