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A new baby & surprise ending.

" Just fine Gregory, just here working with the new horses I got. How are you and your wife doing?"

" We are doing fine, we just came by to see how you two were doing and brought along some gifts for your new baby," answered Gregory as he smiled to Jameson.

"Thank you for that Gregory. Ever since we announced our expecting child people have been coming by non stop it seems. If its not baby clothing, its bottles, if not that its just odd knick knacks."

The heat of the day was intense. Jameson took of his shirt, much to the delight of Gregory. The muscular physique of Jameson was one to be admired. Bulging pecks and a washboard for a stomach was enough to send any person insane with lust. His smooth chest glistened with sweat from the hard day of work. It was all Gregory could do from staring and lusting for Jameson. Gregory still harbored feelings for Jameson but the feeling was not mutual. But Jameson knew those type of feelings for another man was looked down upon and went against his values. But the encounters he had with Gregory were too intense. Many nights he often thought about those days when he and Gregory messed around.

"So Jamie....remember when we were young? What we used to do?"

"Yes Gregory, I remember. But I am a different person now. I have a wife and a child on the way," Jameson said sternly to Gregory. " But I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of them often. We were young and just did whatever we wanted."

This brought a smile to Gregory's face as he felt his dick get somewhat aroused. Jameson knew that even though Gregory was married, rumor has it he was still up to his old ways. "Well Jamie, I've thought a lot about you and well I can't help myself . I've never gotten so hard with anyone before and well I'd like to have one of those moments once again."

As soon as Jameson was about to reply Bianca hollered from the back door, "Hey you two, dinner is ready, come and eat!" Jameson got his shirt and along with Gregory walked to the house to eat.

Nearby, Rodrigo, one of 6 elder vampires, laid in wait with his clan. His clan consisted of 30 other beings which were vampires and lycans-- werewolves. They have kept watch on the families here and the surrounding areas for many years. They didn't stalk them for food, but they stalked them for protection. With there being good vampires and lycans, there were evil ones too. Many have ravaged the nearby towns for centuries. With 6 clans, many have spread throughout the country, guarding the people with their lives.

"Mmmmmm darlin this meal smells great,'' Jameson happily said as he helped Bianca to her seat, "please darlin you sit and I will serve."

"Thank you Jamie, my feet have been hurting some, just don't drop anything ok," Bianca answered back as she winked to Jameson with a smile on her face. Jameson smiled back and nodded his head in agreement.

"I'll help you Jamie," said Gregory's wife Janine, "no you sit too honey, I will help Jamie and you two just sit,'' said Gregory as he stood up from his chair.

Jameson felt uneasy with Gregory coming to help him in the kitchen. He knew that Gregory was going to try to seduce him or do something. When Gregory entered the kitchen he looked over at Jameson and smiled. He saw that Jameson was going to grab a serving dish. He thought that if he we went to grab the same serving dish he could touch Jameson's hand.

"Oh sorry Jamie, I didn't know you were going to grab that one,'' Gregory said with a sinister grin on his face. But Jameson knew better and just gave a faint smile and let go of the dish and grabbed another. The menu for the day was roast chicken, white rice, roasted potatoes, carrots, and biscuits. One of the many traits that Jameson loved about Bianca was that she was a good cook. Her family owned a few taverns in a few towns. Her family's cooking was the best around. So much so, in fact her family has cooked for 2 Presidents. And because of that business has been good to them.

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