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Laura meets Nadine and tells all.


Oliver seemed to slow as he reached to remove his socks and then undid his belt. He was teasing her. She wondered if he felt like a stripper now, and was getting excited about being watched. When his pants fell, he kicked them to the side. His briefs were blue, and they were the final thing he removed. He made a show of it and slowly pulled the waistband out over his already hard cock before sliding them down to the floor. He stood there then and waited - like a good toy.

She walked over to her angel slowly, testing him. She stood inches from him and looked at him from his feet to his eyes. He just waited.

When she walked behind him, he did not even move his arms from his side. Oliver had ceded complete control to her. She admired how smooth his back was and how it perfectly shaped into his ass. She had to even smile at the tan line where they met. His ass, wow - it was firm and even better looking here in the light then the glimpse she caught of it in the bathroom the week before. She did the unthinkable then - she reached down and slapped him square on his left ass cheek. He jolted in response.

She made her way around to face him again, and he smiled back as she looked at him with her head tilted slightly in thought.

"Did you get what I told you to buy?" She asked reminding him of her task from the post it note earlier.

"Yes, and I know you said one pack, but I bought two in case you wanted to use ten instead of five. I hope you don't mind Lady J...I mean Lady Jacky." His nervousness was obvious, but surprisingly had not affected his erection.

"Get them, and a chair, and Lady J is fine, I like it." Oliver hopped into action grabbing a dining room chair and turning it around so she could sit where she was. He then raced into the kitchen to grab his present for her.

He returned in moments with two small packages - each containing five disposable fingertip silicon vibrators. Her smile came across her own face now as she admired how well he followed directions. She took the packages in her hand and saw that he stood before her now just waiting for the next command.

She reached out and handed the boxes to him. "Put one on each of my toes."

He was on the floor immediately opening packages and wrappings and then carefully stretching the little neon-colored silicon bands around her toes individually. He made sure each ribbed little pad was facing upright as he went. When he finished with the last, she just admired how silly these little vibrators looked on her feet. She had seen them in the store a million times and always wondered if she started dating again would she try to get the guy to use it on her. That way it was clean each time and she could throw it away if she hated him. She had never thought of this use, until today. Today, when he had asked about the time for meeting, she had just leapt to this silly idea in her head, and she went for it.

He obediently sat there looking at her. "Turn them on angel."

Oliver used both hands then to go from outside toe to big toe and pushed the little button on the back of each vibrator. The sensation almost made her giggle, but then it started to feel as if she had a vibrator on her pussy as the sensations ran up her legs.

"Rub your cock on my toes angel, and tell me how it feels." Yes, yes, yes...this was that dirty little thought she had had.

He sat down on his butt, facing her, and started to stroke his cock against her feet. The feel of his head on her skin made her pussy moisten almost instantly. She watched as he continued, at first shyly and not sure how this would feel. Then, as he continued, he started to hold her against him in different angles until he ended thrusting himself across each over and over while pressing each of her feet hard against his cock.

"Angel, how is it?" She asked excited by how intently he kept going.

"Nice." His word fell flat from his mouth. It was sexy in its sound, but would not do for her.

"Stop - nice is how you describe the day. Is it good, great, hot, incredible? Use better words angel."

"Hot! It

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