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Fay seeks to escape her dirty past - she fails.

Opening the door and letting Mariana inside the apartment. The fifteen foot high ceilings with the splendid mouldings in the ceilings, down to the period furniture, she looked in obvious splendor She said "Wow! How can you afford all this it is unbelievable"

"Well I used to have an internet company that I sold before it all went down the pan. Sold it just in time. Now I search"

"Searching for what may I ask" she looked at him studiously, awaiting his answer

Eddie ignored the question showing her the apartment with the Rococo walls taking her to see the different rooms, smiling at her almost childlike behaviour, obviously awestruck at the sights she was seeing. After walking all around the apartment showing her even the walk in cupboards they walked towards the lounge. Passing one door she stopped Eddie. "What's behind this door then, as it's the only one I haven't been shown?"

Looking flustered he said "Erm that's not open for everyone to see, it's a private and special room which I am not comfortable showing you as its about my lifestyle and you wouldn't be interested in quite honestly"

"Come, surely you can show me the room as we have gotten close over the last few days, and I am really interested in what you do. Surely you understand it is not something that can be kept quiet between us?" Mariana had said.

Eddie had sat thinking for a minute. Mariana had wanted to say something but desisted, eventually he said after biting his lip, "Perhaps if I show you the room, mayhap we would have our relationship nipped in the bud before it can blossom, then we will wither" giving a rueful smile.

Mariana, with animation in her features said "Then let us see if we can get through this most important part of our friendship, because sooner or later it will show itself, is it such a horrific secret that we cannot survive it?"

With a heavy sigh he replied "If you are sure this is what you want, I tried to warn you, so be it" With that stood and strode toward the door key in hand. "Come!"

Mariana arose looking pensive she followed him to the door "Last chance; are you sure you wish this be assured this will change us forever"

With a small nod and looking very nervous, her breath quickening, biting her lip she opened the door into what was a darkened room. Eddie reached around her to a bank of switches and flicked on the lights, immediately the room was flooded with light making her blink, her breath caught in her throat, her heart skipped a beat, mouth fell open, before her eyes a sight that she could never believe. It looked like something from a medieval torture chamber. There were chains hanging from the ceiling, racks on the walls; all manner of whips and, well! Implements are all she could think of.

'Oh! My word what on earth is all this for?' She thought, looking around eyes wide on the wall behind her were pictures of women in bondage, getting whipped and spanked looking at it all, her heart started racing. She moved to a picture of a woman over Eddies knees being spanked, and the woman's ass was livid red for the spanking, it glowed tears were running down her face. Mariana all of a sudden was extremely aroused, she was moist no! Wet; never before had she felt such lust of a sudden she ran from the room sweeping past Eddie. He thinking it was all over expecting her disgust and resigned to losing her.

She was standing looking out of the large window which over looks the lake her back to him, both hands up to her mouth breathing heavily. He walked up behind her not daring to touch her he stood waiting and dreading to hear her tirade.

After about five minutes she turned to him eyes wide and said "Oh my god I have never, ever seen anything so fucking exciting in my life, it made me so aroused I almost peed my panties. I want to try it I have always wanted to try some of that but never in my wildest dreams could I have believed it even possible"

Taken aback; Eddie was somewhat gob smacked he didn't know what to say except to Mariana "My lady you need to think on

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