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Forced to be a man serving sissy slut.

Meet with Bobby before rehearsal and figure it out."

I almost blurted out, "No!" but held it in. "Alright," I said, and I made sure to glare at Bobby extra hard while he squirmed.

- - - -

The next night was our final dress rehearsal. I showed up an hour early to meet Bobby. "Hi, Betty! How are you doing, thanks for meeting me," he said.

"Yeah, yeah, let's just get this done," I said back. I wasn't going to pretend that we were friends.

"Um, okay," he said. "Just...just get into your bikini, then..."

"What? Why??" I asked, a little flustered.

"Well, we need to test out what mics we can put on it, so...you have to be wearing it," he said.

It made sense, I guess. "Fine," I said. "Wait ten minutes and then AFTER come to my dressing room," making sure to emphasis "after."

I got into my dressing room and changed into the bikini, and a few minutes later Bobby knocked and came in, holding a bunch of wireless mics of all shapes and sizes. I waited for him to do something, but he just kept looking at me.

"Well?" I finally said.

"I'm trying to figure out a way to get a mic on," he said. "That bikini is really small."

Whatever, I thought. He just wants an excuse to stare at me in a bikini. And now that he was staring, I started getting self-conscious again. It's one thing to be in a bikini around other people, but it's a totally different thing to be in one while someone is intently staring at your body. I started turning red again!

Finally, he said, "I'll be right back," and disappeared. A minute later Bobby came back in, and then a second later someone else walked in! He was a small guy who looked even more nerdy than Bobby. I gasped in surprise, I wasn't expecting someone else to see me in the string bikini.

"Betty, this is Ricky, he's an expert on mics, he's gonna help," Bobby said.

"Uh, hi," I said. I wasn't able to look at Ricky's eyes, since they were locked straight at my tits. At least Bobby tried to pretend he wasn't staring!

"It looks really skimpy," Ricky finally said. "We'll need to go with the smallest one," and then said a bunch of technical stuff I didn't understand.

Bobby grabbed a small transmitter and walked behind me. "Hold still for a second, Betty," he said. "Hey, Ricky, I'm going to try and place the transmitter on her backside, does it show from the front?"

I felt Bobby grab the back of my bikini bottom and pull it out. I rolled my eyes. I couldn't see him, but I'm sure he was pulling it out far enough to get an eyeful of my rear end. Oh, well, I thought, it's nothing the whole campus hasn't seen.

I felt Bobby clip the transmitter onto my bikini bottom. Immediately I realized something was wrong, it just felt too heavy. Then Bobby let go of the transmitter and let its full weight rest on the bottom. Before I could react, I felt the transmitter plunge to the ground, my bottom pull down with it, and suddenly the knot tying it together slipped open and the whole thing crashed to the ground.

I was completely bottomless! Ricky's eyes shot wide open as he suddenly got a full view of my bush. For a second everything froze, and then I screamed and bent over, trying to cover my naked cooch with my hands. Bobby and Ricky jumped up and backed away.

"Sorry, I'm so sorry!" Bobby shouted.

"Oh, man, that was awesome!" Ricky said. "I'm sorry, sorry, but that was awesome!"

"Shut up!" I shouted. "Quit staring and turn around!"

The two of them turned around as I grabbed my bottom and pulled it back on. The commotion must have been loud, because a second later the director walked in. "What's going on here?" she said.

I was so embarrassed I didn't even want to admit what had just happened, that some perverted nerd I had just met had just seen my most private place. I just stammered for a second until Bobby cut me off.

"Well, we're having some trouble finding a mic that's light enough and won't show on the bikini," he said.

"Just use the TT-4," the director said. "What's the problem?"

For some reason Bobby and Ricky got really quiet.

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