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Somewhat embarrassed by my hard-on, I wriggled a little to get more comfortable and my cock grazed against her hand.

"You're hard!!!!"

"Sorry, I can't help it," I replied, feeling my face getting hot.

"It's okay," she said then added, "Maybe, we can put it to good use!!!"

"Eh ..... what?" I stuttered then I felt her move closer to me and our lips met for a first passionate kiss.

I ran my tongue along her lips and her mouth opened to allow it to enter. Our tongues danced together as I felt her hand rubbing my erect cock through my boxers. I was rock hard and I moved my hand to cup a breast through the silk of her pyjama top. Her boob was firm and her nipple was hard as I tweaked it between a finger and thumb.

I heard Celia moan and her hand rubbed more vigorously against my cock. I started to unbutton her top as I kissed along her neck and nibbled at an earlobe. I opened her top and saw her breasts in the candlelight. They looked good with just a little sag and she had large hard nipples. My mouth kissed down towards her boobs as I used a hand to massage a tit.

Celia's hand rested on my cock while I sucked on a nipple before running my tongue over it as my teeth held the nipple. Her breathing was shallow as I worked on her tits with my hand and mouth.

"That's good, no one has touched them for four years!!"

"My cock, Celia, get it out!!"

I felt her hand move to the waistband of my boxers and reach inside then her fingers wrapped around my engorged member.

"Oh god, that's great, it's been three years since I felt a woman fingers on my shaft!!!!"

Celia kissed my nipples and her hand gently stroked my cock. Her tongue trailed down my body to the waistband of my boxers.

"I think you'll be more comfortable if you take those off."

I quickly reached down and raised my ass so that I could get my boxers off. As I kicked them off, Celia licked around my bellybutton and her hand massaged my full testicles. Her tongue continued it's journey to my crotch and she licked the tip of my penis, which was already leaking some clear liquid.

"You taste salty, John," she said then licked around the mushroom head of my cock before her tongue licked the sensitive underside. "It's big!" she said before taking the head into her mouth.

My hands ran through her short greying hair as more and more of my dick disappeared into her mouth. I felt her sucking on my cock then she released it before taking it all back in. Celia was an expert cocksucker and I knew it wouldn't be long before my semen would be ready to shoot out of my penis.

"Much as I am enjoying it, Celia, I don't want to cum just yet," I managed to say as I gasped for air.

She released my cock from her mouth and moved up to kiss me.

"Yes, I want a good shagging and I can give you a blowjob later," she whispered.

We kissed some more as I massaged her tits then my hand trailed down to the elasticised waist band of her pyjamas. I pushed my hand inside and rubbed her stomach before my fingers reached her thick pubic bush. Her bush was already wet with her womanly fluids and my finger found her densely covered slit.

I moved round between Celia's legs and hooked my thumbs on the waistband of her bottoms. She raised her ass off the bed to let me pull the pyjamas down and her hairy cunt was revealed to me. I took her bottoms off and gently kissed her inner thighs. I put my hands under her legs and raised them over my shoulders so that her pussy was there for my mouth. She tensed and said

"Are you sure, John? I've never done this before!"

"Relax, Celia, I want to eat your pussy," I replied.

I started to kiss her pussy then used my thumbs to open her hairy lips and was greeted with the sight of her deep red coloured cunt. I licked up her slit and found the hard lump that was her clitoris. I gently sucked and it started to flower as I slid a finger into her hot wet hole. She gasped and her breathing was shallow as her hands ran over my bald head.

I sucked gently on her engorged clit whilst my finger drove in and out of her juicy twat.

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