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His cock inside her, she fears thunder no more.

We rubbed our stocking feet over each other's as our foot play continued.

"I'm so glad we share the same passion." I said. "Exquisite pantyhose you have on, so silky."

"Wolfords." She said. "The people in this business are very perceptive, they can spot 'high class' a mile away, and I always try to impress."

"You're certainly impressing me, I could do this for hours. You'll have to come home with me after we finish our drinks." I said.

"That sounds like fun." She said.

My heart was pounding, I couldn't wait to get this beauty home, and suck her nylon toes, and kiss, and lick her silken soles. My pussy was ready to explode just thinking about it!

We hailed a cab outside "The Bistro", and headed to my apartment.

"You look almost as excited as I am." I said, as we rode up in the elevator. Her heartbeat was noticeable under her top.

"Here we are." I said, as I opened the door and led her into my apartment.

"Nice digs." She said, as she looked around.

"Let me show you the bedroom." I said, as I led the way.

"Oh, this is exquisite!" She said, as she approached me. "And so are you!"

Our faces came together, our lips met in a light kiss; we looked in each other's eyes. Then our kiss was more passionate and harder, more demanding our lips opened, our tongues duelled. I wanted to devour her.

I guided her onto the bed. "Let me take off your shoes." I said. With that I slid her shoes off, knelt down and rubbed her silken feet. Then I sucked her toes into my mouth just like sucking on a cock, and I looked up at her, and she smiled at me with lusty eyes.

I lifted both her feet into the air, placed my face on her nylon soles and nuzzled them. Then I kissed, and licked her arches. This was heaven. I wished I could have someone fucking me, or eating me out as I did this! That would really be the ultimate.

"Hold that thought." I said as I went over to my dresser and retrieved another pair of my pantyhose. Tossing them on the bed, I said, "Slip these on after I remove your Wolfords, I wouldn't want to ruin these expensive pantyhose. Mine are crotch-less, that's all I wear. I like to be prepared for anything, anytime; even myself." I chuckled.

"Had I known that, I would have gone down on you in the elevator. I was so turned on I could hardly contain myself." She said.

"I know, I could tell." I said as I watched her slip on my crotch-less pantyhose.

"Oh, I love these. These are so sensuous. Everything is exposed and ready for action. I love it!" She breathed.

I continued my ministrations on her stocking feet.

"Me too." She said. "I want some of that action too."

I laid on the bed with my feet to her face and hers to mine. We both rubbed each other's stocking feet. Sucked on toes, kissed soles, ran hands up and down silken sheaths. Then I started rubbing her pussy with my foot, and she did the same to me. That was so hot! We could rub each other's pussy and clit at the same time with our nylon peds.

"I have got to have this beautiful woman in my mouth." I thought. So I got up and faced her. I brought her stocking feet up to either side of my face and held them there as I lowered my face down to her cunt. I licked and kissed her lips and sucked on her clit, and then I stuck my tongue in her vagina and tongue fucked her, and rubbed her clit with my fingers until she came. All the while she rubbed her stocking feet all over my head and back and the sides of my face. Oh god, that was so good to feel her shudder and buck like that! And all that silky, sensuous nylon. 'Ahhhhhhh." I had an orgasm myself!

When she recovered, she wanted to do the same to me, and she did!

Day 2

Whenever I get some free time I like to go down to the train or bus station, or the park, read a newspaper and dangle my shoes. This is a tremendous turn-on for me.

That's what I did on this day. I dressed in a see-through blouse, short skirt, and my open crotch pantyhose and slipped into a pair of slides. Looking into my full-length mirror on the way out I said to myself, "God I could just eat that chick."

As I sat in the bus station readin

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