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Kelli takes control.

Her breasts looked big and full and he could tell she wasn't wearing a bra.

"W-wow." was all he was able to stammer. "But.. and its mine?" he asked quizzically.

She furrowed her eyebrows. "Ofcourse its yours! You're the only man I've ever slept with!" she exclaimed. "I wanted to tell you but I was afraid... I wasn't sure if you were ready. I didn't want anything to happen to them." she said as she placed a hand protectively over her swollen abdomen.

"I don't know what to say." said Pete. He stood awkwardly with his thumbs hooked in his belt loops. "I wish you would've told me sooner. Wait.. Did you say Them?!"

"It's twins," she replied. "I found out last week."

"Twins!" he almost shouted. "Wow!"

Carolyn heard the hint of pride in his voice and beamed up at him. "I'm so glad you're not angry.. its been so hard keeping this a secret.."

"I wish you hadn't." he said, concerned. "I've missed out on so much already. Lets go somewhere more private and talk about this, no drinks tonight I assume?" Pete said with a smirk. He wasn't in the least angry with her. Shocked perhaps and thrown off a little bit, he was now going to become a father. But she looked so beautiful all big and swollen with his children, he never could've imagined how much it would turn him on to see her like this! He couldn't wait to undress her and touch it.

"Please," said Carolyn. "My feet are already beginning to feel sore. I shouldn't have worn these shoes."

He escorted her to the car with his hand on her lower back as she waddled beside him. They went to an Italian restaurant to eat and Carolyn filled him in on the passed five months of her pregnancy. She explained how she had found out she was pregnant in her sixth week when she noticed she still hadn't recieved her period. She took all the correct vitamins and ate all the right foods. She had been very careful to look after the health of their babies and they were growing at a steady rate from the looks of her belly.

After they ate Pete escorted her to a different hotel this time-a nicer one she noted. When they got inside they laid on the bed together and began to watch a movie.

"Would you like me to rub your back?" Pete asked, brushing Carolyn's hair away from the side of her face.

" Yes please, back pain has been one of the worst issues so far." she replied, sitting up so he could better massage her lower back area.

"What's been the worst?" he asked, distracted by the cushy feeling of her sexy ass everytime he rubbed low.

"Well other than the puking.. To be honest what's been the worst is how horny I am constantly. I masturbate three times a day sometimes." she said sheepishly.

"Haha mm I bet you do." Pete said, beginning to massage her swollen breasts.

"Mmm. Haha," she cooed, "It doesn't help that being this big and pregnant gets me dripping wet."

"Mmmm. I know I said I wasn't really into it but seeing you like this makes me rock hard.." he whispered, "To think I made you this way.."

With that he tilted her back on to the bed and lifted her nylon dress up to her boobs to reveal her large baby bump. He began to kiss and rub it, Carolyn opening up her legs to encircle him in them. Pete kissed her lower and her breathing became heavy.

"Ooo. I've missed you so much," she breathed, "I can't wait to feel you inside me again, I've needed it for so long."

"I know baby," he said as he pulled her underwear to the side to reveal her smooth shaved pussy, "I'm gunna fill you with this big thick cock and ram it against your cervix."

"Ugghh." she moaned. Pete was rubbing his fingers around her clit and over her opening, teasing her. "Please put it inside! I haven't had anything in me in so long!"

"Mmm thats gunna change." he replied, "I'm gunna fuck you every day as much as you need from now on." And he slipped two big fingers into her dripping pussy abruptly.

"Mmm!" she yelled. "Fuck! Yes! Just like that! Ooooh!"

He shook his fingers inside of her as hard as she could, she lifted off the bed a bit as he did this.

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