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Not your typical delivery guy...

I didn't know what it was all about exactly. Although I had the idea it had to do with me. Also I had the feeling it would be something I would not enjoy deciding. There was this nagging little voice that I didn't want to listen to.

The girls turned to me and each took a turn kissing me. Not a quick smooch either, but a long drawn out, deep probing kiss. They were all warm and slick, fresh out of the shower. They folded into my arms. If the idea was to smoke my brain, they made a good start.

Those kisses were toe curlers. When they quit, I was breathing hard and my manhood was at stiff attention. There should have been smoke curling out of my ears. The girls stood close and looked at me. They glanced at each other, then took an arm apiece, and walked me to the bed.

I was in trouble and knew it. It was good trouble to say the least, but I could feel the noose tighten. I knew from somewhere near that little voice, I was being set up for something. First the carrot and then the stick, they were such enchanting carrots with the appetites of horny toads.

The table and its toys were gone from sight. The toy box was on the corner of the bed by the pillows. Karen said, "How about if we play with some of the toys and I take you up on that threat from this morning?"

Sue asked what threat. When Karen told her, Sue's face lit up with a big grin. I reached for the pillows and stacked them the same way as they had been under Sue. Only they were closer to the head of the bed. Karen draped herself over them and got comfortable.

Her ass was high in the air. Her knees were up under her taking a little of her weight and wide spread. Her anus and sex were spread wide in a magnificent display. I saw Sue lick her lips. I motioned for her to proceed. She knelt behind Karen and ran her nails delicately over the smooth globes of Karen's ass cheeks. Karen shivered and wiggled her ass.

I got the toy box and selected the two Karen had used on Sue and one more. I also retrieved the oil from the dresser. Where Karen had used soothing oil on Sue, I got a flavored one. I knew tricks that Sue hadn't seen and I was going to show her a few of them.

Sue licked Karen from clit to tail bone and back. Karen shivered again. I moved to where I could watch Sue work that magical tongue of her. She worked it into Karen's open vagina, swirling and dipping it deeper and deeper.

"Oh, yes... that's nice.... That's very nice," Karen murmured.

Sue went deeper, to the full length of that miracle of a tongue. Then she stroked it in and out, swirling and flicking it from side to side.

"That's good.... Oh, yes! Yes.... I love that... but I want something in the other hole.... Please... pretty please."

Sue lick Karen from top to bottom again and then zeroed in on the brown ring of Karen's desire. The tip of her tongue touched home and Karen's ass jerked back against it. Sue's tongue slipped inside an inch. She held it there. Karen's ass started to quiver as Sue's tongue flexed and smoothly wormed it's way in. Sue would pause from time to time then move ever forward.

She reached a point where it wouldn't go anymore. She started to snake it out. Karen's ass shook and trembled. She had a double hand full of sheet and comforter. She was trying not to moan but failed.

Sue reamed her tongue in and out at a medium speed. Karen's ass moved every which a way. After a few minutes of this, Sue moved away from Karen. Grinning she motioned me to replace her.

I looked at the smallest and medium size toys and rejected them. I oiled the largest. It was shorter than the real thing and a little smaller in diameter. It had rings running around its full length.

Moving into position, I used my wide tongue to lick up and down the wide spread crack in Karen's tail. She wiggled it seductively. I pressed the tip of the soft plastic to the pulsing ring. It slid in the first two inches easily. Karen's hips rotated slowly.

I tripped the switch on the end and it buzzed softly and slowly.

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