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He learnes something about his wife Maxine.

"Four inches." I sighed.

"Hmm, four inches? I am not certain it's quite that big. I mean if Tommy's cock is only eight, then I am thinking you're more like three inches. But, what about thickness? You know all those Cosmo articles say that a small dick is fine if it has girth, but they never say what to do if it's small and thin, like yours." She sucked my ear.

Just then Melissa leaned over Tommy and licked his cock. Holding him firmly in her hand, she spun around, now on top of him, her hair hanging down in front of her, but there was no hiding the fact that she was taking him into her mouth, sucking his giant dong then she slipped his pants down further and sucked his balls as she jacked his dick.

"Tell, me honestly, wouldn't you love to see your wife's hands on that big, man-sized cock?" She teased.


"What if I did it, really did it? What if I got up and put my little hands all over Tommy's big dick? Would you get mad at me, or would you be so excited you would just sit here and jerk little stick watching me?" She said with a tone that made me wonder if we were still pretending or if she was serious.

My entire body shook with anxious excitement. My breathing was strained like I was about to hyperventilate, and my head was spinning like I might pass out.

"Shhhh" She calmed and rubbed my chest. "You need to breathe. I am not going to make you do anything, but if you want your small penis fantasy to get real, all you have to do is pull this blanket off and yank your tiny dick out so everyone can see you." She breathed in my ear.

"I am going to give you till the count of 5. And when I get to five you're either pulling your little dicky out, or you can just slip your hand underneath the blanket and tug yourself off. It's up to you." She kissed my cheek reassuringly. Then started counting.


My heart was pounding in my chest, and adrenaline was rushing. I couldn't believe this was happening. I had so many thoughts racing through my head, what had gotten into Melissa and Tommy that they would do this in front of us? What if I pull my dick out and they see me and never treat me the same again? What if Angie loses respect for me, what if she already had?


Jesus! What happened to two and three?! Did she say them and I just missed it? I took a deep breath closed my eyes and pushed the blanket off and quickly sat up just enough to slip my shorts and boxers down to my knees.

"Holy shit." I murmured, I couldn't believe we were doing this. My little dick was sticking up as hard as I've ever been. I just kept watching Melissa work Tommy's cock waiting for her to turn towards us and see my little dick. How would she react? I wondered. Would she say anything? Make a gesture? Or would she just pretend it was normal, not wanting to hurt my feelings? My heart was throbbing inside my chest, panicked by insecurity and alive with lust.

"It's not very big is it?" Angie maligned. I looked down and saw her cradle my little dick in her hand, and I must admit it looked smaller than normal. She placed her palm on the tip of my dick and stroked me gently with her fingertips.

"You know how they say size doesn't really matter?" Angie asked,


"I am not so sure that's true anymore. I mean there's probably very little difference between a 5-inch dick and 6-inch dick, but the difference between your little 3 incher and his giant 9-inch cock would be night and day different." She continued, teasing me and humiliating me, with her lips pressed against my ear, and her thumb and forefinger slowly jerking my dick. "A cock like that would really fill a girl up, stretching her and touching places you never could. A cock like that makes you glad you're a woman, I can imagine that pleasure that it would send through me to feel his thick cock stretching me open as he slid his massive cock all the way in." She shivered as she thought about.

"AHEM!" Angie fake coughed, and my heart nearly skipped a beat. She was obviously trying to get Melissa and Tommy to see me, but they were too busy.

"I knew it wasn't big,

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