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Laurel and Nyssa at Sara's and Felicity's wedding.

She was panting now.

Out of her mouth came. "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!"

With a few more yanks on her dick, wads of white fluid shot out of her piss hole. Five strong streams of "cum" flew across the floor.

"That's really amazing and impressive." I told Bob.

"Yes, these models are all programmed with emotion and true life reaction." Bob started reeling me in. "The male and female fluid is all natural and self-regenerating. There is no need to plug them in, their power is self-sustaining and generating.

My hand was already in my pocket. "Okay, how much?"

"Well the model you were toying with is our supreme model very reasonably priced starting at 350 thousand credits. The plain male and female start at 340."

"350-what!" I choked. That was like three centuries of work at triple overtime for me. Okay maybe not the centuries, but certainly more than I could possibly afford.

"The other models which are not anatomical are substantially less," Bob told me as the hook in my mouth was threatening to pop out. "But they can only perform household duties."

I must have looked disappointed.

"If I may be so bold, I can see you enjoyed our full featured models so I am pretty sure you'll be disappointed in our less optioned models." Bob was working to try and make sure I didn't spit out the hook he set. "We can offer a very reasonable low interest loan to help ease you capital outlay but still enjoy your purchase."

I knew even with a loan, at that price the cost would bankrupt me. I was wiggling off the line and about to thank Bob and leave when....

"We do have one return, full function, anatomical female Cheryl model. She's no longer in manufacture though, but fully functional as demonstrated." The hook was set deep and the drag was high. Bob reeled in any slack. "I'm pretty sure we can meet your financial expectations. Cheryl is only 50 thousand credits."

"Well. I'm still not sure. I can visit a lot of hookers for that amount. Beside she's used." I fought back. "Why was she returned anyway?"

"True, 50 thou is still a lot of money, but you can have safe encounters anytime you desire." Bob wasn't going to give me up. "Cheryl came back to us because she had a small bug in her operating system. She went off programming sometimes but nothing harmful or dangerous. She's completely cleaned and refurbished with a reloaded os."

"Still...." I resisted.

"Tell you what." Bob could see me near swimming near his dip net. "You're right. Cheryl is used and had a bug. I'll reduce the price by 10, but that's the best I can do."

"So 40 thousand credits!" My hopes lifted.

"No sorry, percent." Bob said. "That really gives me no profit. Honestly I'm just breaking even. Come and take a look before you say no."

Bob lead me to a back room and showed me Cheryl. She was gorgeous. She stood about 5'10" with 4-inch heels; about 5 inches taller than me. Her full shoulder length hair was honey blond. Bob told me her measurements were 38D-25-35. Her legs extended from under her thigh length skirt were some of the shapeliest I had ever seen.

Cheryl was not turned on. "Go ahead and feel her breasts." Bob urged me. "If you don't think they are real, then I think all you are familiar with are old silicon boobs from the 2000's."

I grabbed two handful of her tits. They were amazingly real. I could feel the hardness of her cherry nipples beneath.

Bob lifted her skirt. "Finger her. It's fully functional. There's no lubrication or reaction off course since she's turned off."

I touched her outer lips. Perfectly soft. Even though Cheryl was not activated, her cunt seemed to open and invite my finger inside.

"Cheryl was refurbished with all our latest features, just the os is the same. Well slightly modified, but mostly the same."

"What about warranty?" I asked.

"We can warranty the parts but not the software since Cheryl is out of date." Bob told me. "But if anything does happen, it will be best effort at time and material."

Bob looked at me.

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