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Marilyn tells Stacie her plans for the summer.



Any feelings of fear I may have harboured towards you dissolve in the warm, inviting spurts of water washing over us. No longer do I want to resist your actions, far from it - I want to please you, fulfill your every desire no matter how dirty, I am aroused beyond all comprehension, surrendering myself to the hypnotic but almost painful sensation of your cock slamming deep inside me, the feel of your beautiful balls in my hand. I release them to feel them slapping rhythmically against me as you thrust hard in and out of my pussy, groaning in pleasure, one hand wandering over my breasts as your fingers continue their dance on my swollen nub. I can feel your muscles tensing, you are not far from release, your moans escalate as your cock swells with blood, I can feel every contour, ever vein in your shaft as it massages me from inside, the friction sending waves of pleasure washing over my body. And at the height of your excitement you suddenly pull out of me, grab my hair firmly and push me down on my knees. Only inches away I watch you pump your deliciously thick, throbbing shaft as you hurl towards an explosive climax, aiming the tip of your cock straight at my face...


In my lust fueled haze I am barely able to appreciate the delicious sight before me, a beautiful woman on her knees before me oozing sex, looking up with wide, expectant eyes, reveling in the effect she has on me, eagerly awaiting the rewards of my impending climax. My engorged member throbs and pulses before you, ready to explode, my body tenses in expectation and there is a short pause, where all motion slows, the calm before the storm. And then, accompanied by loud satisfied cries, jet after jet of warm, thick cum shoots out over your face, hitting the back of your throat, splashing across your flushed breasts, thick milky ropes criss crossing your pale skin. You waste no time in taking me in your mouth, milking my cock of every last drop of its precious load. You can feel your own desire, a raging inferno inside you, you need me, you need my cock. With practiced swipes of your tongue, you quickly coax me back to a full and impressive erection. Looking down at you, I smile, pleased with your efforts, before raising you up, spinning you round and rubbing the full length of my cock over your soft, moist slit. But this time I am not after your pussy, this time, I want more, I want to plunder your body, take every advantage of it, leaving no hole unused. With your head still spinning with the sudden motion coupled with the intense heat of the shower, you barely register my cock, now slick with your own cream, pressing firmly against the tight hole of your ass...


Slowly, precisely, you inch inside me, carefully applying pressure and holding back when you feel me tense up against you.

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