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You think you know the story?

She cried out as she felt her pussy begin to convulse and tighten as it squeezed noting. She needed something to fill it. She needed a cock badly. As she flooded her boy's face with her cum, Bonnie felt a huge wave of sexual pleasure and ecstasy washed over her.

She lifted her head and arched her back as she rode out the biggest orgasm she had ever felt in her life.

"OH FUCK! Oh God baby I'm cumming, I'm cumming," she yelled.

As her pussy juices dripped from her hot, wet cunt into her son's mouth, Bonnie almost passed out from the pleasure.

When her orgasm peeked and started to recede Bonnie collapsed on top of her son. It took her several minutes to regain her senses as she came down from the powerful climax. Bobby was still licking her slit and her legs were shaking and her pussy pulsed with a throbbing need. Bonnie needed to be fucked now.

As Bobby's mom's head became to clear and her heart slowed down, her breathing began to become normal again. She moved down her son's body and laid completely on top of him. She needed to a fucking badly.

Bonnie slowly began to rub her silky body up and down on her son. She moved slowly and kept his big cock between them as she used her entire body to masturbate her son's dick. Back and forth up and down she pressed her pussy and pelvis down on Bobby's hard cock.

Finally she sat up and looked at her boy. She smiled and licked her lips as she lifted up and took the head of his cock and began to rub it against her slit. She used his cock head and circled her pussy opening with it. She rubbed her clit and then moved the swollen head to the opening of her love hole.

Bonnie smiled at her son and slowly, I mean very slowly let the head push into her lips spreading them wider and wider. The head pushed deeper and deeper and finally they both felt the cock head enter her pussy.

Bobby as usual closed his eyes from the wonderful feeling his mother's cunt gave him when his cock head first enter her. This time Bonnie slowly moved her hips around and around as she held the base of Bobby's cock and stretching the skin at the top of the shaft as tight as it could get.

She didn't let him thrust up into her and she didn't come down on his shaft. She just kept the head inside her hole. She rotated her body so that the walls of her vagina circled Bobby's cock head teasing it and stimulating it. Bobby moaned and tried to lift his hips, but Bonnie lifted with him so only the head was in her hole. The feeling was both amazing and madding.

When Bobby asked her to sit all the way down she shook her head no and slowly lifted off of him. He moaned and started to beg her again. She slapped his cock hard and heard him groan. Then she lifted up again and took the cock head back inside her pussy. Again she began to ride it holding the base and keeping her son from thrusting up into her.

Time after time Bobby cried out for relief as his mother teased him and his cock head. He begged her to let him feel his entire cock inside her. He begged her telling her he would do anything for her if she just let him feel her pussy squeeze his entire cock instead of just the head. Bonnie smiled and held the head inside her as she squeeze her cunt tightly around it. She smiled as she saw his sexual pain. Bobby saw her smile and he moaned again. Finally Bonnie lifted off of her son's cock entirely and Bobby yelled for her to fuck him!

"Oh Bobby you're not ready yet baby! Just a little more sweetie. OK? Just a little more teasing and then mom is going to fuck you so hard you will love it. Just a little more baby," she said rather than asked him.

Bobby moaned again and told her he couldn't stand it. He need to cum and he needed to fuck her. But Bonnie only smiled down at him and lowered her big beautiful breasts to his face.

"Suck them!," she directed. "Suck my nipples Bobby."

She pushed her big tit into his lips and Bobby obeyed by opening his mouth and taking the nipple and as much of his mother's tit into his mouth as he could get.

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