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A mundane office worker suddenly has his life changed.

I stared some more, looking for the tell-tell line of her knickers where the elastic pulled her soft flesh in, but there were none. I felt my tingling getting even stronger. Was she wearing any knickers? I continued to examine her buttocks for signs of the contrary, but no I was sure the smoothness of her dress could only be obtained if she was not wearing any. Of course she could be wearing a thong with the strap cutting up between her buttocks caressing her anus and just covering her sex. I mused on an image of the strap disappearing between her firm buttocks, lovely.

More excitingly I wondered is she was naked underneath the one piece of clothing she was wearing, her bare pussy just inches away from indecency.

I looked up once more as she looked out of the window over my head. She didn't even notice me, old and harmless, I grinned as I turned over this thought in my mind. I wondered what she would be like naked, would there be any scars or unsightly moles. No I was sure this lady had a flawless skin.

I raised my eyes and stared at her chest, the bus bounced on the badly made road and I was rewarded with the sight of her breasts also bouncing. She was definitely braless; they bounced some more as the bus continued along this rough piece of road, charming. I wondered where she was going, was she meeting a lover at some special rendezvous dressed like this? Surely she wasn't going to work as a secretary. Would she be bending over the desk at work, her boss ramming his hard cock into her subservient body? Or giving him a blow job before the day started. I looked up and smiled at her, but she ignored me, preferring to look out of the windows at the passing street scene.

The bus slowed down and several people from the front of the bus needed to get by, forcing her to move closer to me, her breasts mere inches from my face. As she took her hand off the pole, to brush her hair, the bus suddenly braked and swayed to the left throwing the young women towards me. I held up my hands instinctively to steady her and for a brief moment they touched her on the breasts and hips, and in that moment I knew she was braless, the soft resistance of her mounds confirmed my suspicions. And as I took my hand away from her hips I also knew for certain she was not wearing any knickers, the naughty girl.

She apologised as she stood back up straight unaware of my interest. I murmured no problem back to her as she blushed a bit, no doubt aware of my touch on her breasts.

The bus stopped and the man opposite got up and left, leaving a seat which she sat back into. I noted she was very careful to keep her knees together as she sat down. The dress exposed half her thigh, it seemed a strange piece of clothing to wear if she had no knickers on underneath, as it formed a straight line across her thighs, where the shadow slid up even further covering her sex. This led me thinking to whether she had a shaved pussy or a full maidenhead, I hoped she had it trimmed, but not too severely just enough to keep her labia free of hair, whilst creating a pleasing furry triangle above them. I do love that curved mound adorned with fur when naked women are seen from the side.

She was certainly gorgeous, creating as I fantasised about her a pleasing feeling in my cock.

She looked around as I continued to daydream, my dick feeling tight as I imagined squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Her cunt would be warm and moist as my fingers slid between her thighs. Ah, I wondered if she was a moaner or a panter, and would she thrust herself upwards as my cock head entered her. I smiled to myself as I continued to daydream about her.

All too soon my journey came to an end, and as the bus slowed down to stop at the final destination, I prepared to get up. She was also getting off and had turned around to make her way to the doors. I followed enjoying smelling her scent as I stood just behind her.

The bus stopped and she got off turning to the left and walked away as I turned to the right.

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