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Raven starts to understand Ginger.


Erica smiled "I bet you have! And now at least that much of your fantasies can come true. I'll need your help in a minute, but you can watch for now."

She lay back, put some of the sunblock in her hands, and then started to apply it to her front, and torso. Starting with her neck and face, she moved her hands down the sides of her body, taking more as necessary, but clearly intentionally avoiding her breasts, teasing the slightly younger man as he watched, leaning slightly forward, his hand resting on his cock. After what seemed like an eternity, she brought her hands back up the centre of her torso, and then started applying lotion to her breasts, although in a way that was clearly for Mark's enjoyment than for efficiency of movement. She lifted her breasts, then curved the palms of her hands around them, cupping them. Mark was gently stroking his cock, focused intently on the woman in front of him clearly enjoying herself as she ended by taking her nipples between her fingers, and pulling on them gently, as she tried to stifle a quiet moan. She pulled on them for a few seconds, increasing then tension, even slightly sitting up in response to the pressure, then released them, sat back and opened her eyes.

Mark was clearly fixated, his hand now cupping the end of his penis, the head in the palm and his fingers wrapped around the shaft. Erica smiled, waited a moment, then sighed. Clearly, he'd need some prompting. "Mark?" she said gently "would you come over here and help me put some lotion on my back?"

Mark broke out of his reverie, and nodded. He took a sip of his lemonade as Erica rolled over on her towel, resting her face on her arms, her arms slightly spread so that when Mark stood at the foot of the chair, he could see her labia. Another pause, slightly, and then, setting the bottle down on the chair beside her, he began with her feet, massaging the sunblock into her legs. She'd always had amazing legs, and when he was younger he had loved how she would wear heels, and how she had shown off her legs in skirts and shorts all summer long. First with her right calf, then with her left, using his thumbs to feel the solidity of the muscles. Gently lifting them, making sure that not aspect of her skin is neglected.

Erica's legs were spread wide enough that Mark could kneel between them to apply sunscreen to her upper legs, working on her left, then her right, with a soft word for her to raise her pelvis so that he could apply lotion underneath. Erica moaned softly, enjoying not only her first massage in months, but also the spikes of excitement that rippled through her body every time Mark's cock made brief contact with her legs. While he clearly wasn't hard yet, he was definitely turned on, and each time the head of his cock touched her body, it left behind a drop of precum. As he moved further up, to put lotion on her back, his cock rested against her body, and she could feel a small stream of precum against her leg, which only turned her on more. Erica had known that she certainly turned Mark on, and it was now clear to Mark as well as her that he turned her on as well. She was enjoying the massage and the feel of his hands, his nails, his cock against her body, and suddenly, with a creak of moving weight against the plastic of the chair, they were no longer there.

With a little moan of regret, Erica shifted, and opened her eyes to see that Mark had adjusted his own chair, so that it was more directly point at hers. He was standing next to it, his cock in his right hand, firmer, and thicker than she had expected it to be. She rolled over onto her left side, pulling her right leg in along the chair, bending her leg, and showing more to the younger man. At the same time, she brought her her had up to her chest, and cupped her right breast.

"A few years ago" Erica said "I was hanging out with Jennifer, and I caught sight of you masturbating through a window.

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