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She pointed to a small red button and told me if I pushed it and someone would check on me. After she said that the door closed and I heard it lock.

The video turned on and I started watching the instructional video. I heard through a speaker that I forgot to open the circular door. I did so and in just a few minutes someone entered the booth. I couldn't see much through the hole until they put money in the machine and their video came on. My screen changed to what he was watching on his screen and I noticed who ever was in the booth kept changing videos until they came across a bondage video. The video he picked was of a beautiful blond woman who was naked and tied upside down. Her legs spread apart and a ball and gag had been placed in her mouth. Another woman with short black hair and dressed in a black leather outfit placed nipple clips on the tied up woman's nipples. You could hear sounds pain through the ball and gag in her mouth as the clips went on. The tied up woman's pussy got slapped a few times in a row and more sounds pain came through the ball and gag. Then her clit was rubbed in a very rough manner before she had her pussy sucked hard. You could tell the woman who was tied up was getting into everything that was happening to her. The woman in leather continued to alternate this treatment until she made the tied up woman cum.

I looked through the hole in the wall and I could see the person had dropped his pants and was jerking off to the video. He stroked up and down with one hand and used the other hand to work just the head of his cock. It didn't take very long before he came. Then he pulled up his pants and exited the booth.

Another person came in right behind him and changed the video that was on the screen. While he was looking for a video he wanted to watch, the time was up and the screen went black. He placed another coin in the machine and the video came back on. He went back to changing videos when he stopped on a video with an Asian looking girl with big breast kneeling on a picnic table. She was in the woods and her panties on the ground, her pink skirt was pulled up to her waist and her shirt was lying on the table. Behind her was a large man who was in very good shape and had a large cock. He was working his cock in and out of her pussy at a quick and powerful pace. In front of the girl was another man who was also in great shape, holding the girls hair and fucking her mouth just like her pussy was getting fucked.

That is when I saw forty dollars come through the hole in the wall. I took the money and right behind it was a cock, which was about five inches long. I placed my hand against the wall and wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock. I didn't waste any time as I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and gave some suction. Using that suction I slid my lips down his shaft to where my mouth met my hand. I could hear him moan while I did this. Slightly working my hand on his shaft, I started working my mouth up and down his dick. He only lasted a minute or two before he came in my mouth. I didn't stop until he stopped cumming and pulled his cock back through the hole. I could see him pull his pants back up and exit the booth.

I thought to myself, that was an easy ten dollars for me. Since no one came in the booth for a few minutes I sat and watched the girl on the screen. Now she was on her back and was still get fucked hard from both ends. Between sucking cock and watching the videos, I was rock hard. Suddenly my screen changed back to my instructional video.

Another person entered the booth and placed money in the machine. He flipped the videos until he saw a hot red headed she-male masturbating in a bathtub. She was spreading her ass cheeks and working a blue dildo in and out of her pussy while water fell on her from the showerhead. As she fucked herself, she was alternating between caressing her breast and jerking off with her other hand.

I started rubbing myself as I watched the screen.

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