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Sayali, a beautiful but undisciplined Indian 18-year-old.

Suddenly she broke away from me and began tearing at my clothing.

"We should at least lock the door," I suggested breathlessly.

"Collin, you'll never have any fun in this world if you don't grow a pair and have a little adventure in you. Leave it unlocked," she said with a wicked look on her pretty face, and stepped out of those black lace panties and the garter belt. The nylons stayed on, and up. The hot garter belt was just for show. "I've wanted to do this for months!" she said breathlessly.

She gripped the top of my pants as I unbuttoned my dress-shirt, tugging them to the floor along with my briefs all in one fluid motion. I had the feeling she was not new to this sort of thing. I could imagine her in some stuffy boardroom, ripping the clothes off of some handsome exec and doing him on the conference table in order to secure a huge contract for her daddy's company, or just because she liked his looks. I hated to think of Rebecca, as a company whore, fucking for the corporate bottom line, but screwing me wasn't going to make her a dime, so I felt kind of privileged in that respect.

Finally I was naked. She even pulled the socks off of my feet. "A naked man with just socks on is really nasty looking," she said grinning. "Damn, you look good enough to eat!"

I sincerely hoped she meant that, and in fact she did, lowering herself sensuously to the floor, licking at my chest as she went lower and lower, her fingers wrapping themselves around my twitching cock. Her tongue came out from between her lips and she began flicking at the tip of my prick while she stroked the shaft gently with her soft fingers. She leaned closer allowing the tip to enter the warmth of her mouth, that soft tongue swirling around the head of my cock as she sucked gently but firmly.

"Adventure, Collin, have some adventure!" she said suddenly.

I wasn't exactly sure what she meant by that, it could have meant almost anything I supposed, but I took her advice anyway, at least as I saw it, and gripped the back of her blond head, pulled it closer and drove my cock deep into her mouth. Her hands left my rod and grabbed my ass cheeks, the fingernails digging deep into my flesh as she pulled us closer together, thrusting my prick into her throat. While the blood pounded in my ears, I could hear her moaning with each long, slow stroke I made into her warm mouth.

Adventure, eh? Is that what Miss Rebecca Halveston wanted, or was that what she wanted from me. I wasn't sure yet, but I figured that if I did the unexpected, she would certainly approve, so I backed away from that incredible sucking mouth, pulled her to her feet once again and lifted her into my arms.

"Oh hell yes!" she breathed as her legs wrapped around my waist and she lowered herself gently onto my throbbing pole. I couldn't believe how firm she felt inside, and how soft and wet, and warm, and it all throbbed and sucked at my cock and... and ...and!

"You feel so good inside of me, Collin," she breathed into my ear.

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