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Shandi recovers.

"Any questions," I asked.

Unanimous agreement and no questions; this was going to be a memorable afternoon.

"Deb," I said, "you sit here, next to me. Ladies..."

Rachel walked toward Deb and me, and halted in front of Deb. She slid off her kimono and let it fall to the ground. Deb sat staring in amazement. Rachel leaned down and kissed her, full on the lips, their tongues dancing.

"There's more of that for you," said to Rachel as she walked to her corner of the room.

Brenna followed, but instead of leaning in to kiss Deb she took the blonde beauty by her hands and had her stand up. Wrapping her arms around Deb, Brenna kissed her and slid her arm down toward Deb's ass, grabbing and squeezing it. Without a word, Brenna dropped her kimono and walked off to her corner.

Deb stood still stunned, her face flushed with excitement, her knees quivering, and breathing rapid. Putting my arm around her waist, I helped her sit, and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Ladies, you may begin," I announced.

Rachel and Brenna circled slowly, neither one taking her eyes off of the other. The tension was palpable. Their bodies were slightly hunched, knees bent, they were like springs ready to explode. They did.

As if on cue, both bikinied beauties came together in a crash that sent them tumbling to the floor.





Grunting, struggling, hissing hellcats rolled across the floor. Their hands pulled at hair, and flashed and slapped. Brenna broke free by kneeing Rachel in her cunt. It didn't hurt, but merely shocked her.

Breathing heavily, her skin flush from excitement and exertion, Brenna taunted Rachel. "Come on loser, get up. Come fight me, cunt!" she said. "Put those little tits in action," she said. Brenna knew which buttons to push. She was fantastic when she was bitchy.

Rachel stood up. She was more cautious this time. Instead of leaping into the fight against the taller, more skilled Brenna, she held back, searching for an opening. Rachel's right hand flashed out and connected with Brenna's face, a loud cracking, slap echoed in the room. Just as suddenly, she back off. It all happened so quickly that Brenna didn't have time to react. Acting on pure instinct, Brenna charged Rachel, who deftly sidestepped that attacking beauty.

Showing the talent that I'd seen in her, Rachel quickly drove her fist into Brenna's stomach, stunning the taller woman. She followed with a knee to Brenna's stomach, then again, and again, as held Brenna by the hair. Rachel had clearly stunned Brenna. Pulling Brenna's face up, Rachel slapped her, and then pushed Brenna backward.

Brenna stumbled as she went backward. Rachel hooked a leg behind Brenna and sent her tumbling to the floor. Rachel had her game on. She pinned Brenna, putting her weight on Brenna's shoulders, and then slamming her tight ass into Brenna's tits. Rachel was enjoying this, controlling Brenna, feeling her struggle beneath the shorter woman's weight, watching the anger and frustration well up in Brenna's face.

Rachel's pleasure and confidence were her undoing. She reached back to humiliate Brenna by slapping her bikini-clad cunt. That was the mistake. As Rachel leaned backward, she shifted her weight just enough to allow Brenna an opening. Brenna worked her right arm out and drove her fist into Rachel's tight belly. She then grabbed, as hard as she could, Rachel's right breast and squeezed it as hard as she could. The pain caused the younger battler to twist. Brenna's experience now showed.

With Rachel off balance, Brenna was able to push her aside. Getting to her knees, Brenna kneed Rachel several times in her side and then followed it up by pummeling her belly repeatedly, each fist making a smacking sound as it drove in the younger catfighter's toned stomach.

As Rachel lay doubled over, writhing in pain, Brenna got up and planted her firm ass on Rachel's face, smothering it with her black-bikinied ass. Rachel's face seemed to have been made for Brenna's ass, the way it fit so well.

"You want to play rough, cunt?" Brenna asked Rachel rhet

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