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I was disappointed when I saw the place closed up. Not just the door, but every window also. It was full dark when I got there so it was not to keep the heat of midday away. Unsure of myself, I knocked at the door. I did this several times, not getting an answer but refusing to leave until someone came.

At last, I heard the sound of several locks clicking before the door opened a jar. A rotund, bald man shouted at me in Italian and made to slam the door. I thrust my foot in, wincing at the pain as it was crushed, "I am looking for a woman."

The man cursed several times, "No women today, come back tomorrow." He crushed my foot further, threatening to break bone. I made a note not to wear sandals in future.

Perhaps it was the pain in my foot, the man shouting me, the heat or the frustration of the chase, but I found myself hissing at the man, "I'm after a particular woman. Red hair, green eyes, skin paler than bone? Likes to walk around naked and kill people after fucking them? The way things are going for me killing is starting to be just as appealing as fucking."

The man's eyes widened, he swallowed dryly and whispered, "Go, sir, it is dangerous here."

I shook my head, "Where is she?"

He grit his teeth, then he nudged my foot away and slammed the door closed. I batted at the door in rage, thinking he had refused me entry. Turns out he was removing the chains. He opened the door wide and let me in, "On your head, sir. The girls have been acting strange since she came." He pointed to the stairs, "Top floor."

I made my way up the stairs, sweating and cursing the place for not having an elevator. Yet as I neared the top floor an excitement began to build within me. The scent of incense, rose, sandalwood, and possibly a hint of jasmine. I had an ex who was into new age mumbo jumbo in case you're wondering why I am an expert on scents. Fear and desire warred with each other as I reached the door at the top floor and entered.

I had expected a corridor full of apartments. Instead it was an open area, probably rented out for parties and meetings. Tonight however it was as though I had entered a temple. My eyes stung from the thick smoke of the incense burning, but I could make out from the doorway I stood at to the door at the other end a line of women kneeling to either side of me. They were all naked and some chanted unintelligible words. Not a single one looked up at me, instead they all seemed to be focused on the other door. Various candles lit the gloom, enshrouding much of the area in shadow.

All instincts telling me to leave, I made my way along the trail of whores to the other side. The air felt strange, like I was wading through mud. I was expecting the world to fall away, like a curtain ready to reveal the truth that lay behind it all. I touched the handle of the door, my hands shook, I knew she was in there. She was waiting for me. If I had any sense I would have turned and left. Instead I entered.

There she was. On a luxurious bed circled with candles she laid there idly. She smiled at me knowingly as I came in, naked as the night I first saw her, except less gore, though I was expecting that to soon be remedied with my own. She was as magnificent as I recalled, if not more so. I found myself once again paralysed with fear and desire. All I could manage as I stared at her like a drooling pervert was "Hi."
She laughed that husky laugh, the sound making me want her all the more. "Welcome, Drake, or Doug? Which do you prefer?" The first time I heard her talk, and oh how perfect her voice is! It was that deep, seductive timbre fiery woman were wont to have, with a musical accent I could not place.

"Who are you?"

It came out as a forced whisper, yet she heard me all the same, "I have been called various names. When last I walked this plane I was often referred to as Kilili. Let us go with that, if names are important to you." With that brazenness I so admired she opened herself to me, moving with unnatural grace, and held out a hand, "Shall we?"

Slowly, my voice was returning to me, yet I still s

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