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We'll get commercial printing to run out 500 copies and have them delivered today from 2 pm onwards."

"This means giving away our secret - but detailing only what was found, not how it was found and the implications, right? That action would almost certainly negate any injunction as the secret will have already been published before the order was effected, which keeps me out of jail."

The circulation manager said apologetically, "Sierra couriers are flat-out at that time of afternoon with last deliveries and then office mail-out collections."

"Blast I hadn't thought of that," Sierra sighed.

"What time are you thinking of starting deliveries?" she was asked.

"We'll have to go with mid-afternoon to keep ahead of the legal beavers. With luck any injunction will not be served before 5 pm. With even more luck none of the TV stations will find out about the drop and distributions of our promo before their early evening news bulletins end. Those bastards would try to claim they are breaking the story."

"Agreed," Frank said, "But we've still got to get those promos out there; we need a back-up plan. We could email out scans of the promo to other media."

The director of advertising and promotions said, "I could call for volunteers of my advertising reps - they are used to running copy for clients, I'd guarantee ten volunteers."

Others offered a number of volunteers and the manager of subscriptions and circulation announced they theoretically had forty-two people to deliver the promos. At fifty promos each to distribute, Sierra would need 2100 printed.

"Good," she said, "We'll have photographers go out on a couple of drops to record these delivers and to email back evidence of people reading the promos - the cameras will imprint the time and date proving out actions beat the issuing of any court writ."

It was agreed to distribute the hand-outs promoting the lead story for tomorrow's edition would also reveal what had been found at the quarry, these single page leaflets being distributed up to twenty miles radius of the city center.

At noon Sierra ordered the main entrance to the newsroom to be locked, with a notice displayed, pointing to the far entrance to the newsroom and similar notices on all executive offices. She explained that anyone serving an injunction would have to walk the length of the newsroom to find her or another senior executive to serve the notice.

At 5:20 two men in dark suits entered the newsroom, asking for Miss Bycroft.

Sierra saw one of the visitors was her brother Gus.

She said to Frank, "Do it."

Frank sent out a simultaneous email to every major newspaper in the country a print-out of The Sentinel's page one (mostly written by Sierra), which included what was found in the quarry and advising that an injunction was currently being served on The Sentinel attempting to prohibit publication of the story but that order would be opposed in court within the hour with a great chance of being lifted.

Meanwhile Sierra called Peter Fish and instructed him, with her brother patiently waiting with a document in his hand to serve on her, smiling as he heard Sierra detailed to Peter what she'd done to negate the effect of the order.

Peter praised her. "You're brilliant Sierra; you should be on my payroll."

"Sign here, ma'am," requested the suited man standing alongside Guy witnessing the papers being served.

"It's Miss," smiled Sierra, taking his pen and technically signing away her freedom if she did not comply with the order.

Her PA ran in holding out Sierra's phone. "TV 4."

"Sierra Bycroft speaking."

"Right, just a sec, Miss Bycroft - we are about to go live audio with this...three, two, one."

"Good evening, Miss Bycroft: this is Bruce Woodcock from Channel 4. We have just heard that a facsimile of the front page of your newspaper due to appear in the morning that air supply equipment was found at the quarry. Did you publish and distribute that information?

"Yes, I authorized the publication of twenty-one hundred co

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