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Amy struggles with revealing her Powers to her husband.

"Yesterday was good and we can always enjoy it, but if we are going to do it very much it must be tits first. Not just down there...always unless I say."

Jeff started to fondle my bra clad tits.

"Stop!.. Stop!" I pushed his hand away. He did. "I want to wee."

There was no pretence at modesty now and Jeff paid scant attention to keeping a look out for me, concentrating as he was on my knickers coming down and then the pee squirting from me, noisily spattering on the ground beneath, I wasn't even crouching as low as usual, with my legs well spread more or less inviting his interest. I finished and with my finger flicked the remaining drips away from my bits before reinstating my knickers.

"I'd better pee before we start again." Jeff pulled his willy out of his shorts.

"Can I Hold it while you go? Ohh Pleeease...Pleease?"

I took his willy between my fingers. Of course the inevitable... he firmed up, there was no pee.

"Well, go on then."

"I can't."

"Don't be a spoil sport."

"I'm not, I just can't pee when its hard."

"Why not?

"Dunno, I just can't"

I let go of him and Jeff stood for several minutes with his willy sticking out in the fresh air, gradually it slackened off and I watched as the pee gushed in a great curving arch to splash noisily against the side of the Willow to run in rivulets to its base and disappear into the ground.

"At least let me shake the drips off..." as he finished I took it to shake it. Yet again it hardened.

We lay back down and Jeff started once again to fondle my tits. At least he seemed to be grasping the idea of what I suppose you could call 'manners' and the fondling began first outside my blouse then inside my blouse then on my bra and then he tried to get my tits out. I sat up and undid the bra releasing my tits for him to squeeze and touch.

I moaned as he played with them and tried to encourage him to flick my nipples and tweek them.

"Why don't you lick them?"

He bent over me and licked my tits moving from one to the other, his hot breath and the cool air contrasted in a most wonderful way.

"The nipples...the nipples... lick the nipples."

His tongue snaked out and tentatively he touched first one nipple then the other. Then resumed the more general licking of my desperate tits.

" the nipples... lick the nipples... that's nice."

When Jeff's hand returned to my legs he met no resistance, I was wanting touches there too. My legs, as if they had a will of their own spread slowly as his fingers climbed my thighs. Gently, oh so gently he stroked the front of my knickers all the while I was willing him onward. I was so desperate to feel his fingers on my private parts I just kept muttering in my head.

"More... Darling...I love you... finger me...feeeeel me. I want...Oh I want."

Suddenly, as if he knew what I was saying in my head, I felt his fingers probing at the elasticated leg of my knickers. I knew that I must be damp down there, I felt very wet. He was in, his fingers stroking at my pubes and slit. I could not keep my legs together, I wanted to thrust myself at his fingers. I could feel the elastic straining against me as he forced his hand up the leg hole.

Forgetting that he was resting on his elbow I grabbed his other hand supporting his head and pulled it once more to my breast. He of course fell, whipping his hand from my nether regions and leaving me almost in tears as the knicker leg sprung back to cover me. Jeff lay on his back, the evidence of his enjoyment of what he had been doing stood stiff in his shorts.

"What did you do that for?" he demanded.

"I wanted you to do my tits as well." Was all I could sob. I was so near to crying I didn't dare say much. His willy died. I could sense that suddenly he was cross. "I thought you were enjoying what I was doing." Jeff sounded hurt.

"I was." I sobbed.

"I did what you said. I played with your tits first."

"It wasn't your fault." I continued sobbing.

"Well what?"

"I think it would be even better, for both of us if we could do something with both my tits, and my thingy." More sobs


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