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Babs finds her new job offers more than typing.

They went back to the dance floor which had gotten more crowded and the music had gotten louder. Becky was feeling energized and sexual. They were dancing closer together with a lot of touching. In between songs Maarten leaned in and gave Becky a passionate kiss. Maarten was nothing like the timid quiet boy he was a few hours ago.

Maarten and Becky spent the next couple of hours rotating between dancing, drinking and kissing. The dance floor was getting more and more crowded as it got later. Around 10 PM Becky told Maarten she was ready to go.

Maarten looked disappointed and asked her if she was sure.

Becky whispered in Maarten's ear "Yes. I want to go back to the hotel and I want you to stick your prick in me" she also quickly nibbled on his ear.


"Yep. Is that OK with you?"

Marten smiled and said, "I like the way you get right to the point."

The fifteen minute walk to the hotel was a haze to them both as they walked closely together. Neither said much. Becky noticed that the outline of Maarten's erect penis was visible through his jeans. This just made her wetter with anticipation.

They swiftly walked in the hotel and got on the empty elevator as Becky pressed the button to the 14th floor which was her floor. When the elevator closed, she placed her hand on the front of Maarten's jeans and began rubbing him when the elevator suddenly stopped. The doors opened and an older couple got on. The couple saw what was going on and the women gave them a dirty look. When the older couple got out on the 12th floor, Maarten and Becky had a good laugh.

As soon as Becky opened the door they were all over each other with a desperate passion of two lonely, drunk and horny people. They quickly took off each other's clothes. Maarten was far from the hesitant person he was earlier and his uncircumcised cock was fully erect as he was moving his hands all over Becky's naked body. They eventually made it on to the bed and threw the bed covers off to the floor. Becky's head was spinning with excitement and she was more aroused than she had been in a long time. Becky was giving Maarten a handjob and after just a few tugs an incredible amount of cum spewed all all over the place. There was cum on Becky's hand, some on the bed, some landed on the floor after traveling an impressive distance and the remainder on Maarten's leg. Maarten apologized but Becky found it funny and was laughing as Maarten ran to get a towel from the bathroom.

"It didn't take you long."
"It has been a while."

"Don't you masturbate?"

Maarten did not answer and Becky realized that she embarrassed him and there was an awkward silence. After a few moments Maarten returned from the bathroom and found Becky had her legs spread and told him that he needed to return the favor. Maarten said he thought Americans were supposed to be reserved when it came to sex. Becky said she was too horny to be shy and Maarten lied down on the bed and put his face in Becky's already moist cunt. Becky liked how Maarten's tongue was moving rapidly licking her clit. She was in ecstasy and it did not take her long to loudly cum.

They lied silently in each other's arms. Becky's last thought before falling asleep was how nice it felt to be naked in bed, spooning with a man.

Becky woke up still in Maarten's arms.

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