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The whole transfer thing had been a trap and she'd walked into it. No wonder they let her come. They knew this would happen.

Reluctantly she approached the desk and bent over it. She waited, then squealed when a hand came down hard on her bottom. Hell, that hurt. A pause, and then another hard spank and another squeal.

"That's just a starter, Cheryl," Sam told her. "Before we continue, will you please remove your shorts and panties. We're very traditional here and believe a bare bottom is the best for a good spanking."

"If I don't?" asked Cheryl.

"Then I will remove them and you'll have added to your spanking for disobedience."

Almost choking on her fury, Cheryl undid her shorts fastenings and lowered both them and her panties.

"You had better take them right off," said Sam. "We don't want you tripping on them, now do we?"

Flinging a dirty look at Sam, Cheryl obeyed, resuming her stance at the desk afterwards.

"You have a hundred demerit points outstanding, Cheryl," Sam said, "but we're not going to work off the full hundred today. I thought twenty would be a nice figure to start with. Do try to keep an accurate count, won't you."

The third spank came down on a bare bottom this time, accompanied by a third squeal from Cheryl.

After Sam had reached the ten count he took a step backwards for a moment.

"You're doing well," he told a seething Cheryl. "However, it's time to up the embarrassment stakes. Please take off your top and we will then finish up while you're naked."

Cheryl didn't even bother to argue. She just furiously stripped off her top and bra and bent forward again.

"Good girl," she heard Sam say. "You're learning."

Then a big hard hand landed on her rump as the spanking resumed. After a couple of spanks Sam laughed.

"You know," he said, reaching over and giving a breast a quick squeeze. "These bounce about quite delightfully when I spank."

Before Cheryl could protest the liberty, Sam's hand again landed on her bottom.

At count fifteen, Sam took another break.

"You're bottom is turning an interesting shade of red, Cheryl," he told her. "I think we might spare it a little while I finish this."

Cheryl wondered what he mean, right up to the moment that Sam's hand spanked her pussy, stinging her lips.

"Wait, stop, you can't," she squealed. "You're not allowed to touch me there."

By the time she had finished babbling, two more spanks had landed on her pussy, stinging and teasing. "Last two" she heard, and before her protests could start again two swift spanks had assaulted her pussy again.

With the spanking finally over, Cheryl went to stand but was stopped by a hand pressing on her back.

"What?" asked Cheryl. "That's twenty. You said twenty."

"I did indeed, but you, you lucky girl, are now going to be allowed to work off a few more demerit points."

Sam's hand slid across Cheryl's bottom and over her pussy, cupping her mound and squeezing it. Cheryl froze for a second, her heart racing and her pussy all of a sudden burning.

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

Sam's hand rubbed gently over her pussy. How, Cheryl wondered, could she be so aware of being touched when he was doing it so softly.

"I think you know," Sam said. "Let's call it rewarding myself for teaching you to behave."

His hand continued to rub over her pussy, while his second hand was now fondling her breasts. Cheryl swallowed, trying to find her voice.

"Um, I don't do this sort of thing," she muttered, feeling odd tingling sensations in her pussy and her breasts. Her nipples, she realised were hard as little stones, and Sam was teasing them. While her pussy...

Cheryl swallowed again as she felt Sam's fingers easing inside her, her lips moving easily aside to give him entry.

"Oh, I think you'll find that you do," said Sam, probing deeper. "You certainly feel as though you're ready to.

His hand moved away from her for a moment and Cheryl almost screamed when she heard the rustle of cloth moving. She just knew that was Sam's trousers going down.

His hand was back, teasing her, and he was standi

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