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A girl reflects on her first time.

She'd found her own orgy.

Nadia went on, "Finally, everybody has orgasms ... very nice ones. The men wanted to cum on our faces, so Julie and I kneeled down and let them. I then taught Julie how to lick the cum off me and swallow. She tried it and liked it. I don't think any of men went soft watching us. We were pretty erotic. We did what Julie called snowballing, where we swapped the cum back and forth; we put on a show for the men." She paused, "You know, we have done this with you Jim - with your semen - Crystal and me, oh, and Jill and that Nancy in Dublin."

"After that the men are still recovering, so Julie and I got into a sixty-nine position. We were really into it trying to give each other pleasure and more orgasms. I found I was better at it than she was, but she learned really fast. I tell her what to do to please me too. Anyway, when we stopped there are eight more people in the room - four couples. I recognize a couple of the new girls from my classes - Liz and Kelly. Everyone applauds us, and Julie and I both blushed."

"I was only slightly embarrassed because all eight people are naked, and three of the new couples were fucking slowly with the girl leaning a little forward and the men taking them from the back. I pulled Julie to her feet with me, and we start kissing. Sean slid into my cunt again, and Jon slid into Julie's pussy as Doug urged her on. Pretty soon, all the girls have formed a circle with the men behind them; Doug would have been an extra but he got in the outside circle of guys."

Nadia smiled towards heaven at the experience she was about to describe; "So, the six women locked arms around each other's shoulders, formed a circle, and leaned inwards with our asses stuck out. The men circled behind us and each of the seven men took about thirty seconds worth of strokes into our pussies before the men rotated to the next girl. We were laughing, but it was very sexy, and I kept cuming - all the girls did. I was between Julie and Kelly, so we kissed back and forth between us, and the guys told us these kisses were a big turn on for them, but I knew that from being with all of you."

"One guy came in Liz's pussy, so he dropped out. His girlfriend pulled him in front of her so she could suck him clean. She is very good at cleaning and giving a blowjob; I learn something I must show you later. Soon after, another guy blasted his cum into one of the other girls that was also not his date, and he dropped off to watch and urge us on. His date cleaned him up too, and then we each take a lick of his nice cock."

"Sean then left a deposit in me, so he dropped out, and I polished his rod with my mouth, even making him partially hard again. Doug almost immediately came in Kelly's quim, and then Liz got another load from another guy. The three guys left were in pussy heaven. They make it around the circle of women twice before Jon filled Julie's pussy - something I think he really wanted to do. After that, the girls who have cum running down their legs drop out of the circle to clean up a little, but everyone is very happy. This leaves two guys and two girls; they lie down on the sleeping bags and really went at it; neither was with their date. After a couple of minutes, everyone had cum or had cum inside them. Oh, that night was just so sexy. Now I've gotten all wet just thinking about it again."

Ellen asked, "Was that the end of the evening? It sounds like a grand crescendo."

Nadia smiled, "Oh, no, we all went and got beers and then sat around nude in the fraternity living room for a while. When the guys recovered, we went back upstairs and did things again, only this time lying down and taking longer with each person. We had Jon and one couple drop out, but two new ones joined us who had been in the living room listening to us talk about what we did. I had never had so many different cocks in me in such a short period of time; it was wonderful and so much fun."

Claire asked, "Are you going back?"

Nadia wrinkled up her nose and grinned, "Yeah,

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