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Punishment and Discovery

And I couldn't be sure, but I believe she had no panties on. Veronica was truly a stunning woman in her early forties who looked in her early thirties!

As I plated a few slices of pizza, I noticed something. My comfy shorts were being stretched out by my little boner! Good lord! The sight of her made me pop wood. I couldn't sit next to her like this.

'Adam, the movie is queued up. You ready?'

Ready for what? You to see my little bulge sticking out to not only embarrass myself cause my cousin turned me on but how small that bulge is? I thought of something that could work. I walked in the room with the plated pizza slices. Luckily the room was off the kitchen in such a way I could sort of come up behind the sofa from one side.

'Here you go. Put those on the coffee table for me please. I'm gonna go use the restroom real quick.'

'Ok, no problem.' she said. I was hoping she wouldn't quite turn all the way around but she did and looked right at me. It seemed her eyes were pointed upwards, I don't think she noticed. I gave her the plates and turned around to quickly make my way down the hall.

I actually didn't go to the bathroom, I grabbed a spare blanket from the guest room. I figured I'll just say I'm a bit chilly and cover up.

'Ok, let's start the movie.'

'Are you cold Adam?'

'Just a bit, no big deal. I figure this blanket will do the trick.'

'Hey! Let's both sit under the blanket like when we were younger and watched movies. Then it's really like old times!'

'Sure. That's a great idea.' Yeah, cause that didn't make me any less hard, being next to you while you've got that freshly showered look and sharing a blanket with me on the sofa. At least we'd both be covered and she wouldn't see my tiny bulge right?

We sat there for about 20 minutes and ate our pizza while we watched the movie, not saying a word but completely engrossed. Veronica is funny about movies too. No matter how many times she watches something, if it made her jump or flinch the first time, it will make her flinch again. When we got to scenes that had little shocks or surprises she would jump. She'd grab my leg or shoulder, not really being scared just reaching out in reflex. I didn't overall mind, but my small boner was not any closer to going away with her doing that.

I caught myself looking at her every so often during the movie. Looking at her beauty and thinking, why do you have to be my cousin. Granted, 2nd cousin but still... Of course if she wasn't somehow I'd probably mess it up with her too.

'What? What are you looking at? Is there pizza sauce on my face?'

'Huh?' Uh oh! Apparently I'd been staring too long. She noticed. You

'What? Tell me!'

'Oh nothing...I was just thinking how fun this was when we were kids.'

'You're not enjoying it now Adam?'

'No. I mean, yes...I am. It's just, well it's different now. Not different really, it's just...well, it kinda...' I was rambling all over myself. You moron, she's gotta be suspicious of something. Say something!

'See Veronica, it's just we're older now and it's kinda funny how after all this time...what I mean is that you and I have grown up're so beautiful right now!'

Dear god! Did I just tell my older cousin that I think she's attractive? Calm down, you said beautiful. It's kinda weird as we're sharing a blanket in a dark room watching a movie but it's ok.

'You really think I'm beautiful? I mean, we were always great to each other and had lots of fun growing up but you've never said anything like that to me before or expressed any sort of attraction to me directly.'

Oh good lord! She did take that as I'm attracted to her! Not that I'm not but, I can't let her know...

'Yes I do, I mean it's just that, I think you've grown into a hot, um...that is a very good looking person and...', rambling again...

'Well, I guess that explains this doesn't it?' She threw back the blanket and grabbed my shorts, specifically the crotch.

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