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Camilla and Candice plot to entrap lecherous Mr. Pierce.

She suddenly gripped onto Autumn's hair and pulled her away from the treat that was Alexis' snatch. She spun Autumn around to face her then roughly made out with her, the taste of Alexis dancing upon both of their tongues.

When she breathlessly pulled away, her raspy voices whispered out, "Go Get my strap on. I see some holes that need to be fucked..."

Autumn quickly scurried off of the bed to search the nearby suitcase for pleasure toy, all the while Miley's eyes were locked on Alexis'.

"Come here, dirty slut..." She called out, rubbing her own wet pussy as the girl moved toward her.

It was almost as if Alexis knew Miley's intentions and placed her hand on top of Miley's which was now playing with her own wetness before moving in to the side and replacing it with her own.

"So. Wet..." Alexis whispered rubbing her fingers against her wet slit. She knew being subtle was never a part of Miley's demeanor or sex drive, so she skipped foreplay and went straight to work.

Two of her fingers slid into Miley's pussy, causing Miley's eyes to roll into the back of her head and a moan to escape her mouth. "Fuck..." Miley cursed as her hips rhythmically moved back and forth, grinding herself on the dancer's fingers.

Soon, Autumn returned with an 8 inch pink strap on and assisted Miley as she put it on and secured it in place.

The two girls assumed doggystyle positions on the bed, waiting and wondering who would be pleasured first.

This is what most men and some women dreamt of. Having not one, but TWO beautiful goddesses bent over in front of them, holes exposed, waiting to be pleased.

Miley decided to take her time before sliding her silicone cock into one of the girls and instead rub both of their pussies at once, with just one finger.

Both girls moaned and writhed under her touch and Miley couldn't help smirk, amused by the effect she had on the girls.

At the same time, she slid two of her fingers into both of their pussies, instantly feeling warmth surround her digits.

"Ohhh...what do we have here?" She growled, moving her fingers back and forth faster as their cunts seemed to increase in wetness rapidly.

"Some cock hungry kitties? Mmm, I wonder who wants it first! "

Almost in unison, the two girls cried out, "I do!" Alexis trembled as pleasure increased within her. "Give me that fat, thick cock!"

Autumn felt as though she needed to prove her slutiness and worthiness of cock. "Please fuck my tight, pink pussy!"

Miley grinned and abruptly removed her fingers from both of their cunts.

She slapped them on their asses and grinned before making her decision.

"Alexis," She said in an almost stern tone.

"On your back, spread eagle. Autumn, sit on your face and let her eat her ass and pussy while I Fuck her!"

The girls quickly complied and got into their positions, Alexis already working her tongue against Autumn's pussy.

Miley slid the dildo against Alexis' pussy, letting her juices coat it before slowing sliding into her. Alexis moaned into Autumn's pussy in response, causing Autumn to gasp out from the vibrating feeling against her.

Miley reached forward and pinched Autumn's dark, hard nipples as she fucked the red head harder. "Yes, yes!" Autumn moaned as she was being pleased.

Soon, the roles changed and it was Autumn being fucked doggystyle ( just because Miley loved to see her fat ass bounce as she fucked her) and Alexis being eaten.

But it didn't take long for Miley to grow bored of just giving pleasure. She was ready to also receive. She took her strap on and tossed it onto the floor. She positioned herself in the middle of the bed and spread herself nice and wide for the ladies. "My turn, bitches!" She giggled as the ladies crawled towards her.

She suddenly felt like the Queen of the world as one girl finger fucked her pussy and the other sucked and played with her nipples. Over the next 35 minutes, they did everything from eating her out, to tribbing with her.

Miley's last request, the way she wanted it to end, was with

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