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Submissive bulls? A twist on human cows.

Roger had no problem with that, he watched the girls get on either side of him and watched the sensual, dark Marina lapping at his balls while the perky, sexy blonde Alicia took his cock and licked at it some more. He was rock-hard, but he knew there was more action ahead.

He saw Alicia spread her legs and gesture towards her pussy. "I've found out I like having a girl eat my pussy ... " she nodded towards Marina " ... time to find out if I like having you eat me. Go for it, stud."

Roger had no problem with that, the girl's cute adorable pussy was certainly tasty looking. He zeroed in on it and began licking while her stepmom, his ex, continued her manipulations of his hard cock.

He'd had a few flings since Marina had left Vegas, but no one matched her fire, her overall enthusiasm for sexual escapades. He had no idea how she'd gotten mixed up in all this, but from their brief talk, he knew Alicia was in for a few surprises of her own.

His tongue moved all over Alicia's sweet snatch, he could feel Marina's dark eyes watching him as he tasted the girl. She was sweet, such a hot, wet pussy, Marina had been right about that. He couldn't wait to sink his cock into the depths of her pussy and fuck her innocent-looking body.

Alicia had a few surprises though. She pushed him away from her pussy and looked him deeply in the eyes. "You do that very well lover. Now, I want to watch you fuck Marina!"

Marina lifted her head up from Roger's cock, not quite sure if she'd heard the girl right. "What? Why do you want him to fuck me first?"

Another evil smile crossed Alicia's face. "Baby, I want to see his technique. I want to watch you two fuck, stepmommy dearest, and see your hot cunt wrapped around his big old cock. Once you're begging for it, I'll make him stop - and fuck me first!"

Marina gritted her teeth - there was still a goodly portion of bitch in Alicia's personality. She had a few ideas on how to change that, but for now, nodded and moved in close to Roger.

"Take me from behind, Roger lover, I know you liked that!" Marina said, wiggling her tush at him. He was the guest, he should get a few treats. Roger grinned, grabbed the sensual brunette by the hips and slid his cock balls-deep within her cunt, fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

"Ohhh, fuck. Good cock. Such a good, good, fucking cock. Oh Alicia, you've got to have this cock in you baby, he's so fucking good!" Marina sing-songed as Roger fucked her deeply.

Roger hadn't forgotten what a wild fuck Marina was, she was so sexy, whippet-slender and fucked with an intensity few women possessed. Her body began to glisten from her exertions and he knew her eyes were likely ablaze with heat as he sunk his shaft into her and fucked her hard.

"Okay - that's enough for now Marina!" Alicia said with a hint of cruelty to her tone. "Roger, time to get over here and give my little puss a good dose of dick!"

Marina smiled, Roger caught the smile as he moved towards Alicia. It was time to put their plan into action. As he moved closer to Alicia, she didn't see Marina move away from the bed and reach into the nightstand.

As Roger was moving towards her, Alicia wanted his cock, yearned for it. She was facing the headboard, she wanted to feel the big shaft sinking deeply into her cunt. She wanted Roger to fuck the ....


"Hey, what the fuck is going on?" Alicia yelled in a rage, Marina had handcuffed both of her wrists to the posts of the headboard. "You'd better let me go, bitch!" she growled at Marina.

"Oh, I don't think so. Your days of being nasty and making demands are almost over." Marina said with a self-satisfied smirk. "Roger?"

Roger's face broke out in a grin as the plan he and his onetime-lover had concocted over the phone came to fruition. He swatted the cheeks of Alicia's ass a few times, she howled in protest. "You've been a very, very bad girl Alicia, and you need to be punished." Alicia whimpered a little, but didn't say much of anything.

He licked at her soft pussy a few more times, then shoved his co

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