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Even the best of families have secrets.

Thank goodness Tikablang heal quickly, he thought as he bore the pain of the burns on his flesh. All I need is to get these in cool water and I'll be fine.

The tile beneath Jinx began to warp and crack from the heat of her feet and Kidlat cast a worried look at Cocoy. "We need to get her into the shower or bathtub, 'Coy. Move. Now."


Jinx did not recall losing consciousness. She did remember almost setting the bed on fire. With her molten ass. And being pissed that Cocoy and Kidlat were venting spleen on each other just before her body began to heat up all over again, worse than the last two 'hot zone' episodes.

She remembered Cocoy's story about the dream and what he'd been thinking just before it. She remembered the sensation of being on fire from the inside out, intense fire, like that massive wave of of pyroclastic ash that swept down the flanks of Mt. Pinatubo on June 15, 1991, vaporizing everything in its path.

Funny how that's the exact date of my birthday, too, she thought to herself in a non sequitur to the monsoon-like dousing she was getting from several showerheads as somebody held her up against cool, white marble.

The cascading water felt so good on her molten flesh and, thankfully, the steam in the huge shower stall began to dissipate as her temperature returned to what could be called normal for a human.

"Your birthday is on the same day Pinatubo blew its stack?" Cocoy's question brought Jinx back to the real world right quick, especially since she realized that her internal dialogue was not so internal after all.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" She countered with a question of her own as Kidlat ran his hands over her shoulders and back, perhaps testing her temperature to see if they needed to keep the shower going. Jinx worked to regain her focus as the water cooled her down.

"That's a clue. You were born as Mt. Pinatubo erupted. We need to seek Maria Sinukuan, the Diwata of Mt. Arayat, which is close to Mt. Pinatubo, " a dripping wet (and exceedingly gorgeous and very edibly naked) Cocoy said, ticking each clue off his fingers as he looked into her eyes, then Kidlat's. "We're getting warmer."

"Actually, we almost went up in flames," Kidlat joked, canting his head toward Jinx. "But I get what you're trying to say. If we're seeking a Diwata, mayhap we should pay Pepe's Pole another visit, talk to that Diwata whose skirt you were trying to get under before you found yourself in a manwich, Jinx."

"Perhaps." Jinx's answer was unsure, but, hey, Kidlat at least had a plan. "It's worth trying."

"Before we do that, we're gonna need to institute, ahem, containment measures," Cocoy said, waggling naughty brows at both of his erstwhile bedmates (and couch-mates, and shower-mates...) as he lowered his head to lick water off the curve of Jinx's right shoulder. "Just to be on the safe side."

"I see the sense in what you're saying, Cocoy," Kidlat's voice lowered as the two men locked eyes and then began to caress Jinx's thighs, hips, flanks and breasts. "I also see the sensuality in what you're saying. Yes. Let's contain our changeling girl, shall we? Bend over, sweetness," he addressed Jinx with a wicked look in his eyes, "let me at that beautiful puki. We need to get you hot before we can cool you down."

"Yes, Diwata, we need to prepare you for the outside world before we step out into the early evening air," Cocoy said between ravaging Jinx's mouth with his and gently but firmly pushing her shoulders down so she was looking straight at his rampant tarugo.

Out of the corner of one eye, Jinx could see the full wall of mirror opposite the shower stall.

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