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.. remedy at least some of the negative feelings from the past. I would feel ever so much better if we could at least bury the hatchet, and be friends again."

Salamacia let out a slow sigh and turned to face her former friend and lover. "In some cases, silence is golden," she replied, pulling her arm away.

"It would really mean much to me," Chimani pleased, "Ever since what happened between us, you have constantly been on my thoughts. I regret the pain I caused you, and I've wanted to apologize for the longest time."

Salamacia found herself softening a bit at that. Hadn't her uncle often lectured on forgiving others when they showed genuine repentance , and moving on? She took a deep breath and nodded slowly. "Very well."

A turn in the hall led them to a small library that had often doubled as a schoolroom in the past for generations of young Aracons. She gestured for dark-haired woman to go before her.

"Oh, this room brings back memories," Chumani said with a small smile.

"You drove the teacher nearly to tears, is that something to remember so fondly?" Salamacia asked as she moved across the floor to light two lamps.

"That woman was a bitter old hag who liked her switch overmuch," Chumani retorted as she sat on the desk near one side of the room, where the teachers usually sat when giving their lessons.

"Well... I can't argue with that." Salamacia would be lying if she said she hadn't enjoyed the time where Chumani had wrested the switch out of the teacher's hands and swatted her over her plump backside with it before running around the room, causing the old woman to become short of breath chasing her. Lian had been but one laugh from falling to the floor in convulsive delight.

Chumani regarded her with a faint smile, but Salamacia chose to maintain her distance. Lady Dawntreader wanted to talk, so let her talk. And apologize, of course. The room was quiet, with just a hint of the sound of music filtering in through the small windows of the room and the hall that led past the partially-open door.She leaned against the wall near one of the lamps, crossing her arms.

After several moments of silence, she raised her eyebrow as she looked at the dark-eyed woman. "You said you had an apology?"

"Mmm. This is not easy for me to say... but I admit I have wronged you, and I offer my humblest apologies. What can I say, I was young and stupid."

"We're both still young, I must remind you," Salamacia pointed out with a small smile.

"But wiser, I would hope."

"Oh, certainly. In any case, I accept your apology."

"My conscience can rest," Chumani said, placing a hand over her heart. "I hope we can be friends again,"

"Our houses have been allied for many generations," the blonde woman replied neutrally. "There is no need for enmity between us."

Chumani sighed and slid off the desk, approaching her.

"We shared much in the past. There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to share again."

"I am a married woman." She slid to one side, keeping an even distance between the other woman and herself. "That part of our past, is in the past," she commented firmly.

"Hmph." Chumani regarded her with the same smirk she'd used years ago. "You wouldn't be the first person to take pleasure outside of the marriage bed."

"I'm not interested," Salamacia shot back curtly.

"Are you sure? There were so many pleasures we shared. How does that pale-faced woman compare to me? Does she make the dragon roar like I do? Does she have my skill in rousing, and riding the dragon to satisfaction?" She stepped closer, and Salamacia caught a whiff of her perfume, more cloying than the hint she'd scented before.

"What I do with my wife is none of your concern, Chumani, and I must ask you to cease this line of discussion."

"Aha/ Can't answer the question, can you?" Chumani replied with a purr, and Salamacia put her hand up to stop the other woman from drawing closer.

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