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A dark evening in Tewksbury.

He was just 27 yr. old and had a good physique as that of a body builder. He was a dream boy for most of the girls and he had a huge cock that was 10 inches long when erect. He was surprised to find the door open and looked. "Hmmm...where did they all go leaving the door open" he muttered and climbed up the stairs calling, "Harlina...Julianah...aunty Sutinah...where are you all". "No one around, I will wait," he said to himself when he found no one in Julianah's room. He walked towards Harlina's room when he heard loud moans and grunts. A surprised Reymon just peeped inside and was shocked and at the same time surprised at what he saw. Harlina was wide spread and aunty Sutinah was between her legs licking her cunt...Julianah was crouched on Harlina's face and she was licked and finger fucked by Harlina.

"Vow...what a sight...I want to fuck you my horny babes" he said to himself. This was the first time in his life that he sees Harlina, Julianah and aunty Sutinah fully naked. Reymon could not trust his luck. His cock became stiff and he wanted to fuck all of them at once. Without his knowledge his hands pulled down his pants and released his rock hard cock that was much longer and thicker than the dildo that lay beside Harlina on the bed. Holding the cock in his hand watching the three horny Malay women fucking each other was wonderful to him. He wanted more than that and he opened the door and shouted, "hello aunty Sutinah...Harlina...Julianah...I am here". The three women were startled and did not know what to do. They tried to cover themselves and Reymon loved the chaos.

"When did you come Reymon?" all of them asked at once

"Just now...I called no one picked up the phone...and the door was open" Reymon replied.

Harlina and aunty Sutinah immediately slipped into the top of their Baju Kurung while Julianah covered herself with a pillow. They all looked as though they lost something. Reymon stood there holding his throbbing dick in his hand.

"Don't tell to anyone what you saw here" all of them burst out in unison.

"Why would I, we all come from one family...and I am standing here with my cock in my all don't tell this to any one" Reymon said smiling at them. Soon the situation eased but Reymon's cock was still hard and throbbing.

"Let's do it with the real thing now" said Reymon smiling at Harlina

"Yeah...that will be fun...throw away the dildo!" aunty Sutinah and Julianah yelled happily.

"Whom should I start with" asked Reymon stroking his erect cock.

He whispered something in Harlina's ear and said, "Let's give aunty Sutinah a good treat"

"Reymon that's wonderful" Harlina and Julianah shouted joyfully.

"To keep my cock going for hours you all should talk extremely dirty to me, is that okay?" asked Reymon to which Harlina and Julianah nodded smilingly.

Reymon hugged Harlina and sucked her thick sexy lips and licked all over her horny face.

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